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81 Best Kodi Addons for *January 2018* Working List for Krypton 17.6

Attention Kodi Users!!

Streaming without a Kodi VPN can get you in trouble. Moreover, you’d find many Kodi add-ons blocked due to geo-restrictions such as Covenant. Kodi users get a special discount of 81% on Best Kodi VPNKodi VPN

Best Kodi Addon Users Asked to Follow a Key Advise from Kodi

Wide popularity of Kodi as a TV player has surged over the years, and now the figures have reached up to 30 million Kodi users. As millions started streaming content online, they are becoming an easy target for cybercriminals.

Kodi, in their recent statement asked Kodi users to keep their Kodi player updated to reduce possible security risks. Kodi Krypton 17.6 is the newest version of Kodi that has no security bugs.

Unleash Hours of Non-Stop Fun With Top Addons For Kodi 17.6

Kodi lovers get prepared! Fans can now say farewell to 2015’s outdated and obsolete addons, and equip themselves with the best Kodi addons of 2018. These addons will help you cut the cord and ensure top-notch entertainment experience with live streaming, online gaming, sports broadcasting and much more. However, geo-restrictions and copyright infringement can be very pesky and create hurdles while streaming. Find out why Kodi VPN is necessary for addons?

For users’ ease, we have conducted in-depth research & evaluation to come up with following best Kodi addons of January 2018. These best live TV addons for Kodi will deliver a full dose of entertainment with tons of movies, TV shows, live TV broadcasts, sports and much more. We have compressed our top 81 Kodi add-ons list in the order of their respective categories. Kodi users may find it easier to scroll down the categories and choose the best Kodi Krypton addons 2018 for their liking.

Best Kodi Addons Table of Content

  1. New Kodi Addons
  2. Kodi Addons for Movies
  3. Best kodi xbox one add-ons
  4. Kodi Addons for Live TV
  5. Kodi Addons for Sport
  6. Kodi Video Add-ons
  7. Kodi Addons for Android
  8. Add-ons for Music
  9. Best Anime Addon on Kodi
  10. How to Install Kodi Add-ons

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Covenant Add-ons (Exodus Replacement) Still the Most Popular Kodi Add-on for January 2018

For a second month running, Covenant makes it to the top of our list and is the most popular Kodi addon for January 2018. One of the reasons for its popularity is because it is the perfect replacement of Exodus, as the later went down for many Kodi users.

Covenant is formed by the same team of developers that introduced Exodus and offers similar categories and search feature. Covenant can be found in the Kodil Repository. Here is the list of the best Kodi repositories with their setup guides.

To find out which is the best Kodi add-on for January , we collected trends and data from many different websites including Google Trends, Kodi communities, Facebook groups, and some other communities. The results were extraordinary and at the same time most captivating. Covenant add-on came out on top.

Most Popular Kodi Addon of January 2018

Why is Covenant the most popular Kodi addon?

Despite the Colossus Repository shutdown that hosted Covenant Kodi, it is still our choice as the most popular Kodi addon. Covenant can now be found in the Kodil Repository and keeps the media content updated. It still beats all other addons by a country mile and reigning our charts as the best Kodi addon for January 2018.

But why does it lies as the best Kodi addon? Perhaps the answer lies in its extensive content library. With popular TV shows and movies to choose from, Covenant offers a wide variety of media to stream online. You can watch movies such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League on Covenant. Similarly, it also hosts latest TV shows such as Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Dark, and so much more. You can use the following guide: Install Covenant on Kodi for longer entertainment.

As we look at statistics, Poseidon Kodi is getting closer to steal the spot from Covenant on Kodi. Since the launch of Poseidon add-on 6 months back, it has been consistent in providing the latest media content in HD quality. However, if geo-restrictions and copyright infringement start possing a problem, consider using a VPN service.

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Top Kodi Addons 2018 List

*We tested all the Kodi addons mentioned below and are working perfectly as of January, 2018.
To give you a quick overview of the best Kodi addons, here are our top 11 addons that will offer unlimited content for streaming:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Neptune Rising
  4. Fantastic
  5. Oculus
  6. Uncoded
  7. Gurzil
  8. Poseidon
  9. Strictly HD
  10. Bob Unleashed
  11. Genesis Reborn

Important Note: Some of these add-ons may not be officially supported by Kodi. You can try out alternate add-ons or check the complete list of supported add-ons on Kodi’s official website. Some of these addons might also be Geo-Restricted, which means they may not work in some regions. You will need a VPN before installing these add-ons. We have picked out the best in the industry which support Kodi.

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal

New Kodi Add-ons

New Kodi add-ons are less-likely to get noticed by the law enforcement agencies and therefore survive for a longer period of time. As a result, latest Kodi add-ons are more powerful than its predecessor add-ons in maintaining their activity. Check out our latest Kodi add-ons.



The new repository has surfaced in our midst and is known as the Illuminati Repo that brings an extraordinary video add-on called Matrix. It is a Live IPTV add-on with various Live TV channels including live sporting events. However, you need to install SportsDevil Kodi add-on when streaming live sports.


Diamond Cinema


Diamon Wizard repository brings Kodi users with an elegant yet full of entertainment Kodi addon that includes section such as cinema, horror, music, urban, and more. These are the sections for movies and the streams are pulled from YouTube. It is also available in the Legion World TV Repo.




Prometheus Kodi add-on is a video add-on with sections of Movies, TV Shows, TV Networks, and Kids Movies. It also has a Trakt section where you can stream videos at high definition without any buffering issues. Although, this add-on does give you option to stream either in SD or in HD mode.


Fido Video


Fido Video has been completely revamped into a new exciting Kodi add-on that features Movies, TV Shows, Stand-up comedy, fitness section and so much more. The highlighted part of this add-on is its Kids section that contains many cartoons and kids movies. This add-on can be found in the Fantazy Repository.



Best kodi addons Placenta

Blamo Repository keeps on bringing more and more Exodus and Covenant forks. This time, it has managed to offer Kodi users with yet another Covenant fork, Placenta. This Kodi add-on shows you free copyright material such as Movies and TV Shows without delay. If you have already installed Blamo Repository, then be sure to add Placenta on your list.



BritFlix Best Kodi addons

BritFlix Kodi add-on is exclusive for British fans present all around the world. With BritFlix, British fans can watch their favorite TV Shows and all the live streaming channels that are aired in Britain alone. It further offer Movies and Documentaries that you can view all day long without getting bored. This addon can be found in the Bizzle Builds Repository.


NetStreams Sports Hub

NetStreams Sports Hub Best Kodi addons

Stream Army repository brings yet another sports streaming add-on with all the live sporting events. NetStreams Sports Hub is a hub for all the live streaming sports channel from around the world that brings you great entertainment. Some of the sports section include Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, and so much more. Not until recently it received a new update that features many more sports section.




Kodi addons Oculus

Oculus Kodi is another great add-on. From the new Trademark Repository comes a Movies and TV Shows addon for your longer entertainment hours. These movies and TV shows are separated into new movies section, popular section, top rated section, and so on.



Bandicoot Vids

Kodi addons Bandicoot
Anyone who loves watching Music concerts from different musicians around the world, can now install Bandicoot Kodi add-on for live viewing. This add-ons additionally shows live sporting events and also runs YouTube and contains classical movies.




Best Kodi addons Uncoded

Uncoded is yet another Covenant fork and contains all the latest Movies and TV Shows that you adore. It can be found in its own repository i.e. Uncoded Repository, but the good things about this add-on is that it comes with no throttling or logs.




Best Kodi addons SpinzFlix

SpinzFlix comes from Spinz TV Repository that main includes Movies, TV Shows, Kids section, and Urban. It will provide you with both SD and HD links according to your internet connection.




Project M

Kodi addons Project M

Project M is a new Kodi add-on and has already become the master of all Kodi addons as it offers everything from Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live IPTV, and Music. However, the Live IPTV section is geo-restricted.





Best Kodi addons Stealth

Stealth is a new Kodi addon that can be found in the Merlin Repository and has sections for Movies, TV Shows, IPTV Channels, and documentaries. If you just want to laugh it out, it also have stand-up comedy section available.




Universe Addon

Best Kodi addons Universe addon

Universe addon has a unique combination of Movies where it consists of 3D Movies, Bollywood Movies, HD Movies, Kids, and so forth. You will find this add-on hassle-free as you only be needing to click once while playing any movie.



NetStreams Sports Hub

Kodi addons Netstreams Sports Hub

It is Brettus Repository that hosts NetStreams Sports Hub add-on featuring Cricket, Football, Rugby, and other sports. It has a separate section of watching American Football (NFL) and American Basketball (NBA) that you can watch live with NetStreams Sports Hub addon.




Kodi addons Bubbles

Bubbles is a free Movie and a TV Show addon that offers free links for watching video content and as well as a paid version through Real Debrid. It also has a Bubbles Wizard that can pop-up in the start for Kodi users.





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Best kodi xbox one add-ons

Kodi was previously called XBMC (XBox Media Center), meaning that it was initially developed for Xbox One. However, since it took a broader perspective and changed its name to Kodi. Here are a few add-ons that work well with Xbox One:

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising Best Kodi addons

Neptune Rising is yet another Exodus and Covenant fork for XBox users that comes from Blamo Repository. It is a video add-on that shows Movies and TV Shows on-demand in HD quality. Further, the reason why it makes a best Kodi add-on is due to its many links and sources for a movie than you would ever find for Covenant and Exodus.



Rebirth Best Kodi addons


Rebirth Kodi add-on is identical to Exodus add-on which was once a popular third-party addon for Kodi. XBox users will now experience the same feel as Windows, Android, and Mac users have been feeling for many years. It will bring you Movies and TV Shows for free which is worth a try for XBox users.




Best Kodi addons Fsociety

Fsociety Kodi add-on offers much more than Movies and TV Shows, but it also offers documentaries, short films, music, and so much more. It comes from the Looking Glass Repo and plays videos in both SD and HD quality.



Bollywood Movies and Shows Add-ons

Seems like the wish list of all the Bollywood fans has come true. After considerable research, we collected some of the finest Kodi add-ons that features Bollywood movies and TV shows. Check them out below:




Viewster Kodi add-on brings you all the latest Bollywood Movies and TV Shows in one domain. It further lets you see the synopsis of the movie along with its genre. It has a list of popular genres listed that will give you an idea which category you need to watch beforehand.



Snag Films


SnagFilms is a hub for Bollywood movies and TV shows where you can see a long list of categories in this Kodi add-on. Alongside Bollywood entertainment content, you will also find African movies, Korean dramas, and so much more with SnagFilms.






OmniMovs is a perfect blend for Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Kodi users wanting to watch latest Bollywood movies, now has the best option as a Kodi add-on. Although it still lacks with Bollywood TV Shows section, but it still worth a try to use this add-on.



Premium Kodi Add-ons

It is always tough to spend money on something you can get it for free. However, premium Kodi add-ons are unlike any of the add-ons because it features premium channels that cannot be offered for free even on Kodi. Here are the list of Premium Kodi add-ons:

Vader Streams


Vader Stream is probably the best premium Kodi add-on as it features over 100s of premium channels including HBO, Hulu, AMC HD, and others. On top of that, it further shows PPV events such as Boxing and UFC with only $10.83 a month. Who wouldn’t to pay a price that low? If you do that, Kodi users will be saving up to $140 when paying for cable services.


Nemesis Kodi add-ons


Nemesis covers normally every media content there is, but it comes with a price. This Kodi add-on has a section that goes by the name ‘Real-Debrid’ which is a Kodi player that downloads torrent. For 6 months, it charges €16 and promises to offer smooth viewing of video without countering any buffering issues.



Players Klub


Players Klub Kodi addon is designated to provide you with live sporting and PPV events that occur throughout the year. It further offers a complete list of IPTV channels including the ones that are premium. Although you may not find good video quality for those premium channels, but it still worth something than nothing, and it wouldn’t cost you much.


Maintenance Tool Kodi Add-ons

If you’re managing a free open-source software such as Kodi, you’ve got to have a maintenance tool Kodi add-on that will clear all the cache, delete thumbnails and packages, and back-up your Kodi data. Here are the best maintenance tool Kodi add-ons:

Backup – Backup and Restore Kodi


One of the main issues surrounding Kodi users is to back-up their Kodi software whenever a new Kodi version is introduced. Backup Kodi add-on not only lets you install the latest version of Kodi that is available, but it also restores all of your add-ons, Builds, Wizards, that were accessible to you in previous version.



Merlin Wizard


Merlin Wizard comes from the Merlin repository which is a perfect Kodi add-on when it comes to clearing cache and deleting thumbnails and packages. Merlin Wizard speeds up your video streaming and enhances your streaming experience. It is definitely a Kodi buffering killer, the one you will most probably install. Visit how to install Merlin Wizard on Kodi.



Library Auto Update


This Kodi add-on will make your life easier. First, it keeps your Kodi media library updated which means it will add new movies and TV shows in your library. Second, it will delete all the links and sources that are currently not working, or not accessible. As Kodi users, we find various links for movies that doesn’t work. This is the time to remove them once and for all.


Best Kodi Add-ons for Football

Watching football leagues that are happening around the world is most desired by football fanatics. Kodi add-ons that are featured below brings you live football action, highlights, and expert opinions before and after the match. So make sure you get all of these add-ons.

Sports World


Sports World Kodi add-on offers more than just live football matches. It is the home for all types of sports including NFL matches. Its interface is designed on the basis of sports categories where football is located at the top. You can view matches from all the leagues from the option, or select channels that features your respective football match.


Channel Pear


Channel Pear is an unusual, yet the most entertaining Kodi add-on. Upon installing this add-on, you will find that its completely empty. You can add channels onto Channel Pear add-on through Channel Pear website. You can select any football channels from its website and then sync the channel on your Kodi. This way you can watch live football and so much more.



Elektra Vault


Elektra Vault add-on is especially dedicated to watching live sports where it has a separate section which shows only live matches. This add-on is frequently updated with latest matches. You can also watch highlights if you have missed an important football match with this add-on.



Geo-Restricted Add-ons

Any add-ons that are geo-restricted most likely requires a Kodi VPN to air channels across different countries. It protects your privacy and also your internet activity. Here is our list of best geo-restricted add-ons:

Maverick TV

Maverick TV- kodi addon

Maverick TV may not be considered as a new add-on but it has currently shown a resounding increase in its popularity. It shows World IPTV channels, live sports, movies, and documentaries, and so much others but with a use of a Kodi VPN. Maverick TV has its own repository from where you can download.




Stream Hub Kodi Addon

StreamHub is the replacement of the famous Live Hub Kodi add-on that was found in the StreamHub repository. However, its replacement add-on has done a decent job in maintaining a good viewer traffic. Since it also possesses a famous built-in add-on ‘Mobdro’ that offers live TV channels from around the world, therefore it requires a Kodi VPN to stream any channel that is present outside your country.



Best Kodi Video Add-ons

If you want watch videos online, then Kodi provides the perfect solution. Using the best Kodi video addons, you can stream unlimited amount of videos.

Plex Kodi Add-on

Plex has recently announced it new Kodi add-on that will be available for Kodi users. Plex, an ultimate video streaming experience will bring a fitting collaboration with its long-time competitor Kodi. After downloading the zip file, connect to the Plex Server and start streaming movies and TV shows.
Note: To overcome Geo-Blocked content safely and to stream all Plex Channels with unlimited entertainment you must need a Plex VPN




When Exodus developers bid farewell to their add-on, many Exodus forks came into existence, where Gurzil is one of them. Gurzil is not just any other Exodus fork, but it also functions the same as Exodus. It has all the latest links and sources available for streaming video content. Install Gurzil from this guide

Reddit addon for kodiReddit is a massive community where people from all over the world can interact. It contains multiple subreddits (or categories) of different topics. Using addon, you can stream any video from Reddit on Kodi. This is one of the best Kodi video add-ons because Reddit hosts millions of videos each day. Hardcore followers can search, play, add or remove video directly on Kodi.




Flixanity is the new face in the Kodi world for video add-ons category. It offers its viewers with a pleasant experience of streaming new movies and TV shows with an extremely easy-to-use interface. It sure is one of the best Kodi add-on to watch videos competing with Covenant. Install Flixanity using this step-by-step guide.



Best TV Addons for Kodi

If you enjoy binge-watching popular television series such as DareDevil, The Flash, Arrow, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, or any other show, then these Kodi addons are for you. Here’s the list of the best TV addons for Kodi 2018, make sure to get them all:



USTVNow is a widely adapted Kodi addon and requires a subscription from USTVNow official website. The addon offers relatively fewer channels at the moment (CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News), but it is ranked at top in the best Kodi addons for live TV due to its popularity in the United States. Install USTVNOW by this step by step guide.

Note: USTVNow requires account registration for Kodi streaming. You may sign up for a free account at the time of accessing USTVNow on Kodi. Also, USTVNow only accepts email address for signup, thus no social media registration is supported.


Ultra IPTV


Ultra IPTV is a haven for Kodi users that love to stream IPTV channels. This addon will air live sporting events, news channels, and movies from across the globe. Some of the channels remain to be geo-restricted for which you can use Kodi VPN, but regardless many other channels work just as fine.





Just like Mobdro Kodi add-on, Mobdina goes one step ahead as it features many live IPTV channels from US, UK, and Mexico. On top of that, it has different sections including Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, Music, and so much more. It can be found in the Playon Monkey Repository.





Streaming All The Sources (SALTS) is back after previously been shut down due to the disappearance of Fusion Repository. The team of developers has updated this add-on with new links and sources, and is now good to go for showing TV shows alongside movies to its viewers. Install SALTS from this tutorial.




Youtube Kodi Addon Youtube: Having over a billion of subscribers (almost one-third of overall world’s population), YouTube needs no introduction. Happily, Kodi fans can watch hours of favorite TV shows, movies and more media on Kodi with YouTube addon. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day




MetaliQ - Best TV Addons for Kodi MetalliQ is a preferred Kodi addon for movie enthusiasts and binge watchers. The popularity of MetalliQ lies on an impressive media library that features latest, popular, classical, most watched and best of the time movies. Also, MetalliQ offers various block buster hit TV shows and music streaming, thus offering a one-stop solution for premium entertainment.



BOB Unleash

BOB - Best TV Addons for Kodi  BOB is the new-age Kodi addon. After the departure of Phoenix, Blue and Valhalla, BOB has arrived with an amazing media library. Subscribers can find HD movies, huge music library and live TV bundled together in one Kodi addon. In addition, users can stream top-of-the-line TV shows and enjoy watching hours of top-rated IMDB movies on BOB. Install BoB from this guide



Best Kodi Addons For Movies

One of the most intriguing things about Kodi is that you can watch movies from multiple genres. From action movies to thriller, you name it. These Kodi addons offer latest movies along with popular classics. Make sure to grab all of the Kodi addons for movies:


Strictly HD


Strictly HD is another new Kodi add-on that has tons of features that matches top of the league add-ons i.e. Covenant and Bob Unleashed. As the name suggests, this add-on only features links and sources for videos that are HD quality or 1080p. It is by far the best option for Kodi users who watches nothing except for HD quality.





Triton Kodi add-on is another add-on that brings you movies and TV shows with HD links. This add-on keeps updated with all the new movies and TV shows that works. This add-on can be found in Soulless Build Repository.





Fantastic is an exact replica of Covenant and Exodus. It is a Covenant fork that is believed to become the replacement of Covenant by many. It has same features including the latest Movies and TV Shows. Kodi users can search their favorite videos through genre, popularity, and year. Fantastic Kodi Installation Guide.



Beau’s Place


Beau’s Place is an all-round Kodi add-on that features Live IPTV channels, Movies, TV Shows, and short documentaries. It also has a special feature that shows web cams of the most famous places around the world. Further, it features fitness videos and diet programs.



The Resistance


The Resistance Kodi add-on has just stepped foot into the Kodi world and has taken everyone by surprise. It is an exact replica of Exodus and Covenant add-on that airs movies and TV shows. It offers HD viewing and is continuously updated to provide Kodi users with the best streaming experience.



Genesis Reborn


As Genesis was shut down by law enforcement agencies, most of the viewers are unaware about the fact that Genesis was reborn by the name of Genesis Reborn. It has the same team of developers who were working to make Genesis add-on a success. This new add-on has all those features that Genesis originally had. Install Genesis using this step-by-step guide.





Covenant, the most popular Kodi add-on is the official replacement for Exodus. This add-on is much more stable than Exodus or any other movie add-ons and that is the reason why it has been ranked as most popular in the Kodi world. Follow this guide to install Covenant




Exodus-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Movies-1Exodus is a next generation Kodi addon, developed by Lambda. The addon has a sleek, simple and straightforward interface which resembles Netflix. Also, Exodus allows users to search media with an actor or actress name. With a lot to offer, Exodus enhances user streaming experience by supporting Real-Debrid, All-Debrid and IMDB. Here’s a guide of how to Install Exodus Kodi krypton 17.6 with XvBMC, TkNorris & Kodil Repo.





Poseidon can be counted as the best movie and TV add-on for Firestick users when they are using Kodi. It has a similar interface as Exodus or Covenant so it is simple to use. Another factor that makes this add-on great is its update media library. A Step by Step guide to Install Poseidon



SafeHouse Movie

safehouse-moviesSafeHouse Movies add-on may not have a huge popularity such as Exodus or Covenant, but it is sure worth it. Its media library is filled with old and new movies and are updated constantly so that no bad links are found by viewers




Film Emporium

Kodi addons Film Emporium

Film Emporium is a new introduction in the Dandy Media repository that plays Movies and Live IPTV Channels. Particularly, Film Emprium addon shows channels from US and UK. So any Kodi users who want to watch UK and US TV Channels can get Fil Emporium.




Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

When it comes to watching live television, Kodi has got you covered. There are different addons that you can use to stream live TV on Kodi, do check them all out:

Supra Box

Best Kodi addons Supra Box

Supra Box Kodi addon is mainly a live IPTV channel addon but it contains everything including Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and a lot of other sections. You can find videos in 1080p and in Ultra High Definition.





Kodi addons Picasso

Picasso is another all-in-one addon that literally got everything from Movies, TV Shows, to documentaries and sports. It also has an extensive music library and a many live IPTV channels to watch your favorite TV Show.




Halow Live TV


Halow Live TV is great add-on for sporting streams and live TV, but it has a much bigger media library than you imagine. It also has a movies, TV shows and Kids section which is also popular amongst Kodi viewers. Further, it also features radio programs but you require a Kodi VPN.



cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a cloud-based Kodi addon which offers channels from community streams around the globe. But due to nature of addon, channels are provided from different regions in different languages. Subscribers can watch sports, news and documentaries using cCloudTV live TV addon for Kodi.



TuneIn Radio

Tuneln-Radio-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Live-TVTuneIn Radio serves music lovers who prefer live radio broadcast instead of on-demand music. Once installed on Kodi, the TuneIn Radio addon allows listeners to access numerous radio stations and podcasts with just a single click. Moreover,  listeners get an option to listen news broadcasts, debates, sports, and news with TuneIn Radio.



Best Kodi Addons For Live Sports

There are numerous sports events taking place as we speak. However, it’s not possible to watch these event live. But, if you have these addons for Live Sports, you can enjoy your favorite sporting events on Kodi in an instant:



Atom is a complete Kodi add-on with a massive library. Its library contains new movie releases, live IPTV channels, live sports, and kids zone. It has a separate section for Real Debrid users who could log in and stream channels without buffering. This new add-on can be found in Supremacy Repository.



Stream engine


Stream Engine also known as “Way to non-stop entertainment” is one of its kind. With well organized categories for sports, TV shows, hit movies, Stream Engine provides superior entertainment experience to users. In addition to this, viewers get an option to stream various channels including Discovery, ESPN, Sky Sports, NBA TV and more.





Deliverance is a new Kodi add-on that has gained popularity in the midst of all the chaos when SportsDevil and Castaway Sports add-on went down. Deliverance was introduced at the right time and has gained a good lead in the sports add-on category. It has a massive library for highlight of previous matches, but it is famous for its live sports.



Rising Tides


Rising Tides is another product of a genius where you can find so many sports channels which allows you to watch live PPV events. This is an add-on which is not known by many Kodi users, but since the downfall of big sports add-on, it has accelerated to the top.



Best Kodi Add-ons For Firestick

Amazon Firestick offers illustrious content for entertainment. And, if you add Kodi to Firestick, your entertainment experience reaches a new level. With these Kodi addons for Firestick, you can use the service at its full potential:

HEVC Video Club


HEVC Video Club has been around for many years and is renowned for its movies and TV sections. It is without a doubt a best Kodi add-on for Firestick users because of its various features offered and a massive media library.




FTV - Best Kodi Addons For Firestick

FTV also known as FilmOnTV is a UK based alternative to USTVNow. The addon holds a massive on-demand entertainment library, offering sports, horror, comedy and much more. The FTV addon however requires a FilmOn account for using the recording feature.



Best Kodi Addons for PPV

Kodi allows you to enjoy various pay-per-views (PPV) live online. The below listed addons are the best when it comes to streaming PPV from anywhere:

Planet MMA


Planet MMA, previously UFC Finest is the place where you could view UFC pay-per-view fights, highlights, old matches, player face-off and so much more. This add-on was recently been closed for a while, but is now back again, and definitely worth your while.





VidTime is relatively a fresher among the list of Kodi sports & PPV addons. Being a fans favorite addon, VidTime offers live sports and events coverage. That said, VidTime provides exclusive coverage of NHL hockey, MLB basketball and UFC events to viewers. Moreover, VidTime provides USTV Right Now section, giving users an option to watch favorite gaming events in full 720p HD quality.



Kodi Addons Android

With Kodi installed on your Android device, you can enjoy unlimited online entertainment. These best Kodi addons for Android will allow you to enjoy live sports, popular movies, TV shows, and much more on the go:


iStream - Kodi Addons Android

Among top Kodi addons for live streaming is the iStream Kodi addon. With a wide range of offerings, iStream offers best of the time movies belonging to various genres,  box office hit films, highly rated movies, IMDB Top 250 titles and most voted films. Also, subscribers can watch all time favorite TV shows and latest TV series through TV shows and iWatch on iStream addon.



NAN Tutorials

NAN Tutorials - Kodi Addons AndroidNAN or Noobs and Nerds Tutorials is a brilliant Kodi addon for users of all levels. The addon aims to provide complete assistance and information about basics, FAQs, technical issues and installation across different platforms. In addition, users can find detailed information on about how to use Kodi on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Xbox and more platforms.



Football Repeat

Football Repeat - Kodi Addons Android  Football Repeat is one of the leading-edge Kodi addons that offers one-touch access to thousands of football matches. Football fans can find highlights and latest matches from Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Series A & Ligue 1 and many more. That said, Football Repeat is the preferred Kodi sports addon for football lovers around the world.



Best Kodi Add-ons for Kids

What could be the most fun time spent by your kids other than cartoons, movies, and TV shows that are targeted towards kids? Third-party add-ons for kids has all the latest and old cartoons including the list of informational movies to improve children’s rational reasoning.


CartoonsOn-addon for kodi

CartoonsOn add-on is a perfect blend for children and adults as it has old and new cartoons added in its media library. Further, it also contains movies on its database where it features animated movies for kids. Anyone who has kids must get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.



Cartoons Clown


Regardless of the name, Cartoons Clown is the best Kodi add-on for kids because this add-on is not restricted to cartoons or any animated stuff, but it also have movies and TV shows that attracts young crowd. Kids love this add-on due to its massive library and variety of content. It can be found in Super Repo and Kodil repository.



Best Kodi Add-ons for Fitness

Fitness is the key to success and that statement holds true on every occasion. Kodi fitness add-ons provides instruction details on health, exercises, diet tips, and so much more. All fitness addicts out there must look out for these add-ons.



BAMF TV is more than just a fitness add-on, but it offers a wide section of sports videos as well. In the fitness section, it contains tons of videos where fitness experts instruct viewers on how to perform exercises in a correct manner. These instructors also provide tips on the diet plans. So this is a perfect fitness add-on for beginners.




Best Kodi Add-ons for Music

A good music is a source of relaxation for mind and body. It releases the body from stress, and yet where can you find all the good music in one place? We listed some of the music add-ons that is worth your while.


Beatz addon for kodi

BeatZ is a massive music add-on with its extremely large music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The good thing about this add-on is its limited dependency on YouTube. It collects data from various different websites while it updates the add-on accordingly.



MP3 Streams


MP3 Streams has been around in Kodi world for a while and hasn’t done a bad job since. You can listen to specific music that you like if you have an experience with selective music genres. For example, it has sub-categories in metal, rap, hip hop songs, that further divides into many categories and thus bringing you the specific song that you desire.



Best Anime Addon on Kodi

With movies and TV shows, you can also enjoy countless anime series on Kodi as well. To help you pick the best Kodi addon for anime, here are some addon you should try out:


AnimeGo-Top Kodi Addon for Anime

AnimeGo solely offers Anime shows and films, as the name suggests. Fans can find a full-fledge range of media along with a brilliantly designed layout. There are over 500 different anime series and movies available on AnimeGo. Therefore, with fast streaming speeds and various video quality to choose from, AnimeGo will curb all your cravings for some manga action. Best Anime Addon on Kodi 2017

Another popular Kodi addon to watch anime is If hosts over 700 different anime titles and offers fast playback in HD quality. You can use the addon to stream your favorite anime series, such as Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Naruto, Digimon, and others alike. We would highly recommend, as there are not many top Kodi addons for anime.



How to Install Kodi Add-ons

Here are the generic steps that are highlighted to install any Kodi add-ons. Please follow the steps below:


Kodi Addons That Don’t Work Anymore

Now that you know about the latest and leading-edge Kodi addons, there’re few obsolete addons that don’t work anymore. Thus, we have created a list of addons that were highly praised and popular in past, but unfortunately you can’t stream any media on them today. Below is a list of addons that are unavailable or doesn’t work on Kodi:


KissAnime-Popular Kodi Addon for Anime

When it comes to finding a Kodi addon for anime, nothing beats KissAnime. It contains over 6,000 anime shows and movies, giving you ample content to stream on Kodi. You can choose from old anime shows to the latest series currently on air. KissAnime is well organized, as you can select your favorite anime based on popularity, release date, genre, or just browse through the list alphabetically. It also shows dubbed anime and is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming Japanese animation. A Guide to Install KissAnime


Ares Wizard


Ares Wizard requires no introduction as it still wanders the Kodi streets with its head held high. Ares Wizard has so many features, but a maintenance tool feature is missed by many. This add-on would automatically fix your Kodi buffering issues and would let your video run smoothly. This is a go-to Kodi add-on for most Kodi users. Visit how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi.



Ares Fitness


Ares Fitness add-on can be found under the popular Ares Project repository that has everything a fitness addict desire. This is probably the best Kodi add-on that consists of exercise workout videos, motivational videos, and a free lesson videos from the famous Billy Blanks and Jillian Michaels.




HD BOX is relatively a new addon for Kodi. As the name states, HD Box serves movie lovers who crave for superior playback format. Fans can watch popular, recent and most viewed movies in finest playback quality with HD BOX Kodi addon installed on Kodi.





Quantum add-on has recently been launched since the disappearance of the popular Sanctuary add-on. Sanctuary has ruled the Kodi world for many years by offering movies and TV shows on-demand. Currently, Quantum add-on is trying to meet the same expectation that was created by its predecessor. It is the new add-on which you ought to try this weekend.



UKTV Again


UKTV Again is a worth trying Kodi or XBMC addon for android. With offering top quality media, UKTV Again is a new edition of UKTV NOW. After installing UKTV Again on Kodi, subscribers can enjoy watching tons of traditional channels including abc, aMC, Animal Planet, Bravo, CBS, CNN, CW and Discovery Channel.  In addition to this, UKTV Again is far better than many XMBC addons in terms of speed and quality of media.




Best-Kodi-Addons-for-PPV-CastawayThe all new Castaway addon for Kodi is a suitable option to stream live sports and UFC  PPV events from your device on Kodi. Offering a range of media, Castaway provides streaming links from various sites including castalba, atdhenet, rojadirecta, zunox and much more. Subscribers get an option to watch numerous sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling and much more. Castaway is often considered as an alternative to SportsDevil.



Phoenix-Kodi-Addons-For-TV-ShowsPhoenix is ranked among the top addons for Kodi 2018 and offers an extensive range of media. The addon has many users worldwide and is constantly expanding media library. The reason behind massive popularity lies on Phoenix’s brilliantly designed media library, which offers thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news and much more. Install Phoenix from this guide.



Navi X


Navi-X prides itself on being a classy sports addon. Once installed, the addon gives access to various live sports streaming channels. Moreover, the addon features a catalog with most viewed programs in past 24 hours, which offers an elite entertainment experience to viewers.




TwitchTV- Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

Twitch TV is another well-acclaimed Kodi addon for gamers to stream live gaming matches from around the globe. With Twitch TV addon, subscribers get an option to watch best matches through featured stream option. Moreover, users get an option to follow after synching the addon with their Twitch account.





Vdubt25 is comparatively a fresher among the rest of Kodi addons. The addon allows viewers to watch live streams of popular TV shows. Also, users can watch documentaries and news from UK Live TV, USA Live TV and more channels with Vdubt25





Evolve stands as a modern Kodi / XMBC addon with a diverse range of offerings. The addon, when installed on Kodi, allows viewers to watch TV shows, music videos, workouts and much more. Evolve is widely known as an “all in one” addon for XMBC, due to nature of media it offers. Evolve is the most suitable pick for users who wish to watch media with broad spectrum.



CNET Podcasts

If you are into latest tech gadgets, want to know about upcoming trends, or need help in resolving certain issues, CNET Podcast is the best Kodi video add-on to get. It also contains videos on how to improve and enhance your life with technology.

 iPlayer WWW


iPlayer WWW is a TV addon for Kodi that allows you to stream shows from BBC iPlayer. You can also use the addon to play live or catch up TV. Do note that the addon is not an affiliate of BBC iPlayer but it you use it to stream TV shows such as Sherlock, Top Gear, Doctor Who, and much more.


When it comes to watching movies and TV shows, Zen is amongst the best addons to use. It offers latest shows, movies, cartoons, and much more to stream online on Kodi. Zen can easily go head to head with Exodus in terms of content library. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy unlimited entertainment, then Zen is a must have Kodi addon.


Veetle is a one-click solution to watch a diverse range of media on Kodi TV. Being one of the best Kodi addons, Veetle offers Marvel movies, Star Wars, episodes from Star Trek and much more. The addon stands as a top choice to kill time and stream latest movies and shows


Xmovies8 stands as a fans favorite addon for Kodi. It brings best of the time media directly from official website of Xmovies. The add-on has recently gone through some aesthetic changes and minor fixes to deliver the finest playback quality and delight to viewers. XMovies8 addon is a worth trying and offers all time hit moviesin HD quality.


NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra offers live sports, replays and highlights from best-of-the-time sports events. Not to forget, some of the sports events require NBC cable subscription. After installing NBC Sports Live Extra, users can watch favorite matches in HD playback quality through best Kodi addon.

UK Turk’s Playlist

  UK Turk is a leading-edge Kodi addon that offers a diverse range of media. At the moment, viewers can watch live streams of sports, EPL, comedy, documentaries, cartoons, movies and much more. In addition, being a true sports addon, UK Turk offers sports belonging to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more regions. That said, Kodi users can stream NFL matches in 720p quality.


SportsDevil is among one of the best Kodi addons for firestick. The addon however doesn’t compete with NBC Sports Live Extra, but still takes users’ streaming experience to next level with “free of cost” streaming. Moreover, SportsDevil doesn’t come as an official addon, thus requires Addon Installer to get installed.


Zem is a hit addon developed by Shanis. The addon aims to offer every bit live entertainment to viewers. Users can watch live sports though popular sports channel on Kodi including BT Sports, BeIN, TSN, Sky, Showtime and ESPN. Also, the addon is loved by sports enthusiast as it offers PPV events as well. In addition, Zem takes online entertainment to next level by offering leading dramas, movies and TV soaps of Pakistani and India.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best live TV addons for Kodi 2018, you’re all set to witness hours of non-stop entertainment and action. However, there are more popular addons for Kodi out there, but this guide aims to cover the best Kodi addons for 2018. If you want to know about how to add channels on Kodi and stream geo-restricted channels then refer to our simple step-by-step guide of Kodi VPN

5 Best Android VPNs for 2018 (How to Setup Android VPN)

Google’s Android stands among the most popular operating systems in the world. Having over 1.4 billion active monthly users, Android OS has expanded its usage to Television, automobile entertainment, wear (watches), gaming console, camera, notebook, tablet and off course smartphones.

However, not to forget, with high usage come great threats. Read on to know how to protect yourself against the odds of cyber world with best android VPN of 2018. Moreover, this guide will assist you to configure android VPN settings on your device in simple steps.


  1. Best Android VPN
  2. Android VPN Setup

Android Vulnerabilities

The Android VPN plays an important role and combats the threats which suggest that Android is more vulnerable due to the open source nature and the extra attention it has drawn from cyber criminals on its rise to popularity.

When compared with other Smartphones, Android definitely comes under scrutiny due to the vulnerabilities that are found in it. Android holds the major chunk of the smartphone users and the hackers, knowing this, keep coming up with malware and viruses that can seriously hamper the security of the user.

Online Streaming Restrictions

The loopholes in Android’s security are not the only worrying factors for Android users. People use Android devices all over the world and access their favorite TV shows and movies on them. Unfortunately, most of the time, the access is restricted and one needs a “gate-pass” to access these shows and movies.

An Android VPN serves this cause. It unblocks the TV shows and movies that are confined for viewership in specific regions. It gives its users the access regardless of their geographical location, by cloaking their original IP address (and thereby cloaking the built-in country-code that are detected and used to restrict access).

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an online security tool that allows you to attain anonymity and privacy. Through a VPN, you are able to change your IP address. Thus, you can spoof your online location and circumvent the issue of region blocking instantly. Moreover, you can secure yourself from the eyes of ISPs, government agencies and hackers.

How does VPN Work on Android Devices?

A VPN works on Android by cloaking your data transmission on the internet with the help of encryption. It also channelizes your all data through a VPN server. As a result, the created network enables you to obtain multiple benefits those are enough to fulfill all your online needs.


Why do you need an Android VPN?

Android devices face greater risks than ever nowadays. The increasing cyber-attacks and hacking and phishing scandals have left users wondering if their devices will ever be truly safe anymore. This is where the best VPN for Android appears.

Using an Android VPN also provides you and your devices from being spied on by surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ. The tunneling and encryption that is a standard part of VPN provide you unrestricted access to websites and contents all over the world.

How to Choose the Best Android VPN

There is a certain guideline through which Android users can select the best VPN for Android. The first important factor is the strength of encryption provided by a VPN. The strength of VPN ensures how well you are protected.

The second factor includes the internet speed of the VPN. Many VPN providers wear down internet speed and that is the factor that you need to look out for. Another factor includes privacy policy of a VPN provider if it does stores your online activity.

The fourth factor is the availability and the number of servers in various locations. Lastly, you need to check on the price, or it offers any free-trial before you can subscribe to the VPN.

5 Best Android VPN Apps 2018

The VPN servers ensure that your Android devices are safe. There are thousands of threats on the internet, and battling them all at the same time is not only an uphill task but also requires a great amount of security work to be done.

We have evaluated and selected some of the finest VPN apps for Android. Check them out.

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal

PureVPN for Android


PureVPN is one of the best VPN for Android. However, it is not a free VPN for Android. PureVPN offers outstanding features at affordable price. In addition, this VPN for Android promises enticing additional features along with the basic functions that fulfill your needs of having an Android VPN.


Here are some of PureVPN’s salient features:


NordVPN for Android

NordVPN-for-AndroidNordVPN is a Panama based VPN service that follows strictly no logging policy. The service is compatible with all the major platforms including Android. It is another best VPN for Android you can use on your Android devices. Here is the list of features you can consider:


IPVanish for Android


IPVanish, with its geographically dispersed vpn server network, is also a viable alternative to consider. In addition, this Android VPN allows you to choose from diverse feature-rich package plans. You can currently avail 20% discount on all IPVanish packages via our campaign.


However, it does not offer free VPN settings for Android mobile. Here is the list of features I Vanish provides:

Private VPN for Android


Private VPN is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The service is currently offering its services in 52 countries with 55 servers worldwide. If you do not know, which is the best VPN for Android, you can think about Private VPN. The service provides following list of features. These are:

Ivacy VPN for Android

Ivacy VPNIvacy is the best Android VPN as it has a user-friendly interface which is easy even for new users to log-in and change their server location. Once you have subscribed to Ivacy, you can stream anything, from anywhere. Additionally, it has features mentioned below:

CyberGhost for Android


CyberGhost is another VPN that you can try as an Android VPN to secure your devices. The provider is currently offering its services in all the leading countries of the world through 1000+servers.  If you want to know how to setup VPN for Android free, you can opt for CyberGhost VPN.


The provider offers distinct salient features like:

Express VPN for Android


Express VPN is one of the best VPN for Android that can be recommended for an Android device. With Express VPN’s geographically dispersed servers, you not only breakthrough all restrictions but also hide behind numerous random IPs.

Express VPN protects your data and offers absolute anonymity, making your Android device invulnerable to hacks, surveillance, and unauthorized assaults. Moreover, the service offers best VPN settings for android devices. Here is the list of benefits that ExpressVPN offers and these are:


HideMyAss for Android


HideMyAss is at second spot of 5 best Android VPNs. HideMyAss has earned this spot because of its rigid server network but couldn’t be considered number 1 choice due to its higher price. Here are some significant features representing HideMyAss Android VPN.


Ironsocket for Android


Ironsocket provides ultimate security to your Android devices and it is one of the best VPNs to be equipped with. It has a strong support for various tunneling protocols and provides good encryption to ensure your data is free from all sorts of malware. Here are some of the salient features of c:


Best Free VPN for Android Devices

There are so many VPN providers some are Premium VPNs with extra benefits and features and some are providing free VPN services to secure your Android devices.

Secure your Android devices by best VPN services either it is free or paid.

Here we got the list of Best Free VPN for Android to secure yourself while streaming online on your Android Devices.

What is a VPN App for Android?

A VPN app for Android is similar to the Windows or macOS app, but it has a simple interface which is easy-to-use. It is of a lighter weight but contains all the features that are available in Desktop VPN app.

VPN app for Android for any VPN provider can be downloaded from Google Play Store in a regular way as any other app for Android. For some VPNs, there are apk file to manually install VPN apps.

What Can a VPN Do for Android?

The best Android VPN app can do everything just like any other VPN app that are downloaded on desktop. Most importantly, a VPN app for Android protects you from hackers while using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Further, it can hide your location and change your IP address to another country whichever you like. Changing your location may further help you unblock streaming content websites such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and so much more.

A VPN for Android further allows you to stream video content safely through Torrents. Although VPNRanks do not encourage viewing copyright material, but if you ever happen to experience viewing Torrents, then we recommend you to choose from our 5 best VPN for Torrenting.

How to Setup Android VPN

A VPN service can be installed and set up on your Android device in many ways, but we have listed the easy method via Google Play Store. Follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Select any best Android VPN from the table listed above

Step 2: Open your Android device

Step 3: Go to Google Play Store and search for the desired VPN provider

Step 4: Install the VPN app > Select servers > Enjoy internet freedom!

Can I Use a VPN with My Android Tablet?

Majority of Android Tablets work exactly as Android Phone since they have Google Play Store downloaded. You can an Android VPN for tablet by installing a particular VPN app from Google Play Store, as you do for Android phone.

However, there is an exception for Amazon Fire Tablets because there is an Amazon App Store instead of Google Play Store. In Amazon App Store, you will not find many VPN apps. Fortunately, we have ways to get you VPN app for Amazon Fire Tablet. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get an Android APK file for the particular VPN provider

Step 2: Sideload the VPN app

Step 3: Now download OpenVPN for Android

Step 4: Configure the VPN provider using OpenVPN configuration files

Step 5: Now root your Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 6: Now enjoy internet freedom after connecting to the VPN.

Why You Should Not Look Up to GooglePlay

Most of the Android users tend to look for the answers on GooglePlay whenever they are stuck at a point where selecting the best app for them becomes a difficult task. The VPNs, however, are a different ball game.

Searching for the VPN apps for your Android device will result in GooglePlay bombarding your screen with several VPN services (including the free ones) that are seriously going to hamper your device’s security.

The trick is, instead of searching for the right Android VPN on GooglePlay, start by looking up VPN service providers on Google – the search engine. Once you land at the VPN service provider’s page, confirm the number of servers that will be available to use on the Android device since many of the VPN service providers offer less servers on Android handsets.

Make sure that the VPN service provider follows professional procedures, shows you a lot about how the provider deals with its customers. You can also make the most of third party VPN review websites that provide you detailed and unbiased opinions and reviews of the VPN services.

Pay attention to the reviews by industry professionals as well as disgruntled users because both will provide you with valuable opinions.

Free VPN for Android Devices

Fortunately, you can use a free VPN on your Android devices hassle-free. However, not all the things are rosy with free VPN. This is because you cannot be sure of service quality and data privacy. Moreover, the services may sell your personal information to the marketers. Remember, if you are not paying for the product it means you are the product.

Stay Away from the free Android VPN Apps!

Even though we appreciate the hard works of the entrepreneurs, who are putting all their efforts in to make sure our data is safe. We cannot, however take risk on our online security by giving the hackers and malware a chance to sneak into our Android devices.


We always recommend our readers to opt for VPN services that are launched on a big scale with proper budgeting and work network. Opting for a proper VPN service will also save you a lot of trouble because you will have a corporate entity you can run to it; you experience any problems with your VPN service.

If we compare, a free VPN service  selection will leave you somewhat stranded with your problems and will make you something of a guinea pig for the app developer. You may also find yourself in a bizarre situation where you will be required to download and install the updates excessively to free your app from the bugs.

Manual VPN Settings for Android

Many VPN providers offer custom VPN clients for Android devices. However, some providers are yet to catch up with the pace of the VPN industry and need efforts from your end. If you select a VPN provider that has no client for Android, you can always go through this guide for manual VPN settings for Android.

How to manually configure an Android VPN

Therefore, without wasting any time further, we will tell you how to set up VPN on Android manually.

Android VPNs Built-in Client Setup Process

Select the protocol you want to use whilst setting up VPN on your android device. Following are the most common protocols that are offered by the latest Android firmware:

Based on the protocol you want to use; ask your VPN service provider to provide you with the respective following details:


Your VPN service provider might not provide you ALL of these elements but nevertheless make sure you ask for these elements (read: protocols) so that your VPN service provider knows that you are a VPN veteran who must be treated with care and respect. Android’s built-in VPN client offers PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec as standard protocols.

Right, so now begin the actual steps that will answer your question of how to set up VPN on Android.

Step 1 – Tap on ‘Settings’ on your Android device. The following will appear on your screen:


Step 2 – Tap on ‘More’ and the screen will reveal ‘Wireless & Networks’ under the settings tab.

Step 3 – ‘VPN’ will be the second option under the new “Wireless & networks” settings. Tap on it to set up a new profile.


Step 4 – Tap ‘VPN’ and you will see various options where you will be able to activate, add, edit and delete manual VPN configurations.


Step 5 – Tap on the ‘+’ on the top right corner of the screen. It lets you add a new manual VPN configuration. As you can see, the above screenshot represents a scenario in which no VPN configuration profiles have been added.

You can still add new configurations by tapping ‘+’ even if you have existing manually configured VPN profiles. That is, if you are not willing the existing configuration profile.

Step 6 – Now you will be required to select your desired VPN protocol in order to proceed further.


You can always consult the chart I placed at the beginning of the setup process to fully understand the working phenomenon of each protocol.

Step 7 – After having selected your desired protocol, tap on ‘Save’ so you can go back to the main VPN screen. Your newly created VPN configuration profile will now be visible to you.

Step 8 – The final stage requires you to tap on the configuration profile you just created. It will let you enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ (provided to you by your service provider) to establish your VPN connection successfully.


Remember! You can always edit or delete your created VPN profile by simply keeping your finger pressed on the VPN configuration profile you wish to edit or delete.

Check the VPN Service Providers before You Check the Android VPN Apps

When it comes to trusting a VPN service provider with your device’s security, it becomes absolutely essential that you have run a few background checks. Setting up VPN on Android definitely sounds like a good idea. Though, there are a few things that you need to consider before you install any Android VPN in your device.

First, check the pricing plans to see if the VPN service provider has different packages for its Android users. Some VPN service providers offer limited features when their services are used on smart phone devices and tabs. You may be restricted to access a selective number of servers, and your downloading can be limited up to 500MB or 1GB and many other problems.

Look for the Customer Support through Live Chat on the providers’ websites and grill them for details of the VPN service. If the Live Chat support option is not available then create a support ticket or fill in the queries form asking about various features and services that are available specifically to the Android users.

Google Play can be a risky place for getting an Android VPN app. You must be wondering, is this even possible? To tell you the truth, yes! There are many bogus Android software available on Play Store. They might look legitimate but in reality they contain malware and other malicious content. Therefore, it is better to check with VPN provider and download the app from the link provided on the website.

Do All the VPN Providers offer Android App?

No. Once you have set your eyes on a good VPN service provider, check if it provides a custom VPN client for Android users. If it is available, then it will most likely be free and you will also be able to download it from GooglePlay.

However, as discussed above many VPN service providers do not have an app for Android devices. If you come across such a provider, then it will need you to configure VPN manually on your Android device.

Exactly How Badly Does Your Android Need VPN

Android users are engulfed with threats on constant basis. The cryptographers and mobile phone security pioneers from across the world, in order to maximize the security of Android, were forced to develop the Blackphone – an Android phone.

An Android based phone designed and developed mainly for the purpose of ensuring the best online security for smart phone and tab users by taking the VPN services to the maximum limit.

People like you and me do not thrive on switching phones every month – but we can definitely increase their security by upgrading them with a VPN. We cannot compromise on our privacy by allowing others to sell and purchase it for monetary gains.

I suggest you to take back what rightly belongs to you and use a VPN before somebody sells your data without letting you know about it!

Why You Need a VPN Android App for Data Privacy

If you perform any of the below mentioned activities through your Android smartphone, chances are you need the absolutely best VPN Android app.

Since the Android OS is open-source, it comes as no surprise that despite the efforts of developers and engineers, it is still full of loopholes and vulnerabilities. An Android VPN app secures your device by encrypting your data traffic and covering the loopholes that are otherwise exposed to the hackers and other threats.

The VPN apps for Android enable you to connect the internet through any public/private WiFi connection knowing that nobody will ever be able to get hold of your data and hamper it.

Malicious Android Apps

The risk of downloading and installing a malicious application on Android is greater than iOS; because, Android applications are easily created and distributed.

Most Android software developers are un-trusted; yet, some naïve users, being too much complacent about their security, don’t even give a second thought to downloading and using these apps on their devices.

Do you remember “Flappy Bird”? Do you remember how it vanished from all trusted sites? It was one of the most viral apps to have ever come out. However, I bet you don’t know how many users ended up accessing un-trusted sites and downloading malware in their desperate search of “Flappy Bird Clone”.

Some of them did not end up well; and it was already too late when they found out that they had downloaded fraudulent software.

Android Security Loopholes

Not too long ago, researchers from Ben Gurion University found an Android security loophole. According to the latest research, Android ‘4.3’ security is vulnerable and welcomes spammers. Moreover, it also greeted phishers and Hackers with open arms.

Through this loophole, cyber-goons can bypass all security barriers and access your valuable information if there’s a malicious Android app installed on your device. However, security loopholes and malicious apps aren’t the only concerns Android users have to worry about.

The Need for Best Android VPNs

Android devices face greater risks than ever nowadays. The increasing cyber attacks and hacking and phishing scandals have left users wondering if their devices will ever be truly safe anymore. This is where the best VPN for Android appears.

Using an Android VPN also provides you and your devices from being spied on by surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ. The tunneling and encryption that is a standard part of VPN provide you unrestricted access to websites and contents all over the world.

How to Test Your Android VPN App’s Performance

Since you are paying for the service, you would like to get the performance that you paid for. There are different ways through which you can test the performance of your Android VPN app. You can conduct speed tests to gauge the download and upload speeds. Similarly, IP and DNS leak tests can help uncover if there are any privacy or security flaws in the Android VPN software.

To conduct speed tests, you can use different apps such as app (developed by Ookla), app, FCC Speed Test app, and others alike. Similarly, there are apps to check whether there are any IP or DNS leaks when you use the VPN service.

Android VPN to the Rescue

We all know that pre-purchase research is a prerequisite for an efficient purchase decision. Many VPNs for Android out there claim to be the best. Therefore, it can take days to research about viable options to choose from. We are here to assist you in this regard. Based on performance and user preferences, the list given below prescribes five best VPNs for Android.

PureVPN Android app Review

PureVPN’s Android app is not only simple but it is very user-friendly as well. It offers a simple and a rich user interface enabling the user to take complete control of his security in the hands. You can always select the country you wish to connect to with this VPN Android app.

Kindly note PureVPN Android app requires at least Android version 4.0 for smooth functioning on your device.

PureVPN offers servers in the US, UK, Sweden, Canada and Netherlands with its VPN Android app – supported with torrent sharing/downloading capability to make sure you stream and download unlimited TV shows and digital media content.


Your protocol by default is set to the OpenVPN protocol with PureVPN’s Android app. The users looking to use other protocols such as PPTP and L2TP, will need to contact the Customer Support to get assistance with manually configuring the protocols on their Android smartphones.

Once subscribed to PureVPN, download the android App on your device. Install the app and follow these simple steps to start using the VPN:





IPVanish Android App

IPVanish offers a ‘precise’ Android VPN App. Its Android VPN app lets the users choose the server of their choice. Once the VPN app is connected, the connection page displays the speeds of data upload and download with a graphical representation to let the user know how much data he has sent/received in a single successful session.


The official online IPVanish Android application guide, however, warns its users about the connectivity issues that might rise after some usage of its VPN Android app. In case you are consistently facing the connectivity issues, the guide recommends you to restart your device to ensure the problem is resolved.

The services and features offered by the IPVanish VPN are worth considering. In order to begin using the IPVanish on your Android device, subscribe a package. Once subscribed, download the android application, start it and follow these steps:





ExpressVPN Android App

The ExpressVPN app  comes with AES 256-bit data encryption support and offers instant 24/7 tech support in case you need any help with the app.


The users can enjoy the ExpressVPN app with a 1 day free trial. Unlike the other big names of the industry, ExpressVPN has a server module of 50+ server locations. The ExpressVPN app empowers your privacy with the OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP) and is compatible with all the Android devices running 4.0 or above.

You can download ExpressVPN app or configure the service manually using the tutorial on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), Android Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3), Android KitKat (4.4), Android Lollipop (5.x), and Android Marshmallow (6.x).

In order to user the Express VPN on your android devices, Kindly subscribe to any of the Express VPN’s three packages i.e. yearly, monthly and semi-annually. Once subscribed, open the application and follow these steps to start using it.






HideMyAss Pro VPN Android App

The official HMA! Pro VPN Android app! is completely free for the HMA users and can be downloaded from GooglePlay. The app runs on every Android device that runs on Android 4.0 and higher versions. It does not impact your internal storage as much and only utilized 3.5MB of it. The users of HideMyAss Pro VPN Android app can also enjoy the all-in-one package of HideMyAss.


The VPN Android app gives the users access to all the features and services of HideMyAss. You can use the app by simply signing up with the HideMyAss ProVPN service and then entering your login details. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows you to access the HideMyAss VPN server range of over 600 servers spread out across 75 countries globally.

In order to began using the Hidemyass VPN in your android device, subscribe to it. Install the android application of Hidemyass VPN on your android device. Moreover, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the login credentials in the login screen.
  2. You will see list of servers to select from. Choose a server of your choice respectively.
  3. You will see following screen of being connected a server.
  4. Upon successful connection, you will be able to see your original IP address, Public IP address and duration of the connection.

IvacyVPN Android App

Ivacy VPN offers 200+ servers in various countries all around the world and provides seven proxy servers in 5 countries as well. ibVPN can be set up and used on two Android devices simultaneously.

Ivacy comes with OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP protocols support. You can also make use of its specially optimized torrent servers located in 100+ locations for fast and secure torrenting and online streaming.





Google’s Announcement on Android Security:

Google has made an announcement earlier this year that it will not provide the Android users with security updates for the “WebView”.  The announcement notes that the affected Android devices would be the ones that are running Android 4.3 or its prior versions.

Google, in fact, was very clear in its stance and has already told the media that it will offer the security updates to the Android users who have Android 4.4 or above on their smartphones and tabs.

A very controversial yet an interesting point was raised by Google when it made clear that it would get in touch with Original equipment manufacturers to check if any issues existed in their OS. On top of it, Google also urged the tech geeks and online security experts to come forward and help Google with offering solutions to the existing problems in Android so it could ‘consider’ them.

This is because Google itself is very skeptical about the Android devices’ security. Hence, it becomes automatically important to have an Android VPN app installed in your device.

Wrapping Up

Android devices are more likely to face security issues as compared to other Smartphone users. The risks associated with unreliable and malicious apps make Android devices vulnerable to unauthorized assault. The solution is to get the best Android VPN.

The rise in popularity and demand for VPN services has led to the development of a VPN industry in which numerous options are available. Based on user reviews, the following 2018 VPN services stand out in the crowd as the best VPNs for Android.

If you have issues while connecting to your preferred VPN services on your devices, provide your feedback in the comments section below.

5 Best VPN for China 2018 – End China’s Great Firewall Restrictions

The internet censorship in China, known as the Great Firewall has blocked sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google services, Netflix, and so much more. Get the best VPN for China to circumvent blocked sites and apps, and enjoy internet freedom in an out of China.

There are certain performance indicators for a VPN that users should take into consideration before buying one. These performance indicators include encryption strength, speed of a VPN, availability of servers in and outside China, and most of all their privacy policy.

Chinese authorities are aiming to block all VPN providers in China by the start of February. This could change everything how users access websites in an out of China. However, there is always a way around everything.

How to Pick Best VPN for China


VPN China providers can help you resolve problems pertaining to the level of censorship present in China. Not all VPN China providers can unblock content in China, but you need a VPN that has stronger encryption, and the one that is reliable.

AES 256-bit encryption is the strongest encryption available among best VPN for China that would keep your IP anonymous where your online activity become untraceable. Another factor which is of utmost importance is the availability of servers and their locations.

If you are living outside China and wants to unblock Chinese websites, then you got to have a VPN that has servers available in China. Similarly, unblocking US content can only be possible if the VPN China provider has US servers.

Lastly, the most important factor is its ‘No Logs Policy’. It often happens that internet users opt for free VPN for China to unblock Chinese content. However, these individuals risk their online security because free VPN into China stores all your online activity which they sell it to third-parties. This is how they earn money.

Therefore, always consider the best VPN for Chine when unblocking Chinese websites as it does not compromises on your privacy and store no information. These are the common factors that you must consider when selecting the best VPN for China.

China Block All VPNs in 2018?

The Chinese government has ordered internet providers and mobile carriers to block all personal VPN providers by the start of February 2018. It is not new for VPN providers as they have faced these kind of issues in many different countries before. In the past, China has already shutdown the services of Astrill VPN in its country.

Despite blockade, there is still a good chance that VPN providers will be able to bypass the Great Firewall. All the best VPN for China have known for many years how to bypass the Great Firewall, and this will not be anything new for them.

If China blocks VPN in February 2018, then this would end internet freedom for the people of China. They would not be able to access Facebook, Twitter, or Google services.

It is more than just preserving copyrights, and its more of a national interest problem for China. It doesn’t want interference from outside world and that is exactly what China is doing, blocking the outside world.

What is Great Firewall of China

Great Firewall of China is an unofficial name given to the internet censorship in China, but officially known as Golden Shield Project. The internet traffic is restricted by state-owned Internet Service Providers to and from China.


Restricting the internet outside the country allows authorities to monitor online activity of its local internet users. The Great Firewall uses many methods to censor the internet, and that includes IP blocking, tampering with the DNS, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Keyword and URL Filtering, and so much more.

How Does China Block Websites & Filter Content?

China is known for many things but it is also known for having the most severe internet censorship laws. When it comes to using the internet in China, you will find that numerous websites and web-based services are censored, and the only way out is through a China VPN of 2017.

The Chinese government goes to great lengths to restrict users from which websites and services they can access, and what content they can post online. All of this is achieved through ‘The Great Firewall of China’ (GFW).


The purpose of GFW is to scan and filter the content is sent and received through Chinese gateways. Therefore, if you post any content related to the protest, hate speech, or could pose a threat to the government, Chinese ideology, and political leaders will be immediately blocked by GFW.

Fortunately, there are tools available at your disposal that can help you bypass these censorship laws. One such tool is a VPN service. With a China VPN by your side, you can access any website within China, protect your privacy from State-sponsored surveillance, and enjoy unlimited internet freedom. In this post, we will discuss some of the best VPNs for China that are working.

5 Best VPN for China

China has been known for blocking numerous web-based services, including VPNs. However, the five best VPN for China listed below work seamlessly within Mainland China, they offer excellent all-round performance and will allow you to enjoy the internet to its fullest.

Disclosure: VPNRanks is a professional review website and we may receive compensation from some of the VPN providers that we review. We test different VPN services thoroughly and carefully, and high scores are only given to the best providers after rigorous testing. Our opinions and views are solely our own and we are an independent enterprise.         

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal
1st Place

PureVPN for China

4132 votes
  • 500+ VPN in 140 countries (80,000+ IP addresses)
  • Multiple Add-ons (Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall)
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat support
  • Zero Log Policy
  • 5 Simultaneous Logins
  • P2P Optimized Servers
  • No Free Trial
  • Strict Refund Policy

PureVPN is listed among top Mainland VPN providers. With over 500+ servers in 100+ countries, accessing blocked sites is never a problem with PureVPN. The customer support is exceptional, where the 24/7 live chat support solves even the most complex query in just a matter of time. PureVPN offers highly functional 5 multi-login feature that allows a user to connect to a single VPN account from Smartphone, laptop and desktop at the same time.

With a vast range of servers located in torrent friendly countries including Canada, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain, downloading of torrents and P2P files is safer than ever. To ensure a reliable protection from the GFW, the internet kill switch pauses the network traffic whenever a connection is dropped.

The desktop client provides terrific and mesmerizing experience to users of Windows and Mac OS X. Similarly, the user-friendly interface of iOS and Android app lets you enjoy movies, videos, music and more in blazing fast speed. In addition to this, Split Tunneling, zero activity log policy and robust customer service make PureVPN a best VPN for China.

PureVPN for China
7-Days Money Back Guarantee
2nd Place

Nord VPN for China

2257 votes
  • 550+ servers in 49+ countries
  • 6 Simultaneous Connection
  • Offers 2048 Bit Encryption for Certificate Authentication
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support and Email Ticket Support Offered
  • Free Version Available
  • No refund for Bitcoin subscribers

Nord VPN is ranked among the list of popular Mainland VPN services which actually works in China. Nord VPN is a preferable VPN provider, with a set of features which qualifies it as an industry standard VPN. Currently, Nord VPN offers 550+ servers distributed across 49+ countries including France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, UK, United States and more.

Being a best VPN for China, Nord VPN provides exceptional privacy benefits to Chinese users by offering Static IPs for an additional cost. Moreover, the servers in Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Romania allows a user to download torrents and P2P files without getting caught by copyright trolls.

To assure robust data protection, Nord VPN offers Tor over VPN, which is a higher privacy solution. Similarly, no activity log, 30-day money back guarantee, Bitcoin support and user-friendly apps make Nord VPN a better Mainland VPN than many other providers.

Get NordVPN for China
Get 50% Off
3rd Place

IPVanishVPN for China

2052 votes
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • No logs Policy
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • 1000+ VPN Servers
  • User-friendly app
  • Connect and Disconnect Issues
  • Sometimes speed maybe an issue

We rate IPVanish as the best VPN due to many factors, and amongst them private connections, fast speed, and online freedom tops the rest. It allows you to surf the internet with a secure connection and get around censorship filters.

IPVanishVPN for China
7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
4th Place

PrivateVPN for China

1839 votes
  • Zero data logging policy
  • Protected from IPv6 leak
  • 2048-bit encryption with AES 256-bit
  • Connect 6 simultaneous devices
  • Servers available in 56 countries
  • Kill Switch feature available
  • You might face slow browsing at times
  • Inconsistent server speeds

PrivateVPN unlocks every website that are restricted in and out of China, and it will give you complete online anonymity. This VPN is increasingly gaining growth in the mainland due to its strong encryption that makes it impossible for Chinese authorities to trace.

If by any chance you like to unsubscribe the VPN provider, it gives you 30-day money-back guarantee to do that. Unlock anything and protect everything in China with PrivateVPN.

PrivateVPN for China
30-Days Money Back Guarantee
5th Place

Ivacy VPN for China

1789 votes
  • Optimized P2P servers for absolute anonymity for filesharing
  • 250+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Split Tunneling to save bandwidth
  • IPV 6 Leak Protection
  • Internet kill switch
  • No Live Chat
  • No free trial

Ivacy is a Hong Kong based service. It offers decent features for privacy and is right on technical grounds. Unfortunately, if we talk about customer support, user-friendliness, and presentation, Ivacy needs to improve in some grounds. IvacyVPN can overcome such loopholes to enlist among best VPN for China. But inters of users' ease, Ivacy offers great in-house desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS X.

An internet kill switch, DNS leak protection and 250+ servers located in 100+ locations across the world allows a user to bypass the Great Firewall of China while staying anonymous at all times. As a Mainland VPN, Ivacy caters the privacy needs of Chinese users with 5 multi-login, 7-day money back guarantee and zero activity log policy.

Get Ivacy for China
7-Days Money Back Guarntee

How to Prevent Chinese DNS Servers From Blocking You?

The pesky Firewall of China uses sophisticated methods to block content. One of these methods is through DNS filtering. So, when you look up a website on the internet, you connect to a Chinese DNS server. This is why you can’t access various internet services in China.

Therefore, it is important to use a Mainland VPN service along with changing your DNS server. But, before you go onto change your DNS server, it’s better to check your DNS using various free tools such as or These tools will show you if you’re using a Chinese DNS server.

Once you have you have checked for a Chinese  DNS server, it’s time replace the DNS server. There are several ways through which you can do this:

China VPN FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are different frequently asked questions (FAQs) about China VPN:

What is a VPN in China?

The internet in China doesn’t work like anywhere else in the world. About 18,000 sites are banned in China including most popular sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and more).

The GFW (Great Firewall of China) blocks any site and BlogSpot that includes pornography, violence, and discussions regarding Chinese Government’s policies. To get around with the restrictions, a VPN China allows Chinese users to access instantly thousands of blocked sites and services that are blocked in China.

A VPN China in first place encrypts the entire network traffic of a user and then makes him anonymous to GFW and cyber police. In this way, the best VPN for China delivers an elite online freedom and 101% protection to Chinese users.

Can your VPN Be Blocked in China?

It has become likely that China will not rest until it has blocked all VPNs from its country. To do that, it will have to block all VPN providers at once. The reason being that if China manages to block a single IP, then the users would most likely shift to another IP provided by the VPN.


Chinese authorities will blacklist websites, IP address, and VPN servers in the Great Firewall’s blacklist. Sooner than later, VPNs will have to find other ways to access blocked content in China.

What’s The Difference Between A Proxy And A VPN?

A proxy service uses a server that routes your network traffic through its IP address by masking your actual IP address. A proxy service is therefore, a tool to access blocked sites only.

A VPN on another hand uses a sophisticated mechanism, where it masks an IP address of a user with VPN server located in a foreign country. Afterward, VPN encrypts your entire network traffic with secure tunneling protocols, making your data encrypted and unreadable to ISPs, hackers, spy agencies, and cybercriminals.

So a Mainland VPN in comparison with proxy services, offers premium anonymity, 101% online freedom, reliable online protection and better online experience. Here’s an illustration created by ExpressVPN about VPN vs. Proxy:

vpn vs proxy


I am Moving (or Traveling) to China, Will I need a VPN?

If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube or want to stay in touch with your loved ones through social media websites (Facebook or Twitter), or want to access services offered by Google (Gmail), then ‘yes’ you will need a Mainland VPN service. A China VPN also provides you other benefits such as protecting against cyber threats; DPI conducted by GSW and also helps in accessing other streaming services from China.

 Why do Chinese Authorities Block VPN services?

If Chinese authorities wish, they could block all VPN traffic within China. That said, there has to be a balance that needs to be maintained by the authorities in order to attract foreign business. The main reason why the government blocks China VPN is that these providers target Chinese audience and don’t comply with the data regulations set forth by GSW. Best China VPN services are those that offer alternate routes (or websites) to its users for accessing their service.

How Do I Know Which VPN is Working in China?

To quickly gauge which VPN services are working within China, it is better to inquire their customer support before making a purchase. The best VPN for China will quickly guide you through their signup process, resolve all your VPN-related queries, and provide you with any information that is necessary for making their service work successfully within China.

My VPN is Very Slow in China, How Do I Fix It?

There can be numerous reasons behind your China VPN working slowly. Network congestion due to high traffic load, VPN protocol, multiple downloads working in the background, your system’s firewall, and much more can hinder your VPN’s performance. The best way to fix this is through contacting customer support of a Mainland VPN; you should reach their live chat support representatives (if available) and resolve the problem of slow performance.

What Is The Best VPN Protocol To Use In China?

Protocols play an essential role into evading the censorship measures of GFW. While GFW uses deep packet inspection technique to block PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and SSTP protocols, it makes a majority of Mainland VPN services unable to work in China. Here are some more details about the best torrenting VPNs available.

So Which Protocol to Count On From Within China?

With that said, the best protocol that has proven to bypass the GFW is OpenVPN. With 160 to 256 bit encryption, OpenVPN offers decent security and high-speed connection. However, the only drawback of OpenVPN protocol is unavailability on some mobile platforms such as iOS.

Is Using a VPN Illegal in China?

There are no laws restricting the use of China VPN. Different businesses use VPN services for different purposes to facilitate their employees. However, what you do after connecting to a Mainland VPN is an entirely different story. The Great Firewall of China is very strict in filtering and blocking content that goes against their government, spreads hate speech, or calls for mass protest.

Can I Use The Same China VPN Connection on Multiple Devices?

Yes. Usually, VPN providers offer a multi-login feature, allowing users to connect multiple devices through a single account. The best China VPN will offer at least 3 or more simultaneous logins, so you can secure your laptop, mobile device, tablet, console, and much more through one account.

Paid vs. Free China VPN service

When it comes to choosing the best VPN for China, there are plenty of free and premium VPN services. While free VPN gives a test drive with minimum protection and security features, a full-featured paid VPN provider takes user’ online security to next level.

That said, a paid VPN service is way better than free version regarding speed, reliability, security, stability and unblocking capabilities. In addition to this, a premium VPN offers a range of servers, ensuring a better online experience to users.

On top, if unblocking sites is that you’re looking for then a free VPN will help. On another hand, a paid best VPN for China will ensure top-notch online protection, high-speed streaming, uninterrupted connection and 100% evasion from the GFW (Great Firewall of China).

Should I Use a Free VPN for China?

For starters, it is very difficult to find a VPN service that is available for free and works in China. Free VPN services are known to have numerous issues and do not provide the same quality of service when compared to premium China VPN services. Free VPNs don’t offer great online security, unlimited servers of your choice, and tend to be slower than paid VPN services. Therefore, we would advise you to use a premium VPN services instead of a free VPN service for China.

Which Payment Method Should I Use to Purchase China VPN?

There are many payment methods that you can use to purchase your preferred China VPN. If privacy is your top concern then you should look for Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin allows you to make payments anonymously as you don’t have to provide any personal details or credit card information.

How can I Access Facebook in China?

Facebook needs no formal introduction and stands as world’s top social networking site. With having over 1.71 billion active monthly users, Facebook is used in almost every part of the world except China.


The government of China has put similar restrictions on Facebook, as it imposed on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. To get around with the restrictions, Chinese residents find Mainland VPN China a perfect option to bypass the Great Firewall and access Facebook instantly along with every other blocked site safely from within China.

Is SNAPCHAT Available in China? How Can I Access SNAPCHAT in China?

The most popular media sharing app and social network “Snapchat” is unfortunately blocked in China. If you want to access it safely from within China, refer to our easy step-by-step guide to instantly  Unblock Snapchat in China.

Having over 100 million daily active users and 7 billion video views per day, Snapchat stands among top social networking apps in the world. However, strict censorship regimes and the Great Firewall of China don’t allow users to access the app within Chinese territories.

The reason behind the ban lies on the nature of app. Once a user shares a media on Snapchat, it becomes invisible as soon as seen by a viewer. The privacy policy of Snapchat states that the shared information is even removed from company’s servers. The working mechanism of Snapchat bothered the Chinese government and led to an immediate ban on the service.

What If I Want To Watch Youku From Outside China?

With having over 800 million video views per day, Youku stands as China’s largest video hosting service. Based in Beijing, Youku offers an enormous of media library with popular movies, TV series, arts, music, hit videos, entertainment, news and more media. However, due to a content licensing agreement, the traditional on-demand media service is blocked outside of China.

This leaves Youku’s fans unable to access the entertainment service from outside of China. Considering the blockage, the best VPN for China will allow users to access Youku from anywhere in the world instantly. This makes Chinese VPN service a perfect solution to unblock Youku from outside China.

How Does The Great Firewall of China Work

The Great Firewall of China is a menace when it comes to using the internet freely. It’s the main purpose is to monitor – quite literally – the internet traffic that goes in and out of the country.Here is a short video about GFW and how it works:

GFW does this by using sophisticated technologies to block any content that can be deemed dangerous to the Chinese citizens. Some of these technologies include Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), packet filtering, DNS blockages, URL filtering, keyword filtering, resetting connections, and IP address blocking.

DNS Filtering & Blocking

When you enter a website (URL) in your browser, your computer contacts a DNS server and looks up an IP address. If the DNS is instructed not to give an address, you won’t be able to reach the website and probably see the message, ‘Site not found’.

Deep Packet Inspection

GFW inspects unencrypted data packet and looks for sensitive keywords in those packets. If the keywords are blacklisted, the content is then blocked or restricted for the user.

IP Address Blockages

There are numerous IP addresses blocked or forbidden by The Great Firewall in order to stop users from accessing different websites. For instance, GFW can block IP addresses of Facebook and prevent users from accessing the service from within China.

URL Filtering

Some URLs are also blacklisted by the Chinese government and blocked from being accessed. In certain cases, some websites are accessible but few pages within the website are blocked or filtered out.

Resetting Connections

GFW also blocks communication between the user’s computer and the blocked website for a certain period of time. This is done by resetting the connection between the two systems, restricting either one of them from communicating with each other.

In addition to using these tools, the web traffic in China passes through very limited gateways: six in total. This way, the Internet Police inspects, filters, and blocks content. According to ‘Reporters without Borders’, China is considered as the world’s largest prison for the Netizens.

If the reports are to be believed, China has more than 2 million people in its Internet Police force. The internet police force works more to censor the content that doesn’t seem to adhere to its policies rather than minimize cybercrime threats. One of the ways for protecting your privacy and accessing the entire internet is through the use of China VPN.

What to look for in the Best VPN for China?

Now that you know about the benefits of using a VPN service in China, there’re some aspects to consider before settling up with the best VPN for China. Here’s what you should look for in a Chinese VPN service:

Package Plans

Pricing plans of a VPN service hold significant importance. If you’re making your trip to China for a short duration like a month or so, then a VPN with a monthly plan will be suitable for you. In addition to this, many services have varied offerings in specific plans, meaning simultaneous connections, encryption protocols, data limit may differ in a monthly and yearly plan.

Considering the situation. We suggest you to carefully examine the packages & plans of a service before making payment.

Money Back Guarantee

As a matter of fact, some VPN works better in specific areas but may not even connect in other regions. This is because of Great Firewall which is more intense in big cities like Shanghai.

To get around with the issue, we advise you select a VPN with a money back guarantee, so you can claim a refund if the service doesn’t work in your area. Currently, PureVPN and ExpressVPN are among the providers who offer a money back guarantee.

Customer Support

Customer support is the first source of assistance that a subscriber seeks at times of query. We suggest users choose a service with a range of support channels, including FAQs, email ticketing, and live chat tech support. Moreover, we recommend users to test the support system of a VPN service, inquire them about service features and check if gives a prompt response.

How to Enhance The Use of China VPN

The Great Firewall of China might look mighty and formidable, but there are many vague areas in its implementation. This raises various questions about GFW as different websites and web-based services to work in certain provinces but not in others. Similarly, the blockages are also inconsistent throughout China as some websites are not entirely blocked while others (which don’t seem to antagonize at all) are completely blocked.

This is where a VPN for China comes into play. Unfortunately, choosing the right China VPN service can be very tricky as numerous services are blocked in Mainland China. The government uses the abovementioned sophisticated technologies and along with other tools to block such VPNs in China. Therefore, to enhance the use of your VPN and to select the correct service, here are some factors you should consider:

OpenVPN Protocol with TCP Port 443

When you are looking for the best VPN for China, you should look for OpenVPN protocol along with TCP Port 443. This is because when you use OpenVPN with TCP Port 443, it looks like your internet traffic is regular HTTPS traffic.

The reason why this is beneficial is that HTTPS is the backbone of all security protocols on the internet and blocking HTTPS means breaking the internet. Many websites use HTTPS as the standard protocol for protecting and securing their user’s communications.

So it’s essential to select a China VPN that offers OpenVPN protocol and TCP Port 443. And, even if the provider does not support TCP Port 443, it is often supported at a server level. You can easily edit the OpenVPN configuration files (.ovpn) and use TCP Port 443. To better understand if your VPN service offers this protocol and supports this port, we recommend that you contact their support staff and find out more details.

Number of Protocols Offered

Although we have emphasized on using OpenVPN protocol on TCP Port 443 it’s worth having a look at other protocols. Since GFW has been busy blocking and banning different VPN services, you should choose a service that offers multiple protocols such as PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2.

SSTP is another useful protocol as it also uses TCP Port 443. However, do note that SSTP is not offered by many providers and can also be available on limited servers.

Stealth Servers

A number of servers are very important when it comes to choosing a VPN. This is certainly the case with using a VPN in China. There are different providers that also offer ‘Stealth’ servers located in regions free from the clutches of Great Firewall.

Some of these server locations include Hong Kong and they use a technology incorporated by Tor to hide its nodes. This hides your VPN connection by concealing it in SSH or SSL tunnel. Using these stealth servers, users privacy is highly secured and protects them from GFW content filtration and monitoring.

Encryption Levels Offered

Encryption also plays an important role when it comes to boosting your VPN performance in China. There are different encryption keys offered by various providers. But, the best VPN for China should offer AES 256 bit encryption level. This is the highest and the strongest encryption level offered today.

Encryption is highly important for securing your privacy from GFW’s Deep Packet Inspection. It encrypts the contents of your web traffic into alphanumeric characters; making them unreadable to anyone. So when Internet Police inspect your data packets, all they will see are jumbled characters.

VPNs into China

If you’re living outside China and want to access Chinese websites, then you must get one of the VPNs provided below:

Are There Any VPN Servers In China?

A majority of Chinese VPN services offer unblocking feature from within China only, but what about the Chinese expats resided in foreign countries, who want to access local Chinese services like Tudou, Youku, and Renren from abroad? Surprisingly, few providers offer servers in Chinese territories including Shanghai, Beijing, Hubei, Guizhou, Shandong, Guangdong and more regions.

For users ease, we have listed providers who offer servers in China and allows Chinese expats to access traditional Chinese services from abroad. The list includes:

Popular Websites & Social Networks Banned in China

If you are in China, chances are you won’t get access to Google and every other service associated with it. If you think that’s enough, then wait, because it only gets worse. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, BlogSpot, LINE, WordPress, and SoundCloud, etc. are a few to name that is blocked by the Chinese authorities in Mainland China.

China VPN to unblock Popular Websites & Social Networks in China

To access these websites, you will have to install a VPN for China in your laptops and PCs. The China VPNs will cloak your IP address and will hide you behind one of its IP addresses. If you are located in China and want to stream all the services, we recommend you to either connect to the UK or US server.

On the contrary, there are services that only work in China. Chinese expats will have difficulty in accessing streaming services such as Youku and Tudou outside China. This is where a VPN with servers located in Mainland China will help you out.

Android and Google Play

China have already blocked Google services in its country including the access to Google Store. This means, Android users are forced to use third-party app stores that does not contain many apps.

China can easily order domestic app stores to block VPN apps from their list, and VPN providers can do nothing about it. If you have an Android device and you’re more than likely to visit China, then we recommend that you subscribe to the VPN beforehand.

App Store and iOS

Apple Inc. is permitted to run its app store in China, but it in order to do that it has to follow Chinese laws and regulations. Meaning, if China eve want to remove an app from Apple Store, Apple will follow its request.

China has already removed VyprVPN and ExpressVPN from Apple Store, and there was nothing VPN providers could do about it. This year, China will crackdown against any VPN provider that do not have license to operate in China.

Apple Removes Skype from App Store in China

It is not the first that you will be hearing about an app shutting down in China. This time it’s Skype’s turn to say goodbye.

The popular voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service was working in mainland China until reports originated that it had violated local laws. This prompted Apple to remove the internet phone call service from its App Store.

Skype is not the only app that is unavailable in the App Store. Apple recently removed several other apps in China, including various VPN services.

This came as a big blow to users, as the region already has strict internet laws and blocks popular services such as Facebook WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, and Instagram.

However, a spokesperson from Microsoft said that the removal is only temporary and the app will be reinstated once the corrective actions are taken.

That said, there are no reports yet that Skype isn’t working in China. So if you have the app on your device, you can continue using Skype while new users can visit Microsoft’s official website to obtain the app.

Avoid These VPNs in China

There are certain VPN China providers that you need to avoid while accessing content in China. These VPN providers are listed as follows:

Private Internet Access

PIA has itself admitted that they have trouble maintaining connections in and outside of China. A poor connection is the reason why you should avoid PIA to unblock Chinese websites.


Many internet users have reported poor connection quality when connected to Chinese servers. The logging policies of this VPN provider is also considered substandard that can get you in trouble.

VPN Gate

VPN Gate has stopped working in China for reasons unknown. The encryption used by this VPN provider is not as secured as it should be. Therefore, you must avoid using VPN Gate.


China has the world’s strongest internet censorship program and nothing like you have ever seen. It employs numerous people in its Internet Police force and censors the internet to an unbelievable level. From multiple websites to web hosting services, streaming providers, VPNs, and anything containing blacklisted keywords will be filtered and blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

To overcome the perils of GFW, a China VPN is required. The providers that we mentioned earlier are working well for Chinese users. Their comprehensive server spread along with great performance will allow you to enjoy the internet in China to the fullest.

Do note that we are not based in China and most of our reports come from our readers. We strive to be as accurate as possible, but with the complexities of the Great Firewall and its inconsistent deployment, user experience might differ. If that’s the case, do share your experience with us and help improve our reporting for the best VPN for China.

5 Best VPNs for Netflix to Reinvent *January 2018* Streaming Trends

Netflix has taken the world by storm after its expansion into 190 new regions. It has become a juggernaut in the entertainment industry, offering countless hits to binge-watch all day long. This success has sky rocketed ever since the launch of original series such as House of Cards and Daredevil. That said, this global presence has its drawbacks. Due to content licensing issues, not all shows or movies make it to different Netflix regions.

One way of expanding your viewing options and accessing US library is by using a VPN for Netflix November 2017. That said, Netflix has started a crackdown on all VPN users trying to access media libraries of other regions. This meant that many VPN services had stopped working.

Fortunately, there are some VPN services that have found a way around this blockage and are working perfectly fine in accessing the US version of service. Our experts suggest Buffered VPN and NordVPN. Both these providers offer fast streaming performance, reliable service, and will help you unblock the US library from anywhere.



How to Watch Netflix outside US?

Netflix is not your average video streaming website. It is an entertainment service that has revolutionized the delivery of movies and TV shows. It is a part of an entertainment revolution that has steadily swept the world. The service has proven that video streaming websites will never go obsolete, not for a longtime at least.

Due to increasing demands to access the contents of on-demand entertainment service, it has officially expanded its servers in various countries. But there remain doubts over its complete expansion. Therefore, may people are benefitting from best VPN for Netflix outside US.

Best VPN Services for Netflix

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
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Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal

While it is known to many of us that Netflix is an American service, a few of us know that the non-US users are prohibited from accessing its contents due to their geographical locations. In case you haven’t figured it out as yet, the service is available for streaming in US only.

People often wonder as to how they can watch Netflix outside US if it isn’t accessible in their regions. A very simple and straightforward answer to this question lies in one word: VPN. The on-demand entertainment giant has millions of users around the world, despite the restrictions on its movies and TV shows. People use VPNs for Netflix to accommodate themselves with its movies and TV shows.

We advise all our readers to use the best VPN for Netflix outside the US because it makes them eligible and fools the servers into thinking as if they are accessing its library from within the United States.

Best VPNs for Netflix outside US

We have talked about how you can use a VPN for Netflix, but we have not addressed the real issue as of yet. Like it or not, but there are some VPNs for Netflix that promise you the best streaming deals but fail when it comes to fulfilling those shallow promises.

As said above, Netflix is working hard to expand its services globally but the expansion does not mean that you will be able to stream same movies and TV shows that are available for viewership in the US region. We will focus on how you can access the US media library even if you are not in US.

The best VPNs for Netflix do not only provide you access to 10,000+ movies and TV shows but they also secure your devices from the malware and hacking attacks. While you are looking for the best VPN for Netflix outside US, it is recommended to you to take a few things into account.

Best Free VPNs for Netflix

There are so many VPN providers (Premium + Free) in which very few of them supports Netflix.

Here we got the list of Best Free VPNs for Netflix through using those free services that supports Netflix . You can stream your favorite TV shows on Netflix. In-fact by using a VPN on Netflix will keep you safe & secure through cyber threats while streaming online.

Top 3 Shows to Watch on Netflix this January 2018

At the beginning of every month, Netflix includes some of the best shows. All these shows eventually turn out to be a part of its massive library. Here is the list of top three shows you can watch during November 2017. The list includes:

Black Mirror

Black Mirror, the Netflix Original series is a standalone story for each episode is now available for viewing this January. Hence, you can start viewing Black Mirror even if you haven’t caught up to previous three seasons.

Vpn for Netflix


Black Mirror is a psychological thriller, but it does reflect on the new technology or the technology of the future that doesn’t exist today. Although Black Mirror was launched on 29th Dec, but you can still watch it this January.

The End of the F***king World

The end of the fkkking world

It is a dark-comedy TV which has been introduced internationally by Netflix on Jan 5, 2018. The series revolves around James who is 17-years old and believes that he is a psychopath. James is obsessed in killing animals and takes it as his hobby, but when he’s bored he wants to try kill a human.


He meets Alyssa, her classmate and settles to kill her. Meanwhile, Alyssa falls in love with James and the two run away together to share an adventure. James agrees on killing her whenever he gets an opportunity.

The Crown

The Crown on Netflix

Anyone who hasn’t caught up to the Netflix original TV series The Crown, can get hold of it on January. In season 2, the show delves further into Prince Philip’s childhood and family life. It answers what actually happened to Philip’s mother and if she was really sent to an asylum.



Lovesick on Netflix

Lovesick is a British sitcom that revolves around the lives of English friends who are living in Glasgow. It sheds life on their romantic lives, but its season 3 revolves around a plot of individuals’ struggle to find love. You don’t really need to watch the first two seasons to understand the plot, you can start streaming with season 3. Netflix aired Lovesick on Jan 1st, 2018.



The upcoming drama is a brainchild of David Fincher and Charlize Theron. The thriller has a subject matter that focuses primarily on FBI agents, serial killers, and psychological suspense. This is definitely must a watch show for those fans who love to enjoy suspense series. You can watch all the episodes of much-awaited series from October 13 on your preferred devices.

Most Watched Netflix Original TV Shows

best netflix vpn

Netflix has been working lately on coming up with its own TV shows and series, and to its credit, it has come up with some of the best TV shows of the modern times. According to a research conducted by a website, the fans favorite streaming service is banging at the doors of cable operators and possess a greater challenge for them in future!

According to a research, the viewership of Netflix original TV shows and series does not settle for anything less than a million viewers. Daredevil, that was aired earlier this year, garnered 10.7% of viewership with a total number of 4.38 million viewers from all over the world! This included the list of those non-US residents as well who were using the Netflix VPN to watch the show outside US.

The survey reveals that Daredevil is followed by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – a series that also went online earlier this year with a share of 7.3% of service’s total viewership. To be precise, it was watched by 2.99 million viewers all over the world. Interestingly, the most popular original series, House of Cards Season 3 was watched by 2.66 million viewers all over the world, holding a share of 6.5% in total.

Bloodline, a cold drama TV series that was made available for streaming earlier this year, stands at the fourth spot with 6.5% share of the total audience and an average viewership of 0.98 million viewers all over the world. People from all over the world access the service with Netflix VPN because not only does it provide them with access to all the blockbusters of Hollywood, it also provides them with a platform to binge-watch their favorite TV shows!

Netflix VPN Works on PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and iPads, Smartphones and Tabs!

If the stats pulled out by are to be trusted, 30% of service’s overall traffic is generated from PS3, 25% comes from Xbox 360, 20% comes from PC while the remaining 25% comes from other devices! It does not surprise us people opt for these devices to access the streaming service.

These stats include those users as well who opt for Netflix VPN to access it outside US. If you are a movie-buff or a TV geek, take our word; get yourself a best Netflix VPN and stream as much as you want from anywhere in the world!

All the VPN services are made compatible with Netflix, so you can binge-watch all the TV shows and movies as much as you want! But wait, there is more. With a VPN, you can always choose to select a different server and connect to an overseas media library using the same credentials!

Means if you are looking for something which is available in US library, but not in UK, you will only need to connect to the US server with a VPN. Connecting to it will result in you getting hold off all the contents of the US library! Simply switch your server and enjoy!

Advertisement Free Content More Accessible With Netflix VPN

Netflix is a paid service, which means that video streaming fans get premium quality services. The streaming service does not pepper its services with advertisements, leaving nothing but pure and uninterrupted entertainment for Netflix VPN users.

As a digital service, Netflix essentially functions through its website. But thanks to increasing adaptability and compatibility between viewing platforms and devices, watching shows on a television is getting easier. Initially, individuals had to connect their PCs and laptops to their television sets if they wanted to watch the content on a larger screen.

Best VPNs for Netflix

All of that has changed thanks to rapidly developing smart TV technology. Subscribers can now get Netflix content directly on their television sets; and those using a router-based Netflix VPN have it even easier!

The fans favorite service is following a slow-and-steady strategy. It begins by acquiring licensed content with streaming permissions for selected regions. Once the content updated in database, users (including those using VPN for Netflix) can access it via paid subscription.

Expansion of Netflix across the Globe

Believe it or not, Netflix has paid subscribers in more or less 40 countries as of now. The expansion to Eastern and African region is not going to be the agenda for the service’s officials for some time to come. Reason? They are targeting the European and South American zone more where there are bright chances of earning lots of profits.

Netflix has already announced its plans of officially launching its services in Australia and New Zealand next year. As of now, with no trace of official Netflix in Oceania, Netflix has already more than 200K paid subscribers in Australia alone.

The users in Australia use best VPNs for Netflix to instantly stream their favorite movies and TV shows. The Netflix VPN service is not only legal but a safe way to enjoy the programming offered by Netflix US. The picture below suggests how quickly has Netflix progressed and gained popularity in the Australian region even before its official launch.

Stream Netflix with VPNs

Since all of Netflix’s content is intangible, the best VPNs for Netflix fit in seamlessly and allow the Netflix website to remain the control center of your Netflix account. The immense popularity has brought millions of users ready and willing to help other users facing problems with their Netflix accounts and their Netflix VPN subscriptions.

Besides the well-stocked Help webpage on the Netflix website, there are support forums, chat groups and Facebook pages loaded with information and fellow Netflix-ians eager to help. And that is beside the exceptional customer support that Netflix offers. Take for example, the latest news on Netflix’s customer support about a Netflix Customer Service rep talking to a concerned customer in Star Trek lingo!

Expanding Content Database & Accessibility

Netflix believes in non-linear programming – which means that everybody gets what they want, whenever they want it. In order to make this happen, Netflix puts a lot of effort to expand and categorize its content. An expanding collection of thousands of movies and shows helps to make sure that Netflix always has something for everybody.

Netflix became available to the Canadian people in 2010 while Latin America saw Netflix penetrate through in 2011. 2012 marked the dawn of Netflix in UK and Ireland as well as across specific Nordic regions. Many of the European countries got exclusive access to Netflix in 2014 including Germany, France and Switzerland.

Further expansion is expected in 2015 as Netflix continues to evaluate markets and market tastes in its search to reach equilibrium between consumers’ content preferences, content quality and profitability.
As Netflix continues to expand, so does the content database.

And while some online streamers may choose to wait out a year or two more for Netflix to expand into their region, others can access it today with the help of the best VPNs for Netflix.

More Uses of a Netflix VPN Than Perceived

Even though the debates on the ethical credibility of VPN are still raging, VPN solutions (such as that present in the form of a VPN for Netflix outside USA) remain the only feasible, affordable and reliable way out of the accessibility and security dilemma.

How fast is Netflix expanding and how much will you benefit from the best VPNs for Netflix powered Netflix account? Each year, Netflix puts $2 billion into expanding the content database. As more and more Netflix subscribers utilize Netflix VPNs for seamless and secure streaming transmissions, Netflix is being left with an increasing proportion of budget to divert towards content licensing activities.

Peak-Season Outage Makes VPN for Netflix Imperative

Netflix was down for viewers in the US, Canada and Latin America on Christmas last year. What’s worse is that this is not the first time – Netflix was reported to be suffering from ‘streaming issues’ back in June 2013 and 2012 as well.

Netflix blamed Amazon for 2012 service outage but users without Netflix VPNs suffered both times regardless of the blame game that was played out by the Netflix officials.

During the holiday season, families rely heavily on on-demand entertainment and Netflix’s failure to sustain service availability at such a critical time sparked debates on twitter. Some online streamers were worried about being unable to enjoy Christmas Eve with their children while others considered switching to Cable television.

Netflix users had the option to either switch from Netflix to competing streaming services (such as those offered by Amazon, Hulu and Redbox). However, this would mean that the users would have to say goodbye to the original content that is only available on Netflix.

A better solution would be to use one of the best VPNs for Netflix outside US. Netflix did not take very long to fix the streaming issue, but the fact that this was a repeat incident raises questions and doubts about Netflix’s ability to cater to increasing traffic.

Online streamers in the UK and those in the US using VPN to access Netflix did not experience any ‘streaming issues’. Selecting a UK based server from the VPN server list must have solved that problem.

In my opinion, Reed Hastings should consider either recommending the best VPNs for Netflix to users or integrating a VPN-based protocol in the user interface. Doing so will give Netflix users the flexibility to switch to servers with lower loads when traffic issues being to hamper service quality.

Which Netflix Server to go for?

It depends upon your choices and geographical location. If you reside in the American region then your top choice should be Netflix UK, different library would mean different movies and TV shows. Similarly, if you are living in Europe, your top choice should be Netflix outside USA to get better streaming results.

However, if you are living in an area where you do not have direct access to any of the Netflix services, use a Netflix outside US VPN and connect to any of your desired server. For e.g., if you are looking for countless movies and TV shows, we suggest you to use the VPN server specially optimized for fast online streaming.


There are more uses to a Netflix VPN than simply accessing it through secondary servers. Netflix outside USA is in accessible for very obvious reasons. Signing up for the best VPN for Netflix is not only a smart choice for the users but it also comes in handy if you are concerned about your online privacy on the internet.

While streaming Netflix outside US might seem a bit out of proportion to those who are not familiar with the VPN services, it is dependable and works magically to enable you to get your daily dose of entertainment on Netflix.

ZenMate Review of 2018– Is their Premium Service worth it?

ZenMate is a Germany-based VPN provider that works as an app and as well as a browser extension. ZenMate is a Freemium VPN provider, meaning it has a free version and premium version. We provide a complete ZenMate review of2018 that evaluate its performance.

Pros of ZenMate Review

  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with every platform and devices
  • Encrypted with AES128
  • No logs or traffic
  • Unlimited bandwidth and turbo speed
  • Affordable yearly pricing plan

Cons of ZenMate Review

  • No live support
  • Limited server location

ZenMate Review Features

ZenMate is a Freemium VPN, meaning that it offers both, a free VPN service and a paid VPN service. You will find limited features available in its free VPN service. We provided a detailed analysis of these features below:

ZenMate Free VPN Features

Following are the features for a ZenMate Free VPN:

ZenMate Premium VPN Features

Below are the features for a ZenMate Premium VPN:

Is ZenMate Secure?

ZenMate is located in Germany which is not an ideal place for a VPN service provider to operate. Germany has a clear stance to end internet privacy and ZenMate is loyal to German data privacy laws.

However, ZenMate clearly mentions in its privacy policy that the privacy obligations pertain to the location of the server’, and not the location where a company is headquartered. Therefore, ZenMate has to comply with different data laws around the world.

The ZenMate App

You get a free trial for ZenMate app once you locate the ZenMate email when it had sent you at the time of setting up Username and Password. Download the app from the ZenMate website and use the free trial version to check the performance of the app.

The ZenMate app is synchronized with its websites. If you were logged in on its website then it wouldn’t require a username and password. The app will take you straight to the servers you want to connect.

ZenMate Review Chrome Extension

The ZenMate Chrome extension uses a 128-bit encryption for ZenMate security, which is a bit weaker to its premium version. However, the speed for ZenMate Chrome extension is far better than its app. The download speeds has an improvement and is quicker to perform.

Does ZenMate VPN unblock Netflix?

ZenMate does well unblocking Netflix but not on regular basis. It works well when you are connected to US and UK servers, but every time you change a server, it gives a proxy error.

ZenMate uses an IP address that has still not been detected by Netflix and that is the reason why it can unblock Netflix. Alongside Netflix, it can unblock BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime.

ZenMate Review: Pricing and Plans

Even though ZenMate offers a free extension/plugin for web browsers, our ZenMate premium review is primarily concerned with its premium plan. Using the paid plan, your entire web activities are encrypted, while the free plan will only get the activities in your browser encrypted.The pricing plan offered by ZenMate is no different from other VPN providers designed in three tiers. The pricing tends to change as you increase the subscription time with the VPN provider.

It is great to see ZenMate have reduced their prices to a great margin. Its one-year subscription pricing plan stood at €6.49/month or $7.31, which was way more than the leading VPN providers in the industry.

If we were to assess the pricing previously, we would dare say the product is clearly over-priced. But considering the revised pricing plan, we believe it is a right match and the one which is worth it.

ZenMate Review: Payment Methods

All major credit card options (VISA, MasterCard, American Express etc.) are available including UnionPay, Qiwi Wallet, and PayPal. However, we couldn’t locate BitCoin option, which means the company no longer supports BitCoin payments. It’s a shame to have been removed from the list. This would offer users an anonymous payment option, allowing anyone to sign up for the service without revealing personal information.

ZenMate Review: Server Count

Once you obtain a premium package, you can access to 29 different server locations, which is very low for a VPN service provider. Since ZenMate has recently started its premium services from being a browser extension, the performance seems very fair and it only will increase as the days prolong.

That said, the server list covers major locations and offers access to content from all over the globe. However, we would like to see more server options in the future.

ZenMate Review: Customer Support

For users who might want to contact ZenMate support staff on urgent basis can only contact through email. However, we found out that their responses were timely and covered all the aspects of the problem.Initially, it was difficult to locate how one would contact through email since it did not had a separate icon. We found out ‘Support through email’ inside FAQs, which we are sure a beginner wouldn’t have found the option with ease.

If ZenMate enhances their customer support with features such as forums or live chat, then it would be an excellent upgrade. It will allow users exchange information with other users and staff. It will further help ZenMate to improve their services on the basis of user’s recommendation.

Users can contact ZenMate customer support staff via social media as its available on Facebook and Twitter.

ZenMate Premium Review: Compatibility

ZenMate is accessible on many devices and platforms except for Linux as it doesn’t mention anywhere on its page.Users must remain certain that when using ZenMate as a browser extension, it will only encrypt browsing traffic, while other traffic will not be encrypted. However, the premium version of ZenMate covers the entire traffic from user’s device.

Tutorials Provided

In the customer support section, it also covers ‘Tutorials’ where users are briefed with installation process for browser, mobile, and desktop. However, the process seems very descriptive with no images, which becomes difficult to follow the steps.

Despite these facts, downloading ZenMate software is an easy process which only involves two steps i.e. downloading the software and providing logging details. So, providing a tutorial or not, it can easily be accomplished by a beginner user.

Protocols and Encryption

From the technical aspect, the latest protocol TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) is being used by ZenMate to protect users’ data. ZenMate further uses AES 128 bit encryption algorithm, instead of AES 256 bit, to encrypt user’s traffic. In our opinion, the encryption level isn’t the strongest as per industry standard.

Furhtmore, the lack of protocol options also play down ZenMate. The actual reason for this is not clear; perhaps its due to the cost or merely a preference of performance, we are not quite sure.

ZenMate vs Hola

Hola is a free web browser extension just like ZenMate, but has yet to offer a Premium Plan that could provide higher online security and privacy to its users. Hola is available in only 9 countries, whereas, ZenMate is present in 29 countries around the world.

The Premium Plan for ZenMate does not compromise or sell user information, in fact it does not store any logs or traffic. On the other hand, check out the Hola VPN Review sells your internet activity to third-parties and uses each user as a node in the overall network. Both these VPN services can be used by online users that do not have high requirements for online privacy.

Log and Privacy Policy – A 14-Eyes Country Privacy Rule

ZenMate has mentioned on its website that ZenGuard GmbH is responsible for collection of any kind of data or it’s processing. This seems a bit doubtful from the users point of view as they’re trusting ZenMate with their information. The information is in fact managed by another party, which challenges the authority of ZenMate in accessing the data.

VPN users are still unknown to the facts about 14-eyes countries. These are the 14 countries that have made a special agreement that allows them to collect, analyze, and share intelligence amongst themselves.

The agreement restricts these countries to spy on each other as enemies, but rather they can help each other by spying onto their citizens. US is not allowed to spy on their own citizens, and considering that matter they can ask UK to spy on them, which makes citizens vulnerable.

Since ZenMate is located in Germany, which is a part of the agreement, it will have to compromise user’s data when it accounts for performing illegal activities.

For initial years, ZenMate has operated as web browser extension so that its users could access websites operating outside their country for free. We are certain that when a user does not pay for the product, that means ‘users’ are the product.

They might collect user’s information and browsing history and sell it to the third-party, therefore it doesn’t make ZenMate safe and secure for the paid services as well.

However, ZenMate has made it clear and evident that it does not collect, store, or process any user information. It further mentions that there are 5 different cases where this rule might not apply:

What does ZenMate do?

ZenMate provides protection and security to online users by letting them change their geographical location and to access the web from anywhere around the world.

What is ZenMate Used for?

ZenMate is used for accessing the web from any parts of the world that have geo-restrictions. ZenMate also offers protection and security to its users from external threats including cyber threats. It allows torrenting, visit the censored parts of the internet, using a public Wi-Fi, and allows expats to access online shops.

ZenMate Twitter Review

To some VPN users, ZenMate is easily the best VPN they have ever had the pleasure of using. This is because it helps them unblock Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other channels so they can stream their favorite TV shows and movies outside their country region.

Nick Tomaino, an investor at Runa Capital firmly believes that the first VPN product comes on his mind when thinking of privacy and security is ZenMate.

ZenMate Review Reddit

One Reddit user have a conflicting belief when using ZenMate as he believes the service brought him a fine experience, but suggest the service is only good for Europeans who are trying to access websites in the US instead of the other way around.

Zenmate: Yes or no? from chrome

ZenMate Review – Video Tutorial

In this video, BestVPN examines ZenMate VPN service including their unique selling proposition and discrepancies.

ZenMate Review: Conclusion

As ZenMate’s Premium Plan is extremely easier to setup, at the same time its privacy policy could not be more complicated. ZenMate is located in Germany, which has been a part of 14-eyes countries that collects, shares, and analyze intelligence amongst the member countries. If users are involved in illegal activities, it will be reported to the respective government and VPN provider will do nothing about it.

Apart from its tricky privacy policy, this ZenMate review of 2018 reveals that there are 29 servers located in countries they operate. We recommend ZenMate VPN for people who do not have high requirements for security and privacy, but are looking for instant accessibility of content.

Best Kodi VPN *January 2018* – Setup VPN on Kodi in 3 Simple Steps

Attention Kodi Fanatics!!
Kodi is an open-source software that offers unlimited entertainment. It runs on various addons, but these addons pose a serious problem to your privacy and security, followed by geo-restrictions. In order, to stream without compromising your anonymity, and simultaneously evading geo-blockings use a Kodi VPN.Kodi VPN

Kodi, a media center that streams Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV Channels has now become a perfect source for your entertainment needs. With the help of third-party Kodi add-ons, Kodi player is able to stream the latest media content. However, there is a geo-restriction and internet censorship barrier that user’s face upon accessing various channels on the platform. Using a Kodi VPN can unblock that barrier and will offer secure streaming.
To instantly bypass the restrictions and watch unlimited blocked content on Best Kodi addons, you can use the leading edge KODI VPN services specified in this guide. With a range of top-tier servers located in major parts of the world, the Kodi VPNs for January 2018. provide blazing fast streaming, uninterrupted connection and unmatched entertainment experience.

Here are the top 13 alternatives for Pirate Bay:

  1. What is Kodi VPN?
  2. Best VPN for Kodi
  3. Kodi without VPN
  4. Why Do I Need VPN for Kodi?
  5. Stream Geo-Blocked Add-ons using Kodi VPN
  6. Android Boxes Supported by Kodi VPN
  7. How to Add Channels on Kodi
  8. Setup Kodi VPN on Firestick /Fire TV
  9. Kodi VPN Setup on Windows
  10. Setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and more iOS Devices
  11. VPN for Kodi Android
  12. VPN OpenELEC Kodi
  13. 3 Best Free VPN for Kodi

Kodi VPN Setup using VPN Manager for OpenVPN

If you are looking to setup a VPN directly on Kodi through an addon, then check out Kodi VPN Manager for OpenVPN. The add-on supports various VPN providers and you can use the service from within Kodi. However, these may be the free Kodi VPN 2018, but Kodi users can access geo-restricted channels on Kodi. You will have to download and install the OpenVPN GUI software. Then download the executable OpenVPN files from your VPN provider. Once you are through with these processes, you can follow the below steps that requires downloading Kodi plugin for VPN Manager addon:

  1. Download Zomboided Repository from GitHub onto your system
  2. Launch Kodi
  3. Go to Add-ons
  4. Now click on the ‘Add-on browser’ icon (the package box icon) location at the top left corner
  5. Select Install from zip file
  6. Navigate to the location where you downloaded Zomboided Repository zip files
  7. You will see a notification in the top right corner once the add-on is added
  8. Now click on Install from repository
  9. Go to Zomboided Add-on Repository > Services > VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  10. Install the add-on and wait for Add-on enabled notification
  11. Now open the add-on (for first-time users, click on OK when a popup appears to configure a VPN)
  12. Go to Add-on Settings
  13. Under the VPN Configuration, select the VPN Provider you want to setup
  14. Enter the username and password
  15. Now go to VPN Connection tab and select First VPN connection (optionally used to auto connect during boot)
  16. Choose the server you want to connect
  17. You can add more VPN connections by entering the servers (maximum 10 default servers are allowed)
  18. Click OK and enjoy VPN connection

Video Tutorial: Kodi VPN Setup using VPN Manager for OpenVPN

Kodi VPN

In order to watch popular broadcasting channels using Kodi including iTV, BBC, Fox, Channel 7, 4oD, HBO, ESPN, and hundreds of other international channels, (usually geo-restricted) you will need a Kodi VPN.

What is Kodi VPN?

XBMC VPN is an encryption tool that safeguards your privacy and identity. It is by far the safest option to bypass geo-restrictions barriers from streaming Kodi channels and secure your privacy from copyright trolls. Although you might be able to access many of the TV channels for free, all US and most UK-based streaming channels (especially live TV) like ESPN and BBC Sport will be blocked, displaying the following message:

So, just how do you get rid of these geo-restrictions?

Best VPN For Kodi

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
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Kodi VPN will enable you to evade all geo-restrictions and enjoy unlimited geo-restricted services on Kodi. It will mask your IP address with a foreign IP of your choice (USA, UK, Canada etc.), where the particular channel is available.

You will be able to enjoy restriction-free access to your favorite channels from anywhere in the world. User reviews and Kodi fans suggest deploying the best VPN services for Kodi due to their streaming optimized and P2P supported servers, for high-speed video & music streaming.

PureVPN for Kodi

There are many VPN providers for Kodi, but not many can beat PureVPN, the best Kodi VPN UK in terms of its server spread. You can access any Kodi add-on using one of the servers offered by PureVPN. An added advantage of using this VPN is that it is available on VPN Manager for OpenVPN add-on. Therefore, you can setup PureVPN directly onto Kodi and enjoy streaming any content. PureVPN also has a Kodi VPN app that can easily be installed on an Android device.

However, when we tested PureVPN, we ran the software in the background on our desktop and then launched Kodi. The overall experience was good as there were no buffering delays, IP leakage, and we accessed blocked add-ons in an instant.

To learn more about PureVPN, view our detailed PureVPN review.

How to Install PureVPN with Web Viewer (Method-1)

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons placed on the side-bar > On the same bar scroll down and click on Download

Step 2: On the right side, you will see various options so click on Program Add-ons > Now find Web Viewer on the list and click on it > Install the add-on > Now wait for it until it installs

Step 3: An icon will appear on the top-right corner that says installation is complete. Once completed, go back to Kodi Main Menu > Then click on Add-ons tab > Program Add-ons > Web Viewer (on the right side)

Step 4: A screen will appear similar to a web browser where you need to insert the link as a web address on the top bar and hit Enter > Click Yes when it asks for your permission to download the Zip File

Step 5: A box will appear in front of your screen asking where you need to save the Zip File. Click on Home Folder > New Folder (present on the right side) > Type the Repository Name i.e. Kodi Repo > Click on Kodi Repo Folder you just created and click OK to save the Zip File in this folder.

Step 6: Go to Kodi Main menu again and click on Add-ons > Select a box icon also known as Package Installer icon > Click on Install from Zip File >Select Home Folder from the list > Click on Kodi Repo > and click > Wait until the zip file is installed

Step 7: Go back again to Kodi Main Menu >Add-ons > Program add-ons tab > Now click on PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN add-on

Step 8: To setup PureVPN connection, click on Add-ons setting > Add username and address.

Step 9: To change your IP address, select various country servers > Click OK > Now your PureVPN is up and running.

How to Setup PureVPN Kodi Addon (Method-2)

PureVPN offers its exclusive add-on for Kodi. Just follow these steps to setup the VPN on Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager
  2. Now double click Add Source
  3. When a box appears, click on None > enter the URL: > click Done > Give a name to the addon (for instance Kodi-repo) > Click Done > Click Ok
  4. Go back to Kodi home screen
  5. Click on Add-ons > then Add-on Browser (the package box icon located at the top left corner) > Install from zip file > Kodi-repo >
  6. Wait for the repository to install
  7. Now go to Install from repository > Kodi-repo > Program add-ons > PureVPN Monitor Open VPN
  8. Once the add-on is installed, go to Program Add-ons > PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN > Add-on Settings
  9. A box will appear, enter your PureVPN credentials (username and password)
  10. To change the server location, click on Display VPN status and select the server location of your choice and it will connect automatically
  11. Congratulations, you are not ready to use PureVPN Kodi add-on


Second on our list for VPN on Kodi is NordVPN. The provider also offers wide server range for you to unblock various add-ons on Kodi. We tested NordVPN while running Kodi and were pleased with its performance. Not only did the VPN provider unblocked streaming add-ons, but it also secured our identity.

One of the prevailing issues with Kodi is getting into trouble with copyright trolls. Since a majority of the streams fetched by Kodi work on BitTorrent protocol, you could get face DMCA notices, fines, or something even worse. This is where NordVPN’s Double VPN feature and P2P support comes into play.

To learn more about how NordVPN works, view our detailed NordVPN review.


A relatively new VPN provider in the industry, PrivateVPN offers attractive features. One of the standout points about PrivateVPN is its user-friendly apps and software. You can download the service on Windows, iOS, Android or Mac, and enjoy unlimited entertainment on Kodi.

Secondly, PrivateVPN also has a price advantage over other VPN providers. Being the cheapest Kodi VPN out there, you can gain instant access while preserving your privacy online. Therefore, if you are looking for an economical VPN for Kodi, give PrivateVPN a try.


ExpressVPN is one of leading VPN services in the industry. It boasts loads of features that will help you secure your privacy and security on any device. When you pair ExpressVPN with Kodi, the results are not short of outstanding. However, we did experience variability in server locations in the UK.

In addition, ExpressVPN is the best Kodi VPN Australia that offers native software and applications for all devices and is compatible with routers as well. That said, the steep pricing plans are the only kicker in this deal. ExpressVPN is amongst the most expensively priced VPN providers currently in the industry. Therefore, if prices are not a big deal, try ExpressVPN for unlocking content on Kodi.

To learn more about ExpressVPN, view our detailed ExpressVPN review.

Ivacy VPN

Lastly, we have Ivacy VPN service for Kodi. The provider offers detailed guides and tutorials for Kodi in its knowledge base. Subscribers can follow the steps to configure the service through its native software, OpenELEC, or via other means. Our analysis puts Ivacy at the fifth position for best Kodi VPNs. This is precisely because of its high prices. However, it is one of the few VPN services that offer compatibility on Kodi and is worth a try.

Install IPVanish on Kodi

IPVanish can be installed in many different ways on Kodi depending on a specific device. You can install IPVanish on Kodi directly using Zomboided repository. The guide for Zomboided Repository has been discussed above. For installing IPVanish on Kodi on a Windows, the steps are highlighted below:

Step 1: First you need to Sign up to IPVanish from our Kodi VPN table

Step 2: Download IPVanish Widows App

Step 3: If it requires you to restart computer, then restart accordingly

Step 4: Enter your IPVanish credentials

Step 5: Open Kodi and start streaming video content safely.

Kodi without VPN

In case you’re wondering why you need a Kodi VPN service while using Kodi? Let us get you through with a simple explanation. Kodi is a legal platform where you can view video content. Kodi only offers legal add-ons, but third-party developers came up with third-party add-ons for streaming free copyright materials.

Therefore, viewing free copyright material could get you in trouble and that is where Kodi VPN comes in. Kodi VPN will keep your online activity private and your identity hidden. There is no way any law enforcement agencies or your ISPs will be able to find you online.

Kodi without VPN will compromise your online activity. Your ISPs will be able to detect your IP address, and even your current location. You will be handed notices from the government because of violating copyright laws which will definitely get you in trouble. Therefore, Kodi without VPN is a risk and no Kodi users will dare to take it.

Is Kodi Legal?

Many Kodi users have been asking this question and the simple answer is yes, Kodi is legal. That said, its not as straightforward as you might think. The problem lies in how Kodi brings you content for streaming and its open-source nature.

You are able to stream content on Kodi through numerous add-ons. However, not all add-ons are official. If you stick to the official Kodi add-ons, then there is no issue of legality. On the other hand, third-party add-ons offer free content from various sources, which are illegal in many countries. These include streams working on BitTorrent protocol and unsolicited websites.

Since Kodi is an open source software – which means you can customize the software by accessing its program codes – it is near to impossible for Kodi to shut down these third-party add-ons.

And, whenever Kodi shuts down a repository or an add-on, a new alternative or mirror rises up. Therefore, Kodi itself is completely legal, but the way third-party add-ons offer content for streaming raises a lot of questions about its legality.

Why Do I Need VPN for Kodi?

To get the most out of Kodi and enjoy limitless streaming you will require a Kodi VPN add-on. It will provide every bit of entertainment that lacks in Kodi. Following are the reasons why is a Kodi VPN needed:

Are there Dedicated Kodi VPN Addons

In case you were searching for a dedicated Kodi VPN addon, I can feel your pain. Not many VPN providers offer a VPN addon for Kodi, apart from a few.

PureVPN Exclusive VPN Addon for Kodi

PureVPN is one of these providers that offer a VPN addon for Kodi. It offers two variants, one for Raspberry Pi and second for other devices, (we have mentioned the setup process for each above). With these addons installed on Kodi, you don’t need to setup a VPN externally. Just connect it through the addon and play your favorite content on Kodi.

Ivacy VPN Kodi Addon on OpenELEC

The second VPN provider we came across is Ivacy VPN that offers a dedicated Kodi VPN addon. However, the addon is available on OpenELEC operating system. So if you are running a streaming box or device running on any other operating system, then sadly Ivacy VPN will not work.

Datho VPN Addon for Kodi

You can also use Datho VPN as a Kodi addon. It offers you multiple servers and helps you access streaming channels without the fear of copyrights or geo-restrictions. Datho VPN was previously available in SuperRepo repository, but is no longer available anymore. However, you can get the addon from alternate sources or download the zip file directly from Github.

Can I use Kodi without VPN

You can easily use Kodi without a VPN, as its not a prerequisite for using the streaming platform. However, it is better that you connect to a VPN to safeguard your privacy and security. Numerous third party addons of Kodi work on BitTorrent protocol, which could lead to copyright issues. Likewise, ISPs and copyright holders can monitor your internet activities and track you down.

Similarly, Kodi is vulnerable to cyber-attacks since it is an open source software. Therefore, hackers can get hold of your personal information that you enter into Kodi. With these warnings in view, it is better that you don’t use Kodi without a VPN.

How to Stream Geo-Blocked Add-ons using Kodi VPN

Ever encountered a problem where you can’t access add-ons on Kodi? This is because geo-restrictions kick in and prevent anyone outside of a designated location from viewing content on certain addons. However, with a Kodi VPN by your side, streaming geo-blocked add-ons is a walk in the park.

Bypassing geo-restrictions on Kodi using a VPN is just like unblocking content on your web browser. All you have to do is connect to a server where the addon is accessible and unblock all the content. Here’s what we did:

Here’s what we did:

  1. First, we accessed the BBC iPlayer addon to stream content but were shown the following errorHow-to-Stream-Geo-Blocked-Add-ons-using-Kodi-VPN
  2. To overcome this error, we launched a VPN (for our demonstration, we used PureVPN)
  3. Enter the login credentials
  4. Now select a server in the UK and hit connect
  5. Make sure that the protocol you select is PPTP or IKEv2
  6. After successful connection, launch Kodi
  7. Now access the geo-blocked addon and enjoy streaming!

Android Boxes Supported by Kodi VPN

Android boxes, also known as Kodi boxes, are excellent for watching content on your television screen. They turn your normal LED TV into a smart TV, having the same functionalities as an Android-based smartphone. The best thing about Android boxes is that Kodi is readily available in almost all versions. You can either find Kodi through Google play store or download the APK file for the software.


As far as Kodi VPN supported Android boxes go, any VPN provider that offers an app for Android is compatible with an Android box. The most simple and quick way of setting up a Kodi VPN on Android box is by looking up the provider on Google Play Store and installing the app. On the contrary, you can also setup a VPN manually or through ES Explorer.

How to Add Channels on Kodi

Like various open source projects, Kodi doesn’t come with a pre-stored channel library. This means that subscribers need to install your Best addons on Kodi by their own. It’s a pretty simple procedure and we have listed it step by step for our dear readers, so they can freely add channels on the latest version of Kodi:


The add-on will be downloaded and you will be able to see "Enabled" next to the channel

Click on the channel and activate it

procede to desired programe in the selected channel

Apart from 1Channel, you can watch countless channels on Kodi by installing thousands of add-ons of including ESPN3, Fox News, ET Canada, BBC iPlayer WWW,, on demand, NFL Game Pass, Disney channel and much more. A VPN for KODI will let you circumvent any geo-restrictions instantly and allow you to watch your favorite channels hassle free.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Firestick /Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV users can enjoy unlimited geo-restricted content on Kodi using a Kodi VPN compatible with Amazon Fire TV. You can follow our very easy guide to setup Kodi on Fire TV / Firestick. Once you have install Kodi on Firestick / TV, it’s time to remove the restriction and access unlimited action, adventure, Live TV, documentaries and sports channels on Kodi.

To setup a Kodi VPN on Firestick, you need to follow the below-outlined steps:

Kodi VPN Setup on Windows

The simplest way to bypass geo-restrictions and securing your privacy while using Kodi is by setting up a VPN directly on the streaming device. Completing a Kodi VPN setup on Windows is a simple 3-step process. Start Kodi VPN setup by downloading a VPN on your system.

Once downloaded, install it and upon successful installation, activate the VPN app. Just follow these simple steps (we will be using PureVPN for our demonstration, but you can use any VPN provider):

  1. Launch the Pure VPN app. Click on the settings icon, Go to “Basic” tab and enter your login details including username and password as shown below:


  1. Go to the Dashboard listed on the left-hand menu. Click on Select Location, you will be able to select the server of your choice from the dropdown list.


  1. Choose your relevant server from the server drop-down list. Select the US server and click connect.


When you’re successfully connected to a best Kodi VPN server, it’s time to enjoy unlimited entertainment previously geo-restricted. Go to the Kodi console, install your favorite channel add-ons and keep streaming. You will be able to access all channel restriction free with premium HD Quality for selected channels and Super-fast speed.

How to Setup Kodi VPN for Mac

Step 1: Go to Apple Store > Search for PureVPN

Step 2: Install PureVPN on your Mac device

Step 3: Open PureVPN App

Step 4: Sign up to PureVPN using the VPN table provided

Step 5: Enter Log In details > Open Kodi > Stream Movies and TV Shows!

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Router Installation Guide

Setting up a VPN on routers provides a great advantage than configuring the service individually on each device. By doing so, your entire internet traffic goes through a secure VPN tunnel, helping you conceal your identity and bypass all forms of restrictions when using Kodi. In the below demonstration, we will be showing you how to setup Kodi VPN on any router.

Step 1: Register to PureVPN from the VPN table provided

Step 2: Now you need to flash DD-WRT on your router

Step 3: Now you have to create DD-WRT Password

Step 4: Set the Time Zone on your DD-WRT page

Step 5: Here you need to setup SSIDs for each of the channel on your router

Step 6: With the help of WPA2 encryption, secure your wireless channels

Step 7: Enter PureVPN credentials

Step 8: Consider changing your IP Address to

Step 9: Before you reset cable modem, try connecting LAN port from primary router to a WAN port of VPN router

Step 10: Use internet and check whether this process has worked

Setup Kodi VPN through Tomato Routers

In the below demonstration, we will be showing you how to setup Kodi VPN on Tomato routers using PPTP protocol.

  1. Launch Tomato router control panel and login
  2. Navigate to Basic > then Network from the left panel
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the Connection Type
  4. Now enter the login credentials of your VPN service
  5. Do ensure that Use DCHP and Use Default Gateway on Remote Network are checked
  6. Enter the server address you want to connect to PPTP Gateway
  7. Select Keep Alive for the Connection Mode from the drop-down menu
  8. Now check if the MTU is set to default and your LAN or Wireless Settings are also set to default
  9. In addition, don’t change Subnet Mask or Options field
  10. Scroll down to the page and hit Save
  11. Your VPN connection should now be up and running

How to Setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and more iOS Devices

Apple iPhone and iPad are hallmarks of superior features, elegant design, top-grade security and over-the-top looks. But, when it comes to Kodi on iPhone and iPad, one can’t simply access leading channels and streaming services on these devices due to geo-restrictions. Thus, we have listed a simple setup process below that will guide you to install best Kodi VPN on iPhone and iPad. Moreover if you have already installed Kodi, you might be interested in updating kodi on different platforms. After installation or updating to latest Kodi version, you are free to watch your favorite media.Setup-Kodi-VPN-on-iPhone

After KodiVPN installation on an iOS device, you will achieve one-touch access to world of restriction-free on-demand entertainment from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices:

  1. On your iPhone, Go to App Store
  2. Next, search for VPN Provider
  3. Download and install VPN on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device
  4. Upon successful installation, launch VPN, go to servers’ list and connect to US server
  5. Finally, launch Kodi on iPhone and enjoy streaming unlimited channels and add-ons that were previously unavailable to you

VPN for Kodi Android

Best Kodi VPN Android offers premium online protection as you bypass restrictions and stream video on Kodi from android devices. While ISPs are actively monitoring user browsing activities, Kodi VPN makes you anonymous & highly secure over the internet using cutting-edge tunneling & encryption.

A wide range of servers adds even more versatility to your Kodi VPN service. It allows users to unblock geo-restricted on-demand entertainment services, internet radio, secures online banking and encrypts chats & emails plus includes numerous other advantages. We recommend looking into PureVPN and Total VPN to our readers, rating the former for its server network and the later for its turbo speed streaming servers.



OpenELEC is a fork of the original streaming service Kodi. It boasts addons through which you can setup a VPN directly onto Kodi. However, this option has lost its charm as only one VPN service is supported by OpenELEC. With the exception of Private Internet Access (PIA), it once used to support a variety of VPN providers such as PureVPN, IPVanish, and VyprVPN. Therefore, if you are going to use OpenELEC on Kodi, make sure you an active account for PIA.

OpenELEC Errors on Kodi

As of late, OpenELEC has started to display various errors to Kodi users. Here are some OpenELEC errors and their fixes:

  1. Check the Log for More Information: currently, only PIA VPN is compatible with OpenELEC, but this error appears when you try to setup PIA. To fix this problem, we would recommend that you follow the steps for VPN Manager for OpenVPN and use the desired VPN through this add-on.
  2. Size Check Failed Error: this issue is present in Jarvis v16 version of Kodi and occurs when you try to update the ION system. One way overcoming this issue is by resizing the partitions through Tuxboot, as it will lay out the new partitions as SDA1 and SDA2.
  3. Error Script Failed VPN for OpenELEC: if you are using a Raspberry Pi 2, you will encounter this issue frequently. The problem lies with the small CPU or limited processing power of Pi2. One way of resolving this issue is by updating OpenELEC version and use a Micro SD card for additional storage. If that doesn’t help, then we would recommend upgrading to Pi 3.

How to Setup VPN on LibreELEC

LibreELEC is an operating system that works well with Kodi when using it on Raspberry Pi. The steps are presented below:

Step 1: Download LibreELEC Windows app for your respective device

Step 2: Once the App is downloaded, Open the LibreELEC app

Step 3: A box will pop-up which will have 4 steps.

Step 4: In step 1, select the right model of Raspberry Pi and in Step 2, Hit Download

Step 5: In Step 3, it will ask for your SD card or a USB Drive, so choose accordingly

Step 6: In Step 4, it will ask if you want to write into an SD card. Press Write option.

Step 7: Now insert the SD card on your Raspberry Pi and install LibreELEC through which you can install Kodi

Step 8: Once Kodi is installed, you can follow the VPN Manager for OpenVPN process mentioned in this guide and video above.

Top 3 Best Free VPN for Kodi

If we talk about the free VPN services for Kodi, then there’re some providers who offer decent speed and a range of servers. However, there’re some considerations while choosing a free VPN for Kodi that includes tunneling protocols, number of servers, customer support channels and logging policy. With that said, subscribers should remember that free VPN services under any condition shouldn’t be compared with a full-featured VPN, in terms of speed, stability, reliability & trustworthiness.

We suggest users try the free trial version of above specified best Kodi VPN for a top-notch streaming experience and robust privacy protection. But in case you want an entirely free VPN service, then here’re the top 3 best free VPN for Kodi:

Abovementioned VPN providers are the best Kodi VPN gratis for your Windows. Betternet makes it the best free VPN for Kodi Windows as it will secure your online activity and keeps your IP address anonymous. Unlike other Kodi VPN Kostenlos, it will never keep any logs.

Datho VPN Kodi Add-on

Datho VPN offers a dedicated add-on for Kodi. It unblocks a vast selection of top-quality legal content on Kodi apps. Various popular add-ons are geo-restricted in a majority of regions including BBC, iPlayer, iTV, AMC, A&E, ESPN, and many other US broadcasting channels.  Moreover, Datho VPN on Kodi gives you access to the exclusive library of streaming services like Netflix US library, HULU, FOX, ESPN and many others in your region.

Datho VPN on Kodi also provides restriction-free access to live events including NFL Game Pass, MLB.TV, NBA International League Pass and NHL GameCenter from geo-restricted regions. You can enjoy the unlimited action from the playoffs, season fixtures and live and on-demand games that were previously unavailable for you.

How to Setup Datho VPN on Kodi

Step 1: Download DathoVPN Repository from HERE and save it on your system

Step 2: Now open Kodi > Select Add-ons option > Go to Package Installer icon (a box-shaped icon on top-left corner)

Step 3: Click on Install from Zip File > Upload or Navigate the Zip File that you downloaded in Step 1 and wait for it to install

Step 4: Now select Install from Repository option > Find Datho Add-on Repository from the list and click on it > Then select Program Add-ons > DathoVPN > Click Install

Step 5: It will take few minutes to install the add-on. Once installation is completed go back to Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > DathoVPN

Step 6: Enter Username and Password > Type Server Address > Change the operating system from OpenElec to Windows > Click OK

How to Setup Datho VPN on Kodi

Kodi VPN Reddit

Kodi users claiming to have previously installed PIA as their VPN provider are now shifting towards a more powerful VPN provider called ExpressVPN. This change is most likely caused due to a better online security requirements that are needed when using Kodi.

Do I need a VPN for Kodi? [beginners guide] from Addons4Kodi


Kodi is the one-stop entertainment solution for unlimited on-demand streaming. The user-friendly interface adds, even more, appeal to it. However, due to certain geo-restrictions placed on various streaming channels, users are unable to watch their favorite video & music with Kodi. Kodi VPN providers offer premium online privacy & data security to users by evading geo-restrictions instantly.

5 Fastest VPN for 2018 – Best for Streaming

Choosing a fast VPN can be tough. There are hundreds of VPN service providers that claim to be the Fastest VPN, but only a few actually manage to make the cut when put through a proper speed test.

We went through the forums and FAQs to short-list the most reliable VPN service providers and subjected them to a speed test to gauge for ping, upload speed and download speed, for a variety of locations.

The services listed below were tested over mediocre internet connections and also analyzed for their packages, refund rules and privacy policies. NordVPN proved to be the quickest VPN service from the lot.

The Purpose of VPN

The primary purpose of a VPN is to ensure online privacy and security of an internet user. A VPN will keep your Internet Service Provider (ISPs), cybercriminals, and any eavesdropper in the dark as nobody will be able to see what you’re doing online.

A VPN works as a cloak of invisibility that will encrypt your signal and manipulate your IP address that will make you appear from a different location and from a different machine.

While encrypting your online activity, many VPN providers would slow down your internet connection and that frustrates many internet users. This is where a fastest VPN comes in.

The purpose of a fastest VPN is to ensure online privacy and security, but at the same time it will never slow down your internet connection.

Fastest VPN Services in 2018

Below is the fastest VPN providers of the year 2018 which will help you enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Fastest VPN ServicesSpeed TestPrice As Low AsVisit Fastest VPN Site
  1. Fastest VPN PureVPN







    Get This Offer »

    7-Days Money Back Guarantee

  2. NordVPN






  3. Fastest VPN ExpressVPN






  4. Fastest VPN buffered






  5. Fastest VPN ivacy








1st Fastest VPN – PureVPN

Coming in a first place is PureVPN. To test the performance of PureVPN, we conducted a series to speeds tests and determined how it impacted user experience and internet connection.



Test 1: The first test we conducted was by connecting to a UK server from a US based location. The ping that we received was 27 ms with 87.34 Mpbs download speed and 8.34 Mpbs upload speeds.

Test 2: We then connected to a PureVPN Australian server from our US based location and ran the test again. The results obtained from the test revealed that the download speeds were 69.32 Mbps with upload speeds being 10.94Mbps and 29ms ping.

Verdict: It can be safely said that PureVPN offers reliable and fast performance without interrupting user experience or internet connections. In our first test, the drop in internet speeds was around 7–8%, which far better than usual. The most significant drop in speed was observed when we connected to an Australian server. But, as we accessed different content on Netflix, Hulu and BBC, there was no buffering delay and we enjoyed seamless playback in HD. Hence, PureVPN is definitely amongst the top 5 fastest VPN services.

To learn more about PureVPN, view our detailed PureVPN review.

Visit PureVPN

Second Quickest VPN – NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most user-friendly Fastest VPN services, which is known for delivering top speeds and reliable connectivity every time. The server spread covers all the major locations around the world and is constantly expanding as the VPN provider is adding new locations to its global server base.


Test 1: The speed test conducted after connecting to NordVPN in the KSA found that the difference in speeds before and after connecting is quite acceptable when compared to the speeds that other VPN providers offer. We recorded a 33 ms Ping, an upload speed of 12.92 Mbps, and a download speed of 82.56 Mbps.

Test 2: We then decided to use our Germany office to test the NordVPN UK server. Upon connecting, we recorded a Ping of 35 ms, a surprising upload speed of 9.25 Mbps, and a download speed of 81.68 Mbps.

Verdict: At a minimal cost, NordVPN offers one of the best deals that you will find on the fastest VPN services available online! Another reason because of which NordVPN makes our list is because it offers fast speeds on all offered protocols and multi-device logins. Even our test back up its performance as there was no major reduction in internet speeds (less than 14%). Therefore, NordVPN is a fast and reliable VPN service that will deliver great performance.

To learn more about how NordVPN works, view our detailed NordVPN review.

Visit NordVPN

Third Fastest VPN Service – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a top-notch VPN provider that has been operating in the industry for years. In order to test the performance of ExpressVPN, we conducted certain speed tests. The speed tests were conducted to explore the impact of ExpressVPN on real speed of the Internet connection.




Test 1: First, we conducted a speed test from the US and connected to the UK server. The ping is 41ms; download speed is 81.77 Mbps and upload speed is 7.14 Mbps.

Test 2: We then connected to the ExpressVPN UK server using L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocol. The upload speed we recorded was 10.69 Mbps while download speed we recorded was 78.32 Mbps with 45ms ping.

Verdict: ExpressVPN is the quickest VPN when it comes to experiencing breathtaking speeds without giving up on your online security and privacy. In our tests, it was seen that the ping increased slightly, compared to other VPN providers. However, the overall changes in download speed ranged from 15-17%, showing that ExpressVPN is no slouch. Hence, it can be said that ExpressVPN deserves to be among the top of 5 fastest VPNs.

To learn more about ExpressVPN, view our detailed ExpressVPN review.

Visit ExpressVPN

Fourth Fast VPN Provider – Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN is one of the most multi-purpose VPN services available online. User reviews show that is preferred by first-time VPN users who want a VPN service that is fast, reliable, secure and affordable.



Test 1: We instructed our associates in the UK to connect with Buffered’s US VPN server. After connecting to the VPN server, we were able to record a Ping of 33ms, an upload speed of 10.58 Mbps, and a download speed of 81.46 Mbps. These speeds might be much higher than those that we got with other substandard VPN services, but only made 5th place on our list of the best fastest VPN services.

Test 2: Our second speed test for Buffered VPN, we connected to the a US VPN server and ran the speed test to record a Ping of 36ms, an upload speed of 13.16 Mbps, and a download speed of 80.45 Mbps.

Verdict: Apart from being one of the top 5 fastest VPN services, Buffered VPN frequently upgrades its VPN network and also runs discount offers that help make it all the more affordable. A variety of pricing plans allows users to customize their VPN experience. With its expanding server spread, you can watch your favorite shows and movies on popular streaming services without experiencing any delay. The results from our testing also showed that Buffered should be considered a rapid VPN which offer relentless performance.

Visit BufferedVPN

Fifth Fastest VPN – Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a VPN services that has been revamped and rebranded. It is used by countless people around the world thanks to its great performance and affordable pricing packages. We decided to test it to get to the bottom of all the hype.




Test 1: In the first test to find the top 5 fastest VPN, our US-based associate tested Ivacy by connecting to the Korean server. We recorded a ping of 21ms, an upload speed of 6.48 Mbps, and a download speed of 78.63 Mbps. These stats were not exactly exceptional but not entirely below the average benchmark that we had been recording with other VPN services.

Test 2: We then decided to utilize our Canadian location and connected to Ivacy  UK server. The UK server proved to be much faster than the previous server and recorded a Ping of 32ms, with an upload speed of 5.96 Mbps, and an adequate download speed of 72.37 Mbps.

Verdict: Ivacy managed to make our list of the fastest VPN servers, but did not make it to the top of the ranks because of the high price tag. However, it would have been unfair to exclude Ivacy from our list of fastest VPN servers since the service offers streamlined custom software and boasts reliable connectivity. If we compare it to other providers, Ivacy offers excellent performance and does not compromise your connectivity by any means.

Visit IvacyVPN

Fastest VPN for Windows

Windows users are more likely to use a VPN service because of viewing geo-restricted content, or protecting their online activity. The fastest VPN will ensure that your online activity remain secure at a fastest speed possible.

Windows users now can encrypt online data either at home or in a public Wi-Fi, with the fastest VPN. Here are some of the fastest VPN 2018 for Windows:

Fastest VPN for Mac

Mac users can now have a VPN app that could let them bypass geographical restrictions, access blocked content, and keep themselves anonymous while browsing. A VPN client for Mac can help you restore online freedom.

Here is a quick list for the fastest VPN for Mac:

Fastest VPN for Chrome

Chrome browsers can easily keep your internet activity logs. Your online history is kept safe in the Chrome browser. However, it is highly likely that cybercriminal can trace your data, or that data might be used for advertisement purposes.

To avoid being a cyber-victim, all you can do is to protect your system from intruders using a fastest VPN service. Some of the best VPN for Chrome extensions are listed below:

Fastest VPN for Netflix

Netflix streaming service for each country is only accessible when present in the particular country, thus making it geo-restricted. For example, US Netflix users can only stream Netflix in any part of the US, but not outside the US.

A VPN will bypass geographical restriction and will let US Netflix users to access Netflix from outside the US. This statement holds true for any Netflix user living in any part of the world. A fastest VPN not only bypass geo-restriction, but will also keep your downloading speed to a maximum.

Here is a list of some fastest VPN for Netflix:

Quick Overview of 5 Fastest VPN Services for 2018

After careful consideration and testing, below are the 5 fastest VPN services that make it to our list and provide you high-speed VPN experience:

  1. PureVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Ivacy
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Buffered

High Speed VPNs with Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch is an important feature for preserving one’s privacy. By enabling Kill Switch, you prevent IP leakages. What Internet Kill Switch does is that it automatically stops your internet connation if you disconnect from a VPN. This feature is really help in an event of unexpected disconnections, VPN malfunction, and terminates certain programs from accessing the internet.

That said, what are the implications of Kill Switch on VPN’s performance? We tested various providers offering this feature and found the fastest VPN with Kill Switch. Here are our pick:

  1. PureVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Quickest VPNs without Logs

A VPN is only secure as long as it doesn’t keep any forms of activity logs. If a VPN provider collects information of your internet activities and browsing history, then do not trust such services. Therefore, as important as no log policy is, it is also important that the VPN deliver fast performance. Here are some of the fastest VPN without logs:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Betternet
  3. IPVanish

Fast VPN Free

Now if you are looking for a free VPN service that delivers fast performance, then look no further. Although there are numerous vulnerabilities in a free VPN, we wouldn’t recommending them to using for privacy and security. This is because free providers use weak protocols and encryption levels, sell user data to third party, and may even keep logs. However, if unblocking websites is your main purpose and you are looking for fast free VPN then check out these three providers:

  1. ZenMate
  2. TunnelBear
  3. CyberGhost VPN

Fastest VPN Reddit

Reddit is home to millions of users from all around the world. It boasts various categories (sub-reddits) on numerous topics. You can find conversations, news, suggestions, reviews, videos, and just about anything on Reddit. Therefore, we decided to take a closer look at some of the fastest VPN services mentioned on Reddit.

Our research unveiled many popular names along with some lesser known VPN services. For instance, one user was looking to find a VPN provider that offers fast servers within the United States, as his ISP (Comcast) was continuously throttling his network. Among the recommendations, we came across providers such as IPVanish, VyprVPN, Viking VPN, and Private Internet Access (PIA).

Similarly, there are numerous reviews and feedback available about fastest VPN on Reddit. Here is one user sharing his experience with a bunch of VPN providers in terms fast performance:

We also came across many queries regarding fastest VPN for China on Reddit. Due to the continuous blockage of various media sites in China and other restrictions on internet, here is a user recommending ExpressVPN for Fujian province:

Update on Fastest VPN Reddit comments

For some internet users, speed is not the only factor that is important, it has to be cheaper too. PureVPN and NordVPN are the fastest VPN, but at the same time a lot cheaper.

Stability does matter with the fast VPN. If a VPN starts disconnecting after every few minutes, then there is some problem. Even though it is the fastest VPN, but stability does matter.

/r/vpn Recommendations Megathread #3 from VPN

What do you understand by Fast VPN?

A fast VPN is something that never compromises on your internet speed while encrypting the online activity and your IP address. An internet connection or internet speed is evaluated by many different metrics, that includes download speed, upload speed, and latency.

Mostly the users of a fast VPN streams movies, read the news online, use BitTorrents, and listens to music. Therefore, downloading speed is an important factor in using a faster VPN. So, when we talk about ‘Fast VPN’, we talk about download speed.

Choosing Fastest VPN Server

Fastest VPN always provides an option ‘Smart Location’ that helps you automatically connect to a VPN server that gives you a faster internet speed. Internet speed depends upon download speed, upload speed, distance, and the latency.

A VPN server, which is nearest to your country, is the preferable choice by many VPN providers. The shorter distance will ensure faster internet speed.

Difference between Fastest VPN and Security

A super useful VPN must be lightning fast, but it should never compromise on something what it is known for i.e. protecting your online security. The first principle of using a VPN is to secure your online activity, and only then, you are able to stream anything you ever wanted.

Without online security, your internet activity is exposed and there is no one that could protect you from the law enforcement. Also, without a fast VPN connection and internet speed, it is impossible to stream copyright content in HD. For anyone who needs a fast internet connection with impressive online security must turn to a fast VPN.

Difference of Speed between VPN & without VPN connection

There is always a slight variation in internet speed with and without using a VPN. Even though the fastest VPN that are listed does not limit your speed or bandwidth, but still a VPN has slightly lower speed than when not connected to a VPN.

However, it is important to understand that internet speed depends upon majority of factors and these factors include server distance, server load, your original internet speed, VPN protocol, and so much more.

Even when you are connected to a closer VPN server, you can expect a drop of 30% in the internet speed. You can confirm this by checking on your internet connection before connecting to a fast VPN, and after when you’re connected to a fast VPN.

How to increase your connection speed into Fast VPN?

There are some VPN providers discussed in the above list that does not limit the speed or bandwidth when you browse the internet. Internet users can increase the speed by connecting to a fast VPN.

A fast VPN will ensure that Internet Service Providers do not throttle your internet speed when you stream copyright content from the internet. It will bypass ISP throttling, thus making your internet speed fast as the original speed when not connected to a VPN.

Fastest VPN Protocol

Fastest VPN service are hard to come by but the best services will offer you multiple protocols to choose from. As we mentioned earlier, your speeds are directly related to the level of security offered by a tunneling protocol; so it’s important that you select the fastest VPN protocol.

Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Now that you know about the factors to look for when selecting a VPN and which protocol to use, let’s look at why you need a VPN that allows fast torrenting.

There is nothing worse than having a slow, lagging internet. And, the situation gets worse if you are thinking about downloading something off the internet but couldn’t due to the cumbersome internet.

Therefore, to download torrents without any interruptions or delays, you should use the fastest VPN for torrenting. The providers that we have listed above support the use of torrents, offer servers optimized for P2P file sharing and deliver great speeds without compromising your network.

Fastest VPN with Easy to Use Software

Many VPN providers offer exclusive VPN software for multiple platforms. However, if these VPN clients are not designed well, use a lot of resources from your device, and slow down the internet then they are no good.

That’s why it is important to choose the fastest VPN software for seamless performance and interrupted experience. You can choose from the VPN providers listed above as they offer fast VPN software and are compatible on different operating systems.

Fastest iPhone and ios VPN

iOS devices have been vulnerable to numerous cyber threats over last few years. Once considered a strong, impregnable operating system, iOS devices are now prone to more cyber attacks as their use continues to expand throughout the world.

To protect your device against hackers, spammers, phishes, snoopers, and other malicious cyber-goons without any delays than it is advised to use the fastest iPhone VPN. Each of the VPN services that we have listed above offer exclusive apps for iOS devices, including iPhone and deliver fast performance with unbelievable speeds.

Fast VPN for Android

According to a report compiled by Symantec, the number of malware variants on Android has increased considerably over the years. In 2014, there were around 9,839 reported variants. These figures increased by 40 percent in 2015, showing that Android device are vulnerable to more malware attacks in the coming future.

fastest vpn Service - cumulative Android Mobile Variatns

Source: Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec

Therefore, it is critical that you protect your Android device from all kinds of cyber threats. One of the best tools to protect your sensitive data and privacy from cyber criminals is through a fast VPN for Android. The VPN providers that we have tested above offer exclusive Android apps, are free to download, have a proven track record for offering ironclad protection and deliver fast performance.

How Were the Speed Tests Conducted

Each VPN provider that we have mentioned above, passes through rigorous testing so that we can determine the fastest VPN services. The results are based on the ping rate, download speeds, and upload speeds offered by each provider. So how are these speed tests conducted?

We tested each VPN provider on Windows 7 laptop connected to a mediocre 100Mbps wired connection. When we tested our internet speeds without any VPN connection, we observed 94.6Mbps as download speed, 14.89Mbps as upload speeds and 2ms as ping.

Using this as a base line, we conducted two tests for each VPN provider using two different speed test tools. The first test was performed using Ookla’s speed test tool and the second test was performed using ‘’. In each of the tests, we changed the server location and the protocol of the VPN service to gauge its performance. The best result from both the tests was then recorded to find the fastest VPN.

Considerations of VPN Speed Comparison – How to Choose a Fast VPN?

Choosing a fast VPN service is trickier than it seems. At present, nearly all providers claim to offer blazing fast speed along with stable performance and reliable connection. But, in reality, such claims have proven to be bogus marketing techniques only. Therefore, we have created a dedicated section below that highlights each and every factors of a VPN service that ensure high-speed connection at all times. After reading following factors, you will be able to select a true VPN service with ultimate fast speed:

Ping Rate

Ping rate is the time it takes for your connection to communicate with a desired server. The faster response time between your PC and the server, the more responsive is your connection. Ping rate is measured in milliseconds (ms) and is critical for applications where timing is important. Therefore, you should select a VPN that offers the lowest ping rates.

Download Speed

A fast VPN service should offer good download speeds. It should enable you to pull data off the internet without compromising your speed. You can switch between protocols and servers to get the quick download speeds from your VPN.

Upload Speed

The upload speeds shows how quickly you can send data to other user over the internet. You should select a VPN that offers swift data transfer without any interruptions.

Other Aspects to Look For in a Fast VPN

Speed is the key to finding the fastest VPN service but it should not be the only factor to consider. There are several other aspects you should look for before selecting a VPN. Here are some factors, other than speed, that you should look into:

How fast is a VPN connection?

Now if you are a new VPN users, this question must have crossed your mind: how fast is a VPN connection. There is no definitive answer to this question as various factors contribute to a VPN connection speed. For starters, the speed of a VPN connection depends on the level of encryption and type of protocol you are using. Higher the degree of encryption, slower will be your VPN connection.

Similarly, some protocols tend to offers fast speeds, while others could cramp up your network speed. You can try different settings to find the right balance between the two. The server loads and your own connection speed also play an important role in determining how fast a VPN is. Therefore, we would suggest that you fiddle with various VPN protocols, servers, and encryption levels to find the fastest VPN connection.

How Does a VPN Affect your Internet Speeds

Now when you use a VPN, you must have come across the notion that your internet speeds will drop. You might be wondering how a VPN reduces the speed of your Internet? Let us explain this for you.

Creation of Virtual Tunnels & Encryption

The moment you connect a VPN on your device, it forms a virtual tunnel. This tunnel is formed using different secure protocols such as PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol), SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN etc.

These tunneling protocols safeguard the security of virtual tunnel and the data traveling within it. Along with the tunneling protocols, a VPN supports different encryption levels.

The encryption provided by a VPN serves as a backup plan. Infiltration of the tunnel’s security is near to impossible; but, in case a pro hacker gets the job done, he is slapped with nothing but encrypted data. In short, a VPN provides you extraordinary security, but there’s a slight price to pay. This price is the lethargy with respect to Internet speed.

The Protocol You Use

When you are using a VPN, the drop in Internet speed is directly proportional to the security associated with the tunneling protocols. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is less likely to reduce your speed but it promises minimal security. On the other hand, Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol promises moderate security but it has a considerable impact on your Internet speed. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol takes security to the whole new level but causes a significant drop in speed.

In order to penetrate into the network, a hacker or any unauthorized person will have to breakthrough different layers of security in order to access your encrypted data. The level of security depends upon your preference of the tunneling protocol. The more your protocol is secure, the more speed loss your will have in your internet speed. This is the way it works. So, you have two choices here

Tips to Speed-Up VPN Connection

A VPN connection usually tends to slow down your internet network. This is because a VPN tunnels, encrypts, and then decrypts your device’s entire internet traffic. However, massive drops in speeds are not always the case. A VPN usually affects 10 to 20 percent of your internet speeds. But, if you follow certain tips, you can easily speed up your VPN connection.

  1. Switch your VPN server: High load on a server could cause delay and sluggish internet speeds. This is because various VPN users might be using the same server at the same time, hence slowing down your VPN connection.
  2. Change VPN protocol and ports: Some networks tend to blocks VPN protocols and ports. You will have to try different combinations to find the fastest protocol and port for your VPN services.
  3. Try Using a Wired Connection: Using a wireless connection seems convenient, but it could limit your internet speeds as various users share the same network. And with a VPN connected, internet speeds could further deteriorate. Try switching to a wired connection as it supports higher speeds and is not usually shared among numerous users.
  4. Restart your Devices: At times, memory leakage can slow down your device or routers. Restarting them can significantly improve their overall performance.

What’s the Quickest VPN for Lag-Free Gaming?

Do you experience unexpected delays and ping spikes while playing online? As an online gamer, there is nothing worse than experiencing lag, delay, and high ping while playing online.

There are numerous reasons why lag and packet loss are caused during online gaming. If you try to connect to a gaming server located far away from your own destination, there are chances that you will experience lag and delay. Similarly, having an internet service that is highly congested also causes problems when you play online.

To overcome lag and enjoy smooth online gaming experience, you should choose a fast VPN service. A VPN service helps you in two ways while gaming. First, you can route your internet traffic through uncongested pathways, allowing the data packets to flow freely. Second, you can connect to a VPN server nearest to the location where you want to play, shortening the distance between you and the gaming server.

Become Anonymous with Fastest VPN Service for US

In the United States, there are many perils for which you would need a speedy VPN service. Thanks to the limelight shed by Edward Snowden on NSA and other intelligence agencies, your online privacy and security are at great risk. NSA and fellow intelligence agencies conduct mass blanket surveillances on citizens and record metadata of internet users.

They would collect data about your internet browsing, the contents you download, your communications, and various other forms of personal information. Likewise, there are various cyber threats such as hackers, spammers, and phishes that look to steal your data off the internet. This is where the IP cloaking ability and cyber security provided by the fastest VPN for US comes into play.

It will tunnel your data through secure protocols and also encrypt it during the process, not allowing anyone to eavesdrop on your internet activities. You can also use a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions and access websites such as Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, and NBC outside US with ease. Our testing shows that PureVPN offers good performance for US Netizens. Another plus point is that it is based in Hong Kong, not allowing NSA or the government to create backdoors into the VPN provider.

Fastest VPN Service for China to Bypass The Great Firewall

The Great Firewall of China or GFW, is one of the strongest and the most severe internet censorship mechanism on this earth to date. Chinese government is very strict on what content is accessible to citizens in China and what they post online. There are content filters that scan all the internet traffic coming in and going out of China.


GFW Blocks Popular Social Media Websites

This is performed through deep packet inspection (DPI) which scans through the data packets and blocks content that is deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the Chinese government. There are numerous social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter that are blocked in China. Similarly, all the services offered by Google are also blocked, including Gmail and YouTube. Various communication services such as Snapchat are also censored in China.

In addition to these web base services, the Chinese government will block any content that goes against their ideology, spreads hate speech against the government or can cause mass public demonstrations. Therefore, it is imperative that you use a VPN service for accessing internet freely in China. But, not all VPN services work in China and those that do are painstakingly slow. ExpressVPN is among the fastest VPN for China. You can give it a try to bypass GFW and  enjoy internet freedom in China.

Safeguard Your Privacy with a Fastest VPN for UK

Ever since the departure of UK from the European Union, privacy risks have increased among British Netizens. Recently a new surveillance bill was passed by the parliament which requires telecom companies to keep records of consumers web activities.

And, with the British intelligence agencies (such as GCHQ) cooperating with NSA to conduct surveillance on citizens, the use of VPN is not a surprise. A VPN provides anonymity against surveillances and safeguards your privacy.

So, it is important that you select the fastest VPN service for UK. It will not only keep your identity anonymous, but also protect your sensitive data from various cyber attacks. You can also use a VPN to access various websites within UK. On the contrary, a steady VPN like Ivacy, can help you on your travels as you’ll be able to unblock UK based web services such BBC iPlayer, Now TV, ITV, and many more.

Which is the Best High-Speed VPN for Australia?

In October 2015, the Australian government passed a new data retention law that requires ISPs to record metadata of their users for up to two years. What this means is that all your internet browsing activities and download history will stored by your internet provider. You can keep yourself anonymous and keep your data safe from being recorded by using a VPN service.

But not all VPN services offer work well in Australia or do they provide servers. This is where you need a high-speed VPN service that provides good performance, strong data security and anonymity. We tested Buffered VPN with its Australian servers and found the provider to be the fastest VPN service for Australia. It is a relatively new service and offers great features with all round performance.

Access Unrestricted Internet with a Fast VPN for Canada

There isn’t much internet censorship in Canada but the invasive legislations violate your online privacy and security considerably. Canada is also part of the Five Eye alliance. It conducts surveillance on citizens in  with alliance with  intelligence agencies from US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Therefore, you should use a VPN service to protect your privacy and remain anonymous within Canada. A fast VPN for Canada will also help you access US Netflix library and enable you to enjoy unlimited streaming content.

Is a Fastest VPN Worth It?

We live in an era where the use of a VPN has become a prerequisite to ensure privacy and security. From hackers to surveillance agencies like the NSA, we are surrounded by divergent threats that victimize our privacy rights.

It might also be possible that someone in a distant corner of the world is currently using your identity. No matter how cautious we become, identity thieves are always one step ahead of us. With their tricks and tools, they assault our privacy to fulfill their monetary motives.

A VPN is the only savior to think of in this era of chaos. However, there is one significant loophole with this sophisticated technology. A VPN reduces users Internet speed the moment it is connected. This isn’t a flaw, but an operational technicality associated with this technology which reduces Internet speed when the VPN is connected.

Many users might be reluctant to adopt this technology just because of its effect on their Internet speed. A speed drop caused by a VPN might not be an issue to worry about if you have a speedy Internet connection and use one of the fastest VPN services mentioned in this article.


We all are concerned about our privacy and security today. Yet, most of us are reluctant to do anything about it. A VPN is an efficient tool that can safeguard our privacy and security. However, users are reluctant to adopt this technology as it reduces their Internet speed. Unfortunately, it is true.

This article might end your dilemma and ease your purchase decision. We present 5 fastest VPNs in this article along with the valid proof of their performance examined through speed test. These fastest VPN services have been tried, tested and prioritized as per level of over actual Internet speed, from lowest to highest.

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Bypass ISP Throttling by VPN (Updated January 2018)

FCC Dismantles Net Neutrality: Making ISP Throttling Foreseeable

On an FCC meeting that held on 14th Dec 2017, voting on Net Neutrality repealed plan was taken place and the results went against Net Neutrality. With Net Neutrality gone, ISPs would be throttling your internet speed as they deem like.

However, you could bypass ISP throttling with a VPN. With the help of a VPN, your IP address becomes anonymous, thus preventing your ISPs to track your online activity, and finally preventing you from ISP throttling.

Have you ever experienced sudden drop in internet speeds? Does it feel like an eternity for your internet to buffer videos or download content? If the answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, then there is a possibility that your internet service provider (ISP) might be throttling your bandwidth.

Bandwidth throttling is when your ISP intentionally slows down your internet based on your bandwidth usage. ISPs can monitor and inspect your internet activities, so when you start streaming on services such HBO NOW or download a lot of torrents, your ISP restricts the internet speeds causing massive delays, slowing down all your processes, and limiting you to a stone-age like internet connection.

ISP throttling is a chronic problem faced by numerous internet users around the world. Many ISPs use terms such as reducing network congestion’ or ‘managing network traffic’ to defend bandwidth throttling but that is far from the truth. One way to bypass ISP throttling by VPN **January 2018**.

How Does a VPN Help to Bypass ISP Maximum Speed Limit Throttling

Since ISPs can scrutinize all your internet data, you need a tool that can hide your web activities. And the best solution to bypass ISP throttling is through a VPN service. This is because a VPN conceals the contents of your internet activities, not allowing your ISP to monitor what you do over the internet.

When you use a VPN to bypass ISP bandwidth limit, all your internet traffic routed through one of its own servers. In doing so, your original IP address is cloaked and replaced with the IP address of the VPN server, hiding your true location.

Secondly, a VPN uses secure tunneling protocols and encryption algorithm to keep your internet activity hidden. So when your ISP decides to inspect your data packets, all they will see is encrypted gibberish that does not make any sense.

5 Best VPN to Bypass ISP Throttling

Here are some of the best VPN providers that you can use to bypass ISP throttling and enjoy unrestricted, blazing fast internet speeds:

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal

How To Bypass ISP Throttling Without VPN?

Broadband internet providers tend to limit subscribers’ network speed at peak timings. Also, users face frequent bandwidth restrictions and speed congestions upon streaming, downloading and exploring media on internet. If this is the case for you, then you can turn the tables and bypass broadband speed limit by manually performing steps below:

  1. Launch start menu in Microsoft Windows
  2. Search for Run
  3. In Run command window, type in msc
  4. You will be presented with “Local Group Policy Editor”, click on Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Network>QoS Packet Scheduler>Limit reservable bandwidth
  5. In the Limit reservable bandwidth window, click on field of Bandwidth limit%, type 0 and click OK
  6. Now, go back, tap on Start and click on Control Panel from right side of the of menu
  7. Next, click on Network and Sharing Center
  8. From left menu pane, click on Change adapter settings and then select properties of your Local Area Connection
  9. From properties of Local Area Connection, check mark Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  10. Tap on General tab, and change your DNS server settings, as below:
    a- Preferred DNS server:
    b- Alternate DNS server:

Finally click OK, close all windows and open browser. You will experience 40% faster internet performance by evading from ISP bandwidth throttling limit. Enjoy!

How to Bypass T-Mobile Throttling

T-Mobile stands as one of the largest telecom carrier around the world. The provider offers economical package plans and breathtaking features to subscribers. However the only down side reported by T-Mobile subscribers is the unjust speed throttling after surpassing data limit. That said, users have to deal with 2G speed once they consume an assigned 5GB data limit. But, to ease our readers, we have created a step by step process below that will rid you from hectic speed throttling while watching favorite videos.

Here’s how to bypass T-Mobile throttling in simple steps:

Finally, go back and restart your phone. After booting up, enjoy streaming tons of favorite movies, TV shows and popular videos at blazing fast speed through T-Mobile network. Also, you will experience amazingly fast browsing without worrying about data limits.

Note: The above trick was performed on Android mobile phones and tablets. However, you can perform same steps on iPhone and iPad by editing APN from settings.

How to Bypass ISP Throttling on iPhone

iPhone stands as a striking breakthrough in the world of smartphones. Superior features, powerful hardware configuration, impressive aesthetics make iPhone a top choice among tech savy users. Despite, having ground-breaking hardware infrastructure, iPhone offers no protection against ISP speed throttling.

That said, iPhone users frequently face issues regarding stumpy speed and connection drops due to unfair ISP throttling. To get the best out of your iPhone, we suggest users to equip their device with iPhone VPN and experience lightening speed downloads and streams.

After performing following steps, you will be able to instantly achieve noticeable improvement in your connection. Here’s how to successfully bypass throttling on iPhone in simple steps:

How to Bypass ISP Throttling on Android

Android OS on other hand is ranked at top among smartphone fanatics who want to stay a step ahead. With having over 107 million users around the globe, Android is a primary operating system for smartphones which serves users of all ages.

However, various providers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint more practice bandwidth throttling when users consumes their allocated bandwidth limit. This results in frequent speed drops and download interruptions, frustrating Android users badly. To get rid of ISP throttling, users can freely setup Android VPN on their phones and attain fullest out of their devices. After following below mentioned process, users will be able to watch tons of movies, play online games, download media and explore internet without worrying about carriers throttling their connection speed.

Here’s how to bypass throttling on Android phones with a VPN:

How to Bypass ISP Throttling on Windows

Apart from smartphones, PC & laptop users have reported to face sudden drop in connection speed while exploring media on internet. We suggest users to close all apps including Skype, Internet download manager and every other app that consumes internet data. Afterwards, perform a Speedtest and check connection speed. Next, download and install from one of the above mentioned VPN services, and once more perform a speed test to unveil noticeable difference in connection speed.

Also, you may perform following tips & tricks to bypass throttling and enhance your overall online experience.

– Go to Settings

– Click on Bandwidth Management

– Next, tap on Reduce Data usage and mark enable compression

Bypass ISP Throttling Caused by Peering

Peering is when two different ISPs connect with each other and exchange network traffic. So your internet traffic travels from your ISP to a third party ISP and then onto the desired location. This process is helpful under normal conditions as it helps to clear congestion. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as you might think.

In peering, conflicts arise between two ISPs over traffic ratios. This is especially evident when you use a heavy streaming service such as Netflix or HBO; these services demand high bandwidth for smooth and high quality streaming. But when there is a conflict between ISPs, one provides might increase the bandwidth limit but the other may not, causing your internet speeds to drop and resulting in ISP throttling.

This is where a VPN comes into play, helping you to bypass ISP throttling caused by peering. When you are connected to a VPN, your traffic is routed through VPN servers instead of a third party ISP network; allowing the data packets to travel through uncontested pathways. Hence, you get the internet speeds you paid for and are able to bypass bandwidth throttling.

How Do You Check ISP Throttling

The issue of ISP throttling has been plaguing numerous internet users around the world, but with a VPN by your side, you have nothing to fear. That said, how do you know that your internet speeds are being throttled? To check whether your ISP is restricting your bandwidth, here are some tools and tips that you can use:

Conduct Frequent Speed Tests

Different ISPs place bandwidth caps and when you hit a certain threshold, your connection gets throttled. Since it is quite evident that almost all ISPs throttle your internet, you can gauge how much speeds are slashed off through speeds tests. There are different tools you can use to conduct speeds tests such as or

Bypass throttling - Conduct Frequent Speed Tests

Many users that have complained about ISP throttling say that their internet speeds drop usually by the end of the month. You can check this by conducting speed test once a week. This way, you will get a  weekly comparison of your internet speeds, showing you when your network is throttled and when you get maximum bandwidth; hence allowing you to bypass throttling.

Use The Internet Health Test

The Internet Health Test is tool that shows any signs of your internet degradation and helps to determine ISP throttling. The Internet Health Test uses infrastructure and codes from M-Labs. It works by sending traffic from your device to a measure point located outside your ISPs network.

This way, the tool measures any sign of congestion between your ISP and the measure points. If there is a large difference in the results, then this shows signs of ISP throttling. However, it is better to conduct a series of tests spread across seven or more days to get conclusive results and take appropriate action to bypass ISP throttling.

Bypass ISP Throttling - The Internet Health Test Tool helps to Determine


Glasnost is a tool that allows you to measure the performance of different types of internet traffic. You can choose from P2P apps (BitTorrent, eMule, Gnutella), Standard apps (Email, HTTP, SSH transfer, Usenet), and Video-on-demand (YouTube). Glasnost tests each of these types of traffic by measuring the performance (bandwidth) between your PC and respective servers. The test takes around eight minutes to complete. If results show inconsistent speeds then it means that your ISP is throttling your network.

Measure Bypass Throttling With Glasnost Test Tool

Bypass ISP Throttling on Torrents & Streaming Services

One of the many perils faced by various internet users is when their bandwidth is limited once they use online streaming services or torrents. ISPs usually notice when you download large torrent files or stream heavily on popular services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW or Hulu.

Torrents and online streaming takes up considerable network speeds and requires high bandwidth for seamless performance. Therefore, your ISP throttles your internet claiming to reduce congestion. However, that is not the case as you hit a certain threshold limiter installed by your ISP, notifying them about amount of data being consumed.

Using a VPN to bypass ISP bandwidth limit will help you enjoy fast online streaming and torrent downloads. A VPN will bypass ISP throttling altogether and provide your internet traffic a new, fresh, uncongested pathway to flow from.

How to Bypass ISP Throttling with uTorrent

UTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients that is used by millions of users around the world. Unfortunately, many ISPs limit the bandwidth and when you start to download and upload a torrent via uTorrent, your ISP can take immediate action and throttle your internet speeds.

This is where a VPN service comes to your aid. It can help you achieve fast download speeds on uTorrent. A VPN routes your uTorrent data packets through its own servers, instead of your ISPs servers, hence allowing you to bypass bandwidth throttling.

How to Stop ISP Throttling for YouTube

When it comes to streaming free videos online, nothing comes close to YouTube. With a user base in billions, you can watch videos from various categories on YouTube. That said, enjoying videos in high quality without delay or buffering can be very difficult, especially if your ISP is logging all your internet traffic and web based activities.

As soon as you open YouTube and start to stream a video, your ISP can throttle your internet and cause interruptions during playback. But, if you have a VPN enabled, then you can effectively lift ISP throttling and enjoy seamless streaming in HD on YouTube.

Why is Bandwidth Throttling Considered a Bad Practice

In a world where the concept of net neutrality is being given high emphasis, ISP bandwidth throttling is considered a tactic against such an idea. Under net neutrality principles, everyone has the same grounds to play with. There are no discriminations in prices, the amount of data that can be used, access to resources, content, and everyone is treated equally.

That said, bandwidth limitations go against the concept of net neutrality and offering equality to all internet users. Hence the increased control of ISPs over user’s internet speeds has promoted many users to resort to VPN to bypass bandwidth throttling.

Similarly, some ISPs offer their own streaming services to subscribers and throttle the internet to downgrade other streaming services. For instance, Netflix has paid considerable amount of money to different ISPs to escape throttling. Therefore, if you are a fan of online streaming, it is better to use a VPN and avoid ISP throttling.

Real Time User Queries

ISP bandwidth throttling creates immense annoyance among users and even leaves them in terrible frustrating experience. To rid users from a perplexing situation, we have conducted an in-depth analysis and came up with following queries that are faced by users more often. In addition to this, we will provide an instant solution to these questions, so next time you can easily bypass ISP speed throttling within a blink of an eye.
Here are the most frequently encountered issues of users regarding carrier bandwidth throttling:

Bandwidth Throttling When Using Public Networks

University internet is ridiculously slow. How do I get through this throttling? from techsupport


The above user has reported about an intentionally throttled internet connection in his university. Public networks including airports, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, libraries, and school tend to control internet bandwidth for keeping the load off from servers. This is the case in above scenario.
Now, one solution to fix the problem is making sure that if other pupil is facing the similar issue. If no, then we would suggest that you perform manual cache cleaning of your browser as mentioned above. However, if other students are also encountering the issue, then sadly your connection is throttled. The only way to remove the bandwidth limitation is using a VPN.
Once you connect to a VPN, you will be able to stream videos, play online games, explore internet without facing ISP speed throttling issues.

Throttled Network Speed While Using Xbox Live & Online Gaming

Anyway to bypass my ISP throttling for free? from techsupport


A user has reported about facing sluggish speed issues while using Xbox Live and playing online games. Usually, ISPs impose speed throttling when a user is always consuming data. Having that said, online gaming comes under the same list and consumes more bandwidth than general surfing activities. Also, ping spikes and latency issues arise during online gaming matches.
To evade from ping spikes, lag issues, and DDOS attacks, your internet traffic needs to be encrypted to a level that no ISPs or hackers can identify your online activities. A VPN, in this case, offers maximum security by strongly encrypting all your network traffic including Xbox Live & esports events. But, we suggest users pick a VPN that provide a multitude of servers in various regions of the world. In this way, you will enjoy a latency-free online gaming experience.
Currently, Pure VPN is among providers that have more than 550 servers dotted across various regions of the world. You may choose from any of the following countries to connect from:
• United Kingdom
• France
• United States
• Germany
• Italy
• Russia
• Japan


ISP throttling is an act that can be seen as unethical, unfair, and violates equal rights and should be abolished on multiple grounds. Since that is far from happening anytime soon, it is better to use a 2018’s VPN to bypass ISP throttling.

The five VPN services that we have listed above will help you encrypt your web traffic, tunnel them through secure protocols, and stop your ISP from monitoring what you do over the internet. Each of these providers offers leading edge protocols and military grade encryption to prevent ISP throttling.

Best Canada VPN January 2018 to Surf the Internet with Full Freedom

Canadian Parliament Passes ‘C-51’ Anti-Terror Bill

The Canadian parliament has come up with a controversial bill that is seriously going to harm the online privacy of Canadian users. The bill states that the government will be able to monitor each and every activity of yours to make sure you are not involved in any “terrorist” activity.
Yup the bill, if becomes a law, will seriously dent the growth prospects of the startup companies and businesses in Canada. The government will hold the power to cancel your banking transactions anytime, and it does not stop here. They will be able to rip apart your plans of vacations and business trips as well.

You can cut down the threats of government looking into your online activities by using a Best Canada VPN of January 2018. Tested on the Canadian servers, You can use these VPN services for securing your online privacy to access popular streaming services such Netflix and Hulu Plus in Canada.

List of 5 Best VPNs for Canada

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal

Most VPN service providers in the industry will offer you at least one Canadian VPN server on average. And even though the geo-restrictions on websites in Canada haven’t peaked up as yet, the VPNs for Canada actually help the users combatting against the cybercriminals and malwares. Therefore, almost every other VPN provider makes sure they have a server in Canada as well.

Keep your eye on the prize and be as shrewd as you can be when looking at Canadian VPN service providers.

I judged and compared pricing plans, servers, customer support, payment methods, compatibility, tutorials, protocols and encryption, privacy policies, free trial availability and additional services before coming up with this list of the best Canada VPN providers in the industry today.

Most VPN service providers choose to focus their server expansion efforts on the US, followed closely by either the UK or Canada. This means that you can expect to find a substantial number of Canada VPN servers in most cases.

Are VPNs Legal in Canada (2018)

VPN services are legal in Canada. There are no regulations or laws prohibiting the use of VPNs in the country.  Therefore, setting up a personal virtual private network or signing up for a VPN will not get you into trouble. On the contrary, you will find businesses and governmental agencies using their own VPNs to secure their data and accessing internal network from remote locations.

VPN Canada IP Address

Now if you are looking for a dedicated Canadian IP address, then you’re in for a treat. There are selective providers that offer a VPN Canada IP address.

The main advantage of using a dedicated IP is that it’s totally under your control. Since no one else will be sharing the same IP address, chances of it being blacklisted are almost nonexistent.

Here are some providers that offer a dedicated Canada IP:

Why Canada Needs VPNs

If you are an internet user looking for a Canada IP and want to access North American websites/servers, then there is a little bit of background information that you should have.Why need best Canada VPN

More than 60% of smartphone users in Canada are not aware of the ways in which they can protect themselves online. They are not aware of the threats they are surrounded with. No wonder why 220,000 Canadians and US residents lose their jobs yearly due to the increasing cyber-crimes.

According to a latest report by McAfee, the losses of $400 billion are reported annually due to the cybercrimes all over the world, of which the losses of $3 billion is solely reported by Canada. The figures show that Canada isn’t safe from the clutches of cyber-criminals.

The fact of the matter is that you just don’t know if you should be afraid of the good guys or the bad guys anymore. At one end, Snowden exposed the NSA for the global spying psycho that it is; while at the other end, cyber-criminals continue to get bolder with every cyber heist. I think it is safe to say that ordinary internet users without a Canada VPN often find themselves between a rock and a hard place!

Nothing Guarantees Accessibility like a Canadian VPN

The Canadian government is very lenient when it comes to internet accessibility. As long as it isn’t child pornography, every website in the world is accessible to individuals with a Canadian IP.

Canada is a highly digitally-accessible country with almost no geo-restrictions in place. Using a Canada VPN, there is virtually no part of the internet that you cannot travel to.

Just about every website accessible to US-based internet users is accessible to Canadian internet users – which means that if your objective behind acquiring a Canadian IP was fully Canadian, then you also get access to US internet content as a bonus!

Best Canada VPN Helps You Escape Five Eyes

Canada may not be as cruel with its censorship policies as China, but it poses a serious threat to your online security. Since it is a part of Five Eyes – an intelligence alliance which comprises of United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, the online privacy of a user is torn to pieces by the Canadian and other member authorities.

According to the signed treaty, the member countries are bound by the agreement to share the recorded data with each other. Canada was hit with a controversy back in 2013 when a judge, Richard Mosley ordered the CSIS (Canada’s own version of NSA) to stop sending the recorded data to other member countries.

The best Canada VPN can help you protect against the unwanted snooping and surveillance by the Five Eyes and other online spy agencies. The Canada VPN is considered as an epitome for online protection since the protocols are hard to break by and the encryption is impossible to decode. The best VPN for Canada also provides you with good grounds of hiding behind a pseudo server and ensures that you remain untraceable and safe.

Best Canada VPN services are hard to find and to help you with the painful process of finding them; we have already recommended you some of the top services that are going to help you with keeping your data to yourself only. In addition, these best Canada VPN services will ensure cutting-edge streaming experience to subscribers around the world.

Canadian VPNs Experience Low Traffic

In the world of VPNs, Canadian VPNs are the untapped resource. That is because VPN users are usually quick to pick VPN servers located either in the US or in the UK.

This approach tends to keep Canadian VPN servers free of user traffic and guarantees high quality VPN services for the few who log on to Canadian VPN servers.

Essentially, Canada is like Switzerland when it comes to the internet. The law and order situation is eerily stable. But when it comes to best Canada VPN, the above mentioned services offer hundreds of servers across prime regions of the world. Also, these Canada VPN services offer congestion-free servers and high-speed network connection at all times.

Canadian VPN Guarantees Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is on the rise, as is the cost of cyber-crime. The internet was supposed to be the perfect virtual world but it has evolved into a parallel universe in which there is very little that you can rely on.

After a tough day at work, nothing relaxes me like switching on my laptop at home with a steaming cup of herbal tea by my side. Then I surf the internet aimlessly, with my Canada VPN switched on and the comfort that comes from the knowledge of being completely secure, unblock-able and untraceable!

I feel a shiver run down my spine every time I come across a webpage requiring me to enter any sort of personal information. I review VPN technology, its influences and its influencers for a living. Part of my job is to keep a close eye on cyber-crime trends – and they haven’t been looking too good lately.

Safety Precautions

The cyber world may appear as peaceful for now, but it is in a continuous struggle against the evils of cyber-criminals. It is never too late to secure your online identity with the following practices.

Now we know that we can use the first two recommendations for good use, but there is no way we can possibly exercise the third recommendation for long. Asking for reasons? Well, the latest stats suggest that 86.8% of the Canadian population use the internet on their smartphones and laptops for various purposes.

Surf and Stream the Internet with Freedom

With rapidly developing technology and increasing dependency on internet-enabled mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and slates, you can’t expect Canada’s internet using community to resist the temptation of free Wi-Fi. And they don’t have to! Here are my three tips to improve security on your mobile device WITHOUT compromising on accessibility:

How to Protect Personal Data While Accessing Wi-Fi Hotspots Related Article

Free Canada VPN

A free VPN Canada may be useful for online users when they try to reach a website that cannot be unlocked due to geo-restrictions. When there is no such thing as free VPN then it is highly likely that these VPN providers might be compromising your policy. We have listed 3 free Canada VPN that you ought to know about:


ZenMate offers both free and paid VPN service packages to its users. ZenMate’s free VPN works as a browser extension in Google Chrome or any other browser, but only allows its users to choose from its 5 servers. For further details check out the detailed Zenmate Review.


TunnelBear wants simple privacy for everyone. Although this is a free VPN but it only offers 500 MB of free data every month. It entices free users to go for a paid VPN with its monthly subscription starting from $4.99 per month. For further details check out the tunnelbear review.


Hola offers more than a VPN service to its users as it further offer services such as Hola ad blocker, Hola accelerator, and change in GPS location. It is a browser extension where it gives you freedom to browse the internet and to stream videos faster.

Hola is one of the best free VPN provider. Check out the detailed Hola VPN Review to know more about it.

How to Watch NFL Online in Canada with VPN

If you want to catch all the action of NFL in Canada, you can try out a Canadian VPN. The NFL is widely popular in the USA and other countries of the world. Unfortunately, you will have to face the issue of geo-restriction if you try to watch NFL outside the USA. However, you should not worry at all because you can still enjoy watching NFL broadcasts on your screen through a VPN.

By using a VPN, you can connect to the US server that allows you to change your IP address to US. Thus, you can easily access to the live streaming of your favorite sport in Canada. For improved streaming experience, you should use a Canada VPN since it provides dedicated servers for streaming purpose.

How to Watch WWE Network in Canada with VPN

If you are a big fan of WrestleMania but unable to watch the live streaming in Canada, here is the solution. You just need to use a Canada VPN to bypass all the geo-restrictions and enjoy streaming of your favorite sport in Canada. Here is how you can watch WWE Network in Canada.

After connecting successfully, you can watch your WWE Network broadcast instantly.

How to Unblock Spotify in Canada

The leading US music streaming service Spotify can now be accessed from within Canada. With a diverse range of music offerings, Spotify caters the need of music lovers belonging to all ages. The on-demand music streaming app is available for smartphones and can be downloaded from iTunes and Playstore respectively.

But sadly, like all popular on-demand streaming services, geo-restrictions apply on the streaming of Spotify outside the US. Only users who have subscribed Spotify from US can access it from outside of US. With the imposed geo-restrictions, Canadians require a US IP address to subscribe to Spotify from within Canada. The best way to unblock Spotify in Canada is to use a VPN. A Canada VPN will instantly allow the Canadians to spoof their location to US and access Spotify in their region. We suggest users option for a Canada VPN that offers a wide range of streaming optimized servers for a cutting-edge on-demand entertainment experience.

The best way to unblock Spotify in Canada is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will instantly allow Canadian users to spoof their location to US and access Spotify in their region. We suggest users option for a VPN with streaming optimized servers for an interruption free music streaming experience.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada?

BBC iPlayer stands among leading on-demand entertainment services in the United Kingdom. Having about millions of subscribers, BBC iPlayer offers extensive media library. Fans can enjoy streaming tons of favorite TV shows and videos including arts, comedy, documentaries, dramas, entertainment, music and much more. However, BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted outside of the UK, meaning that Canadians can’t access it from their region and see following error message upon accessing BBC iPlayer.

Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

But fortunately, now you access BBC iPlayer in Canada freely by using a Canadian VPN. We have listed step-by-step assistance below that will help you to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada:

Upon successful connection, open your internet browser, go to BBC iPlayer and enjoy streaming thousands of hit videos instantly

How to Watch Hulu Plus in Canada

If you are on the lookout for great online streaming service, then Hulu should be on your list. It offers numerous TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more to stream online on any device of your choice. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in United States and if you try to access the service from Canada, you will be presented with the following error message:

Watch Hulu Plus in Canada

But, if you have VPN by your side, you can watch Hulu Plus in Canada with ease. Here’s how you can unblock Hulu from anywhere in the world:

  1. Select a VPN service from the table mentioned above
  2. Sign-up for the service
  3. Download the VPN client or app on your chosen device
  4. Now connect to a VPN server located in United States
  5. Once you have successfully connected, access Hulu Plus
  6. Sign up for a new account or use your existing Hulu account
  7. Enjoy unlimited content on Hulu Plus

How to Unblock The Pirate Bay in Canada

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent websites that offers numerous content. From latest movies and TV shows to classics, you can find just about anything on The Pirate Bay. Sadly, the famous torrenting website is under scrutiny by ISPs and other telecommunication companies.

With copyright infringement cases fly right, left, and center, you will find The Pirate Bay blocked on several occasion, even in Canada. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to unblock The Pirate Bay in Canada, then VPN is your best bet.

By connecting to any server located outside Canada, you can unblock the torrent website. In addition, a VPN is useful while downloading via torrents. It will secure you identity by concealing your IP address and encrypting your internet traffic.

How to Unblock Rarbg in Canada

The Bulgarian torrent tracker site Rarbg has thrived millions of media pirates around the world. The popular torrent site first started working in 2008 and has now manifested its position among top P2P sites. In addition, it isn’t uncommon to see popular shows and movies with Rarbg tag in top torrent indexers today. However, many Canadians have reported to face a blockage on Rarbg when they try to access the torrent site from different Canadian regions.

To unblock Rarbg, netizens find Canadian VPN as the safest and fastest solution. A Canadian VPN spoofs your location with a country where Rarbg is legal, and thus you achieve one-touch access to torrents of thousands of shows, movies, documentaries, music, games and much more from any location in Canada.

How to Access Canadian Netflix?

Netflix is perhaps the greatest and most popular streaming service that you can currently use. With its expansion into 190 new regions and a barrage of original content, no other streaming service can match Netflix at the moment. That said, Canadian Netflix users are deprived of numerous TV shows and movies that are only available in US Netflix.

To put things into perspective, US Netflix offers you 1,157 TV series to watch while Canadian Netflix has a mere 623 TV shows to watch. However, accessing US Netflix has been made easy with a Canada VPN for viewers who want to expand their entertainment library. By connecting to a US server offered by the VPN, you can access US Netflix library and enjoy movies and shows of your choice.

Best Movies on Canadian Netflix

If you are a movie biff, we have some great news for you. Canada Netflix provides you the access to some of the legendary Hollywood flicks! Once you have signed up for Canadian Netflix, you get access to all the top notch movies.

127 hours, 12 MonkeKys, 500 Days of summer, Abraham Lincoln, American Psycho, Fargo and Finding Neverland are too few to name. The movies are easily available for streaming and you can get access to much more by simply signing up with a Canadian VPN to watch Canadian Netflix.

Best Shows on Canadian Netflix

If you are using Canadian Netflix, it is safe to assume that you binge-watch the TV shows. Don’t you? Not only the TV shows are awesome, but the amount of shows you are presented with is also incredible.

Netflix Canada has recently announced to add Friends, The Walking Dead and Marco Polo to its library. In addition to the aforementioned TV shows, you can also watch Dexter – one of the all times best TV shows, The Killing, Downtown Abbey and Homeland etc. with a VPN for Canada.

Netflix Canada v/s Netflix US

Believe me, there is a huge gulf between Netflix Canada and Netflix US. The Netflix US beats Netflix Canada hands down when it comes to the quality, quantity and the prices. The stats further suggest the domination of Netflix US over Netflix Canada.

The library of Netflix US comprises of more than 10,000 TV shows and movies while Netflix Canada has only 4,000 TV shows and movies. That does not only make one question the quantity of TV shows and movies he gets, but it also makes him question the prices he pays for the services.

However, as it has always been the case, the numbers do look tempting but they do not provide enough evidence to suggest that Netflix Canada is anything less than Netflix US. Yes, the viewers may miss out on a couple of TV shows and movies in Canada, but what they get in return is also hardly available on Netflix US.


Most Virtual Private Network users looking for Canada IP and want to access North American internet are those who are sports enthusiasts. No matter what international event comes up, Canada’s free-for-all cyber space makes it an ideal gateway to stream international media transmissions.

You can always use a Canada VPN of 2018 to stream the NHL even from the remotest of the regions. Remember, the Canadian VPNs provide you access to all the geo-restricted websites and make you eligible to surf and stream whatever you like on the internet.

They also provide you ultimate protection and security against the cybercriminals and also make sure your devices and online identities remain intact. With a Canadian VPN, you can always get access to all the popular streaming services including Netflix Canada etc.

Cheapest Way To Watch UFC 218 Online

It’s time get your adrenaline pumping as UFC 218 is just around the corner! Scheduled to take place on December 2, 2017, at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, get ready to witness history in the making as three UFC champions put their titles on the line.

The main event features Holloway vs. Aldo 2. This is going to be a fierce contest as both fighters have an impressive record and there is little love lost between the two.

Sadly, fans in different countries face geo-restrictions while accessing UFC. Thus, we have created this guide to show how to watch Holloway vs. Aldo 2 UFC 218 cheap pay-per-view (PPV) using a VPN.

After reading this guide, you will be able to watch UFC matches live without facing geo-restrictions. In addition, we will show you how to get UFC PPV at cheap rates by changing your digital location. Read on to discover everything.

How to Watch UFC Live Stream at Cheap Prices 60% Off

As an international sport, UFC has varied PPV prices in different countries. Notably, a person living in the Philippines may get UFC PPV at a significantly cheaper rate than a person residing in the US.

To come up with the cheapest destination for UFC PPV, we conducted an experiment, where we used VPN to spoof our location.

After completing the survey, we discovered that Philippine is the cheapest destination to avail discounted UFC passes. Below are the results of varying UFC PPV prices in different countries:

Country Provider Change Your IP
USA $59.99

for $1.17

Singapore $24.99
France $29.99 NordVPN – $5.75
Australia $46.8 ExpressVPN – $8.32

Disclaimer: We calculated the price of each PPV as of November 29, 2017. Hence, they may be subject to fluctuation due to currency exchange rate.

You see how UFC 218 PPV prices change over different countries. A VPN will allow you to grab the same UFC PPV by saving up to 60% off on actual PPV prices.

Simply use one of the recommended VPN, connect to a Philippines server, visit official UFC 218 PPV page and avail the discounted PPV at first place. Moreover, we have listed simple steps below that will guide you in getting UFC PPV at a cheaper rate.

Simple Steps to Get UFC 218 PPV at Cheap PPV

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a VPN, you are just a few steps away to access unlimited UFC entertainment.
Here is how to watch UFC live stream from different countries with Cheap PPV:

Before connecting to VPN:
After connecting to Singapore server of PureVPN: 

UFC 218
After connecting to Australian server of PureVPN:
After connecting to France server of PureVPN: 

Stream UFC 218 Online through Different Channels

If you are a die-hard fan of UFC then this question should come up in your mind. There are various broadcasting channels those would be bringing all the live action of UFC 218 for viewers globally.

However, local audience will take full advantage of Cormier vs. Jones fight’s live coverage. If you live outside the US, you should use a VPN because you are likely to face the issue of geo-restrictions.

The online broadcasting channels include Fox Sports that will cater the US audience. In the UK, BT Sport will thoroughly entertain the local UFC fans.

Likewise, you can watch GLOBO if you are living in Brazil to catch all the live action. The Japanese fans should access WOWOW to watch the most eagerly awaited UFC encounters. Likewise, Russia 2 will cater its local Russian viewers by broadcasting all the UFC action live and exclusive.

UFC 218

How to Bypass Blackouts on UFC Matches

Among the worst nightmares for UFC fans stand the blackouts. UFC is televised through official broadcasters in different parts of the world. Interestingly, if you happen to live in an area where UFC fight is being telecasted by a local broadcaster, unfortunately, you will be stopped by a blackout error.

The above error message is a result of a blackout on UFC event in France. To bypass the blackout, you can use a VPN, change your location to another region and watch UFC event freely. By connecting to a VPN service, you can easily watch your favorite UFC event in regions where it is blacked out.

UFC 218

Head-to-Head Comparison

All the UFC fans must hold their breath. Since the much-awaited tussle between Holloway and Aldo is going to take place on this weekend. The match will take place in Detroit, Michigan, and it serves as the crucial event for UFC 218.

Both the fighters are equally matched. Max Holloway has 18 career wins and 3 defeats while Jose Aldo has a 26-3-0 record. Aldo’s game is more focused on TKOs as he deals devastating blows. On the other hand, Holloway’s fighting style gives him an advantage of submissions. Therefore, it is hard to pick a winner from the two and only time will tell who comes out on top.

How to Watch UFC on Kodi

Kodi/XBMC stands as top-tier media streaming center. With over millions of users, Kodi offers the widest range of media library where fans can explore blockbuster hit movies, TV series, documentaries, videos, and more media.

In addition, a sleek interface, robust streaming, and top-of-the-line media offerings honor Kodi unmatched reputation among entertainment hunters. Over and above, you can watch UFC matches on Kodi also.

To watch UFC on Kodi, you can refer our simple guide here. It will give you every detail about how to watch UFC fights on best on-demand entertainment service.

Inside UFC

Since 1993, UFC has continued to rank top amongst sports fans. MMA lovers and fight enthusiasts passionately watch all the latest UFC events due to the nature of sports and the stunning martial arts. More than 300 events have been hosted and the number of fans is growing dramatically.

UFC events are broadcasted in 150 countries. It is available in more than 22 languages, that adds even more to its popularity. In the initial days, UFC was famous for its “No Rules” policy.

However, fighters preferred to follow basic etiquette, including no hair-pull, eye fingering, fish hooking (pulling mouth and nose trills), biting, eye attacks and head-butting. Yet, it developed a reputation for blood and violence.


We hereby wrap this guide on how to watch UFC live from anywhere in the world. While MMA fans from different countries enjoy watching UFC at expensive plans, the smart ones can use a VPN and avail the same PPV at an unbelievably discounted rate.

Not to forget, if geo-restrictions stop you from accessing UFC fights, then you can connect to US VPN server and achieve restriction-free access to UFC matches.

In addition, a VPN will not only help you get cheap PPV, but it will allow you to bypass blackouts on various matches. That said, a VPN is the easiest and fastest solution for escalating UFC streaming experience to next level.