Perfect Privacy VPN Review: A High-End VPN for Technical Users


Perfect Privacy is a VPN service that mostly caters to high-end users. It offers a unique set of features that are not even tendered by the leaders of the VPN market.  Of course, all this comes at a price but we will explore that later.

For now, it is only important that we focus on how Perfect Privacy promises to provide a secure and efficient browsing experience and whether it truly lives up to its boastful name. This Perfect Privacy review will highlight some of its attractive features and help you understand its appeal to the people who seek online anonymity.


  • More than 60 payment methods
  • Sufficient Customer Support
  • Multiple protocols and strong encryption
  • User Friendly Windows Client


  • Expensive
  • No Live Chat
  • Slow

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Pricing and Plans Review | Bit on the Expensive Side


As far as pricing is concerned, Perfect Privacy is on the other higher side. And the company is not even apologetic about its expensive rates. Instead, it tells the users that they will get their money’s worth with an impeccable VPN experience.

Users are required to pay $15.12 a month for a monthly plan, $13.95 for a month for quarter-yearly subscription, $12.80 for a half-yearly plan, $11.63 and $10.42 for a plan extending to two years. The promise of a superior VPN service aside, these rates are high enough to drive away many customers who would otherwise be interested in what Perfect Privacy has to offer.

The website lists the price in Euros and contains no mechanism of converting the rates into US Dollars. And although this function can be performed easily through Google, we think Perfect Privacy should still take the initiative and assist their Non-EU customers.

Perfect Privacy Payment Method Review |Bitcoin, Paymentwall and Others


You can pay Perfect Privacy through 60 different payment methods via Paymentwall. The payment options include Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards. The users who are seeking a private transaction will be better off using Bitcoin but even if that is enough – they can anonymously mail cash to the company’s office in Latvia.

The absolute glut of payment options suggests that Perfect Privacy has went all out in making sure that their customers find it easy to pay for their subscriptions.

Refund Policy

Perfect Privacy provides a 7-day refund policy with few standard clauses. There is no usage limitation or any other restriction in the company’s refund policy. You can test the service for seven days and get your money back if the service does not live up to your expectation.

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Customer Support

The info section of Perfect Privacy has dedicated sections for all the prominent operating systems. Here, you will have information about how this VPN service can be accessed from platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

There is also a FAQ section on the website that has short answers to question relating to the Perfect Privacy policies, payment methods and its functionalities.

You can also contact the company through emails and if you prefer an anonymous mode of communication, you can use PGP encryption software. There also exists a contact forum on the website where you can submit your queries and interact with other users.


“Perfect Privacy Contact Form”

For this Perfect Privacy review, we used the contact form to enquire them about their policy about trial accounts and received the answer within 24 hours. The answer was clear, concise and helpful.

Overall, our experience left us with an impression that Perfect Privacy takes its customer support seriously and is committed to providing the best possible assistance to users.

Perfect Privacy Compatibility Review | Clients for Windows, Android and Linux

You can use Perfect Privacy on a variety of platforms and operating system, but the custom app is not available for Mac OS and iOS users. Instead, they are required to establish OpenVPN connection via Tunnelblick. Although this app works well, there are a few perks of Perfect Privacy’s Windows client that it does not feature.

The Android app of Perfect Privacy is based on Strongswan App and can be downloaded from the member’s area on the company’s website. However, you can also access Perfect Privacy on Android via OpenVPN and IPsec/L2TP.

Windows users too have the option of using the VPN service with OpenVPN GUI, Viscosity and IPSec/IKEv2, but we recommend custom Perfect Privacy client for a more fulfilling experience. Similarly, Linux users have an option of using Perfect Privacy through OpenVPN in addition to the custom app.

Perhaps, the best way you can utilize Perfect Privacy VPN is by setting it up on your router. This way, you can protect all your devices without going through the hassle of separately installing the app on multiple devices.

In any case, there are guides available on Perfect Privacy’s Website to help in installing the VPN software on your Operating Systems and assist you in availing different features provided by the service.

Protocols and Encryption Review of Perfect Privacy | Strong Protocols for Extra Security

Perfect Privacy offers multiple protocol and encryption service. Perhaps, more than most VPNs in the market. The app even lets you choose your preferred protocol.


With manual installation, you get PPTP protocol. This protocol is fast but provides relatively weak encryption.

However, the saving grace of PPTP is that it is available on a variety of routers and you can easily install it on these devices. By doing this, you can save the time of installing it separately on different operating systems. All things considered, PPTP is for the people who have moderate privacy requirements.


OpenVPN is widely regarded as the one of the most secure VPN protocols. And this reputation is well-earned. This open source solution provides immaculate security with pre-shared keys and a robust AES- 256 bit encryption through OpenSSL.

Also, with OpenVPN you get utmost reliability as it prevents loss of data by pausing the connection for repair in case the service goes down.

In short, OpenVPN provides you a higher level of safety by mixing up different methods of encryption and adding extra layers security. But it does take a toll on your CPU.


One of the features that make Perfect Proxy stand out is that it allows users to opt for IPSec. The Internet Protocol Security or IPsec is unique in its function as it secures the traffic going in and out of the network. It does this by making the security layer part of the overall security.

Another benefit of IPSec is that its operation is somewhat invisible and does not require direct interaction by the user. Also, like OpenVPN, IPSec uses a 256 bit encryption.

But IPSec is not without its faults as it comes with a major security risk.  If you unwittingly use it with a sub-optimal configuration, you will end up with weak encryption that is extremely easy to crack. Though, new and more sophisticated algorithms of IPSec are available, one can never to be too careful when it comes to cyber security.


When you install Perfect Privacy, you are given the option to either select OpenVPN or IPSec, you can also change your preference later on in the setting tabs. We recommend that on the stay safe side and go with OpenVPN.

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Special Features | What makes Perfect Privacy Stand Out

While reading this review of Perfect Privacy, you will begin to understand that the company has left no stone unturned to ensure that their users have the most diverse set of digital privacy tools. And this is exactly the case. This VPN service provides some really unique security options to its users.


A proxy server acts as a middleman for users who want to gain access to content that may be restricted in their physical location. It does this by making one’s internet traffic appear from a different location altogether.

With a proxy, a person sitting in Australia can make their internet traffic appear from the United Kingdom and connect to website that may be restricted for Non-UK users.

Proxies are mostly used for tasks with low-stakes. They are good when it comes to accessing restricted videos and bypassing location-based restriction but they do not provide security from hackers, government surveillance and local ISPs.

Perfect Privacy offers Squid and SOCKS5 proxies that do not provide much privacy on their own, but can tempered with to avail greater security.

To make your proxy connections much safer you can:

  • Connect proxies to the Tor network
  • Connect to VPN via the proxy
  • Apply an SSH Tunnel to the proxy

SSH Tunnel

With a SSH Tunnel, you can transport some of your networking data through a secure SSH connection. It can also be used for bypassing firewalls that filter some specific content.

The Windows client of Perfect Privacy comes with built-in SSH tunnel. You can even combine SSH tunnel with a proxy server or VPN for an additional layer of security.

NAT Firewall

Network Address Translation or NAT hides the IP addresses of different devices linked to your network from external connections. It does that by giving them a single IP address of all your devices.

Furthermore, it makes your connection more secure by working as a sort of filer between your devices and any threatening information packets that can harm your system. It protects your network from malicious attacks from hackers and other ill-intentioned individuals.

Like many other VPN providers, Perfect Privacy’s client includes NAT Firewall. Here, you can also moderate the setting to your liking but that option is best suited for advanced users.

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Perfect Privacy Servers Review |European and Other Servers


There are 23 servers available on Perfect Proxy’s VPN manager. It can be noticed that most of these servers are from European Nations where internet freedom is not much of an issue. There are also multiple servers available for users who would like to access services such as Netflix USA or Hulu.

According to Perfect Privacy’s website, these are all dedicated servers and the company fervently renounces virtual servers.


What is most likable about Perfect Proxy’s client is that it lays out the available bandwidth on all of these servers. You can also ping the servers to see if they are reachable.

Meanwhile, connecting and discounting to the servers is super easy. We connected and disconnected to multiple servers and faced no issues whatsoever.

Speed Test

Perfect Privacy provides some strong security features to the users and unfortunately, this causes the speed to drop significantly. To review Perfect Privacy’s speed, we ran tests on its three different servers.

Our tests on a Germany server revealed three varying results with the highest download speed going up to 6.56 Mbps and the lowest being 4.51 Mbps.


“Highest speed provided by a Germany server”

TrialDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)

The server of Amsterdam provided similar speeds.


“Highest Speed recorded of Amsterdam Server”

TrialDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)

The download speed went down a bit further when we connected to the server of the American city of Los Angeles.

TrialDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)

For context, we utilize an 8 Mbps connection and download speed we received before the trials was 7.74 Mbps.


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Torrent Review of Perfect Privacy

Our experience with torrent and P2P downloading in Perfect Privacy was less than satisfactory. This is rather disappointing because the company claims to offer “fast, secure and anonymous” P2P downloads.

While we do believe that this VPN service provides secure and safe way of P2P sharing, the speed here cannot be classified at fast.


“Torrent Speed of Germany Server”

Since the Germany server was the fastest on our speed tests. We tested the torrenting abilities of Perfect Proxy on that particular server.

The downloading speed on BitTorrent remained around 400 kB/s while occasionally touching 500 kB/s. Compared to this, the speed on our local connection reached around 800 kB/s at the highest point while more regularly, it remained around 700 kB/s.


“Torrent Speed on our local connection”

Logs and Privacy Policy

While reviewing Perfect Privacy’s logs policy, we came across nothing sketchy. There is a very detailed page on company’s website, which articulates its privacy policy. The page states with much clarity that the website does maintain minimal data of the users. The information they have is the username, password and expiry date of a customer’s account.

Other than this, Perfect Privacy has the usual No logs policy. The company makes a case for this policy by linking it to their fundamental philosophy.


Perfect Privacy is a VPN service that has a lot to offer. Perhaps, this Perfect Privacy review would even suggest that it offers a bit too much. But overall, it is a service that comes with some ultra-impressive features that may appeal to knowledgeable VPN consumers who have a no-comprise attitude towards their online privacy.

However, these users will need to pay a fair price for all the features Perfect Privacy provides. How was your experience of the VPN service? Do let us know in the comments below.

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