5 Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to Secure Your Devices

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If there is any smartphone company that has truly shaken Apple to the core, it’s Samsung. Even though, the two share a bitter relationship, nobody can deny the fact that Samsung has gained ultimate superiority over Apple and other competitors with its smartphones and tabs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 made the headlines earlier this year in April when it was announced that it would be launched in May 2014. It was launched the following month and received mostly positive reviews and feedbacks from Android users.

Unlike Apple’s iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was in the news for good reasons. The users loved the 10.1” display size and absolutely adored the internet usage battery time of up to 10 hours. Since the tab was released earlier this year, it comes is equipped with Android Kit Kat 4.4.

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Why Is It Necessary to Have a VPN for Galaxy Tab 4?

We live in a sad state of affairs, where invasion of privacy isn’t sustained like it should be. What can you expect from the official government authorities after Snowden made those shocking revelations about the NSA and the GCHQ? It has become very important for the general user to keep online identity intact and protected.

The perpetrators (read: cybercriminals) are always searching for a loophole in your online security to invade your privacy for their own personal gains. We have already seen a tremendous growth in the cybercrimes from the past year and it wouldn’t be long before they lay their eyes on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.


Unblock Geo-restricted Online Streaming Channels

People would give away everything they have to access the internet freely without being bothered about their online security. But, what if we tell you that you can actually get access all the “blocked” websites and channels in your country? You’d be wondering, ‘that’s what a proxy server does’, sure it does. But it isn’t ad-free; and it limits its bandwidth and keeps logs of your online activities.

The best VPN for Galaxy Tab 4 does not only provide you better security but it also makes sure that you are able to access all the channels and websites of your choice. Streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and BBC iPlayer, are all accessible with a VPN for Galaxy Tab 4.

It is easy to carry and sure has its charms – when you are away and don’t have easy access to the aforementioned streaming channels.


Selecting the Best VPN for Galaxy Tab 4

There are loads of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 VPN providers out there; therefore the selection of the best VPN for Galaxy Tab 4 is nothing short of an uphill task. You have to take note of a lot of things before getting your hands on a decent Galaxy Tab 4 VPN.

First things first! Since you are planning to equip your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with VPN, look for the multi-login feature. It will not only help you to connect your device with a VPN, but will enable you to connect several other devices at the same time. Also look for the encryption and protocol support, the more protocols the VPNs support, the safer your identity remains.

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Remember, you can always read about setting up a VPN on Samsung Galaxy by clicking here.



Samsung has inevitably conquered the market of smartphones and tabs. It has sent chills down its competitors’ spines and has gained the ultimate top spot with its sleek designed tabs and smartphones.

However, the threats that the cybercriminals usually pose to the internet world can never be written off, especially when you are dealing with a delicate device like Galaxy Tab 4. It is therefore necessary to keep your Galaxy Tab 4 equipped with VPN because it guards your device and enhances your online security.

The VPN for Galaxy Tab 4 also provides you access to some of the amazing blocked websites and channels, and enable you to view them from your original location. It is a complete package and is a must-have app, keeping the needs to cope with restrictions and ensure online security in mind.

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