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Privacy and security are the major concerns we face today. With cybercrime on the boost, our security is vulnerable than ever before. Furthermore, cyber-goons are ready to welcome us at every corner of this digital universe to steal our identity and exploit it for their own means. Tech researchers as per the trend acknowledged continued their struggle to formulate tools that can facilitate Netizens to cope with these concerns.

Thanks to their never ending effort, we are able to counter most of the cyber assaults on our privacy and security. VPN (Virtual Private Network) in this regard serves as an excellent tool to counter any cybercriminal activity and surveillance. Every time you connect to the digital universe via Internet without enabling a VPN, you serve your privacy and security in a silver plate to cyber-goons and vigilant agencies like NSA and GCHQ.

However, it is never too late; but, which VPN to choose – a random thought may come in your mind. There are many VPN service providers trading in the market with their competitive package plans. This often confuses new users who want to liberate their Internet by using a VPN. To facilitate these users and guide the existing ones, we review a VPN service provider every now and then. The VPN service provider we select for review today is EarthVPN.

EarthVPN is one of the new players in the market. Which is a good thing I guess because unlike some existing VPN giants trading in the, EarthVPN doesn’t have bargaining liberty. Perhaps, this is the reason for which EarthVPN offers feature-rich package plans in exchange of quite an affordable price.


With servers located in different regions, EarthVPN facilitates its users to break through any geo-restriction and cope with the censorship concerns. Furthermore, EarthVPN offers different benefits to promote security and privacy of its users. In this review, we will critique the features associated with EarthVPN and analyze its performance through sophisticated tests.


Feature-Rich Package Plans and Pricing

Package plans and price charged by VPN service providers are two most essential factors to be considered before buying a VPN service. The core purpose of using a VPN is to improve your privacy and security. Hence, while analyzing the package plans offered by a VPN service provider, you must search for the features that can satisfy your privacy and security needs effectively.

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EarthVPN lacks diversity in its package plans. Most of the VPN service providers in industry usually offer 3 to 4 kinds of packages. However, EarthVPN offers only two package plans. Nonetheless, the packages offered by EarthVPN accompany outstanding features. Hence, one can ignore the lack of diversity in packages.

Moreover, the price charged by EarthVPN in exchange of its services is quite cheap as compared to other VPN service providers. This may also be considered as their competitive advantage. There are two basic package plans offered by EarthVPN: monthly and yearly plan. Cost of a monthly plan subscription is $3.99; furthermore, the yearly plan will cost you $39.99.

While reviewing EarthVPN’s packages, there was an interesting thing observed. Unlike most VPN service providers, EarthVPN doesn’t confine its premium features to yearly subscription only. There are many VPN service providers trading in the industry that discriminate feature allocation with respect to their package plans. Their features offered with monthly/quarterly subscription are less as compared to the features offered to yearly subscribers.

This biasness was not there in EarthVPN’s features. EarthVPN offers same features for both of the plans offered. With EarthVPN, you can access servers geographically dispersed in 32 Countries. EarthVPN supports all of the frequently used protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN – taking your security to a whole new level.

EarthVPN as per their claim maintains absolutely no logs and offer unlimited bandwidth to their users. The VPN is P2P/torrents enabled; furthermore, you can access any sort of content and any social networking platform like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook etc with EarthVPN. You can watch your favorite shows on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora etc by using EarthVPN no matter where you are.

EarthVPN is compatible with different devices such as Personal Computer, Laptop, iPad, Smartphone and Tablets along with DD-WRT Routers. EarthVPN can support your PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV via DD-WRT and liberates you to watch Chromecast from anywhere.

EarthVPN in exchange at minimal price range offers unbeatable encryption (128bit AES and 2048 bit RSA). By activating optional features, you can avail benefits like 256bit encryption, SSH tunneling protocol, static/dedicated IP VPN, mobile VPN and port forwarding.

EarthVPN pricing plan


Availability of servers is one of the most crucial elements to consider before buying a VPN service. Number of servers and their geographic dispersion is something that can liberate your Internet surfing and help you breakthrough any geo-restriction or cope with censorship concern. Therefore, it is significant to review EarthVPN’s servers and their availability on the world map.

EarthVPN Server Locations

EarthVPN in exchange of affordable price offers access to its servers in 32 Countries. Furthermore, EarthVPN has more than 200 servers dispersed in 114 locations. So, say goodbye to censorship and geo-restrictions with EarthVPN’s cost effective package plans.

EarthVPN Country Locations

Protocols and Encryption

Nowadays, we face divergent threats with respect to our privacy and security. With NSA and GCHQ monitoring every online move we make, our privacy is vulnerable than ever before. Moreover, cyber-goons striving to steal our identity are also considerable threats to consider as our privacy is at stake.

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A VPN ensures your privacy by tunneling all your traffic through a secure network. Furthermore, a VPN hides your real IP and masks it with a random IP representing the server area you are connected to. Hence, a VPN upgrades your privacy leaving your online activities untraceable.

A VPN also offers utmost security through different tunneling protocols used to formulate the network. These tunneling protocols forms a secure network that tunnels all the information you send to the server location disallowing any hacker to interrupt the process in between. EarthVPN offers different protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN along with SSH tunneling protocol as an optional feature.


However, sometimes this process can be interrupted by a pro hacker. A VPN however furnishes a counter strategy even for these concerns. All the data tunneled through a VPN is encrypted. The minimal encryption provided by EarthVPN is 128bit; but, you can also activate 256 bit encryption through EarthVPN’s optional feature.



Device compatibility is a mandatory aspect to explore before buying a VPN service. In fact, some people might prefer a VPN that is compatible with numerous devices. This in fact is necessary aspect to review; especially, for the people with on-the-go routine. EarthVPN is compatible with different devices; hence, it serves as an excellent alternative to consider. EarthVPN is compatible with different Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Linux, MacOS and Android along with DD-WRT Routers support.


Customer and Tech-Support

Customer and tech support are the aspects you must carefully consider before purchasing a VPN service. There are different glitches or issues that you might face in midst of the setup process. Furthermore, you may also need some tech-assistance if your VPN fails to connect. I assume not all reading this review belong to tech-savvy community. Hence, I repeat! You must carefully consider customer and tech support before purchasing a VPN service.

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EarthVPN claims that it provides 24/7/365 technical support. But, every VPN service provider brags about it. So, I wanted to test their support. I was disappointed to see that there was no online chat as EarthVPN interacts via email. Anyway, I opened a ticket asking their customer/tech-support very basic question. My ticket was generated and I received an email in response.

EarthVPN Contact Form

After approximately 12 hours I received response from EarthVPN’s customer/tech support.

They took around 12 hours to respond to a simple query; hence, it can be deduced that EarthVPN’s tech support is surely responsive but not timely.

This is an email I received after my ticket was opened.

EarthVPN Sales team

This is an email I received after 12 hours in response to my query.

EarthVPN Contact Form Reply

Unique Selling Proposition

There are many VPN service providers trading in the industry. Each has its own unique selling proposition. Some offer tempting features and others emphasize on the availability of their servers across the globe. EarthVPN adopts a balanced approach perhaps. EarthVPN has geographically scattered network of servers around the globe.

This network can facilitate EarthVPN users to access any content from any location they desire. This helps them bypass all the geo-restrictions and censorship barriers. Furthermore, EarthVPN offers feature-rich package plans in order to earn loyalty of its customers in a market filled with VPN service giants.

However, we think that EarthVPN offers something that no other VPN provider does. Despite of a balanced strategy adopted by EarthVPN, there is one more tactic worth admiration; EarthVPN’s easy-on-wallet and cheap price quote. EarthVPN offers benefits like many service providers trading in the industry; but, it offers something that no one does.

EarthVPN in exchange of price as low as $3.33 enables you to breakthrough all the geo-restrictions and censorship barriers; furthermore, it also guarantees absolute privacy and security. Hence, pricing strategy adopted by EarthVPN can be considered as its unique selling proposition.

Speed Test

Every VPN service provider loves to brag about being the best in the industry and sporting the most competitive package plans. However, VPNRanks doesn’t rely on such claims at all. We examine VPN service providers’ package plans and test the performance of a VPN via speed tests. Why do we do it? So you don’t have to find the reality of VPN providers AFTER paying them!

Today we will review EarthVPN’s performance via speed test.

First, we tested our Internet speed before connecting EarthVPN. As you can see, the Ping before connecting EarthVPN was 74ms; download speed was 210.16 Mbps and upload speed was 4.67 Mbps.

earthvpn speed test

Once we were through with the speed test, we downloaded EarthVPN’s client software for Windows 7 and configured it on L2TP (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol) protocol. L2TP is preferred by most of the VPN users due to the security benefits aligned with the protocol. Therefore, we selected this protocol to test EarthVPN’s performance.

The statistics given below reflect EarthVPN’s performance after connecting the VPN through L2TP protocol. As you can see that download speed was significantly affected and decreased from 210.16 Mbps to 96.51 Mbps (around 65%). Upload speed wasn’t affected much as it decreased from 4.67 Mbps to 4.20 Mbps. An astonishing outcome was reflected by ping test results. Ping value significantly dropped from 74ms to 39ms. This is actually good news for gamers longing to get their hands on a VPN that can resolve their latency related issues.

earthvpn speed test

On the basis of the speed test results, we can deduce that EarthVPN may significantly affect your download; but, it resolves your latency related concerns by improving the ping with minimal effect on the upload speed.


Payment Methods

Diversity in payments methods offered by a VPN service provider is also an essential feature considered by users before purchasing a VPN service. After all, we all buy VPN for privacy, security and absolute anonymity; hence, we consider a payment mode we perceive as secure. Unlike many leading service providers in the VPN industry, EarthVPN offers plenty of payment options to choose from.

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EarthVPN accepts transactions through PayPal, UnionPay, CashU, WebMoney, AliPay and all leading Credit Cards. This is not all. EarthVPN allows you to transact in Bitcoin. This means that even your VPN service provider won’t know who you are. From this, we can say that EarthVPN is in the VPN industry; because, they care about privacy of their users – not to make profits only.

EarthVPN Payment Methods

Software and Tutorials Provided

EarthVPN offers FREE software to its users. The software is currently available for Window clients only. However, EarthVPN is preparing to launch the software for its users that prefer MacOS and Linux. It will probably be launched soon. In the meantime, EarthVPN has provided detailed and informative tutorials to configure the VPN on different devices.


Through these tutorials, one can easily setup EarthVPN on his/her Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad and DD-WRT Router etc. These tutorials present detailed guidelines to configure the VPN on any software or platform you prefer: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

EarthVPN Software

The software is easy to use. You just need to enter your username, password, select desired protocol, port preference, select desired country and a server. With all these details provided, you are good to go. You can now connect EarthVPN and enjoy anonymity at price that no one else offers.


Log and Privacy Policy

EarthVPN has a clear and concrete log and privacy policy. The only personal information collected by EarthVPN at the time of registry is user’s full name, email address, username, password (encrypted) and IP address. Most of you might be afraid of all this detail disclosure; however, we must remind you that this is the basic information collected by all VPN service providers. The only different is some tell you upfront whereas others drop the bomb on you at the time of registration.

EarthVPN Privacy Policy

EarthVPN clearly states that it maintains no logs or monitors its users’ activity for any reason. However, if any EarthVPN’s IP is accused to be involved in illegal or criminal activities; EarthVPN has a right to investigate the case on its own.

EarthVPN Logging Policy

Free Trial

EarthVPN does not provide a FREE trial. I know, after all the tempting features offered by EarthVPN, you are quite unhappy to see this downside. I know, all of you are fascinated with the word FREE; but, there is an alternate that you need to consider. EarthVPN offers a 7 day money back guarantee to any user who is not satisfied with their service. With price as low as $3.33 per month, I think EarthVPN is worth a shot.

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EarthVPN unlike many other VPN service providers offer feature-rich package plans at an affordable price. With a clear log and privacy policy, it seems like EarthVPN trades in the VPN industry not solely for profit but to serve the privacy and security needs of its potential users. EarthVPN has over 200 servers in 32 countries representing 114 locations. However, EarthVPN’s customer and tech support is quite lousy.

EarthVPN does not have online chat facility; they welcome queries via email. Yet, they claim 24/7/365 availability; however, they took around 12 hours to respond to a simple query. Furthermore, EarthVPN doesn’t offer FREE trial; however, with 7 days money back guarantee and price as low as $3.33 per month, the service is definitely worth a shot.

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  1. socksmcgee says:

    The 2 most under-rated features of EarthVPN are their SSTP/SSH/SOCKS proxy & their dedicated server / static IP. They will both cost more whether you buy monthly or yearly however both are extremely useful especially if you are looking to use your vpn with video streaming services like netflix, kodi or anything else that flags your ip if it changes too much. I use their socks proxy client always before I login to paypal so that I can make sure i never set off the paypal robots on my account

  2. 123465 says:

    Around a year ago I too, was in search of a cheap VPN and earthvpn got it all. Servers that I use are up like 99% of the time, excellent upload/download speed. Superior price… they got it all. Highly satisfied.

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