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It is no longer news that the last season of one of the most popular TV series will air on April 14, 2019. Even if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, you’d still know that!

The exceptionally well produced HBO show has millions of fans all over the world. On record, last season’s finale had a viewership of 16.5 million. With such hype for season 8, imagine how crazy the figures would be for the last season.

If you love the Game of Thrones, Canada is the best place to watch its last season as it’s so cold it reminds us of the series, but it also hosts channels that show GoT.

Game of Thrones Viewership over the Years

With an average viewership of more than 30 million per episode worldwide, this time Game of Thrones is all set to reach even higher viewership. This is due to the hype created by season’s final season.

However, over the years, Game of Thrones has an increase in viewership. According to Neilson Media Research, the average viewership per episode in the US has gone up throughout the seven seasons.

The viewership was 2.52 million per episode in season 1 in the US and has gone up to 10.26 million per episode in season 7, with the finale churning out the highest ever number, breaking all records.


Which Channels will be Broadcasting Game of Thrones?

There are 31 different ways to watch GoT online. Below are some of the channels that will be Broadcasting Game of Thrones in Canada.

  1. Sky Atlantic
  2. Crave
  3. Sky Go
  4. Now TV
  5. Hotstar
  6. HBO
  7. DirecTV NOW
  8. Foxtel
  9. HULU
  10. Amazon Prime

How to Watch Game of Thrones in Canada?

Well, unlike other countries, there are options in Canada to watch GoT. The 10 ways mentioned in the earlier section are some of the best channels you can use. However, do note that geo-restrictions will be a problem if you are not located in the region where the channel is based.

Using a VPN service, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions, making it appear to the company that you are in a different location as you connect to a countries server.

In simple words, you could be thousands of miles away from the United States, let’s say Austria and yet connecting to an American server would make it appear to the website that you are in America.

This is how you bypass geo restrictions!

To help you out, I have complied a list of VPN providers that offer numerous servers in locations across the world and deliver exceptional performance.

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Watch Game of Thrones in Other Countries

Many of the streaming services are available only for US viewers. Hence, I have provided ways to watch in different countries separately:

Watch Game of Thrones in Different Devices

Game of Thrones can be seen in different devices. I have mentioned some popular devices below:

Watch Game of Thrones in Different Streaming Services

Here I have listed some streaming services that will show Game of Thrones directly on your device:

Wrapping up!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the final season, of perhaps the worlds most viewed television series. The methods listed in this guide will help you stream all the episodes no matter where you are in the world.

Let us know your predictions for the show’s end in the comments section below!