Onavo Protect Review for 2017 – Privacy Unleashed

Comparison: PureVPN vs Onavo

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Servers500 Servers in 140 Countries1 Server in UK
Multi Login5None
Money Back Guarantee7-DayNone
Encryption Level256 bit256 bit
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What is Onavo Protect?

Onavo is the award winning mobile analytics company and a subsidiary of Facebook, Inc. Founded in 2010, Onavo primarily serves netizens with smartphone privacy needs. The company is currently headquartered in Palp Alto, California, The United States, but also operates from Israel.

At present, Onavo Protect is available on Android and iOS devices, be it smartphones or tablets. Onavo Protect keeps your privacy secure by encrypting your traffic and blocking all the unwanted websites and phishing attacks.

To learn more about Onavo’s potential as the best VPN service, continue reading our Onavo Protect review.


  • No Bandwidth Caps
  • Freemium VPN Service
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
  • High-Speed Network Infrastructure


  • Logs some data
  • Limited server locations
  • Only offers IPSec protocol

Package Plans

Packages are of prime consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable VPN service. Onavo Protect takes a step ahead and offers freemium account for Android and iOS users. In addition, Onavo Protect requires no credit card information or any other confidential detail for using service features of VPN. Netizens can freely install the app and use it to protect their digital privacy.

Server Locations

A VPN service is generally assessed on the number of servers and destinations it offers. However, being a free of cost service, Onavo Protect is honored as an instant unblocker and data protection tool by smartphone geeks.

For our Onavo Protect review, we examined Onavo servers dispersion and figured out that Onavo Protect only offers servers in the UK. This was a worrying point as a VPN should have wide server options and available in multiple regions. Likewise, we couldn’t find any information available on the website about the server spread of Onavo.

However, with Onavo Protect installed on device, subscribers get an opportunity to unblock thousands of blocked and geo-restricted sites from UK. You can access exclusive service such as BBC iPlayer, MTV UK and Netflix UK.


Onavo Privacy Policy – Is Your Online Privacy Secure?

Privacy policy and data retention terms are the hidden in  the privacy policy of a VPN services. Usually many users discover such details after subscription. To present an impartial review of provider we studied the privacy policy of service in our Onavo Protect review and unveiled surprising privacy guidelines.

Onavo doesn’t log any browsing activities and records of users but it may collect metadata, time stamps and basic information of users for service delivery purposes. However, users can option out from data logging program through settings of the app.

Encryption Protocols

Strong encryption tunneling protocols and additional privacy features like Internet Kill Switch are the bedrock of a reliable VPN service. However, as a free VPN service, Onavo VPN currently offers IPSec to subscribers.

This is another area of concern, especially if you are going use Onavo to secure your privacy. IPSec alone is a weak protocol for protection, but if it is layered with L2TP, then it forms a formidable security measure. We could recommend that use Onavo for unblocking purposes and look at some premium VPN services for online security and privacy.

How Onavo Protect Performs?

Despite being a free service we were surprised with Onavo Protect’s exceptional performance. For our Onavo Protect review we conducted various speed tests of VPN service and amazed with high-speed performance. Here’s what we discovered while conducting Onavo VPN’s speed test:

Ookla Speed Test Without VPN:


Ookla Speed Test With Onavo VPN:


After connecting to Onavo VPN’s UK server, our ping speed dropped to some extent along with a slight drop in download and upload speed as well. But with bolt from the blue, we experienced blazing fast streaming on HBO Now, Fox Go, Netflix and Youtube. So, without any doubt we suggest Onavo Protect as a suitable pick for accessing geo-blocked on-demand entertainment services.

Onavo Customer Support System

A key consideration while selecting a VPN includes responsive customer support system. Usually, a subscriber seeks for an upright support channel like live tech chat support at times of technical issues. But, being a freemium VPN provider, Onavo currently doesn’t offers live chat support. Also, we found no email ticketing system that could solve detailed issues of users. The only support channel offered by Onavo is following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Onavo Protect offers a useful FAQ section, that offers in-depth solution to most common queries of subscribers. Users can get assistance with VPN installation process, general information about Onavo Protect and Onavo Extend, how does Onavo help to enhance overall online experience and much more.

Onavo Extend Review – Save More Achieve More

Onavo Extend is another brilliant app that helps in saving money while delivering more to smartphone users. The app is exclusively available to iOS users and can be downloaded from App Store.


Once installed on your phone, the app compresses all your network traffic when using cellular data through 3G, EDGE or LTE. Onavo Extend also offers breakdown reports of data usage through cellular network.

An amazing feature of Onavo Extend turns it off when you connect to WiFi. For our Onavo review, we found similar data saving app by Onavo for Android users. Onavo Count is an alternate to Onavo Extend and is available on Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets.

Onavo Protect Android App for One-touch Access

Onavo Protect Android App is an excellent in-house app that offers both VPN and Data Manager. With Onavo Protect on your Android device, you’re prompted with alerts when consuming large volume of data.


In addition, the VPN protects you against the prying eyes of cyber criminals, phishes, snoopers, identity thieves and more severe digital threats. Besides all handy features, Android users can get the best out of their devices with Onavo Protect. Thus, in our Onavo review, we suggest Onavo Protect Android as a robust app for one-click privacy features.

Onavo Protect for iPhone

iPhone users can take benefit from Onavo Protect with it freemium VPN service and data saving utility. The powerful VPN keeps your online activities protected against hackers, phishes, snoopers and other cyber threats. In our Onavo Protect review, we discovered an amazing advantage the service that offers top-grade protection to credit card and bank account numbers during an online transaction.


Onavo VPN Configuration

Now, that you know about the perks of using Onavo Protect, here’s how you can configure Onavo VPN on Android and iOS devices.

  • From your Android device, go to official site of Google Play Store. And iPhone users can go to App Store.
  • Search for Onavo Protect
  • Tap on the Onavo Protect official app and hit install
  • Upon successful installation, launch Onavo and wait for few moment till the VPN connects
  • Once, Onavo VPN is connected, enjoy hours of unrestricted and unlimited entertainment on your smartphone from any corner of the world.

Decisive Words

Onavo has been making exclusive apps for smartphones since 2010. And, Onavo Protect is one of the leading-edge privacy protection solutions. With the latest build of Onavo Protect, subscribers can get protected instantly and evade from ISP speed throttling and bandwidth caps for free of cost.

In addition, Onavo Extend is a popular app that helps you in saving cellular data while achieving the best out of an android device. To unveil more about Onavo Extend, you can read Onavo Extend review above. With this, we end Onavo Protect review, and present Onavo a 3 out of 5 starts in our Onavo Protect review.

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  1. Harry says:

    Probably you should give this a single star. Facebook is monitoring your data and using it for its own gain. See also recent articles of Wall Street Journal on this as well as the legal text for the usage of the app.
    Free is as usually to good to be true, you pay in just a different way, in this case your privacy. Which seems to me the primary reason to us such an app.

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