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FCC Outvoted Net Neutrality 3-2: Now Kodi Users are in Trouble

An open meeting for the FCCs proposal to repeal Net Neutrality has been approved by 3-2 votes. This means, ISPs are now authorized to throttle internet speed, block any website, and overcharge any internet service they desire.
Repealing Net Neutrality Kodi will greatly affect third-party Kodi add-ons as ISPs will have the power to block their websites without delay.

However, there is still one thing Kodi users can do to save Net Neutrality Kodi and keep watching their favorite content for free. It is through Kodi VPN that Kodi users can prevent ISP throttling and unblock websites.
Open Internet is no more. Yes, you have read it right. It means that the net neutrality rules that were enacted by the US government to protect your online privacy, has been dismantled.

This is because of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) votes that were carried out on 14th Dec 2017.

Although, it is being seen as a big challenge among internet users however you can use a net neutrality VPN to bypass these hurdles.

How a VPN allows Kodi Users to Maintain their Online Privacy

A Kodi VPN is an online tool that helps Kodi fans to circumvent ISPs surveillance through alternative IP addresses. By doing so, the Kodi streamers will be able to spoof their online location.

Thus, they will be able to perform all their online activities anonymously. In order to make your best VPN service selection process hassle-free, you should contemplate our list of best VPN services that includes:

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Why  Net Neutrality is Crucial For the Users

Net neutrality rules allow internet users to access their preferred content according to their own terms. Furthermore, these rules prevent ISPs from prioritizing the web traffic and slowing down the online activities of users.

It also enables users to experience real benefits of equal playing field since the rules support the notion of the internet for everyone. You can read our detailed guide on save net neutrality that allows you to know about the issue.

The US president Mr. Trump has not said much about these net neutrality rules. However, his appointment of Ajit Pai clearly suggests that he is on the same page with FCC when it comes to eradicating the regulations.

However, broadband companies do not endorse the concept of net neutrality and assume it as an over-regulation. Now that the FCC has rolled back Net Neutrality, Kodi users will have trouble finding streaming desires fulfilled.


What does the Revocation of Net Neutrality Rules Imply?

Kodi fans get ready to face the music as Net Neutrality has swept away. This means that your online privacy will now be compromised.

  • ISPs can demand payments from Kodi users to access their desired content
  • ISPs can also block the online activities of Kodi users for any reason
  • Kodi users may have to pay extra based on the services or websites used


Impacts of FCC’s Plan of Repealing Net Neutrality on the Internet

The future of free internet for everyone concept looks quite dubious because Kodi users will have to pay for their online activities. Whether you are using the internet to enjoy any streaming service or performing transactions for your business, you will have to follow certain rules.

Here is the list of other changes Kodi users may face after the dismantling of Net Neutrality:

Free Data Plans

The broadband services may offer free data plans to their subscribers. Moreover, the low-income families can take huge advantage through these free data plans. However, not all the things are rosy with the free data plans. The former FCC Chairman, Tom Wheelers raised an argument that suggests small content creators will face massive competition.

On the other hand, Kodi users will no longer be able to access free content from anywhere. The streaming giants such as Netflix and HBO may offer better internet speeds at the exchange of expensive pricing to their users.

Thus, Kodi users will have to compromise on limited internet speeds to watch their preferred content.

Internet Fast Lanes

Broadband organizations will have the luxury to provide faster internet speeds at the cost of higher pricing. Likewise, they can restrict those companies that will not be able to pay higher prices for better internet speeds. Hence, Kodi users will have to avail expensive pricing plans to continue enjoying their streaming experiences.

Challenges for Small Organizations

There are multinational companies like Google, Verizon, and Comcast that can reap massive benefits from net neutrality abandonment.

Moreover, the internet providers will dictate terms and decide who will be the winner and the loser of an online industry. ISPs will focus more on the premium subscribers who will be willing to pay more for accessing their desired content.

Conversely, Kodi users will no longer be streaming content through third-party best Kodi add-ons. This is because these Kodi add-ons will be under severe scrutiny from the ISPs. As a result, Kodi users will be restricted to stream Kodi on a limited scale.



Kodi Users should not subscribe to a VPN that operates from the US

Fortunately, the Kodi users have the luxury to use VPN services of their choice. However, users should consider using those VPN providers that do not operate from the US. If you are using a VPN service that has headquarter based in the US, chances are that you will compromise on your online privacy.

It means the VPN providers are supposed to track all the information and online activities of the Kodi users in the US. However, you should not lose all your hopes because being a Kodi user you can opt for VPN services that operate from users-friendly countries.

The Kodi users can select any VPN service that suits their online demands from the above- mentioned list. Hence, they can continue streaming their preferred TV shows, movies and much more instantly.

How Kodi Users can Bypass ISP Throttling to obtain Net Neutrality

Kodi users must remember that their ISPs can throttle their network speeds. If you receive phrases from your ISP such as we are managing network traffic. A strong likelihood suggests that your ISP is slowing down your internet connection bandwidth deliberately.

If Kodi users want to bypass ISP throttling problems hassle-free, they are bound to use a VPN. By doing so, they can practically implement the notion of net neutrality straightaway. After connecting to their preferred VPN services, their internet traffic will be passed through dedicated servers.

As a result, the Kodi users can mask their IP addresses and prevent ISPs from tracking your Kodi streaming activities. Moreover, Kodi followers can avail bandwidth control tactic to bypass ISP monitoring and throttling problems.

Methods Kodi Users can deploy to tackle FCC’s Net Neutrality Repealing Plan

Fortunately, the Kodi fans can use other approaches to safeguard their online privacy from the impacts of FCC’s net neutrality repealing initiative. Through these methods, Kodi users can overcome problems like slow speed connection, online restrictions, and limited access. These methods are:

  • Proxy
  • DNS
  • TOR


A proxy enables Kodi fanatics to unblock and access their desired websites by using alternate IP addresses. This is how you can explore the internet after attaining online anonymity. Kodi users must make sure to use encrypted proxies because not all proxies offer encryption.



DNS (Domain Name System) allows the Kodi fans to match the names of their preferred websites without any hassle. This approach uses domain names along with IP addresses that enable the Kodi users to write the popular domain names. It also assigns and maps the domains names through authoritative name servers of each name to the internet resources.



TOR provides the required online freedom to the Kodi users instantly. This concept bounces the internet traffic of Kodi users with different nodes. Thus, ISPs of the Kodi lovers are unable to trace the online activities of their subscribers.


Net Neutrality Pros for Kodi Users

Kodi users should consider different benefits of net neutrality notion in detail. Here is the list of advantages Kodi users may find after applying net neutrality by practical means. The list of benefits consists of:

  • Kodi users may stream content of different services through add-ons
  • Kodi lovers do not need to subscribe to any streaming service to watch their desired content
  • Kodi users can bypass the issues of ISP surveillance through VPN

Net Neutrality Cons for Kodi Users

Surprisingly, net neutrality can also affect the Kodi users in an adverse manner. Here is the list of disadvantages Kodi users may anticipate in the form of:

  • Kodi fans may not obtain a higher internet speed due to low broadband infrastructure development
  • If Kodi streamers are using low bandwidth, they have to subsidize the power users

Wrapping Up

We expect that users will be able to maintain their online privacy through our guide on how net neutrality is affecting Kodi users. This is because Kodi fans will anticipate a huge online privacy challenge as FCC abolishing the net neutrality rules.

Therefore, Kodi users have to use a VPN since it allows them to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and much more straightaway. Moreover, they are able to mask their online locations when they connect to VPN services to stream content on Kodi.

If you find issues while streaming content on Kodi or want to know more about net neutrality, you can share your valuable feedback with us in the comments section below.