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Netflix was easy-to- access via VPNs at first but major move came along when Netflix began crack down VPN services and Proxies by January of 2016. All VPNs that could otherwise let you to stream free movies and TV shows were blocked and Netflix streaming became a shuttered dream.

TunnelBear Netflix is amongst those VPN services which don’t advertise themselves as reliable sources to access Netflix Movies and TV shows anymore. This brief guide conveys authentic information on accessing American Netflix while easily using options other than TunnelBear and makes most of your binge-watching experience.

You can learn more about this VPN in TunnelBear review.

How does Netflix Block a VPN Provider?

When a user connects to VPN service, then, it allocates a shared IP to that specific user which is already assigned to other users. So, when Netflix notices that loads of people is accessing to its content via the same ID. Thus, Netflix instantly blocks that shared IP for good.

Netflix does not want VPN users to manipulate its video content due to contracts with TV and Movies studios. It’s the reason that it has limited the availability of TV shows and Movies to certain countries which later on results in restrictions of their media library.

Does TunnelBear Work with Netflix?

TunnelBear VPN, in fact, works well when it comes to encrypting data and protecting privacy. It enables you to bypass content restrictions. However, a notable thing is that it has scarce number of servers which makes it easier for Netflix to detect and block IP instantly.

It is the most prominent reason why TunnelBear VPN is unable to unblock Netflix, but most importantly it lags when watching video content. Few number of servers do catch the magic wand when it gets you to access Netflix, but, it happens once in a while.

TunnelBear VS Netflix


TunnelBear is the first choice for users in category of freemium VPNs. Its AES-256 encryption is the saving grace which always ensures full-fledged privacy. This cost-effective VPN software doesn’t take a fortune in protecting your identity and ensures safety from spoofing attacks.

Netflix is the best streaming service which has taken stern actions in order to block VPNs. Under the pressure of copyright holders and content producers, it leaves no stone unturned to foil geo-blocking. That’s the reason why VPNs like TunnelBear Netflix have suffered most.

Best Alternatives to TunnelBear

Fortunately, not all VPNs are vulnerable to Netflix crack down. Following are 5 best VPN services to let you access streaming service without violation of laws. These are the champion VPN software to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy binge-watching with family and friends.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
75% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Years Deal
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1. PureVPN


Do you want to install a VPN to let you stream Netflix while travelling?  PureVPN is the best choice to enjoy your most favorite TV shows, Series and World’s best documentaries. This VPN service is built with super-effective algorithms to overcome bandwidth throttling and offers first-rate streaming experience.

Are you insistent on watching American Netflix abroad while travelling? PureVPN has an array of servers across the globe which means you are going to enjoy uninterrupted streaming with ease. It is as easy as A-B-C to start using Netflix with PureVPN, all you need to do is to sign up and download the browser extension. Learn more about PureVPN Netflix in our guide.

2. NordVPN


With over 4,000 servers in 60+ countries, NordVPN lets you enjoy fastest VPN connectivity anytime, on all devices. Get military-grade encryption for the protection of your online identity and important data. Stream geo-blocked websites and social media platform.

Features and advantages of having NordVPN far exceeds TunnelBear as its alternative when it comes to streaming Netflix. Plus, this VPN software has everything to offer to users who want to make most of binge-watching. Learn more about NordVPN Netflix in our guide.

3. Surfshark


Installing Surfshark on your desired devices is not a rocket science as it enables you to unblock Netflix US library. Moreover, you can experience its next level unlimited multi-login facility that helps you in watching your favorite content on the go or from anywhere.

However, you can face buffering issues while trying to watch TV shows or other media stuff. Read our detailed guide of surfshark review for more details

4. CyberGhost


If you are facing TunnelBear not working issue, you have other options too. This is because you can avail CyberGhost to achieve your Netflix streaming objective.

What makes CyberGhost different from other VPN services is its dedicated mode feature. Thus, you are able to unblock and access US Netflix content on your preferred devices straightaway.

Likewise, you can check out the best VPN for streaming Netflix those are unblocking the famous streaming service hassle-free. Furthermore, you may go through an exclusive CyberGhost review to discover hidden gems of the service.

5. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN lets users watch Netflix without any difficulty. Regardless of your current location, you can access to server located outside of your home country for accessing huge library of US Netflix and commensurate your hunger of inspirational movies, dramatic series and fun-packed TV shows.

It has servers available across the globe to offer throttle-free Netflix streaming. In case, if you have problem in accessing Netflix, then you can talk live to customer support. Long story short, it assures throttle-free streaming even if there’s a drop in the internet connection. Learn more about ExpressVPN Netflix in our guide.

How to Fix TunnelBear Netflix Proxy Error

When it comes to fixing TunnelBear Netflix proxy error, you should select another VPN service. As a result, you would be able to unblock and access Netflix US content in no time. Otherwise, you will keep facing the same issue repeatedly.

The same applies to Hulu as well. You may face TunnelBear Hulu while trying to watch your favorite Hulu media content.

Why TunnelBear is Unable to Unblock Netflix?

Unfortunately, TunnelBear does not have a huge server network. Therefore, it turns out to be a simple for Netflix to block TunnelBear IP addresses. A VPN service routes your data through their servers and replace your original IP addresses with VPN servers’ IP addresses.

Thus, Netflix has to explore the internet in order to identify IP addresses those are associated with VPN services. This is how Netflix blocks TunnelBear and gives a severe headache to TunnelBear subscribers.

How does a VPN Unblock American Netflix?

Unblocking American Netflix with robust VPNs that are mentioned makes it easier. A user doesn’t have to spend much time in installation and streaming Netflix. All you need to do is follow steps described below and watch movies and TV series of your choice.

Step 1: Subscribe to the VPN mentioned above

Step 2: Install an app on your device

Step 3: Once, you’ve completed downloading, start installation process which takes hardly 5 minutes.

Step 4: It’s time to launch VPN app and sign in to the account.

Step 5: Connect to the US server right away

Step 6: Visit Netflix official website and you are ready to watch content of US catalogues of TV shows, Movies and Documentaries.

Netflix US Available in different Regions

You can easily watch American Netflix in different regions, below is the mentioned list.

TunnelBear Netflix- Wrap up

Although, TunnelBear Netflix can’t be let you access geo-restricted contents. However, with the help of alternative VPNs discussed earlier, you can watch Netflix.

This guide contains pertinent information on letting a user watch hot favorite TV shows, Movies and TV series. With the correct application of the installation steps provided here you will be at ease of leaping geo-spoofing and enable yourself to access restricted contents.