VPN for BlackBerry to Encrypt & Tunnel Traffic for Privacy

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BlackBerry was once the popular choice of mobile phone users. Founded in 1999, with the concept of the email pager, BlackBerry promised to deliver the punch to the mobile phones that they needed.

BlackBerry was built keeping professional use in mind. It was always known for the security that it provides its users while accessing the Internet.

The use of its own middleware software solution BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) allows BlackBerry users to synchronize their data with their computers and phones. It also gives them access to direct emails and messages to the users through its server.

However, it remains a fact that BlackBerry needs to step up its game to support consumer VPNs. Even though, some of the older BlackBerry devices had built-in PPTP support, the latest BlackBerry phones and playbook do not offer the same.

Even with no or minimal consumer VPN support, BlackBerry has managed to sell around 100 million devices in two years. Of which 85 million users have subscribed to its internet services.


Advantages of VPN for BlackBerry Devices

Ever since Edward Snowden made “those” revelations, the world of internet has entered a new age. It has compelled the masses to accept that their online activities are not only being watched, but it has also made them aware of the possibilities of online surveillance.

If you are a BlackBerry user and are concerned about your online privacy, you should get a BlackBerry VPN. It will protect you from the eyes of online surveillance agencies like NSA and hackers by masking your real IP with one available on its VPN servers.


Gateways for BlackBerry VPN

The newer devices like Playbook, Z10 and Q10 have VPN for BlackBerry. The gateways they support are very limited and are rarely compatible with consumer VPN services. However we have listed below some of the gateways that are supported by BlackBerry to facilitate the users.

  1. Generic IKEv2 VPN Server
  2. Juniper IPSec VPN (NetScreen Series)
  3. Cisco ASA
  4. Microsoft IKEv2 VPN Server
  5. Juniper IPSec VPN (SRX Series)


VPNs for BlackBerry

As mentioned above, there are very few consumer VPNs that support the same gateways as BlackBerry does.

We have also worked out a method for BlackBerry devices that don’t support VPN. You can use VPN on your BlackBerry through a wireless router. Configuring a VPN on a wireless router is as easy as configuring it on your BlackBerry device.


Pure VPN

PureVPN counts among one of the two top VPNs for BlackBerry that support BB devices directly. It provides users with 5 multiple logins so that they can use it easily on other devices as well. PureVPN offers unlimited data transfer which means the users can download and stream as much as they want.

PureVPN allows unlimited servers switching on all 350+ servers without any restrictions. It provides encryption up to 256-bit to users to protect their credentials and other confidential information.

PureVPN supports all the protocols including the ones that are needed to run a BlackBerry VPN. It also provides users with a 3-day money back guarantee!


VPN Reactor

VPN Reactor also provides direct support to BlackBerry. It does not keep any logs and users are free to surf and download whatever they want. It also provides encryption up to 256-bit to protect the information and data from all sorts of cybercrimes and online surveillance.

VPN Reactor does fairly well on BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. It supports all the protocols to make sure it is compatible on all the devices. Want a cherry on top? It comes with a 7-day free trial!


Express VPN

ExpressVPN does not exclusively connect the BlackBerry users with one of its servers, but they can get access to the blocked content and surf the internet freely with protected connection. The users can rout their devices through a wireless router to access this BlackBerry VPN. It has servers in 46 different countries.

Express VPN comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Keeps no logs and provides ultrafast internet speed with strong encryption.

Express VPN

Compatibility of  VPN on BlackBerry

Setting up a BlackBerry VPN can be tricky task but not if your VPN service provider is BlackBerry friendly. Due to the limited VPN gateways that BlackBerry supports, configuring a VPN with a BlackBerry device or Playbook may seem to be a frustrating experience for the user.

But if you have opted for one of the VPNs that we have suggested for BlackBerry, you will get done with the process in a blink of an eye. We only recommend the best VPN services after evaluating them for plans, pricing, servers, customer support, accepted payment methods, compatibility, tutorials, protocols etc.



Although BlackBerry comes with its own BES middleware software, the need to encrypt your data as it goes through your ISP’s servers remains unanswered. In order to protect BB devices from all sorts of online surveillance, cybercrime and data leakages; one must equip his device with a VPN as it is the only available and viable option.

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