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DotVPN Review 2022

What is one of the hardest things you need to get to meet online privacy?

You do not know where to begin.

Like formal education, there is no sequential or systematic learning path. This is why many successful internet users have to go through the trial and error phase. Yet, the same does not apply to every individual internet user.

You have to rely on different VPN reviews to make a vital decision about your privacy. Therefore, read this detailed DotVPN review in detail and decide should you subscribe to it or not.

Allow me to share my insights about this virtual private network with you and the rest of the world.

General Overview

Overall PerformanceAverage
VPN ProtocolsOpenVPN,
NetflixDoes not work
EncryptionAES-256 bit, 128-bit
CompatibilityAbove Average
TorrentingAllows on Premium Plan
JurisdictionHong Kong
Customer SupportNo Live Chat, Feedback Form, and FAQs only
Pricing$1.60/mo for the 3-year plan – 68% OFF

Strong Points of DotVPN

Like other VPNs, DotVPN does have some valuable characteristics. Here is the list of those characteristics that include:

Freemium Plan

The said plan does not have a multitude of features in its armory. Still, it serves the basic purpose to a certain degree.

Users should bear in mind that DotVPN has not started giving various premium features on its free package.


Unique Selling Proposition

DotVPN delivers a next-level TOR browser feature. As a result, you are able to browse .onion sites on your preferred browsers.


Servers Network

DotVPN delivers 700 servers in all the major countries of the world. Fortunately, you can switch to any server of your choice in no time.

Let us discuss the server strength of Dot VPN. You can secure your preferred devices like Android, and iOS by opting for your desired server instantly.

Hence, you can unblock and access your favorite sites hassle-free. Likewise, you may safeguard your digital whereabouts from ISPs, snoopers, and other unwanted personnel.


Free Trial

DotVPN allows you to experience the service on your chosen platforms like Android and iOS. Similarly, you can avail of the free trial by subscribing to premium packages for 30 days.


Logging Policy

The provider follows the no-logging policy notion in true letter and spirit. In addition, Dot VPN mainly operates from Hong Kong. Therefore, you may select the brand based on this sole attribute.


In terms of logging policy, I found the provider quite useful and equal to the task.

Privacy Policy

Without offering a clear-cut privacy policy to subscribers, VPNs cannot enjoy a major share in the market. It would not be wrong to say privacy policy plays a crucial role in the success of any VPN service.


DotVPN has surpassed its competitors by a long distance in this connection. The brand provides adequate data and relevant information about its data usage procedure.

The only thing it keeps in its database is an email address. Interestingly, you can change your email addresses before disconnecting from the service.


DotVPN has a 4096-bit encryption key for users. It uses the OpenVPN protocol that applies 256-bit military-grade encryption by default.

It uses the Transport Layer Security protocol through the AES-128 encryption level. Likewise, you can experience the benefits of both encryption levels under one package.

DotVPN Protocols Review

As I already mentioned, Dot VPN typically relies on the OpenVPN protocol.  Moreover, you can choose the IPsec protocol if you want. The said protocol is usually coupled with the IKEv2 or L2TP protocol.

Browser Add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

DotVPN sets itself apart from other VPN services with its dedicated add-on feature. You can download and install Add-ons on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers without any fuss.

DotVPN Downloading and Installing

You can download and install DotVPN in your browsers. It is currently compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, and iOS.

You may download the software from the website hassle-free. Once you have downloaded the software, you can click on the tab present on the upper right side of your browser.

Upon opening it, you will have to log in with your DotVPN ID. If you have not signed still, you will need to sign up to make use of its services.

Areas of Improvement

DotVPN has weak points as well that have spoiled its reputation significantly. These are:

Torrenting is not Allowed

You are unable to achieve your torrent-streaming objective with a free plan. On the free plan, DotVPN does not support torrenting on its servers. But, you should transform your free subscription into a paid subscription.

After availing of the monthly or annual pricing package, you can download numerous torrents securely.

Netflix Streaming Support

Unfortunately, users will have to subscribe to another VPN service to unblock Netflix anonymously. Currently, DotVPN does not offer specific servers that allow you to access US Netflix.

Customer Support

Sadly, DotVPN will have to improve its performance in terms of customer support drastically. If you want to use a dedicated live chat feature, you are unable to do so.

Likewise, you might not be able to use FAQs according to your own terms.


However, you can avail of their email support benefit that allows you to solve your queries upfront. Similarly, you can share any positive ideas with the management of DotVPN as well.

Luckily, you can visit its solution center section that provides enough information about troubleshooting and other installation matters.

Contact Form

Interestingly, you can fill out the contact available on the official site. Hence, you can get the answer to your problems about the product timely.

Still, you may face issues while getting the replies to your queries. DotVPN has to enhance its customer section performance significantly.


Speed Test

I was trying to download a dedicated Windows app but I was not able to download the app. If you want to perform the DotVPN download process hassle-free, you should download its Android or iOS app.

Furthermore, the service may disappoint you in terms of speed a great deal. Dot VPN has a below-average speed for its subscribers.

Therefore, you can anticipate a major speed loss issue while watching any media content.


Sadly, DotVPN does not come up with the expectations of its users in terms of compatibility. I was surprised to know that the brand does not have an app for Windows.

Upon inquiring from their support function, they are planning to launch the Windows app soon.

However, they should have offered a dedicated app for Windows a long time ago.


DotVPN Pricing & Plans

At present, DotVPN catches the focus of its existing and potential users through three pricing plans. These packages include monthly, yearly, and freemium too.

In case you choose a yearly pricing plan, you will have to bear the monthly cost of $2.90. If your preference lies in a monthly package, you will have to pay $4.99 per month. You can go even cheaper by purchasing a 3-year plan which costs only $1.60/mo.

DotVPN’s prices are quite affordable. However, if you’re looking for a top-quality VPN at lower rates, I would suggest you check out our handpicked list of VPN deals in 2022 right now.

Payment Methods

DotVPN offers a comprehensive list of online payment options to users. You may pay your monthly dues through PayPal, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, credit or debit cards, and so on.

This way, you can pay all your dues in a timely manner from anywhere.

Money-Back Guarantee / Refund Policy

This Hong Kong-based provider becomes generous when you wish to attain its money-back guarantee. You can claim the refund if DotVPN is unable to inspire you for any reason.

However, not all things are rosy in reality. When I inquired about its refund policy procedure thoroughly, you are bound to fulfill some prerequisites first.

Alternatives to DotVPN

In case you do not like DotVPN for any reason, I have got you covered in this regard too. Here is the list of other VPN reviews you may consider:

Final Verdict

Now you can understand the major pros and cons of this Hong Kong-based brand through my exclusive DotVPN review. If you wish to know about my verdict, I will not recommend DotVPN.

You cannot accomplish your Netflix media streaming cravings. In addition, you will not be able to play your favorite online games as DotVPN usually struggles in terms of speed and connectivity. Moreover, the free VPN version of the service does not allow for torrenting.

DotVPN needs to improve its credibility when it comes to experiencing multiple platform support features. Otherwise, they may lose a major chunk of their existing users in the near future.

Let me know your feedback about this VPN service in the comments section below.

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