Unblock Websites in Kuwait with 5 Best VPNs to Gain Internet Freedom

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Kuwait is considered as the only Middle Eastern country that is progressing by leaps and bounds in IT. It has a relatively strong IT network (than any other country in the Middle East at least). Yet, it restricts and limits access to many websites for viewership in Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti government seems unyielding in its stance of blocking content which it thinks is “unsuitable” for the masses. The nature of reasons may vary from political to religious. The bitter reality is that Kuwait is one of the enemies of a world with a free and limitless internet.

Unblock Websites in Kuwait
The above picture suggests Kuwait is considered as one of the Black Holes for Internet


Unblock Websites in Kuwait

Due to several reasons, many websites have been blocked from viewership in Kuwait. If you are travelling or living in Kuwait, it might be difficult for you to access some of the websites that are easily accessible in other regions. However, if you wish to access the contents online you can do so by connecting through a VPN for Kuwait.

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A VPN for Kuwait will help you bypass geo-restrictions and limitations set on/by certain websites. It will unblock anything in Kuwait and will enable you to access the contents of the blocked websites. It cloaks your original IP address with one of its IP addresses – from which the contents can be viewed without any difficulty.


Freedom of Internet in Kuwait

Keeping Kuwait’s IT progress in mind, one must wonder about the freedom provided to the internet users. Sadly, the reality is far more different and heart wrenching for regular internet users in Kuwait. They are faced with constant challenges of not being able to surf and stream “whatever” they want.

Anything that is deemed to hurt the sentiments of the region’s Muslim majority or classifies as an insult to Islam is strictly prohibited and banned. Similarly, anything seems to be criticizing the government is strictly banned and punishable by law.

Online surveillance does not help the case either. All the activities of the users are monitored by the Kuwaiti government. Many scholars, politicians, writers and journalists have been punished for expressing their views freely on social media.


Victims of Punishment in Kuwait in Last Two Years

If you wish to express your opinions and views about religion (particularly Islam) and politics, Kuwait is not the right place for you. In the past two years, two individuals have been the subject of punishment for their views on Twitter.

A Kuwaiti journalist received a sentence of two years in prison in 2013. He had allegedly tweeted about the Emir of Kuwait which was considered as a derogatory remark against the head of the state. Similarly, arrest warrants were issued for a novelist last month because she had “insulted Saudi Arab” on Twitter.

Here are two tweets to give you a better understanding of censorship in Kuwait and the general sentiment that prevails about censorship over there.


Why You Need a VPN in Kuwait?

The Virtual Private Networks or VPNs help you access all the contents of the blocked websites in the region. If you are in Kuwait and you want to express yourself on social media freely, it is recommended for you to use a VPN for Kuwait.

A VPN will hide you from the eyes of spy agencies and cyber criminals and it will give you access to all the websites that are not available for viewership in Kuwait. If you are a US or UK resident and want to get access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Vudu, BBC iPlayer or Absolute Radio, you will need a VPN to do so. It will also give you access to VoIP websites in Kuwait. You also need a VPN in other gulf countries; see the top 5 VPNs for Oman here.



Downloading Torrents with VPNs in Kuwait

Generally the ISPs in Kuwait are supposed to let the government know about all the online activities of the users. This is done to implement the process of surveillance at the grass root level. In recent years, the government of Kuwait has started a crackdown on all the websites providing torrents for downloading.

But with a VPN for Kuwait, you can download all the torrents at faster speeds. Not only will you be able to download whatever you want but you will also enjoy the luxury of being able to do so while remaining anonymous and hidden from the eyes of ISPs and other spy agencies.


Author’s Recommendation

Even though Kuwait has been growing phenomenally in the field of IT, it is yet to adopt a liberal policy on internet censorship. It has very strict internet censorship policies and refrains the users from accessing the contents which it thinks are not in the best interests of the state and the people.

However, it is not all that hard for those who use VPNs in Kuwait to unblock websites. They use VPNs for Kuwait to bypass all the geo-restrictions and limitations in order to access, stream and download content with complete online privacy and security.

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