Turbo VPN Review 2018 – A Simple VPN for Smartphone Users

The internet has evolved a great deal since its inception. Most of this evolution has been for the greater good. However, some dark forces have also found refuge on the chaotic world of internet. Our weapons against these forces are VPNs.

However, not all VPNs are the same. Some provide better security while others offer greater freedom. Our reviews tell you strong points and the shortcomings of all the major VPNs.

The VPN service that we will discuss today is Turbo VPN. It is a service that offering online privacy solely to smartphone users.

Our Turbo VPN review will explore the attributes of this VPN provider. It will determine if it is best VPN for your smartphone.

Turbo VPN Review – Company Background

Turbo VPN is a China based online privacy provider that allows users to obtain online freedom without any subscription. The service offers limited number of servers and is compatible with Android and iOS platforms only.

Moreover, according to Google Play store, 50 million users have already downloaded this app. This makes Turbo VPN one of the most popular VPNs in the world.

The provider has recently developed a website but it contains little information about the company. This is no surprise as all VPNs maintain some level of secrecy.

The free version of the app comes with ads while a paid version is ad-free.

Turbo VPN Pros

  • Free version
  • User friendly app
  • Available on Google Play store and iTunes
  • Fast servers
  • No registration required

Turbo VPN Cons

  • Limited number of servers
  • Only for Smartphones

Turbo VPN Pricing Review

The one-month plan of Turbo VPN’s VIP version is somewhat expensive at £10.99 ($13.75). Nevertheless, you can avail the service for £2.75 ($3.45) a month by signing up for a year.

The paid version of Turbo VPN provides dedicated Netflix servers and allows you to connect the service to 5 devices.

If we compare the price of Turbo VPN VIP against the features it provides, the results do not favor the service. Other VPN services offer much more for relatively less price.

Turbo VPN Customer Support Review

The providers are mostly active on Facebook where they provide updates regarding the service on daily basis. The queries asked there are typically answered within minutes.

The Turbo VPN website on the other hand, has been designed fairly. Unfortunately, it contains little to no information about the VPN service as of yet.

There is another option available. You can send your queries to Turbo VPN representatives by writing an email at turboappfeedback@gmail.com.

Since there is little information about the service on the web, we enquired Turbo VPN through email. Our query was related to the VIP version of the service.


As you can see, we received a comprehensive reply within 17 hours. Turbo VPN also provided us with help on how to upgrade to their VIP service. All this goes to show that the company is committed to providing efficient support to its customers.

Turbo VPN Compatibility Review

At present, there is no Turbo VPN for Windows or Mac. As our Turbo VPN review reveals, the service is only compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

You can consider our exclusive guide on Windows VPN and best VPN for Mac to know about the services that are compatible with all the major platforms.

Turbo VPN Protocols & Encryption Review

Our Turbo VPN review unveils that the service still offers OpenVPN protocol to protect the online activities of the users. Interestingly, the OpenVPN protocol applies 256-bit military grade encryption level to provide maximum online anonymity to the users.

Turbo VPN Logging Policy Review

Since this VPN provider offers free service, it is only natural that you would aks; “Does Turbo VPN keep logs?” The short answer is; No.

According to our Turbo VPN review, the service does not keep logs of their users. We were impressed to note that Turbo VPN despite being a free VPN does not store the users’ information. If you decide to become VIP member of the service, Turbo VPN will record your personal information along with username and IP addresses.

Thus, the service would be able to make your separate VIP account and validate VIP identification. You can consider our guide on VPN that do not keep logs to know more about logless VPN.


Turbo VPN Privacy Policy Review

Our Turbo VPN review reveals that the service offers an impressive and clear-cut privacy policy to the users. The service will only collect your information after taking your permission and through lawful means. Likewise, Turbo VPN uses the personal information to enhance the performance of its products.

By doing so, the provider can gradually improve the quality of its product. Moreover, the service reserves the right to change its privacy policy anytime. Hence, you will have to abide by the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.


Turbo VPN Servers Review

Our Turbo VPN review unveils that the service does not have a huge servers’ network. This is because there are only eight servers you can opt to secure your online privacy. Here is the list of regions where Turbo VPN offers its servers:

  • India
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • New York (USA)
  • San Fransico (USA)

Since the service is growing rapidly, we expect that the providers to add more servers in near future.


Turbo VPN Features Review

Although Turbo VPN has to add more benefits in its armory still, you can opt the service for various reasons. This is because you are not paying anything from your pocket. However, this is not the reason that should motivate you to opt the service.

On the other hand, you can buy Turbo VPN’s VIP service for Netflix optimized servers and 5 simultaneous connections.

See VPN Gate review and check the service of VPNGate in comparison with TurboVPN.

Turbo VPN Website Review

Our Turbo VPN review discloses that the provider is unable to offer a comprehensive website to its users. The current website of Turbo VPN consists of a single page, which has generic one-liners about the service’s feature.

There are no guides, company information, privacy policy or manuals available on the website. However, since its new site, we will give it the benefit of the doubt. We hope that the site will be updated with relevant content soon.

Turbo VPN P2P/Torrenting Review

According to our Turbo VPN review, the service does not offer dedicated P2P servers. Thus, you should explore our guide on best VPN for torrenting to accomplish your torrenting cravings.

In addition, we tested the UK and the US servers for BBC iPlayer and Netflix US respectively. Unfortunately, Turbo VPN was unable to unblock both of these services.

This is somewhat comprehensible as both of these streaming services have strong VPN detection systems. Therefore, one cannot expect a free VPN service to bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by these services.

However, the VIP subscription of Turbo VPN provides dedicated servers for Netflix.

Turbo VPN has an efficient feature for unblocking YouTube in countries where the site is officially banned. In addition, for this very reason, Turbo VPN is extremely popular in countries like Iran and China.

Turbo VPN Downloads Review

Fortunately, the Android and iOS users can opt Turbo VPN from Google Play Store and iTunes Store respectively. Thus, you can download the app of Turbo VPN on your preferred devices hassle-free.


While we searched Turbo VPN on Google Play Store, around 20 apps with the same name popped up. There were also some distorted versions namely, Cheetah VPN Turbo, Turbo VPN Pro, Super VPN Turbo and many more.


Turbo VPN’s Facebook page has pointed out that many of these apps are fake copies of the real one.

Hence, our Turbo VPN review recommends that you only download the app after looking for the correct logo.

Turbo VPN for Kodi

Our Turbo VPN review highlights that the service allows you to watch your desired media content on Kodi. However, we would recommend the users to opt VPN for Kodi because you have to secure your online privacy from legal troubles.

Likewise, the famous streaming platform fetches content from torrents and other sources. This is how users are able to watch their preferred TV shows or movies through best Kodi add-ons.

Turbo VPN Reddit Review

According to our Turbo VPN review, the provider has to improve its performance to another level. By doing so, the service will be able to grab the attention of Reddit users. At present, many Reddit users prefer Reddit VPN than Turbo VPN to secure their online privacy.

This Turbo VPN review on reddit reveals that this app is yet to earn the trust of VPN users.

warning: if you have turbo vpn installed, uninstall it. I found it was the culprit of using 50% of my battery in 2 hours, so could be running a bitcoin miner in the background from androidapps

Similarly, many users are skeptical of free VPN services as a whole.

Turbo VPN App Review

Although this service is available for both iOS and Android, we will provide you Turbo VPN review for Android.

Turbo VPN’s app is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Moreover, it is simple and does not provide different options to the users. The only prominent option provided in the app is server selection.


In addition, the setting section only allows you to toggle the automatic connection and Notification options.


Turbo VPN Speed Test Review

To provide you a better idea about the efficiency of this service, we conducted a speed test for this Turbo VPN review.

First, we recorded the speed of our internet without connecting to Turbo VPN.


As it shows, the download and upload speed prior to connecting to the VPN service was 4.75 and 2.85 Mbps respectively. The ping meanwhile was 35ms.


After connecting to Turbo VPN online, the download speed went down to 3.65 Mbps. Meanwhile, the upload reduced slightly to 2.33 Mbps.

Interestingly, the ping went up to a staggering 242ms.

Overall, our Turbo VPN review concludes that this VPN service is one the fastest available in the market.

Turbo VPN Alternatives

If the users are not satisfied with the level of service of Turbo, they can still select different free VPN services. We have reviewed the following alternatives in great details.

Turbo VPN Review – FAQs

Is Turbo VPN Safe?

One should always be careful while using a free VPN service. That’s because VPN companies like every business organizations need revenue to keep their operations afloat.

Free VPNs earn profit either through ads or by selling your information to third parties. Of course, the later would never confess to this openly. Therefore, it is important to read the privacy policy of a VPN before using it on your system.

Turbo has a clear privacy policy and is used by millions of users around the world. So far, it has been involved in no privacy related scandal.

Also, Turbo VPN has proven to be useful for users in countries which have draconian cyber laws. It shows that Turbo VPN is safe and reliable.

How Good is Turbo VPN?

As our Turbo VPN review highlights, this service has all the tools to secure your connection from online threats. The Turbo VPN security tools comprising of an SSL encryption are adequate to protect your digital privacy.

Turbo VPN has eight servers to help you bypass geo-restrictions. These servers provide enough speed for you to browse YouTube and Facebook with optimum speed.

Perhaps, the biggest testament to Turbo VPN’s effectiveness is the fact that it is a globally recognized service.

Final Verdict

Our Turbo VPN review 2018 establishes that the service has enough features to grab the attention of the potential users. The biggest plus point is its freemium feature that makes Turbo VPN an interesting choice for new privacy seeking users. In addition, the service allows you to obtain online anonymity with its iOS and Android app.

However, the service needs to upgrade its website to solve the problems of the subscribers instantly. Likewise, the service should introduce dedicated apps for other platforms and devices.

Still, the service is beneficial for those users who do not want to spend a single penny to attain online freedom and security. Our analysis indicates that the service is not a bad choice in terms of price and performance.

You can provide your feedback in the comments section below.

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