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Still finding it hard to get Kodi addons that work exceptionally well in 2019?

We have a list of 120+ best Kodi addons of May 2019 after we have tested over 200 add-ons.

While add-ons keep getting shut down every other week, our list gets updated on every 15th and 30th of each month to bring you with the latest.

These addons will bring perfect streaming experience i.e. Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports broadcasting, & much more.

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Exodus Kodi Addon 8.0 Dethrones Neptune Rising as the Most Popular Kodi Add-on May 2019

Exodus Kodi coming up with the latest 8.0 version makes to the top of the charts as best Kodi addons for May according to our survey that we conducted this month. Due to the fall of Blamo Repository, Neptune Rising Kodi has dropped several places until it gets a new repository host.


The latest Exodus addon is currently found in Zadar Build Repository. Here is the list of Kodi repositories with their setup guides.

We collected and analyzed data from Google Trends, Kodi communities, and Facebook groups to reach a decision that Exodus has become the most popular Kodi addon for May 2019.

Why is Exodus the most popular Kodi addon?


Despite the declining trend of Exodus and failure of working links, it was popular amongst Kodi users. The developers realized the gap and updated version 8 with the latest links to Movies & TV Shows. The revival of Exodus has led to regaining its position as the best Kodi addon for May 2019.

Best Kodi Addons 2019

*We tested all the Kodi addons mentioned below and are working perfectly as of May 2019. After evaluating the entire list of currently working addons, we have summarized a quick overview of the best Kodi addons.

Here is our list of top 7 addons that offers unlimited content for streaming:

  1. Exodus
  2. Covenant
  3. Neptune Rising
  4. Genesis Reborn
  5. Poseidon
  6. cCloud TV
  7. Gurzil


Exodus-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Movies-1Exodus is a next generation Kodi addon, developed by Lambda. The addon has a sleek, simple and straightforward interface which resembles Netflix. Also, Exodus allows users to search media with an actor or actress name. With a lot to offer, Exodus enhances user streaming experience by supporting Real-Debrid, All-Debrid and IMDB. Here’s a guide of how to Install Exodus Kodi krypton 17.6 with XvBMC, TkNorris & Kodil Repo. Exodus can now be found in the Lazy Kodi Repo

Repository: All Eyez on Me Repo


Developer: Exodus


Covenant-kodi-addon Covenant, the most popular Kodi add-on is the official replacement for Exodus. This add-on is much more stable than Exodus or any other movie add-ons and that is the reason why it has been ranked as most popular in the Kodi world.

Read More: How to Install Covenant on Kodi.

Repository: All Eyez on Me Repo


Developer: Covenant

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising best Kodi addons

Neptune Rising is yet another Exodus and Covenant fork for XBox users that comes from Blamo Repository. It is a video add-on that shows Movies and TV Shows on-demand in HD quality. Further, the reason why it makes a best Kodi add-on is due to its many links and sources for a movie than you would ever find for Covenant and Exodus. Here is a complete guide to installing Neptune Rising on Kodi.

Read More: How to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi.

Repository: Mr Freeworld Repo


Developer: Mr. Blamo

Genesis Reborn


As Genesis was shut down by agencies, most of the viewers are unaware about the fact that Genesis was reborn by the name of Genesis Reborn. It has the same team of developers who were working to make Genesis add-on a success. This new add-on has all those features that Genesis originally had.

Read More: How to Install Genesis Kodi.

Repository: All Eyez on Me Repo


Developer: Genesis Reborn



Poseidon can be counted as the best movie and TV add-on for Firestick users when they are using Kodi. It has a similar interface as Exodus or Covenant so it is simple to use. Another factor that makes this add-on great is its updated media library.

Read More: How to Install Poseidon on Kodi.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Lockdown and Cypher

cCloud TV

cCloud-TV-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Live-Sports cCloud TV Kodi is a cloud-based Kodi addon which offers channels from community streams around the globe. But due to nature of addon, channels are provided from different regions in different languages. Subscribers can watch sports, news, and documentaries using cCloudTV live TV addon for Kodi.

Read More: How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Rattlehead



When Exodus developers bid farewell to their add-on, many Exodus forks came into existence, where Gurzil is one of them. Gurzil is not just any other Exodus fork, but it also functions the same as Exodus. It has all the latest links and sources available for streaming video content.

Read More: How to Install Gurzil on Kodi.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Apep

Important Note: These are the combined list of official and unofficial Kodi add-ons. Some of these addons are geo-restricted and for that, you may require a Kodi VPN.

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New Best Kodi Addons

New Kodi add-ons are less-likely to shut down by agencies, and therefore survive for a longer period of time. As a result, the latest Kodi add-ons are more powerful than its predecessor add-ons.

Check out our latest Kodi add-ons:

The Red Queen

The-Red-Queen-best-Kodi-addonsIt is a special addon featuring from Movies and TV Shows to Live TV and Sports.

You can also search for Movies and TV Shows under Network category that includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO, CW, and more.

Trakt and Real Debrid both works under this addon.

Repository: Umbrella Corporation Repo

Repo URL:

Developer: Ja5on


Aerobics-best-Kodi-addonsLove Aerobics? Then this addon is just for you. It has some interesting sections that include Zona Fitness Dance, Zona Meditation, Zona Virtual Gym, etc.

For your kids to remain fit, it has a separate section Zona Kids that offers Zumba classes and other dance classes.

Also you will find different categories in Spanish language.

Repository: Kodi Leia Repo

Repo URL:

Developer: Juldelja

Tube Toons

Tube-Toons-new-Kodi-addonsTube Toons addon belongs to the kids where they can watch some of the best cartoons such as Ben and Holly’s Kingdom, Little Einstein, Peppa Pig, and more.

You can also live stream cartoons that are currently being aired on TV.

A popular Cartoon Sesame Street is also available for viewing.

Repository: Incendiary-Pyro Repo

Repo URL:

Developer: Pyro


Aspis-best-Kodi-addonsSupremacy comes up with yet another All-In-One addon featuring 4k Movies, 3D Movies, Kids Movies, Music, Sports, etc.

I tested its 4K movies section and it streams with a perfect video quality without asking of any Trakt ID.

It does uses Trakt ID if you want to watch 3D content.

Repository: Supremacy Repo

Repo URL:

Developer: Supremacy


Limitless-best-Kodi-addonsAnother All-In-One addon with sections that include Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, News, and others.

It has a separate news section, so people from around the world can remain updated about worldwide news.

There’s another section called Real-Debrid lounge where you get to watch 4k Movies with Real-Debrid subscription.

Repository: Luxury Repo

Repo URL:

Developer: Luxury

Death from Above

Best-Kodi-addon-Death-from-aboveFalcon has been a long time contributor to Kodi community. It is an All-In-One addon with Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and other sections.

These categories are distributed under different options i.e. Movies are available in Eyasess Reloaded section, while Sports are present in Falcon Sports.

Repository: AJ Builds Repo


Developer: Team Falcon

Cult Flix

Cult-best-Kodi-addonCult Flix is a Movie and YouTube addon. Under Movies section, it covers 5 different categories i.e. Action, Comedy, Crime, Horror, and Sci-Fi.

Under YouTube section, it covers Comedy, Horror, and Sci-Fi. This section brings you all the latest videos that falls under these genres.

Repository: Butter Fingers Repo


Developer: J1

Butter Fingers

Best-Kodi-addon-butter-fingersButter Fingers is the new addon from Butter Finger Repo bring you different Movie genre.

These include Action, Classic, Drama, Family, Crime, Mystery, etc. It also covers Sports section as well.

You won’t find live sports, but you will find highlight reels for important games.

Repository: Butter Fingers Repo


Developer: J1


Originals-best-Kodi-addonOriginals Kodi comprises of Original TV Series and Movies from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

It streams the latest and as well as old TV shows that are available on these streaming services.

It further streams series that are still available in theatres.

Repository: Mr. Freeworld Repo


Developer: Freeworld


IMDB-Best-Kodi-addonOf course you have heard of the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), but now it is available on Kodi.

It is the hub for all types of Movies, some of which includes Last Release, Most View, Family, Kids, and a total of 20 other categories.

All of these movies are available in either SD or HD quality.

Repository: Mr. Freeworld Repo


Developer: Michael Myer


Best-Kodi-addon-VenomVenom is another Movie and TV Show addon that has a similar interface as that of Exodus comprising of the same sections. It is a new addon that happens to pull various links in HD quality which is a rare prospect. You will find all those movies that are available in-theatres as well.

Repository: Venom Repo


Developer: Venom

Kodi 18 Leia Addons

Kodi 18 Leia is finally released after great speculations and it comes with a breathtaking interface. In this Kodi version, a user can play games alongside watching Movies, TV Shows, and other entertainment media content. Here are some of the add-ons that work best with Kodi Leia:

Learn a Language

Learn-a-Language-Best-Kodi-AddonsWant to learn a new language? This addon makes it easier for expats to learn any new language. There are currently 10 languages that you can learn including Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc. There is a live podcast 24/7 that helps you learn the language. Further, it will provide you a list of videos for learning hacks, basic words, tips, and more. Get it now!

Repository: Supremacy Repo


Developer: Get UKTV Allstars

Movie Theatre Butter

Movie-Theatre-Butter-Best-Kodi-addonsMovie Theatre Butter Kodi is another Movie addon similar to how Covenant and Exodus works. At its front menu you’ve got the category of Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, and New Episodes. All the movies you want to seek is present right here in this add-on, you only need to install it on your Kodi software. It is found in Diamond Wizard Repository.

Repository: Diamond Wizard Repo


Developer: MTB

UniverseHD Addon


Universe addon has a unique combination of Movies where it consists of 3D Movies, Bollywood Movies, HD Movies, Kids, and so forth. You will find this add-on hassle-free as you only be needing to click once while playing any movie.

Repository: Galaxy Repository


Developer: Nemzzy668 and DevKong

Boxset King Reborn


Boxset King Reborn has a unique interface, unlike any other addon that you will see. A King’s crown sets revolving in the background in continuous motion. The content of this best Kodi addon includes Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery, and other categories. You will find Movies in each category that allows you to start streaming instantly.

Repository: Cellar Door TV Repo


Developer: [Brackets]


best-kodi-TMDB-addonsNow you can find and watch movies based on the Movie Studios by TMDB Kodi. There are a bunch of studios including Columbia TriStar, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, etc. It makes it easier to watch all the Movie content from their respective section and in UHD quality. Now that is something unique.

Repository: Mr Freeworld Repository


Developer: Freeworld

Falcon Reborn Kodi

Falcon-RebornFalcon Reborn Kodi is a hub for old and new Movies that can be found in one place. It has further got Live Sports section, Documentaries, and TV Shows. It has a separate Marvel vs DC section to watch all the DC and Marvel Movies in one place. A Trakt feature is also in place if you want to smoothly stream HD Movies. It is found in AJs Repository.

Repository: AJ Builds Repo


Developer: Team Falcon

Best Kodi All In One Addons

All-In-One addons are the ones that offer Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and Kids Movies. Here we present the best Kodi All-In-One add-ons that works perfectly well:

Guillermo Tell

Guillermo-best-Kodi-addonKodi users dream of having a best Kodi addon that would stream all of their favorite content from Movies, TV Series, to Live TV and Live Sports. These are called All-In-One addons and Guillermo Tell is a popular one. It has all these categories and more.

Repository: Mr Freeworld


Developer: Freeworld

Mad Titan

Mad-Titan-Best-Kodi-addonsMad Titan Kodi is an incredible video addon that features Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, and Kids section. So, technically it is considered as the best All-in-One addon. It also has a Real-Debrid and Trakt section. It is pulling many great links and is working just fine.

Repository: Ring of Saturn Repo


Developer: 1-Cool-Guy


Best-Addon-for-Kodi-AtrioxIf you want all of the taste of entertainment in one shot, then Atriox All-in-one addon is for you. In its menu, it will have 4K Movies that will run from Real Debrid, Live TV, Live Sporting events, 24/7 TV Shows,           Top-rated Movies, Kids Movies, Concerts, and many more. Installing it on your boxsets will give a unique experience.

Repository: Supremacy Repo


Developer: Atriox

At the Flix

Best-Kodi-addon-at-the-flixAt the Flix is an all-important addon that comes from Maverick Repository that covers all aspects of entertainment including Movies, TV Series, Kids Movies, Live Concerts, and so much more. Kodi users having Real Debrid account would benefit a lot with this add-on as it will stream 4K and 3D Movies for those users.

Repository: Maverick TV Repo


Developer: Maverick


Heisenberg-new-kodi-addonHeisenberg of Breaking Bad is back as a Kodi addon bringing you tons of videos for adults and kids. While downloading this addon on Kodi, it will stream all sorts of Movies, TV Shows, Sports Replays, Live TV, Music, and Newscasts. It is the perfect way to the past time when you’re alone or with your friends and family.

Repository: FireStick Plus Man


Developer: Heisenberg


Borg-Best-Kodi-AddonsBorg is one of few add-ons by AJ Builds that are hosted by its repository. This one is an All-In-One add-on having Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids section, and Networks. It doesn’t have Live TV section, but who cares when you can get Netflix and HBO series without the subscription?

Repository: AJ Builds Repo


Developer: Nitron


best-Kodi-addons-CanvasCanvas is the best Kodi addon there is in the All-In-One category. Why I say that is because not only does it have Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV, but it also bring users Live Sports, Kids stuff, Stand-up Comedy, and so much more. There is a lot to chew on when you get this add-on to install.

Repository: Kodi Help Repo


Developer: Community


HTMC-TV-best-Kodi-addonsHTMC TV is an All-In-One add-on that has tons of Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV channels. For 4k quality viewing, it makes it available for users to opt for Trakt Hub. It is a complete add-on that will get you to stream every media video content. Available in HTMC Repo.

Repository: HTMC Repo


Developer: HTMC



An All-In-One (AIO) addon having Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and Sports. Under Movies category, we have Star Wars/Star Trek, Super Heroes, Martial Arts, Urban/Gangster, Short Films, and others. Listen to many great podcasts, view Stand-up Comedy, News, and Fitness. So basically, you’ve got everything under one package.

Repository: Diamond Wizard Repo


Developer: Team Diamond

Magic Dragon


Dogs Bollocks renamed as Magic Dragon Kodi. Maverick TV Repository came up with another all-in-one Kodi add-on i.e. Magic Dragon, when the similar add-on called Pyramid Kodi was shut down. It contains Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, Documentary, Kids section, and Radio. It can be found in both Maverick TV and Supremacy Repository.

Repository: MaverickTV Repo


Developer: Magic Dragon

Wow Kodi

Wow-KodiWow Kodi is an All-in-One addon that features everything. It comes from UKodi 1 Repository and is interlinked with other UKodi add-ons. It shows 4K Movies, 3D Movies, and newly released Netflix and HBO shows. Nothing beats the video content of Wow addon.

Repository: UKodi1 Repo


Developer: Team UKodi1 and Gandelf


Chronos Best Kodi addons

Skydarks has recently emerged as the new Kodi repository that has launched an all-in-one add-on called Chronos. It has sections that include Movies, Live Sports, Concerts, and Radio. It further brings you Live TV channels for countries such as Germany and Austria. It also has an adult content, but for that it requires a password. You can find this add-on from Skydarks Repository.

Repository: Sky Dark Repo


Developer: Team SkyDark

Best Kodi Addons For Movies

One of the most intriguing things about Kodi is that you can watch movies from multiple genres. From action movies to thriller, you name it. These Kodi addons offer latest movies along with popular classics. Make sure to grab all of the Kodi addons for movies:


Best-Kodi-addons-1389-MoviesThe developer of this addon might be inspired by the Battle of Kosovo that took place in 1389, and that is why the name of this addon came into existence. It is basically a Movie add-on that streams not just Movies, but TV Series and Documentaries. Addons that come from Tojelako are promising and this one as well.

Repository: Tojelako Repo


Developer: Srbin

Best-Kodi-addons-VoodooIf you’re thinking that this addon will teach you some kind of magic tricks that you see it performed on TV, then you’re completely wrong. Voodoo addon is a Movie and TV Show addon including Live IPTV channels. It streams 4K Movies, HD Movies, 1-Click Movies, etc.

Repository: Golden Gun Repo


Developer: Diamond Dogs


Yoda-best-Kodi-addonYoda gets the interface from the old Exodus and Covenant addon bringing you with the latest Movies and TV Shows. For example, upon clicking on the Movies section you will be presented with various categories such as Year, Languages, Most Popular, etc. Once you select any option, choose any movies, it will pull many links. There you, happy streaming!

Repository: Supremacy Repo


Developer: S

Best-Kodi-addon-FireflyEvery other best Kodi addon you will in the list is a fork of Exodus. That doesn’t mean it scrapes the dead links, but it fetches high-quality streaming links at a fast speed. Firefly is one of them. When you select Movies section, it has various categories including MGM, Fox, Warner Bros, Sony, so you could pick the movie produced by these giant companies.

Repository: FireFly Repo


Developer: FinnDiesel

Venom Replays


Catch all the sports highlights at Venom Replays addon that brings you highlights for 25 sports from around the world. Some of these sports include Wrestling, UFC, Tennis, NASCAR, Boxing, and so much more. With this addon, you never have to worry if you missed any Live Sports match. It is found in the GenTec Repository.

Repository: Star-Tec Repository


Developer: Star-Tec

Release BB

best-release-bb-Kodi-addonRelease BB is not an ordinary Movie addon because it streams Movies in a variety of qualities depending upon your internet speed. When opening the Movie section you will find various categories i.e. 1080p, 720p, 3D, 4K, BDRip, CAM, DVD-R, and a plenty more. That’s the feature that differentiates with other addons.

Repository: Bugatsinho Repo


Developer: Bugatsinho

Exodus Redux

new-Exodus-Redux-Kodi-addonExodus Redux Kodi is similar to its predecessor add-on i.e. the popular Exodus. It pulls out links from Lambda Scraper which is believed to be better from Universal Scraper and others. This means, it will stay longer and the authoties will have a difficult time to shut it down which is which it your go-to Kodi addon.

Repository: Exodus Redux Repo


Developer: I-A-C


Best-Kodi-addons-TazTAZ is a Movie addon, do not confuse it with the featured image that lingers on its add-on. It is a perfect add-on for you and your family to watch all kinds of Movies i.e. Trending, Popular, Recent, and more. Although it is found in new Octopus Repo, there’s a lot of factors that assure this add-on will exist for some time.

Repository: Octopus Repository


Developer: Twiglet


Best-Kodi-Addons-GalactusGalactus is a dedicated Movie addon featuring Movies and TV Series. But the thing that fascinates me the most is its Movies 24/7 section. There, you can select Movies based on the genre such as Comedy, Anime, Action, etc., and the same goes for TV Series.

Repository: Hellhound Repository


Developer: Galactus

Nole Cinema

Nole-Cinema-Best-Kodi-AddonsNole Cinema comes from a new repository i.e. The Ring of Saturn that features a complete collection of Movies. Why I say the complete collection is because it shows New Releases and including any other genre option. Further, it has a unique boxset collection for movies that have multiple parts i.e. Fast and the Furious collection, Cars Movie collection, Pirates of the Caribbean collection, etc.

Repository: Ring of Saturn Repo


Developer: NoleNation


Medusa-Best-Kodi-AddonsThere has been so much talk about Medusa Kodi addon regarding its content. It is a video addon which has been named after a Greek Mythology character, a female monster who has snake hairs and destroys everyone. Don’t worry, the addon is pretty much helping Kodi users to watch Movies and TV Series in HD quality.

Repository: Medusa Repo


Developer: ABA

A Pirate’s Life for Me

A-Pirates-life-for-me-best-kodi-addonsThis addon scrapes link directly from Pirate’s Bay torrent website which is amazing, but you will require a VPN in order to do that. To access a larger media library, you will either need a Real-Debrid account or Premiumize account for this addon to continue streaming in HD. However, there is a section i.e. Direct Links which does not require a premium account and you can watch Movies and TV Shows.

Repository: Diamond Wizard Repo


Developer: SomeBody

Horror Cave


Every horror movie in the planet that has ever been made, you will find it on Horror Cave. It is dedicated for people who loves watching scary movies, listen to horror music and short ghost stories, and serial killer movies. It has a feature for Real Debrid to view every Movie in HD as well.

Repository: Man Cave Repo


Developer: Man Cave

First One TV


First One TV is the only best Kodi addon that offers TV Shows based on each country. Starting from Albania, it covers almost 61 countries. Once you click on any country, you will find a list of many channels, but you would be requiring a VPN to access its content. First One TV is one of a kind and has no alternative.

Repository: Catoal Repository


Developer: Fire

Numbers Kodi


Number Kodi is a simple Kodi addon, specifically developed for Movies and TV Shows. However, there are two other sections that are included on its menu i.e. Boxsets and Networks. The Network section contains categories of streaming channels such as Netflix, ABC, AMC, Amazon, etc. The Boxsets option include a list of Movie categories i.e. Action, Adventure, Anime, etc. Lastly, you will also find Documentaries for viewing.

Repository: Cellar Door TV Repo


Developer: [Brackets]



R2D2 Kodi is a Movie addon with the same interface as Exodus or Covenant. The difference is, you get to see all the Movies in HD quality. It also has a section of New Movie Releases that brings you In-Theatre Movies that hasn’t yet been put out from cinemas.

Repository: AJ Builds Repo


Developer: Team Falcon


NightCrawler-best-kodi-addonHow often you see an Oscar Winner Movie gets unnoticed? Not anymore. NightCrawler Kodi is an add-on that brings you Oscar Winner Movies for each year and you can see them in HD quality. Apart from that, this add-on offers other movies categories such as In-Theatre, Featured, Trending, etc. It is found in Jew Repository.

Repository: Jew Repo


Developer: JewBMX, ToneTone

Movie Rulz Kodi

Movie-Rulz-best-kodi-addonsMovie Rulz Kodi is specifically developed for Bollywood fans across the globe. It contains recent Bollywood Movies that are of interest to billions of fans present mainly in India. It has been quite a while when Bollywood fans were eager to get their add-on that streams their favorite content. Now that they have one of the best Kodi addon, they can’t wait to stream. It is found in Reasons Repository.

Repository: Reasons Repository


Developer: Reasons


Best kodi addons Placenta

Blamo Repository keeps on bringing more and more Exodus and Covenant forks. This time, it has managed to offer Kodi users with yet another Covenant fork, Placenta. This best Kodi Movie addon that streams Recent Movies and TV Shows without delay. If you have already installed Blamo Repository, then be sure to install Placenta kodi addon on your list.

Read More: How to Install Placenta Kodi.

Repository: Kodi Neu Erleben Repository


Developer: Team Afterbirth


Outlaw-best-Kodi-addonsWhy does this Kodi Movie addon called Outlaw? Because Outlaw Kodi has Movie categories that are related to a specific genre of Crime, War, Gangster, Western, Military, and Mobster Movies. It has a huge collection of such movies having a good video quality. Due to this, Outlaw is the nice name to suggest. This Kodi best addon is found in UKodi1 Repository.

Repository: Sandman Media Repo


Developer: Hellboy



Triton Kodi add-on is another add-on that brings you movies and TV shows with HD links. This add-on keeps updated with all the new movies and TV shows that works. This add-on can be found in lvtvv Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Lockdown and Cypher



Redemption has returned with a better interface and with many categories for Movies. You can find Movies in alphabetical order, New Releases, 4K, and 3D Movies. It is available in the Diamond Wizard Repo.

Repository: Diamond Wizard Repo


Developer: BucKy

Digi Box

Best Kodi addons Digi Box

A Digi Box Kodi add-on is preferably one of the best Kodi add-ons for Android with all the new Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries at the horizon. It is quick to load the media content and doesn’t allow Kodi to increase slack, hence preventing buffering. It is found in the Digital Repository.

Repository: Digital Repo


Developer: You Know Who



The Kratos Kodi is Movie add-on that makes it into our best Kodi addons list because it offers something additional to all others Movie add-ons out there. It has a ‘Spotlight’ category that features all the latest Movies and those that are trending around the world. It is found in UKodi repository.

Repository: UKodi1 Repo


Developer: The Kratos

Mundo Oscuro Kodi

Mundo-Oscuro-Kodi-best-kodi-addonsMundo Oscuro Kodi, also known as the Dark World which is a Spanish add-on for Movies and TV Shows. But mostly you will section including paranormal activities, Horror, and Mystery movies. It is currently been in the stage of development and new sections are being created day-by-day, but there’s no denying that it is the best Kodi addon for Spanish viewers. It is found in Catoal Repository.

Repository: Catoal Repo


Developer: The Kratos

Golden Age

Golden Age

As the name refers, Golden Age is all about bringing you classic Movies based on abundant categories. These categories include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, and so much more. It brings you Movies from the early 1900’s in good video quality. This addon is available in Diamond Wizard Repository

Repository: Diamond Wizard Repo


Developer: Chuck U Farley


Best-Kodi-Addons-FocusFocus Kodi has been put into the list of best Kodi add-ons because it frequently updates the media library bring New Movies and TV Shows in to the list. It is also a Covenant and Exodus fork that brings it to the table of a competitive Kodi category. This add-on is available in Sandman Media repository

Repository: Sandman Media Repo


Developer: BBB

The Resistance


The Resistance Kodi add-on has just stepped foot into the Kodi world and has taken everyone by surprise. It is an exact replica of Exodus and Covenant add-on that airs movies and TV shows. It offers HD viewing and is continuously updated to provide Kodi users with the best streaming experience. It is available in lockzone Repository.

Repository: Hellhounds


Developer: Solid Snake

Diamond Cinema


Diamon Wizard repository brings Kodi users with an elegant yet full of entertainment Kodi addon that includes section such as cinema, horror, music, urban, and more. These are the sections for movies and the streams are pulled from YouTube. It is also available in the Legion World TV Repo.

Best Kodi Addons For Videos

If you want watch videos online, then Kodi provides the perfect solution. Using the best Kodi video addons, you can stream unlimited amount of videos.

Plex Kodi Add-on New-Kodi-addon-Plex

Plex has recently announced it new Kodi add-on that will be available for Kodi users. Plex, an ultimate video streaming experience will bring a fitting collaboration with its long-time competitor Kodi. After downloading the zip file, connect to the Plex Server and start streaming movies and TV shows.

Note: To overcome Geo-Blocked content safely and to stream all Plex Channels with unlimited entertainment you must need a Plex VPN.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: Plex

Reddit addon for kodiReddit is a massive community where people from all over the world can interact. It contains multiple subreddits (or categories) of different topics. Using addon, you can stream any video from Reddit on Kodi. This is one of the best Kodi video add-ons because Reddit hosts millions of videos each day. Hardcore followers can search, play, add or remove video directly on Kodi.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: Jani Mikkonen

Best Kodi Addons For Sports

There are numerous sports events taking place as we speak. However, it’s not possible to watch these event live. But, if you have these best Kodi addons for Live Sports, you can enjoy your favorite sporting events on Kodi in an instant:

Sports Classic

Sports-Classic-Best-Kodi-AddonsSports Classic is all about watching Live Sports from all around the world. Even if you have missed live sporting events, you can watch full replays and highlights from this addon. From Soccer to PPV Boxing events, this addon will add exceptional value to your live streaming experience.

Repository: Shark Repo


Developer: Shark55

World of Wrestling

World-of-Wrestling-Best-Kodi-AddonWorld of Wrestling Kodi is strictly an add-on for wrestling fans around the world. Not only does it brings you WWE PPV Shows Live and Highlights, but it also shows you highlight reel for major Wrestling tournaments happening across the globe. It is found in the Loki Repository.

Repository: Loki Repo


Developer: Loki

Just Sports Kodi

Just-Sports-Best-Kodi-AddonsJust Sports Kodi addon is the simplest of all Kodi Sports add-on that has only 5 sub-menu but features all Live Sports happening in the world right now. The first option in the menu i.e. Just Sports Channels Oneclick brings you the best Sports TV Channels, in the second option i.e. Just Sports Multilink, you will find all the Sports channels around the world. This best Kodi addon for Sports is found in the Kodil Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: UKodi1 Repo

Strike All Sportz Recaps

Strikes-All-Sports-Recap-best-Kodi-addonsIf you’re wondering this add-on only shows Sports replays and highlights, then you’re wrong. Strike All Sportz Recap Kodi shows Live Sports on various different sports categories that includes NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, Football, Tennis, and so many other sports. Along with streaming Live Sports, it does show brief highlights of the match. It is found in Rock Crusher Repo.

Repository: Rocks Repository


Developer: Strike

Joker Sports

Joker-Sports-Best-Kodi-addonsJoker Sports Kodi makes watching Live Sports and Highlights easy on your devices. This add-on covers all sorts of sports that are being played live anywhere in the world. If that sport is available in the top sports channels, then you will be able to view it as well. Some of the best sports channels i.e. BT Sports and Sky Sports have their own Main Menu where you can find sub-channels in the category. It is found in Maverick Repository.

Repository: MaverickTV Repo


Developer: Maverick


sports-devil-on-kodii SportsDevil is among one of the best Kodi addons for firestick. The addon however doesn’t compete with NBC Sports Live Extra, but still takes users’ streaming experience to next level with “free of cost” streaming. Moreover, SportsDevil doesn’t come as an official addon, thus requires Addon Installer to get installed.

Read More: How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi.

Repository: MaverickTV Repo


Developer: SportsDevil

NBC Sports Live Extra


NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi offers live sports, replays and highlights from best-of-the-time sports events. Not to forget, some of the sports events require NBC cable subscription. After installing NBC Sports Live Extra, users can watch favorite matches in HD playback quality through best Kodi addon.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: Eracknaphobia

Best Kodi Addons for Football

Watching football leagues that are happening around the world is most desired by football fanatics. Kodi add-ons that are featured below brings you live football action, highlights, and expert opinions before and after the match. So make sure you get all of these add-ons.

Sports World


Sports World Kodi add-on offers more than just live football matches. It is the home for all types of sports including NFL matches. Its interface is designed on the basis of sports categories where football is located at the top. You can view matches from all the leagues from the option, or select channels that features your respective football match.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Nemzzy

Channel Pear


Channel Pear is an unusual, yet the most entertaining Kodi add-on. Upon installing this add-on, you will find that its completely empty. You can add channels onto Channel Pear add-on through Channel Pear website. You can select any football channels from its website and then sync the channel on your Kodi. This way you can watch live football and so much more.

Repository: None


Developer: Channel Pear

Elektra Vault


Elektra Vault add-on is especially dedicated to watching live sports where it has a separate section which shows only live matches. This add-on is frequently updated with latest matches. You can also watch highlights if you have missed an important football match with this add-on.

Repository: Supremacy Repo


Developer: Elektra Vault

Best Kodi Addons for Live TV

Before you proceed, you should know that live TV addons can be geo-restricted and you will need a VPN service to bypass it. 

If you enjoy binge-watching popular television series such as DareDevil, The Flash, Arrow, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, or any other show, then these Kodi addons are for you. Here’s the list of the top Kodi Live TV addons for 2019, make sure to get them all:

Live Hub

Live Hub krypton addon

Live Hub Kodi addon is similar to the StreamHub addon that has hundreds of Sports Channels that are free for viewing. You can watch UFC, WWE, and other sports PPV events as well. UFC and WWE fights would only air once the fight begins. It is found in the LVTVV Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: sClarke

Haystack TV

Haystack-TV-Best-Kodi-AddonsHaystack TV Kodi is a best Kodi addon when it comes to entertainment. It includes category such as Trending News, Science, Technology, Video Games, Late Night Shows, and so much more. It is found in the default Kodi add-on repository, so it makes it perfectly legal.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: Lunatixz

Skynet Kodi

Skynet-Best-Kodi-addonsSkynet Kodi is more of a Live Sports add-on than a Live IPTV add-on and that is because it shows all the popular Live Sports channels. In addition, it shows latest Movies as well. It also feature those movies that are available in cinemas and brings to you HD cam version. You can explore its variety of categories once you install it from Kodil Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: SkyNet

Oblivion Streams

Oblivion-Kodi-best-kodi-addonsOblivion Streams Kodi is a hub for Live TV Channels that happens to stream channels from around the world in many different language. It has a special section that includes Karaoke and Fitness. In the Karaoke section you can watch videos around the world participating in the event, while the Fitness section feature videos related to your health and exercise. It is found in Oblivion Builds Repo.

Repository: Oblivion Repo


Developer: Oblivion

iPlayer WWW


iPlayer WWW is a TV addon for Kodi that allows you to stream shows from BBC iPlayer. You can also use the addon to play live or catch up TV. Do note that the addon is not an affiliate of BBC iPlayer but it you use it to stream TV shows such as Sherlock, Top Gear, Doctor Who, and much more. View our detailed guide of Kodi BBC iPlayer.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: CaptainT, Cas, and ihurst

Best Kodi Addons for Kids

What could be the most fun time spent by your kids other than cartoons, movies, and TV shows that are targeted towards kids? Third-party Kodi addons for kids has all the latest and old cartoons including the list of informational movies to improve children’s rational reasoning.


CToon-Best-Kodi-AddonsThe Doko repository is famous for its best Kids addons that works exceptionally well and fetches many links in HD. This addon does not contain old cartoon series, but rather a new one. Some of the cartoons include Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Teen Titans, Craig of the Creek, and others.

Repository: Doko Repo


Developer: Doko, Tikipeter


Toonmania2-addon-for-kodiIt is one of the very best Kids addon that has all types of Cartoons old and new, and also many people’s favorite Anime. Once you explore this add-on, you will need to find cartoons or anime starting from various alphabets. Once you do that, you will see a list of cartoons that will stream at one-click. It’s that easy!

Repository: Sandman Media Repo


Developer: doko, MetalKettle

Kiddo Kodi

Kiddo-best-Kodi-AddonBy looking at the Baby Boss image, you will get a hint that this add-on is all about Kids. It has all kinds of Kids Movies going from Adventure to Christmas, Monster, and Mystery. For an HD view, you can also authorize to Real Debrid account. It is found under Cellardoor TV Repo.

Repository: Cellardoor TV Repo


Developer: [Brackets]

13 Clowns

13-Clowns-Best-Kodi-Addons13 Clowns might indicate that it is referring to a horror movie add-on, but that’s not the case. But the fact is, it does not bring you only Movies, but it also gets you to watch TV Shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, and YouTube popular videos. It has a special section called ‘13Clowns favorite’ that features developer’s favorite series and videos.

Repository: 13Clowns Repo


Developer: 13Clowns


CartoonsOn-addon for kodi

CartoonsOn add-on is a perfect blend for children and adults as it has old and new cartoons added in its media library. Further, it also contains movies on its database where it features animated movies for kids. Anyone who has kids must get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Dandymedia

Kid’s Movies

Kids-Movies-Best-Kodi-addonToo obvious for Kids and their parents to look for an add-on that has every entertaining movie for Kids. In particular, Kids Movies Kodi has a list of various Old and New Disney Movies, Barbie Movies, and others. Also, you can search the movie based on genre, or you could search it by its name. It is found in Zadar Repository.

Repository: Zadar HR Repo


Developer: Mr. Entertainment

YesterYears Radio

Yesteryears-Radio-kodi-addonYesterYears Radio Kodi is undoubtedly a radio addon bringing you shows from the 80’s, 90’s, and far back. Some of the interesting categories include Superheroes, Kids, Western, Horror, Comedy, etc. Its good to listen to Radio shows whenever you feel alone.

Repository: Grind House Repository


Developer: Uncle Touchy

Cheetara Kodi

Cheetara-Kodi-Best-kodi-addonsCheetara Kodi offers every media content related to Kids. Some of the Kids categories include Animated Movies, Cartoons, Nickelodeon, Looney Tunes, Disney Channel, and so much more. Cheetara itself is found in Hell Hound Repository that features many different best addons for Kids, so they certainly know what they’re doing. Hell Hound Repository.

Repository: Hellhounds Repo


Developer: AD

Zim Kodi Kids

Zim-Best-Kodi-addonsChildren are going to get excited when they hear what features this add-on brings to the table. Zim Kids Kodi has Kids Movies, Kids TV Shows, Anime Movies and TV Shows, and Little Tikes category. It is found in Lumberjack Repository.

Repository: Lumberjack Repo


Developer: Irken Empire

StarTec AIO

StarTec-AIO-Best-Kodi-AddonsStarTec Aio Kodi is the mother of all Kodi addons. We say this because in total it has seven different categories, and in only one category i.e. ‘Star Trec’ that consists of Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Anime, Music, 24/7 Live TV, Kids Hub, Comedy, and so much more. There so many things to explore once you get your head into it. It is found in Star Trec Repository

Repository: Star-Tec Repository


Developer: Star-Tec

Nevena Cinema

Nevena-Cinema-Best-Kodi-addons Nevena Cinema Kodi is the best Kodi addon from Tojelako Repository that has-it-all. It shows Movies, TV Shows, Kids Boxset, Live Sports, and Live TV. It helps you find Movies by the name of actors and actresses. There is another section that goes by the name 24/7 where you will find many niche movies such as action, horror, animation, and the list goes on. Found in Tojelako Repository.

Repository: Tojelako Repo


Developer: Tojelako

TV Ontario Kids

TV Ontario Kids Best Kodi addons

TV Ontario Kids Kodi comes with official Kodi add-on repository that has more than cartoons category to offer for Kids. The add-on has collected informational TV Series for Kids, informative shows, cartoons, anime, and so much more. In general, it has two categories including kids of 2-5 years of age and kids under 11 years if age.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: t1m

Best Anime Kodi Addons

With movies and TV shows, you can also enjoy countless anime series on Kodi as well. To help you pick the best Kodi addon for anime, here are some addon you should try out:

Anime Dubbed


Anime Dubbed is a simple Kodi addon that features all types of Anime genre. When you open this add-on you will find only three main option i.e. Search, Genre, and Latest Episodes. The list becomes enormous when you select Genre option, and then you will find many different categories including Comedy, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, etc.

Repository: Reasons Repository Source: Developer: Reasons

Anime Incursion


When the Kodi community had the scarcity of Anime addons, Incursion Repository came up with an extraordinary addon called Anime Incursion Kodi. Anime fans can find all the recently released Anime Movies and TV Shows, while it further includes Special category that features special Anime videos. It is found in Incursion Repository

Repository: Incursion Repo


Developer: Nixgates



This WatchNixtoons Kodi add-on is all about Cartoons and Anime. You will find dubbed and subbed Anime list, latest 50 releases of the month, Cartoon’s list and favorites, or you can choose on your with the help of a genre list. It is found in the Incursion Repository

Repository: Incursion Repo


Developer: Nixgates

Best Kodi Addons for Hindi Movies and Shows

Seems like the wish list of all the Bollywood fans has come true. After considerable research, we collected some of the finest Kodi add-ons that features Bollywood movies and TV shows. Check them out below:



Viewster Kodi add-on brings you all the latest Bollywood Movies and TV Shows in one domain. It further lets you see the synopsis of the movie along with its genre. It has a list of popular genres listed that will give you an idea which category you need to watch beforehand.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: t1m

Snag Films


SnagFilms is a hub for Bollywood movies and TV shows where you can see a long list of categories in this Kodi add-on. Alongside Bollywood entertainment content, you will also find African movies, Korean dramas, and so much more with SnagFilms.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: t1m

Best Music Kodi Addons

A good music is a source of relaxation for mind and body. It releases the body from stress, and yet where can you find all the good music in one place? We listed some of the best music Kodi addons that are worth your while.

Listen Up

Listen-Up-Kodi-addonListen Up Kodi is an Audio Book addon that offers you to listen to 100’s of books in different categories. Sometimes you feel bored reading all the books, why not just listen to in on Kodi? The audio book is a perfect way to read your kid’s bedtime stories and it’s a fun way to read books. The audio manages to create emotions which make an interesting read.

Repository: Grind House Repository


Developer: Uncle Touchy

Jew Music Choice

Music-Choice-best-Kodi-addonAnyone who is a die-hard music fan must install this add-on because it has a wide collection of songs from the Golden era of 70’s to currently hit songs. Jew Music Choice Kodi also has a Hit List section that shows you songs that became Hit each year. It is found in Jew Repo.

Repository: Jew Repo


Developer: JewBMX

Now Music USA

Best-Kodi-addons-Now-Music-USAAn impressive Now Music Usa Kodi video addon that has taken the entire Kodi community with a storm. This Kodi addons library contains the latest and old songs along with their videos. It has a separate genre section that would let you search for Rock songs, Hip Hop, or Pop. It is found in MaverickTV Repo.

Repository: MaverickTV Repo


Developer: Pulse Builds


Beatz addon for kodi

BeatZ is a massive music add-on with its extremely large music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The good thing about this add-on is its limited dependency on YouTube. It collects data from various different websites while it updates the add-on accordingly.

Repository: Stream Army Repo


Developer: Stream Army


Youtube Kodi Addon Youtube: Having over a billion of subscribers (almost one-third of overall world’s population), YouTube needs no introduction. Happily, Kodi fans can watch hours of favorite TV shows, movies and more media on Kodi with YouTube addon. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day. It is found on

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository


Developer: Bromix

Best Kodi Addons for News Channels News CBC is an official Kodi add-on that airs all CBC channels including Live TV. If by chance you have missed important program on your TV, you can watch the highlights of the shows on this Kodi add-on. It is probably the best Kodi add-on for News that has such a massive library. Some of its categories include, Breaking News, Local News Shows, Health, Business, Technology and Science, etc. and found in the official Kodi repository.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: t1m

Russian Today

Russia Today News Best Kodi addons

Russia Today Kodi addon is a 24/7 Live News channel that cover all the latest News, Documentaries, Talk Shows and Debates that are happening around the world. While viewing the RT Live section, it would lead you to choose a country where it would stream directly from that particular country. It is available in the official Kodi repository.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: t1m

Fox News

Best Kodi addons Fox News

Fox News Kodi provides a worldwide coverage of News around the world. However, this add-on would not show the network coverage live, but will update clips every few hours related to many different categories. It is absolutely free and you don’t require a subscription to view the content of the add-on. Also found in the official Kodi Repository.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: Divingmule

Best Official Kodi Addons List

Here are the best official Kodi addons for the month of May 2019:

  • iPlayer WWW
  • Buzz Feed
  • ESPN 3
  • Fox Sports GO
  • Fitness Blender
  • Haystack TV
  • Viewster
  • Pluto TV
  • Plex

Best Kodi Maintenance Addons

If you’re managing a free open-source software such as Kodi, you’ve got to have a maintenance tool Kodi add-on that will clear all the cache, delete thumbnails and packages, and back-up your Kodi data. Here are the best maintenance tool Kodi add-ons:

VPN Manager for OpenVPN

VPN Manager for OpenVPN Best Kodi addons

It is important to protect your system/device with a Kodi VPN. VPN Manager for OpenVPN addon helps you connect to a VPN on your Kodi. It provides you with an assistance to connect with major VPN services. Just select the VPN of your choice, enter login and password, select a server and hit connect.

Repository: Zomboided Repository

Source: Plugin.ZomboidedRepository

Developer: Zomboided

Fresh Start


Kodi Fresh Start is a program add-on which is commonly used to factory reset Kodi. It happens more often that Kodi users install a Kodi Build to get various add-ons pre-installed on Kodi. However, they are unsure how to remove a Kodi Build. Fresh Start is an add-on that would restore your Kodi to its original state. You can get this add-on from Dimitrology Repository.

Repository: Dimitrology Repo



Backup – Backup and Restore Kodi


One of the main issues surrounding Kodi users is to back-up their Kodi software whenever a new Kodi version is introduced. Backup Kodi add-on not only lets you install the latest version of Kodi that is available, but it also restores all of your add-ons, Builds, Wizards, that were accessible to you in previous version.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Developer: Robweber

Best Kodi Addons For Firestick

Amazon Firestick offers illustrious content for entertainment. And, if you install Kodi to Firestick, your entertainment experience reaches a new level. With these Kodi addons for Firestick, you can use the service at its full potential: Even you can secure your streaming on firestick by using VPN for Firestick.

Aptoide Kodi

Aptoide-Kodi-best-Kodi-addonsAptoide Kodi is an app store which is now available for Kodi. It was previously available only for FireStick, and has tons of games and apps that you can download on your Kodi device. You may find some apps that are blocked in Google Play Store or Amazon App Store, can now be accessed with Aptoide app store. It is found in FireStick plus Repository.

Repository: Sandman Media Repo


Developer: Aenemapy

Best Kodi Addons for PPV

Kodi allows you to enjoy various pay-per-views (PPV) live online. The below listed addons are the best when it comes to streaming PPV from anywhere:

Planet MMA


Planet MMA, previously UFC Finest is the place where you could view UFC pay-per-view fights, highlights, old matches, player face-off and so much more. This add-on was recently been closed for a while, but is now back again, and definitely worth your while. It is found in Supermacy repository.

Repository: Supremacy Repo


Developer: DK

Best Kodi Addons for Android

With Kodi installed on your Android device, you can enjoy unlimited online entertainment. These best Kodi addons for Android will allow you to enjoy live sports, popular movies, TV shows, and much more on the go: View our detailed guide of Kodi on Android to learn more.



Fantastic is an exact replica of Covenant and Exodus. It is a Covenant fork that is believed to become the replacement of Covenant by many. It has same features including the latest Movies and TV Shows. Kodi users can search their favorite videos through genre, popularity, and year.

Read More: How to Install Fantastic Kodi Addon.

Repository: FireStick Plus Man Repo


Developer: FireStick Plus Man

Best kodi Addons for xbox one

Kodi was previously called XBMC (XBox Media Center), meaning that it was initially developed for Xbox One. However, since it took a broader perspective and changed its name to Kodi. Here are a few add-ons of Xbox One Kodi that work well:


Best-Kodi-addons-Incursion Incursion Kodi now runs exceptionally well with Xbox One where it brings you all the latest Movies and TV Shows. It has a similar interface as that of Exodus or Covenant, but allow you to watch the media content in high quality. It has separate section for New Movies and New Episodes where you would get to know the new arrivals in media content. It belongs in the Incursion Repository

Repository: Incursion Repo


Developer: Incursion

Best Premium Kodi Addons

It is always tough to spend money on something you can get it for free. However, premium Kodi add-ons are unlike any of the add-ons because it features premium channels that cannot be offered for free even on Kodi. Here are the list of Premium Kodi add-ons:

Vader Streams


Vader Stream is probably the best premium Kodi add-on as it features over 100s of premium channels including HBO, Hulu, AMC HD, and others. On top of that, it further shows PPV events such as Boxing and UFC with only $10.83 a month. Who wouldn’t to pay a price that low? If you do that, Kodi users will be saving up to $140 when paying for cable services.

Repository: Vader Repo


Developer: DarthVader

Nemesis Kodi add-ons

Nemesis Best Kodi addons

Nemesis covers normally every media content there is, but it comes with a price. This Kodi add-on has a section that goes by the name ‘Real-Debrid’ which is a Kodi player that downloads torrent. For 6 months, it charges €16 and promises to offer smooth viewing of video without countering any buffering issues.

Repository: Kodil Repo


Developer: Nemzzy

What Else You Need To Know About Kodi Addons

One thing that you need to be certain about is the life of a Kodi addon, which remains unforeseen. Law enforcement might launch a crackdown against any developer that they find are hosting copyright content.

Here are the things that you need to know about Kodi addons:

  • To stream free videos on Kodi, you need to first learn how to operate the software, which is why we recommend our users to reach Kodi Guide before installing add-ons.
  • For a user to be able to watch Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV, they would need to install add-ons that we have discussed above. But if they want multiple add-ons directly installed on their Kodi at one go, they would need choose Best Kodi Builds to do that.
  • Kodi addons are found in repositories, and if these repositories are dead, these add-ons could be found in alternative repositories. You can always check out the best Kodi Repositories that are currently up and running.
  • To access Kodi from the comfort of your bed, never forget to choose the best Kodi Remotes that you can buy online.
  • If it appears that your Kodi is creating some problems, then you can always refer to Kodi Not Working.


Kodi addons come and go. The life of an average addon has depleted extraordinarily due to continuous shut down. But there’s always new best Kodi addons are pouring in that takes the place of an older add-on. Check out our list of best trending addons for May 2019:

  • Aptoide
  • Alliance
  • Movie Rulz
  • DeathStar

For a long time, online viewers desperately wanted an entertainment platform that could stream Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, and content that they could view in US, Canada, UK, or anywhere in the world. Installing the best Kodi addons for May 2019 on Kodi software is all they want.

Kodi addons you should avoid in May 2019

  • GAIA
  • Bob Unleashed
  • Abyss
  • Rising Tide
  • Beau’s Place

There are certain reasons why you should avoid above mentioned addons and amongst those common reasons are they’re dead for good. Recent news popped up that some add-ons were illegally mining cryptocurrency. As a result, they were shut down. Some of add-ons mentioned above could be doing the same stuff currently on your system. Please avoid!

How to Install Kodi Add-ons

Here are the generic steps that are highlighted to install any Kodi add-ons. Please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Launch Kodi > Select Settings > Click on File Manager > Double click Add Source > Click ‘None’ > Type [Repository URL] > Click OK > Type [Repository Name] at the bottom > Click OK
  • Step 2: Go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Select Box-icon on top
  • Step 3: Now click on Install from Zip File > Then scroll down to search for the Repository Name (The exact repository name that you typed in Step 1) > Now click on .zip file to start installation
  • Step 4: Go to Install from Repository option > Select the Repository from the list > Find the category of the add-on i.e. Program add-ons, Video add-ons, etc. > Click Install

Kodi Addons That Don’t Work Anymore

Now that you know about the latest and leading-edge Kodi addons, there’re few obsolete addons that don’t work anymore. Thus, we have created a list of addons that were highly praised and popular in past, but unfortunately you can’t stream any media on them today. Here is a list of addons that are unavailable or doesn’t work on Kodi

Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard requires no introduction as it still wanders the Kodi streets with its head held high. Ares Wizard has so many features, but a maintenance tool feature is missed by many. This add-on would automatically fix your Kodi buffering issues and would let your video run smoothly. This is a go-to Kodi add-on for most Kodi users.

Gold Flix

As the name suggests, Gold Flix is the best Kodi addon when it comes to Movies and TV Shows that are old and new. However, you will find these Movies in the Spanish language instead of English. All the sub-menus and categories are all presented in Spanish. You will find Anime Shows and Movies, Kids Movies, Movies of 2018 and 2019, and so much more.

Nightmare Sports

Nightmare Sports is perfect for streaming Live IPTV channels on your Android device because if its interface that has been made user-friendly for Android users. Watching Live Sports on your Android device is now made easy, while catching all the highlights is at the palm of your hands. It is available in Mad House Repository

Crazy Addon

Crazy addon has 3 most important sections that forms a massive entertainment package i.e. Movies, TV Shows, and Kids section. FireStick users may find this add-on overwhelming due to its latest media content available in high quality.

Perks Media

Perks Media Kodi is more than a best Kodi Movie addon, because it also brings you Live TV channels from around the world. It has a specific section for kids where they can watch cartoons, kids movies, and anime. Anyone having a Trakt account can also view Movies in HD quality. It absolutely does not requires subscription, and is worth tour time.

Players Klub

Players Klub Kodi addon is designated to provide you with live sporting and PPV events that occur throughout the year. It further offers a complete list of IPTV channels including the ones that are premium. Although you may not find good video quality for those premium channels, but it still worth something than nothing, and it wouldn’t cost you much.


Rebirth Kodi add-on is identical to Exodus add-on which was once a popular third-party addon for Kodi. XBox users will now experience the same feel as Windows, Android, and Mac users have been feeling for many years. It will bring you Movies and TV Shows which is worth a try for XBox users.

Copy and Paste

 Big fan of a 90’s and 80’s Movies? Xbox One user might want to celebrate this feat as now they can stream any media content with Copy and Paste Kodi add-on. The name could be a bit weird, but the content of this add-on includes all types of genre Movies such as Musical Movies, Psychological Horror, Martial Arts Movies, and so on.

Sports 365 Live

 Kodi users can now watch Live Sports all day long. Football, Tennis, Boxing, Cricket, any sport can now be watched live online on your Xbox One device. The add-on is easy-to-use, meaning that it only has one option i.e. live sports section where you will find various list of sports that are currently being aired live.

Atom Reborn

Atom is a complete Kodi add-on with a massive library. Its library contains new movie releases, live IPTV channels, live sports, and kids zone. It has a separate section for Real Debrid users who could log in and stream channels without buffering.

Pure Sports

Pure Sports brings you best Kodi addon for Sports where there are separate sections i.e. Boxing/UFC, Cricket, Football, NFL, NHL, NBA, and the list goes on. You will find various channels under these categories that shows live action. It is similar to other Sports addon but its differentiating factor is its enormous list of channels located in each category. It is found in Pure Sports (Pure Soccer) Repository

Sports Matrix

The reason why Sports Matrix differentiates with all other Sports Kodi addons out there, its due to featuring PPV events. It is amongst the few that brings you UFC, Boxing, Wrestling, and other PPV events live on Kodi. Further, if you have AceStream add-on installed, it will show you many sports channels.


It’s a classic add-on with all its features linking back to the vintage style. By installing this add-on you will get Movies from the 30’s to 90’s, while the same goes for TV Shows, Chat Shows, and Game Shows. Also, the particular media content is available in good quality. It is found in My Razer Repository.

Mad House Classics

Mad House Classics Kodi add-on is for fans that enjoy watching classic Movies and TV Series from 50’s to 90’s. Sometimes it is best to bid farewell to the new Movies and their stories with CGI effect and best stroll down to the Classic Movies lane and enjoy the time that our ancestors had back in the day.

Shows Motion

 Shows Motion is probably the best Kodi addon for Movies and TV Shows that are in trending. This feature tells you that you can watch the latest media content at the best quality available. Surely it will not bring you HD quality for the movies that are still available in theatres, but soon as it gets out you’ll find the movie in HD. Found in Pure Repository, located inside Blamo


Oculus Kodi is another great add-on. From the new Trademark Repository comes a Movies and TV Shows addon for your longer entertainment hours. These movies and TV shows are separated into new movies section, popular section, top rated section, and so on.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV Kodi is far above and beyond the regular movie addon that covers huge list of movie genre i.e. Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, and so on. Alongside it features Martial Arts Movies, Stand-up Comedy, and Indian Films. Its simple, yet an effective way to watch high-quality entertainment content. Found in Diamond Wizard Repository

Exodus ITA

Exodus ITA isn’t the original Exodus Kodi add-on, but is an exact fork. Similar to Exodus, it shows the latest Movies and TV Series. The only thing that differentiates between the two add-ons is the language. The default language for Exodus ITA is Italian. You can change the default settings by Right-click on Exodus ITA add-on > Click on Settings > Under General tab, change the language to English.

Invasion Kodi

Invasion Kodi is not just a Movie Addon, but its got Live Sports, Documentaries, Live TV, and Kids. The most important section of them all is ‘Hers Place’ which is totally based on media content related to women. It streams TV Soaps and all types of Newly Released Movies concerning women. It is found in AJs Repository.


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Final Words

Now that you know about the best live TV addons for Kodi 2019, you’re all set to witness hours of non-stop entertainment and action. However, there are more popular addons for Kodi out there, but this guide aims to cover the best Kodi addons for 2019. If you want to know about how to add channels on Kodi and stream geo-restricted channels then refer to our simple step-by-step guide of Kodi VPN.