QooApp Is Not Safe for Japanese & Korean Online Games

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Android Gaming Fans Ahoy

Fans of Japanese, Korean and Chinese games will be wondering how to access the hundreds of game apps available on region restricted Google Play Stores. For instance, living in Malaysia or USA you cannot access the Japanese, Chinese and Korean Google Play store without a local IP address.

As a proud gaming fan myself I have been enjoying childhood favorites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Gundam and King of Fighters. Well Android gaming fans if you love these epics and many others you need not worry, as they say in the movies … It’s a Piece of Cake!


How to Access Restricted Google Play Stores

You can access the regional Google Play Stores from anywhere in the world using either VPN (Virtual Private Networks) or the QooApp (designed specifically for gamers who wish to play Japanese, Chinese & Korean Android games).


VPN for Japanese, Chinese & Korean Gaming Apps

VPN are a common remedy to bypass geo-restrictions across the world, even capable to circumvent The Great Fire-Wall of China. VPN utilize strategically based servers in Japan, Korea and China to unblock the various Google Play stores, unlike QooApp. Here is our list of exclusively reviewed & tested VPN providers you can use to unblock all regional Google Play Stores

PureVPNUSA, UK, Asia & Europe
IPVanishUSA, Europe, Canada & Australia
Express VPNUK, New Zealand, Middle East & Asia


Using QooApp to Unblock South East Asian & Japanese Gaming Apps

QooApp delivers all Japanese, Chinese & Korean gaming apps in one place. The dazzling QooApp carries a majestic user interface plus it offers both an International and an Asian version.

The QooApp comes with all the basic stuff including sharing options, news feeds, upcoming games and exclusive apps in addition to region based games from Japan, Korea and China. You can also search for favorite games and check for latest upgrades regularly.

Although the safety of the QooApp has been debated, there have been bugs or infiltrations reported against this app. QooApp delivers all content directly from the relevant Google Play stores so chance is that the game might be infected but not the QooApp.


QooApp or VPN?

Now that we know how, we must also have a winner amongst the two methods to access all the games without any app crashes and restrictions.

With the QooApp you may experience one of the following issues:

  • QooApp is restricted to certain regions and may not appear in Google search results, if you can although find it the app may misbehave when it notices you are outside the recommended regions.


  • Like other Android apps the QooApp also encounters serious crash issues. Although I have tested if for a week or so, it has crashed only twice so I assume it is still a work in progress.


  • You cannot save games to you My Apps list on Google Play when using QooApp. Yes, when you use QooApp any games you download will be directly saved to your devices and not the My Apps lists on Google Play.


When using a VPN service you can access all regional Google Play stores without any crashes and further restrictions/blocks. Connecting to the Japanese, Chinese or Korean Google Play store will also allow you to save all your downloaded games to your My Apps List.


In Conclusion

Hope you enjoyed this edition of our gaming app series, come back again soon for more Android gaming app news and solutions. No matter where you are enjoy the freedom and game on your Android devices without any restrictions.

Access our top tier VPN provider reviews and find the best solution to unblock all geo-restricted services. In case you are already in a relevant region simply download the QooApp here and enjoy all the classic games on your smartphones & Tablets.
Interested in unblocking more restricted content to get more from your internet? Click here for details about Top Unblocked Games of 2016.


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