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GeoSurf is the next step for VPN. It has taken the world by storm by reinventing the way IP addresses are switched. I have reviewed countless IP switching software, and I can confidently state that there is no software in the world that provides the degree of convenience that you will find in GeoSurf.

GeoSurf is a product brought by the same people who have made AdClarity. As a part of the AdClarity infrastructure, GeoSurf has a lot of processing power in the background. Unlike other run-of-the-mill tools, it works with the singular objective of giving you control over your marketing campaign.

Extension and Plug-in Convenience

The cherry on top is that GeoSurf is not a heavy tool that requires separate installation and execution. It functions as a plug-in and/or extension to your browser, and does not influence your surfing speed. You can switch between different country locations with just a single click from the ‘Select Location’ drop-down list.


Image: Screen-crop of the GeoSurf toolbar and drop down menu


The IP switching process is instantaneous and GeoSurf will instantly reload your browser page. Reloading your browser will allow you to view the webpage through the country location of your choice.

So if you select a location in the Middle East (for example), your browser will reload the webpage in front and show you the version of the web page that is local to your chosen location.

Unlimited IP Switching

The best part is that GeoSurf is your dashboard for global control and monitoring. You can switch views across different countries with a few clicks.

There is no limit on the number of times you can switch locations. Some VPN services place a limit on the number of times that different locations can be selected/switched. GeoSurf does not do that. You can play with the location selection tool all you want and you will never have to worry about any limits.

Instant Setup and Easy Accessibility with Tool Bar Interface

The release of GeoSurf will usher in a new era for VPN technology. The simple tool-bar driven approach is something that I would love to see in other VPNs. Instead of one button that opens out into a full menu, GeoSurf simplifies the problem by laying out all the options on a neat tool bar from where you can easily access all the features without having to dive deep into menus and settings.

Incredible Competitor Analysis

The best part is that is goes a step beyond other analytics tools by giving you information about others using the same platform. It helps you identify strategies that work and compare them to strategies that fail, so that you can identify the road-map that is ideal for your specific situation.

Nothing beats the ability to see what others are doing online. GeoSurf gives you the ability to see exactly what ads your competitors are posting and where those ads are being posted. In fact, the GeoSurf dashboard will neatly display the ads of your chosen advertiser, publisher, mediator or campaigns.

This will allow you to evaluate your competition much better; giving you a bird’s eye view of the competition and of the competitive landscape.


Image: Screenshot of GeoSurf Dashboard for Display Advertising on MSN website


Actionable Intelligence

The thing about GeoSurf is that it doesn’t simply give you critical data, it gives you actionable intelligence. It gives you information that you can use to make informed decisions and productive strategies.

The thing that makes GeoSurf so unique is that it is not just a monitoring system. It is a complete service that goes beyond numbers and charts. GeoSurf doesn’t simply show you how well others in the industry are doing – it SHOWS you what they are doing. You can go down into the specific details and how other people in the industry are designing and positioning their ads.

Submit your Website

GeoSurf is not a one-hit-wonder with a limited number of websites. You can help GeoSurf expand in the direction of your preference by “submitting a website” if it is not included in the GeoSurf list of analyzed websites. GeoSurf collects websites submitted by users and this data helps GeoSurf grow and evolve in a direction that suits your future needs.

Information is Power

Accessing a particular website (from a particular location of your choice) will result in the display of the number of campaigns and advertisers active on the page. GeoSurf offers data on webpage traffic. Click on ‘More’ to access the treasure trove of information in the ‘Media Intelligence’ page.

On the Media Intelligence page you can monitor audience engagement, traffic statistics, traffic sources, publisher coverage, and estimated average CPM.

Audience Engagement

GeoSurf lets you evaluate the level of audience engagement on the webpage of your choice by giving you access to statistics for estimated monthly page views and estimated monthly impressions.

Traffic Statistics

GeoSurf is very comprehensive in this area, and provides you data on estimated monthly visits, average page views per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.

Traffic Sources

Nothing is more valuable in digital marketing analysis than the identification of traffic sources. GeoSurf lets you see the percentage of direct, referral, search, mail, social and paid traffic sources for the page.

Publisher Coverage

Using the number of monitored pages and the scan frequency of this publisher, GeoSurf provides you a Publisher Coverage meter to reflect the level of campaign exposure for the selected publisher.

Estimated Average CPM

GeoSurf knows that nothing beats brass tacks! You can view the estimated average CPM for the page. Premium users can also see CPM breakdown per network and ad size.

Identifying & Tracking Sub-Domains & Geo-Domains

The degree of detail that GeoSurf offers is mind blowing! First GeoSurf stuns by listing each campaign running on the chosen webpage. Then it steals the show by listing the advertiser, first detection date, latest detection date, statistical share and landing page for each individual campaign!

And it gets better! You can also see what other publishers your chosen advertiser is running and what other campaigns they have.


Image: Screenshot of GeoSurf Campaign insights table listing specific details about each campaign


Intelligent Search Function

GeoSurf lets you search for specific advertiser, publisher, mediator and campaigns by name, giving you a comprehensive 360 degree viewing angle of all marketing strategies running on the internet. But this is no ordinary search function. The intelligent search function will start giving you suggestions for possible advertiser, publisher, mediator and campaigns the moment you start typing in the search field.

The power to search for specifics makes GeoSurf extremely handy and gives you an open-ended playing field to view data.


GeoSurf Handy Tools

As a tool designed to help people neck deep in digital marketing, GeoSurf does everything possibly imaginable to help streamline tasks.

Top-to-Toe Webpage Screen Shot

Clicking on the ‘Camera’ icon will let you take a complete screen-cap of the webpage of your choice. The highlight of this feature is that the screen-cap image will cover the entire web-page, including the part of the web-page that is below the fold.

Mobile Emulator

GeoSurf comes with a very handy Mobile Emulator that lets you view the web page of your choice through the eyes of 17 different devices. This includes everything from smartphones, laptops, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc.

This is a one-of-a-kind feature that you will not find in any other IP switching tool. It is evidence that GeoSurf is more than another IP cloaking device and marks a pioneering move in the taking online accessibility to the next level.

Contact List

GeoSurf also lets you create a Contact list in which you can arrange your contacts into different categories. In addition, you can also mark departments when arranging your contacts. This is a feature that is one of the many that are unique to GeoSurf, and help make GeoSurf more user-friendly.

Clearing Cache and Cookies Instantly

GeoSurf offers the neat option of clearing Cache and Cookies with a single click. Simply click on the button that looks like a small broom and your Cache and cookies will be cleared out immediately. This is a very handy tool when switching IP addresses frequently because it helps you view each webpage as if it was the first time you were visiting it. Nothing loads from the Cache and no Cookies spoil the experience.

The thing that makes this tool unique is that you can add sites that you want to exempt from the cookies and cache clean-up. Simply go to the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Cookies Exceptions’ to add websites from which you would like to keep the cookies and the cache. The Cookies and Cached from the identified websites will not be deleted until you remove the websites from the list manually.



GeoSurf offers you IP address cloaking from over 120 premium proxy locations. You can use GeoSurf through either one of the Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Enterprise plans. Each plan offers a different range of features, so make sure you go through the plans thoroughly before you sign-up!

GeoSurf Pricing


If you have never used GeoSurf before and have to switch your IP address from time to time, I recommend that you give it a shot. It is a very handy and user-friendly tool that does not require any former expertise and can be used by anybody with basic knowledge.

The problem with modern day digital marketing is that a lot of ads are fire-and-forget, which makes it very difficult to see how they are performing and how the end-user is viewing them. GeoSurf solves that problem by giving you a first-hand perspective of what your ads are looking like and how they fare against those who are performing better.

Get GeoSurf today and unlock the power that comes from having information at your fingertips! GeoSurf is built on the AdClarity framework and this makes it a pioneering position. There is no limit to the degree of utility that you can draw from AdClarity’s GeoSurf. The tool is a must-have for every individual involved in digital marketing.

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