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TunnelBear does not work with Netflix because it has a relatively small number of servers when compared with other best VPN services. The best solution is to install PureVPN Chrome extension that unblocks American Netflix library by connecting any of its US server list.

I tried watching Avengers Infinity War (only available for US viewers) on Netflix with TunnelBear’s US sever and I received this message:

Pardon the interruption

Streaming Error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

TunnelBear is Not Working with Netflix? Try this Quick Fix

Does Tunnelbear work with Netflix? The straight answer is ‘NO‘.

The quick fix to unblock American Netflix is to switch to PureVPN that allows you to access any of its Movie/TV Shows library including US and Canadian content.

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More TunnelBear Alternatives for Netflix

Here are some of the alternatives that also happen to unblock Netflix with ease.

How I used TunnelBear to Unblock Netflix

Step 1: Download and Install TunnelBear on your device


Step 2: Open TunnelBear app


Step 3: On the top menu connect to the United States


Step 4: Wait until the Bear pops his head out in the United States


Step 5: Open Netflix website


Step 6: Click on the Search icon and type Avengers


Step 7: Once I tried playing Avengers Infinity War, it gave me this error


The Error Code M7111-5059 appeared which is related to the detection of VPN or a proxy. This means that TunnelBear isn’t capable of bypassing Netflix restrictions.

The reason why TunnelBear does not work with Netflix is that TunnelBear has a limited number of US servers. Having an abundance amount of servers makes it difficult for Netflix to block every IP address. That is why few servers still manage to bypass Netflix restrictions.

Since TunnelBear is free, it is also the reason why many users try to access Netflix website from various locations resulting in the blacklisting of those IP address.

How Does Netflix Block a VPN Provider?

When a user connects to VPN service, it allocates an IP address to that user which is already shared by multiple other users as well. If the pool of IPs is too small, the same IPs are shared by a large number of users and are repeated often.

Netflix is quick to detect such patterns of IP repetition and then proceeds to blacklist these IPs that are associated with a VPN. This is what happened to VPNs like TunnelBear which is a service with a small server network and was thus easily caught by Netflix.

However, VPNs with a larger pool of IPs and server networks have a much lower chance of being detected because the number of shared IPs is naturally much lower. The pattern is therefore not easily recognizable for Netflix’s firewall.

Final Thoughts

TunnelBear does not work with Netflix, that part is very much clear by now. There are alternatives to TunnelBear that easily unblock Netflix and also has an affordable price.

When tried to access Netflix from outside of US, error code M7111-5069 would appear that clearly reflects that Netflix is able to identify that you are using a proxy. Therefore, using TunnelBear for Netflix is not a suitable option.

Our top recommendation is PureVPN that not only unblocks Netflix, but is also able to stream websites such as Hulu, Disney Plus, and others.