ProtonVPN Torrenting in USA: Is ProtonVPN Good for Torrenting?

ProtonVPN Torrenting in USA is a jack of many trades. From powerful accessibility to strong privacy and security features, ProtonVPN offers everything that you can expect from a full-fledged VPN service. Check out our recommended best VPN in 2023.

Modern users require VPNs for a lot more than just accessing blocked websites. Accessing streaming services and torrents safely has become a major use case of VPNs.

ProtonVPN is well-equipped to appeal to all types of VPN users and meet their needs. For torrent users, the good news is that ProtonVPN supports P2P networking and protects against malware and intrusive advertisement that appears while users browse Best Torrent Sites.

But is ProtonVPN a good choice for torrenting in USA ? It definitely is. In this article, I will show you exactly why.

ProtonVPN Torrenting in USA: How to Torrent Safely with ProtonVPN

  1. Get ProtonVPN
  2. After installing it on your system/device, launch the VPN.
  3. In the server selection screen, choose a server with the double-arrow symbol of P2P.
  4. Now launch your BitTorrent client to begin safe downloading.

Why Is ProtonVPN Good for Torrenting in USA?

There is more than one reason why ProtonVPN Torrenting in USA is a very capable VPN when it comes to downloading torrents safely:

Decent logging policy:

Torrent users cannot afford to compromise on privacy. ProtonVPN Torrenting does not collect any details about users in USA which could jeopardize their privacy, making it suitable for tasks like p2p filesharing.

ProtonVPN's logging policy


The VPN has a small but efficient server network which left me quite impressed during speed testing. ProtonVPN speed in USA is very fast and stable on most of its servers.

This makes it a pretty good option as far as ProtonVPN Torrenting is concerned because the torrenting community isn’t very patient and tolerating slow speeds.

While speed testing on a 100 Mbps connection and connected to a ProtonVPN US server, it delivered a download speed of 29.78 Mbps – a remarkably fast speed.protonvpn-speed-test-in-USA


As such, ProtonVPN work with Netflix in USA is very good, as well because fast speeds are necessary if you want to stream at HD and Ultra HD quality.

Safe jurisdiction:

ProtonVPN is headquartered in Switzerland, which is one of the most privacy-respecting countries in the world. In fact, downloading torrents is legal in the country as long as it is for personal and non-commercial use.

This is why ProtonVPN users in USA have absolutely nothing to worry about when downloading torrents while connected to this VPN because law enforcement is highly unlikely to bother the provider for any ProtonVPN Torrenting -related issue, even if they do find evidence of such activity.

Kill switch:

To make sure that your identity is perfectly spoofed in USA and not leaking to the web, there is a built-in kill switch in ProtonVPN’s desktop apps.

ProtonVPN kill switch-in-USA

It is highly recommended to keep the kill switch enabled so that your connection is protected at all times even when you encounter a sudden interruption with the VPN. The kill switch ensures that your privacy remains intact irrespective of your VPN connection status at any given moment in time.

P2P-supported servers:

The ProtonVPN network is relatively small, consisting of some 1059+ servers in 50+ countries. Torrenting is supported only on certain servers because the data centers that ProtonVPN uses in different regions have their own policies for P2P traffic.

Before performing any torrenting activity, ProtonVPN users should connect to a p2p server as marked by a double arrows symbol representing p2p filesharing:

ProtonVPN p2p servers-in-USA

If you start torrenting while on a server that doesn’t support p2p, ProtonVPN will automatically redirect your traffic to a server that does support torrenting. This mechanism is called “Stateful Firewall” by the provider whereby the user’s traffic is automatically redirected by the VPN to a p2p-friendly server for a smooth and convenient experience.

If you experience any connectivity problems with this VPN, see this discussion regarding ProtonVPN not connecting in USA.

Cons of ProtonVPN Torrenting in USA

It’s hard to find any cons with ProtonVPN as concerns torrenting, but no VPN is perfect:

Confusing pricing plans:

ProtonVPN has a complicated pricing model. It offers 4 different kinds of packages: free, basic, plus, and visionary. There is no p2p support in the free version of ProtonVPN. Only plans from basic onward support torrenting. The two-year basic plan costs $4.00/mo.

The price is reasonable, but the plans can be confusing because all of these packages are divided on the basis of subscription length as well as the number of extra features in USA.

But this is a minor issue and doesn’t harm the quality of the VPN for torrent users. The good thing is that you can get a ProtonVPN free trial in USA if you’re a new user and want to test this service before purchasing the full subscription.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is also in place for all subscription plans, so if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can cancel ProtonVPN in USA and get your refund.

You may also use ProtonVPN with Kodi in USA or Roku if you want to utilize the multi-login feature of ProtonVPN which has a limit of 2 to 5 devices depending on your subscription plan.


ProtonVPN is right up there with VPNs that should be any torrenting user’s choice. It has the privacy and security features to protect users online and enable them to download P2P files without worrying about any data or information leakage.

You can even use its free version for ProtonVPN Torrenting in USA, but we should warn you it does not offer the fast speeds needed for downloading torrents. However, you do get unlimited data.

For more information, see this ProtonVPN review USA.