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Winner: NordVPN

TunnelBear vs NordVPN in France – Which of these two widely recognized VPN is the better choice in France? The question we have set to answer that for which purpose you should use TunnelBear or NordVPN?

Both providers will be tested on various parameters to evaluate their key strengths and weaknesses. The VPN that wins more rounds will be deemed the victor and the better overall VPN in France.

TunnelBear vs NordVPN in France: Head-to-Head Comparison

NordVPN is the winner!

NordVPN is the clear winner over Tunnelbear for being more efficient in France in the following areas:

Before we go into details, here is a brief overview of 10 different categories on which both NordVPN and TunnelBear has been tested in this article:

  • Jurisdiction – To evaluate headquarter location with respect to national security and privacy laws.
  • Logging Policy  in France– Policies regarding user data logs and privacy.
  • Pricing Plans in France – Evaluation on the basis of different pricing plans available with both providers.
  • Servers – The number of servers offered by both the VPNs including server locations and countries.
  • Speed Results in France– To see which VPN offers faster connection speeds in France.
  • Compatibility – To see which platforms and operating systems are supported by providers in France.
  • Torrenting in France– To evaluate the torrenting capabilities in France of VPN providers.
  • Security features in France– Security features and encryption are offered by both the VPNs.
  • Customer Support in France – To examine which VPN offers better customer support and help in France.

A Quick Comparison of Tunnelbear and NordVPN in France

TunnelBear, for its part, has some great features of its own and some benefits that are likely to appeal to newer users of VPNs in France. We will draw comparisons between these two VPN providers in detail, but first, here’s a brief overview of the comparison:

Factors TunnelBear NordVPN
Jurisdiction in France Canada Panama
Logging Policy in France No logs No logs
Pricing in France €4.5/mo   EUR3.71/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)
Speed in France 5.56 Mbps 24.91 Mbps
Server Network 1,800 servers
26 countries
5500 server
60 countries
Customer Support Email/tutorials Live chat/tutorials
Torrenting in France Supported Supported
Netflix Unblocking in France Not supported Supported
Security Strong Strong
Website TunnelBear NordVPN

You can also look at our France VPN comparison chart for a detailed overview of 60+ VPN providers in France. Let’s now take the two VPNs apart to see which has the better claim over the other.

TunnelBear vs NordVPN in France Overview

TunnelBear and NordVPN in France each possess strong capabilities. NordVPN is known for its huge server networks and excellent security features. You can see our NordVPN in-depth review in France and TunnelBear in-depth review in France.

For now, let’s explore the comparison between the two VPNs head-to-head.

1. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Jurisdiction

Result: NordVPN is located in the safer jurisdiction of Panama as opposed to TunnelBear (Canada).

TunnelBear NordVPN
(Five Eyes – Unsafe)

NordVPN – It is located in Panama, which is one of the strongest attributes of this VPN. Panama is free from any mandatory data retention laws, so NordVPN’s operations can run without retaining any France users’ data logs.

TunnelBear – It is an entirely different story. Based in Canada – a member of the Five Eyes alliance – TunnelBear has to abide by domestic laws for storing logs of France users, which can be used to assist surveillance programs of agencies in the country. This is the same in the case of PIA VPN as it is headquartered in the US. Therefore, both TunnelBear and PIA in France are not safe as far as jurisdictions are concerned.

Therefore, NordVPN is a much safer choice as shown in NordVPN review in France by a long shot.

2. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Logging Policy

Result: Both providers have a safe and privacy-focused logging policy in France.

TunnelBear NordVPN
Does not store personally identifiable information No logs retained

Fortunately, both of these services do not keep any logs. This means your activity on these VPNs remains absolutely private. You have no reason to worry about losing your personal information with either NordVPN or TunnelBear in France.

Although NordVPN has always focused on its logging policy by refraining from collecting any sensitive information about customers in France, there were some points of concern in TunnelBear’s policy in the past. However, the good thing is that the company has revised its data collection policies, and it no longer records any personally identifiable information of users in France.

3. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Pricing Plans

Result: NordVPN is cheaper than TunnelBear in France

TunnelBear NordVPN
Monthly: €9/mo Monthly: €10.91/mo
Yearly: €4.5/mo Yearly: €4.49mo
2-year plan: €5.61/mo 2-year plan:   EUR3.71/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)
3-year plan: €3.04/mo 3-year plan: None

While its monthly and annual subscription in France stands at €10.91/mo and €4.49/mo, respectively, the most cost-efficient subscription is the 2-year plan at just   EUR3.71/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), which includes an extra service time due to NordVPN’s birthday celebration. The longer-term subscription is clearly the affordable one, and your online security and privacy will be provided for a whole 24 months in France.

On the other hand, the TunnelBear monthly premium subscription in France will cost you €9/mo, and the annual subscription will cost you $4.99/mo. We also see a 3-year subscription at a good €3.04/mo rate. By all means, NordVPN is cheaper in France when it comes to annual and bi-annual subscriptions.


Do not forget that NordVPN price is justified by multiple advanced security techniques, strict no-log policy, a global network of over 5,400 servers in 59 countries, and state-of-the-art encryption tools for your online privacy. Whereas, TunnelBear couldn’t match NordVPN in providing similar perks against its price.

Payment options in France

TunnelBear NordVPN
Credit cards Credit cards
PayPal Not accepted
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Does not accept AliPay AliPay
Does not accept Union Pay Union Pay

Both providers accept multiple payment methods in France, including cryptocurrencies, which is great for keeping yourself anonymous. However, it is surprising that NordVPN discontinued support for PayPal. It could be inconvenient for people in France who rely on PayPal to make purchases online.

The good news is that you can purchase subscriptions from both NordVPN and TunnelBear through bitcoins. This makes both VPNs equally secure to purchase since payments made through cryptocurrencies offer the best secrecy and safety from possible hackers.

Refund Policy in France

Even though TunnelBear has a refund policy, it is subjected on a case-by-case basis. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive your funds back if you have applied for a refund request. Also, they made it very clear that subscriptions that are purchased via iTunes or any other third party resellers will not be eligible for a refund as per their policy. The user in France will have to contact those third parties for further inquiry regarding a refund.


If we talk about the NordVPN refund policy, it clearly states that refund is liable in France only if the payments were made no longer than 30 days prior. They mention that they will not process refunds for recurring payments if the subscription is canceled after the renewal. However, between the case-by-case basis TunnelBear refund policy and NordVPN’s clear 30-day money-back guarantee, I would always be comfortable with NordVPN in France.


While selecting a VPN provider in France for yourself, it is always a good idea to stick to the provider with a clear refund policy. You don’t want to get associated with a provider such as TunnelBear that has a very vague refund policy and offers refunds on a case-to-case basis. Although TunnelBear has a vague refund policy, It’s fully capable of going toe-to-toe against top-tier VPN providers in France such as CyberGhost. Learn more about their comparison in CyberGhost vs TunnelBear France.

4. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Servers in Countries

Result: NordVPN an outstandingly larger server network (5,000+ servers) than TunnelBear (22 servers)

TunnelBear NordVPN
1,800 servers
26 countries
5500 server
60 countries

When it comes to providing a vast number of servers, NordVPN certainly takes the cake. It provides an outstanding 5500
servers in 60 countries.

Many VPN services fail to match NordVPN’s server coverage. Hence, NordVPN wins this round by quite a margin.

5. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Speed Results

Result: According to NordVPN speed test in France, NordVPN is much faster than TunnelBear in France

The speed tests for both providers were performed on Ookla using a 30 Mbps connection. TunnelBear offers sluggish download speed. It measured 5.56 Mbps when tested on Ookla.


NordVPN, on the other hand, is known for its fast speed. On a US server, it measured 28.45 Mbps.


6. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Compatibility

Result: NordVPN is compatible with a wider array of devices than TunnelBear in France.

TunnelBear NordVPN
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Chrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox
Does not have apps for Routers and Smart TVs Router, Smart TV

Both of these VPNs are compatible in France with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Also, they both have extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. However, NordVPN can be set up on your router, while TunnelBear does not provide such a feature.

The quality of apps is excellent for both providers. All TunnelBear’s apps house a cute-looking bear that burrows its way through the map as you connect to different server locations.

NordVPN’s app also displays a map for its huge server network and allows super-easy connectivity across the board for all devices that support NordVPN dedicated app.

7. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Torrenting

Result: NordVPN is safer for torrenting in France than TunneBear

NordVPN – It has dedicated servers for users in France to download torrents without worrying about legal hassles. With these servers, you can unblock torrenting websites and run your BitTorrent clients smoothly in France. The excellent security and privacy features ensure the protection of your torrenting activities, keeping them invisible to any third parties and making NordVPN one of the best torrenting VPNs in France. NordVPN offers better download speeds for torrenting, as can be seen in the comparison between NordVPN vs Proton VPN France where NordVPN performed better owing to its fast P2P servers.

TunnelBear – It does not advertise its p2p capabilities on its site, but the VPN works perfectly well for torrenting. The strong privacy and security mechanisms built within TunnelBear, along with its unblocking capabilities, make it a good VPN for p2p.

However, considering NordVPN’s faster speeds and Panama’s piracy-friendly jurisdiction, it is a safer choice for users who regularly download torrents in France.

8. NordVPN vs TunnelBear in France: Unblocking Strength

Result: NordVPN is more efficient for Netflix in France

NordVPN TunnelBear
Netflix US, UK, Australia, Canada,
Japan, Netherlands
Hulu US, Japan No
Sky Go Yes No
Amazon Prime Video US, UK No
BBC iPlayer Yes No
CBS Yes No

A majority of VPN services no longer supports Netflix. TunnelBear is one such VPN that has lost access to Netflix with Tunnelbear in France without getting detected by the streaming platform’s proxy firewall.

In fact, TunnelBear is not a reliable choice for unblocking any streaming service in France at all. You will likely receive an error if you try unblocking streaming services with active anti-VPN technologies in place.

However, NordVPN has the server infrastructure and technology to continue unblocking Netflix with NordVPN in France and other popular streaming services, including BBC iPlayer in France and Hulu in France. Therefore, you can use NordVPN to unblock major libraries of Netflix and other streaming services.

9. TunnelBear vs NordVPN in France: Security Features

Result: NordVPN has more value-added extra features in France as compared to TunnelBear

TunnelBear NordVPN
Kill switch Kill Switch
Not offered NAT Firewall
AES 256 bit encryption AES 256-bit encryption
OpenVPN and IKEv2 OpenVPN and IKEv2
Not offered CyberSec
Not offered Onion over VPN
Not offered DoubleVPN

There is no use of a VPN if it does not have the features to secure your connection. This is the reason why the privacy features and security features of service should be taken seriously.

NordVPN – It is a feature-rich VPN, while TunnelBear also has sufficient tools to ensure your digital privacy. However, when it comes to features beyond the bare essentials, NordVPN goes the extra mile much farther than TunnelBear.

These proprietary features of NordVPN give it a unique place among VPN providers in France. TunnelBear falls short on this point, which is why the winner of this round is NordVPN.

10. TunnelBear vs NordVPN in France: Customer Support

Result: NordVPN has more efficient and responsive customer support in France than TunnelBear

TunnelBear NordVPN
Does not have live chat Live chat
Email ticketing Email ticketing
Tutorials Tutorials

NordVPN – It has one of the best customer support in the industry in France out of all other VPN providers. There are many ways you can find assistance from NordVPN, such as through well-written guides, blogs, and tutorials on the official website. If you can’t find the answer to your questions through its support pages, you can reach out to the customer support team through email or live chat.

NordVPN’s support representatives are beneficial and professional. Usually, you’ll get a response within a few minutes from NordVPN’s live chat, and they are happy to talk with you until you are satisfied.

TunnelBear – It has helped support pages on its websites for tutorials and other VPN-related guides. However, it lacks live chat support. You can use an email form to reach out to the team, and they usually respond within a few hours.

Although both providers have capable and professional support teams, the convenience of live chat is lacking in TunnelBear, but readily available with NordVPN.

Therefore, NordVPN offers a better customer support experience than TunnelBear in France.

Final Verdict: NordVPN is the winner!

As our TunnelBear vs NordVPN comparison in France shows, it is hard to match the features and utilities provided by NordVPN. Even though TunnelBear has fast servers, a kill switch, and decent server coverage, NordVPN outshines it in all aspects in France.

The biggest edge NordVPN has over TunnelBear is the catalog of servers.  With 5,400+ servers in 59 countries, NordVPN establishes itself as the top VPN on the web. NordVPN’s unblocking power in France is also much stronger than TunnelBear and allows you to stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many other streaming apps in France.

Also, it is hard to beat NordVPN’s customer service as it has 24/7 support and 30 days refund policy.

So for our TunnelBear vs NordVPN in France we have concluded that, overall, TunnelBear is an exceptional VPN service that might state the privacy needs of many users in France. Nevertheless, NordVPN is a top VPN provider for a good reason.


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