Wizard TV Box Review – Cut the Cord to Enjoy Unlimited Streaming

Streaming devices are the next big thing when it comes to watching latest movies and shows online. Wizard TV Box is among the many options available right now. It converts your television into a Smart TV and offers various channels for accessing abundant content online.

So how is it different from other streaming boxes? What features does it offer? To answer all these questions, we conducted Wizard TV Box review. Our analysis revealed that it is a cost-effective device offering great features and all the entertainment onto your TV screen.

Usually we analyze the best VPN services but this device caught our attention.

What is Wizard TV Box?

It is a streaming device that turns your TV into a smart TV. It is similar to Roku or Chromecast. When plugged into the television, you can access different applications. All you need is an internet connection. It uses Android as an operating system, which means users can download any app from Google Play Store.

Is Wizard TV Box Legal?

Wizard TV Box that is not fully loaded is legal. When you are purchasing the streaming device, see if it is fully loaded. If it is, then the reseller might be selling you an illegal device, which could also be a clone of the original.

Pricing Package

The device is available for $48.62 at the time of writing this review. It comes with a remote and an HDMI cable for connectivity. Considering the price, Wizard offers great value for money.

How does it fare against other streaming boxes? We compared the device against other established devices in our Wizard TV Box review. The prices are nominal when compared to Roku Premier, which is available for $79.99. However, Roku offers numerous variants to users. Roku Express is available for a lower cost than Wizard Box, and Roku Stick provides same benefits for almost the same cost.

When put head to head with Google Chromecast, Wizard is slightly on the expensive side. Chromecast is available for $30 on Google Store and other popular online shopping websites. It also runs on Android and offers all the apps. However, the new Chromecast Ultra is on the expensive side ($69) as it supports 4K Ultra HD playback.

Therefore, Wizard TV Box is economical when compared to some streaming boxes available in the industry. It offers fast delivery of product and 14-day money back guarantee.

Wizard TV Box Channels List

You can access numerous channels on the streaming device. From popular streaming services such as Netflix, HBO NOW, Crackle, and Hulu to widely used video platforms such as YouTube. Since it runs on Android, the options for channels in unlimited. Google Play Store hosts numerous shows and movies that you can purchase as well.

In addition, you can add apps to watch live TV shows. Channels such as NBC, Fox, and CBS allow you to stream live events. Therefore, the Wizard TV Box channels list is not only restricted to shows and movies, but you can also add apps for children. With popular channels such as Discovery and History channel, you can use the streaming device for learning purposes as well.

How to Remove Geo-restrictions

On a downside, as you try to access the channel list on Wizard Box, you will encounter geo-restrictions on some of these apps. Due to licensing agreements, content on different channels is restricted to particular regions.

However, you can easily bypass this issue using a VPN service. Using any of the servers provided by a VPN, you could adopt an IP address of a specific region. This allows you to change your virtual location and unblock any streaming content or app.

Wizard TV Box Problems

While conducting our review, we didn’t encounter any problems. The setup was easy as the device is plug and play. The streaming box didn’t come fully loaded, which is a positive sign as we could add your own apps and customize the layout.

However, don’t expect super-fast performance. They should resolve this Wizard TV Box problem. While testing, the device slowed down once we had numerous apps running at the same time. We also incurred a similar problem when heavy streaming apps run along with few other apps. That said, it offers around the clock support to its users.

Customer Support

The service offers customer support through live chat, powered by Facebook Messenger. You can ask about any query regarding the service and product using the live chat. We inquired about the countries where the service delivers its products.

Sadly, the support was not quick as we initially hoped. The response to our query came after several hours. It states on several webpages about 24/7 customer service. However, the slow response is not a good sign, and with a live chat feature, you would expect immediate answers.We highlighted this downside during Wizard TV Box review.


We found Wizard Box a worthy streaming device that offers good performance with reasonable pricing. Compared to other Android streaming boxes, it sits right in the middle, as it is not expensive nor is that cheap.

It is excellent for anyone looking to cut the cable and setup a streaming platform. The device converts your television into a Smart TV and with multiple apps available for watching movies, shows, and much more; you will never run out of streaming options.

However, the box has some shortcomings. The device tends to slow down if you run numerous apps at the same time. Likewise, the customer support is not around the clock, as after considerable delay, we received a response to our query.This ends our Wizard TV Box review. We would recommend the service to anyone looking to break away from mainstream set-top-boxes and cut the cord.

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