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If you are looking to access the American library of Netflix with a free VPN that actually works then you landed at the right place but not all free VPN services deliver their promise as you might have discovered by now!

The thing is “nothing is free” so accept the fact that you will be somehow benefiting the creators of free applications, may be in the simple form of pop-up ads or serious issues such as data theft and selling data to advertisers. It is really difficult to find out reputable and credible free VPN services that actually work. However, we have found seven free VPN for Netflix that actually work.


7 Free VPNs for Netflix

Below are the most credible free services available out there! While a lot of free VPN services claim to have great features but when it comes to free vs. best VPN for Netflix (premium), most free VPNs simply can’t match them but worry not! We have found the ones that can at least stand tall to paid services.

1. HomebrewVPN


This is a little less known free Netflix VPN however, according to our testing it tops the list. You can unlock major video streaming websites that are restricted to the U.S only no matter where you live in the world.

However unlike other competitors homebrewVPN doesn’t have an app of its own which is why you will have to set it up manually.

Setting up HomebrewVPN

Setting up a VPN differs from device to device. Therefore you will have to find out on the internet how to set up a VPN on your device. To get started, you’ll have to manually setup a VPN on your device. You can find more information here.

After creating a VPN server and enter the following details.

VPN Server Information:

Server Type: PPTP or L2TP, SSTP or OpenVPN

For Access to USA Content:

Server Address:
Username: homebrewvpn-us
Password: homebrewVPN

Our Experience with HomebrewVPN

Although the service works like a charm, there is one thing that’ll annoy you.

The speed on the free version is capped to 512 Kbps. So yes you can’t stream in HD but its smooth enough for videos running at 480p. We also conducted a speed test to check the drop in internet speed. Upon our testing the service the speed fell down to 25.17 which is good enough for PC and Android however, it fails to work on macOS.

  • The speed with VPN: 26.40 MB – 6% change

Homebrew-VPN-Speed-Test-for Netflix

2. Ultrasurf


You might like this option better than the first one, however it is not really a VPN. Ultrasurf is a powerful tool to unblock websites as it is a proxy. The difference is that a proxy doesn’t encrypt data but that also results in higher speeds compared to a VPN.

Setting up Ultrasurf

Setting up Ultrasurf is way more easier than setting up a VPN manually. Ultrasurf comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension and doesn’t have any software or app of its own. All you have to do is enable the extension, now login and enjoy free access to American Netflix.

Our Experience with Ultrasurf

The process is quite simple and easy to set up.

One thing that worries us is that its servers are based in the U.S. however, if you’re just looking for a free VPN for Netflix than it will do the job. It doesn’t work on android devices but is fine on the PC, a little lags and buffering were noticed but nothing too much especially considering that the service is free.

  • The speed with VPN: 6.15 MB – 78% fall


3. TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a quite popular free VPN service and definitely does unblock Netflix and other websites that are blocked. It also has an impressive user interface for the app. Using TunnelBear will enable you to enjoy lightning-fast speeds and browse with tension-free on public Wi-Fi as well.

Even Tunnelbear gets 2nd position in the list of VPN free for Kodi.

Setting up TunnelBear

To set up TunnelBear on your device, first go to the official website of TunnelBear and simply press the download button, it will automatically identify what device you are using, for example, Windows or Android etc.

Once you download TunnelBear.

  • Connect to an American server.
  • Go to
  • Search for “the office” if you find it, congratulations you have successfully connected to American Netflix.

Our Experience with TunnelBear

The service has shown inconsistent performance and difficulty connecting to American servers, probably due to the fact that it does not have many servers in the United States. However, when it does connect the experience of video streaming is not seamless and does lag.

  • Speed with VPN: 18.34 MB -35% fall


Visit TunnelBear

4. Keenow


The free version of Keenow offers 512mb per day which is fine if you are watching Netflix in low resolution such as 480p or lesser. The Keenow service is relatively a new entrant in the market but it offers secure browsing and unblocking Netflix for free. Using this free VPN service, you can enhance your security as well. Keenow uses Smart DNS technology along with a VPN which doubles your security and enhances internet speed.

Setting up Keenow

Please note that the free version of Keenow is only available in Mac OS and Windows.

Download the Keenow free VPN from its official site, once downloaded open the software and you will see country option on the upper right side of the app. Choose the country of your choice and connect for instance America.

Once you have connected to the American server.

  • Go to your browser and go to
  • On Netflix search for a show only available to the US Netflix library, for example “grey’s anatomy”.
  • If you are successful in finding the show, you have done everything right.

Our Experience with Keenow

The Keenow free VPN has a simple user interface and gives you the option to change a lot of settings.

  • When it comes to Netflix, the VPN does a good job at unblocking it. We were unable to have a seamless experience at 720p but at 480p the video streams very smoothly.
  • The speed with VPN: Almost none.


5. Windscribe


Windscribe is another free VPN service that unblocks Netflix, it allots 10GB a month which can be a little less if you watch movies in high resolution. On the plus side you get extra 5GB if you tweet about it and 1GB if you refer a friend. In the free version however, you get access to servers of only 10 countries.

Setting up Windscribe

The best method to use Windscribe is to download Windscribe extension on your browser whether you’re using Chrome or Firefox. Its android and iOS app are also available.

Once you have downloaded Windscribe connect to the country of your choice and connect to Netflix.

Our Experience with Windscribe

In our testing we found Windscribe to be a nice choice for unblocking American Netflix, there were no lags or buffering issues however the limitation of bandwidth is one issue that annoys the user. The connection remained stable during our testing and there were no noticeable drop in internet speed.

  • The speed with VPN: 6.15 MB – 78% fall


Visit Windscribe VPN

6. ProtonVPN


Proton is a new entrant in the VPN industry, its privacy control is well regarded also due to the fact that it’s by the founders of Protonmail. Proton is available in both free and paid versions. You can access Netflix with its free VPN service and there are no caps on bandwidth. Access to servers in the Netherlands, Japan, USA, and Switzerland and watch American Netflix free.

Setting up ProtonVPN

Download ProtonVPN from its official website once downloaded:

  1. Go to the downloads folder in your PC and double click the protonvpn.exe installation file
  2. A new window will pop-up asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes” click yes
  3. Click I Agree and then press next
  4. Now click on install
  5. The installer window will now open, click on install
  6. After installation, the ProtonVPN application will start

Now that the application has been installed connect to an American server and unblock your favorite content using the free VPN.

Our Experience with ProtonVPN

Netflix on ProtonVPN works okay on low resolution, there were noticeable drops in speeds but we were able to connect to Netflix. The user application is easy to understand and intuitive.

  • The speed with VPN: 18.5 MB – 35% fall


Visit ProtonVPN

7. Opera the Wild Card! may or may not work


Opera needs no introduction, it’s been on the market for a very long time and very popular. Even though some resources claim that opera no longer works but we tried our hands on it and downloaded it.

Setting up Opera

Simply just go to the official website of opera and you will see a download button, press it and download the software.

Once you have downloaded the software turn it on and go to settings and enable VPN.

Our Experience with Opera

We downloaded the opera browser and tried its free VPN, the VPN doesn’t really effect the speed but you don’t have the option to select a specific server. We tried to connect to Netflix, we were connected to a Swedish server.

  • The speed with VPN: 0.82 MB – 97% fall


Visit Opera VPN

How to Fix Netflix Proxy Error?

A proxy error occurs when Netflix detects that you are using a VPN service and as a result it blocks you.


To get around a proxy error you need a free VPN service that is strong enough to not be detected by the Netflix system. According to our testing Ultrasurf is one free service that doesn’t face proxy errors.

If you want to get rid of Netflix proxy error, check out our detailed guide.


A free VPN for Netflix cannot obviously be compared to the services and strength of a paid service, as free providers have little intensive to actually care about users security. They may also keep logs of have pop-up ads, but with in-depth research and testing, we have found the most reliable free VPN services for Netflix that actually work.

One thing to be noted is that not even one Free VPN provider can access the foreign libraries of Netflix seamlessly. If you are a Netflix junkie, you will need a premium VPN service such as PureVPN, NordVPN or Express VPN.