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PureVPN Review 2017 Unveils Insane Facts about the VPN

PureVPN Review Quick Summary

PureVPN review (also spelled as Pure VPN review, PureVPN reviews, Pure VPN reviews, and review PureVPN) sheds light on the top-grade VPN service that offers 790+ servers spread across 141 countries, robust data protection with AES 256 bit military grade encryption, zero logging policy, 24/7 live tech support, and striking features, all bundled together in affordable pricing plans. PureVPN operates from Hong Kong, a privacy-friendly region, and has been providing it’ VPN service to Netizens since 2006.

In our PureVPN review of June 2017, we dissected various features and functions offered by the VPN provider. From all the VPN reviews we have conducted at VPNRanks, we can safely say that PureVPN is definitely a top-tier VPN service that offers outstanding performance, compatibility, and great benefits.

Pros of PureVPN

  • Prices starting from $2.92 (Exclusive Limited Time Offer)
  • 790+ Servers in 141 countries (80,000+ IP addresses)
  • Multiple Add-ons (Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall)
  • Provides DDoS Protection
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat support
  • Zero Log Policy
  • 5 Simultaneous Logins
  • Largest range of accepted payment options
  • Multi-device Compatibility
  • Compatible with Routers
  • Largest collection of servers in the UK, US, and Canada
  • P2P Optimized Servers
  • Widest protocol support including (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2)

Cons of PureVPN

  • No Free Trial
  • Strict Refund Policy

Plans And Pricing

There are three pricing plans to choose from.

Purevpn review



In our PureVPN review, we tested the three-staged purchase process:
Step 1 – Choose package and select Add-ons
Step 2 – Create Account or enter login credentials for returning user
Step 3 – Redirected to relevant gateway with respect to chosen payment method
purevpn review
(More details about this in the Payment Methods section)
Once the process has been completed, you will receive an email on your VPN login credentials. At this point, you can enter your client login credentials into the PureVPN client and may use PureVPN.

What is PureVPN?

PureVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that is operating in the industry since 2007. It is based in Hong Kong and ever since its inception, PureVPN has matured into a feature-rich VPN service. Subscribers can select almost any location on earth through PureVPN’s server availability and optimize the service through multiple modes.

True to its word, PureVPN offers loads of features such as Internet kill switch, dedicated IP, split tunneling, and a port forwarding option to cater user’s needs. Therefore, if are someone looking for such options in a VPN, then PureVPN is an excellent choice.

After our testing, we were impressed with its device compatibility and improved the user interface of its apps. However, different models have variable performance as a streaming option offers far better speeds compared to Security / Privacy mode. But, you can always configure the server location with protocols and encryption keys to find the right balance.

PureVPN Review on Twitter

Given PureVPN’s global presence, we explored Twitter to find out user’s opinion about the provider. The reviews were a mix bag, but overall positive. Many users found PureVPN easy to use and full of features, while other users found its performance variable. However, there is a lot of chatter about the abundance of servers and affordable prices offered by PureVPN.

To give you an idea, we are going to embed different users PureVPN review on Twitter.

  1. Here is one user praising the discount deal offered by PureVPN. With 73% off, PureVPN is giving away a two-year plan for $70.



  1. PureVPN offers apps for various platforms and operating systems, including iOS. The previous version of the app suffered from various bugs and would disconnect unexpectedly. Here is one iOS user voicing out his concern to PureVPN.



  1. Given the ongoing concern of metadata retention in Australia and revocation of ISP bill in the United States, it is better to equip yourself with a VPN. However, do make sure that the VPN service is not located in a 5-eye region.



PureVPN Review on CNet

For our PureVPN review, we read the CNet’s review of PureVPN and decided to include the feedback by the users. Some comments (genuinely moderated) will help you decide if you should give PureVPN a try or not.

  1. A user commented on how he found PureVPN helpful for the unblocking purpose. Not to forget, Unblocking Netflix US & UK is an added advantage of using PureVPN. The dedicated IP offered by PureVPN provides instant access to thousands of blocked sites and services from anywhere in the world.
    PureVPN Review on CNet
  2. Then there were some users who were disappointed with the services of PureVPN. But, not to forget that public networks are generally overloaded with numerous users, that may result into a sluggish network connection.
    User's Reviews about PureVPN on Cnet
  3. Some users couldn’t hold themselves back from appreciating the PureVPN app. As top-notch features, excellent in-house app and secure infrastructure remain at top offerings of PureVPN.
    Sky767 give review about PureVPN on Cnet

PureVPN Review on Google Play

We wanted to know what the users feel and think of PureVPN’s service, therefore we read some of the comments and PureVPN review on Google Play. Most of the comments were positive, with a few users complaining about the app’s functionality.

  1. Some users asked for a Kill Switch for the Android app, otherwise appreciated the PureVPN Android App for functioning properly. But currently, Internet Kill Switch feature is available in the latest version of PureVPN android app. It instantly stops the entire network traffic that is passing through the VPN tunnel, if the internet connection fails, while ensuring no data leaks.
    PureVPN Review on Google Play
  2. Some users appreciated the quick response by the PureVPN officials and were appreciative of the fact that their issue was resolved within 48 hours. Interestingly, the 24/7 live tech support offers timely response and instant solution to users’ queries.
    Zara Khan Review PureVPN on Google Play
  3. Like mentioned above, there were some users who were disappointed with the PureVPN Android app and vented out their anger on Google Play. However, this can be a result of insufficient cache space on your device. If you face the same issue then you may free some space of your device, reboot it and proceed freely
    Eric Crouch give reviewed on Google Play about PureVPN


Is PureVPN Safe?

Many VPN users question: is PureVPN safe? From our PureVPN review, we can safely say that the service is safe to use. We downloaded their apps on different devices, used their services using multiple servers, and conducted thorough tests to find out any flaws or weaknesses. Based on the results from our testing, PureVPN is safe to use and offers great features and unbeatable performance.


How to Secure OpenVPN Vulnerability on DD-WRT

A new vulnerability has come to light with PureVPN on DD-WRT routers. When you set up OpenVPN protocol, the end tunnel remains open. This leaves you exposed to privacy vulnerabilities as anyone looking from outside the WAN can reach your DD-WRT routers GUI using the public IP offered by PureVPN.

The alarming aspect of this vulnerability is that a VPN circumvents the standard protection of WAN firewall and anyone using a simple HTTP can access your router’s GUI. Instead, OpenVPN protocol employs its own firewall rules, which is weak. So how do you overcome this vulnerability?

According to a user on DD-WRT’s official forum, use the following commands to secure your router while using any commercial OpenVPN software.

Under addition config, enter the following command:

dev tun0

Then add the following firewall scripts:

# allow only outbound connections to the VPN (no inbound)

iptables -I INPUT -i tun0 -j ACCEPT

iptables -I INPUT -i tun0 -m state –state NEW -j DROP

iptables -I FORWARD -i tun0 -m state –state NEW -j DROP

iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE

What this will do is replace the weak OpenVPN firewall rules with more secure ones. It will prevent anyone from creating inbound links to your network using the public IP offered by PureVPN and accessing your DD-WRT routers GUI.

Unique Selling Proposition That Makes PureVPN a Top Provider

In our PureVPN review, we found that Split-Tunneling tool is clearly a unique selling proposition offered by the provider. It allows PureVPN client to exchange network traffic of selected applications, while all other data traffic flows from outside the perimeter of the VPN tunnel established upon VPN activation.
Users can add the programs of their choice through the Split-Tunneling tab.

The feature is easy to use and can be enabled/disabled as required. It is ideal for individuals looking to take a load off their VPN tunnel and improve VPN performance. Users looking for heavy VPN use (such as users wishing to engage in more than one of streaming, gaming, and torrent downloading at the same time) will appreciate this feature.

purevpn review

Get PureVPN Trial & Achieve One-Click Privacy and Accessibility

No suggestions or claims can offer real-time satisfaction that trial version of VPN can deliver. With VPN trial, users can take a test drive of service without making a full commitment. Since the encryption and tunneling quality provided by most VPN services is impacted by a number of elements, VPN services often offer either unpaid trials or refund guarantees to users. In this PureVPN review, we have found that trial is available through the three-day money back guarantee. Users can try out the full range of PureVPN features, functions and services. This is a much better deal than other free trials since free trials usually come with restrictions and limitations.

In comparison, the PureVPN trial provides users full compatibility to try out the service on desktop, laptops, mobiles, routers and other devices. In addition, PureVPN review showed that trial users can also seek support from the LiveChat system to get their problems, issues, and queries resolved. This provides an excellent chance for users to troubleshoot their problems if they want to stay with the service, or ask for a reimbursement if they want to abandon the subscription.

The PureVPN trial also gives users an excellent chance to try the service on custom operating system or consoles. The additional advantage of tutorials and setup guides provides additional support that is not usually available with other VPN services.

Server Spread and Locations of PureVPN

For our comprehensive PureVPN review, we found that the provider boasts a server-strength of over 790+ servers. These servers are spread out across 141 countries. The largest collection of PureVPN’s servers is located in the United Kingdom, the United States and in Canada. Besides these, PureVPN has at least two servers located in all the other countries.

purevpn servers Location Details

A VPN service provider is nothing without a good server spread and PureVPN seems to know this quite clearly. A good server spread is sensibly distributed to give users maximum online anonymity, accessibility, and security. But the PureVPN review unveiled that it goes a step further and includes a server in those countries as well, where the internet freedom is TRULY considered as a blessing because of strict censorship policies.

That is the reason why PureVPN has three optimal servers in China – because of China blocks and bans the living daylights out of the internet. PureVPN chooses to focus server expansion efforts across the world while the bulk of the server count remains in the US and UK. Recently it has further expanded its server locations in the Asian, European, American and African regions as well, where several servers have been added to its list to facilitate the users.

PureVPN Browser Extension

PureVPN offers browser extensions to users on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Subscribers can download the extension from Chrome extension store or from Firefox add-on store. The installation process is very simple. Just download and install the extension on your respective browsers and use the service for privacy and accessibility.

We tested PureVPN browser extensions on both the browsers. Our first impression was very good as the extension was lightweight and took no time during the installation. Furthermore, we were pleased to see neat user interface and easy-to-navigate options. After you log in using your PureVPN credentials, just select a server and hit ‘Connect’. It’s as simple as that!



In addition to basic VPN features, PureVPN Chrome extension and Firefox add-on offer additional benefits as well. It has a built-in ad blocker that stops intrusive ads from popping up when you browse the internet. Likewise, it offers WebRTC protection to stop IP leakage and Malware protection to safeguard your system.

PureVPN iOS App for Reliable Online Protection & Anonymity

We tested the iOS app for our PureVPN review. Its iOS App offers 2GB of free data with complete online freedom and anonymity for the ultimate experience. The improved user-friendly interface provides handy operation.  Even more, customer satisfaction is at number one priority in PureVPN. Military grade encryption, Blazing fast speed, 100% anonymity, Reliable security and Very-affordable packages are some of the benefits you get by using Pure VPN.

In addition, PureVPN has added an impressive feature that will connect you to VPN when the phone restarts. The app is now also available in Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Spanish languages. Thus, we suggest iOS users equip themselves with PureVPN iOS app and experience the internet like never before.


Following are some unbeatable features offered by PureVPN:

  • IKEv2 Protocol Protection with up to 256-bit encryption.
  • PPTP and L2TP protocols supported.
  • Unblock almost each and every content.
  • VoIP and Video Call supported.
  • 24/7 live technical support.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.


Use PureVPN Android App & Unblock Unlimited Sites With 100% Privacy

Android smartphone and Tablet users can make the most of the PureVPN through the latest build of  Android app. For our PureVPN review, we tested the app and found that it protects their devices against all sorts of hackers and malware while allowing them to access endless blocked websites and channels. The android client comes with 2 GB of free bandwidth and offers in-app support and package update options.

After installing PureVPN android app on your device, you will achieve robust protection against a range of cyber threats. In addition, you will be able to access tons of geo-restricted sites and services on your android devices from anywhere in the world.

purevpn android app review

Download the app and sign up with your email address to receive your 3 digit activation code. Tap the ‘plug’ icon on the lower right to select a VPN server from the available PureVPN server options. You can choose between OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN TCP through the hamburger icon on the top right.

PureVPN Android App

With PureVPN android app, you can watch movies and TV shows on popular streaming channels and services. The ‘Support’ function offers Live Chat and Email ticketing that is available 24/7/365. Upgrade from within the app to access the full range of PureVPN’s 790+ servers at any time.


PureVPN Windows Dialer

With major changes made to the Windows dialer of PureVPN, the new PureVPN app for Windows looks terrific and absolutely mesmerizing to the eyes. From fixing minor bugs, making enhancements and introducing new features, PureVPN on Windows provides a better overall user experience.

In addition to the main features, our PureVPN review showed that the engineers at PureVPN have made sure to make it more user-friendly. With the new Windows Dialer, the users can personalize the VPN client depending upon what purpose they are using it for.

For example, the personalization of your Windows dialer can be done for Streaming Mode, Unblocking Mode, Security & Privacy Mode, Torrent and other file sharing Mode and Dedicated IP Mode. Soon you will be provided with an option to synchronize your account across different devices so you can run a single device on 5 different devices.

The new Windows Dialer lets you mark favorite a server and also includes a list of optimized servers so you can select and connect to a region that suits your needs the most. One of the most important enhancements that have been made includes reducing your RAM consumption to ensure your device functions normally when you are running PureVPN Windows in the background

Having discussed the various features of PureVPN Windows Dialer, we are going to share some pictures on the new PureVPN Windows Dialer that looks absolutely stunning to the eyes. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this fresh Windows dialer!

1) Upon installing the new client, double click and open it. This is what your basic dialer will look like. Enter your credentials and press enter. You can also select your basic protocol and check other settings as well.

PureVPN Windows Dialer

  1. Once you have entered the login credentials, you will see the client dashboard. Here you can search your desired location and purpose of use.

PureVPN-review-windows step2

  1. You will be presented with different modes to select from. Where you may select the purpose of use from Streaming, Internet Freedom, Security / Privacy, File-Sharing and Remote/Dedicated IP.

PureVPN-review-windows step3

  1. Finally, click on the Global Map from the left pane of the screen. You will be able to see a list of PureVPN servers distributed in different countries.

PureVPN-review-windows step4

  1. For your reference, we have connected to US server located in Los Angeles. You will be to see a number of servers in front of the country name in brackets.

PureVPN-windows step5


  1. Once connected successfully, you will be able to see the statistics of your connection. You will be able to see duration, Your IP, and location.

PureVPN-windows installation step 6

  1. You will be able to see your location in the green pin at the bottom-right corner of the screen. As shown below.

PureVPN-review 7th step-




Setup PureVPN for Windows 10 & Get 100% Protected Against Cyber Threats

Microsoft Windows 10 prides itself on being a most adopted platform in the world. Being installed on more than 350 million active devices, Windows 10 is prone to similar security vulnerabilities that previous versions had faced. Various hacking attacks, identity thefts, ransomware and unauthorized state-surveillance have left Windows 10 users with no other option except to use a VPN for reliable protection against modern cyber threats.

PureVPN offers supreme data privacy to Windows 10 users with state-of-the-art security infrastructure and robust tunneling protocols (L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2). With PureVPN installed on Windows 10, a user is 101% protected against each and every odds of the cyber world.

Business Packages by PureVPN

Business Packages of PureVPN

If you are looking for a corporate VPN, you need to go no further. Our PureVPN review showed that the service remains one of the favorite choices for business companies and it provides three different packages to all the business corporations to choose from.

This VPN for business caters to the needs of small businesses and large corporations. The three business VPNs by PureVPN are named as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The users can opt for Silver Plan by PureVPN for small business that provides 5 VPN accounts, seven different protocols for security and 5 dedicated IPs. You can get the Silver Plan for $69.70/month only.

To be able to stand out as true business VPN is an achievement in itself, and PureVPN has certainly done that. This corporate VPN provides Gold Plan as well if you have an average sized business. It gives you 10 VPN accounts, a limit of 200 sessions and remote access so that the employees can access their data files from anywhere through a secure channel. The Gold Plan is available for $114.45/month only.

The best plans of all, is the Platinum Plan, which is simply the best business VPN by PureVPN. By signing up with Platinum Plan, you will get 15 VPN accounts, 10 dedicated IP addresses and complete freedom to carry out your business activities in private. You will get the Platinum Plan for as low as $177.25/month.

Since PureVPN is a well-renowned business VPN, it offers you custom accounts as well. If you are looking for a DDoS Protected business VPN accompanied with several other add-ons, make sure you check out PureVPN.


PureVPN for Torrenting

Torrenting and P2P downloads are the most lovable method of file sharing around the globe. Thousands of favorite TV shows, movies, games, documentaries, songs and hit videos can be found on torrent sites. But not to forget that strict anti-piracy laws, DMCA acts and copyright trolls have left torrenters to pay hefty fines and even serve time in prison.

Considering the risks and threats to torrenters, PureVPN is the safest and most economical solution for safe torrenting. With one-click torrenting protection, PureVPN offers instant anonymity to users who want to download torrents without getting caught. Here are some more details about the best torrent VPN available.

After analyzing the service features of provider, we have uncovered the benefits and perks of using PureVPN for torrenting. Here are the top reasons you should use PureVPN for Torrenting:

  • L2TP & torrent supported servers
  • Unlimited downloads (no bandwidth caps)
  • Become anonymous to ISP
  • Safe, secure & anonymous torrenting
  • Evade DMCA notices & copyright trolls
  • Zero activity logging policy

Benefits & Advantages Offered to PureVPN Corporate Consumers

Unlike other VPN services, PureVPN seems pretty focused about entertaining customers with corporate-scale needs. Most VPN providers choose to skirt past the subject but our detailed PureVPN review showed that it has a separate set of web-pages for this purpose.

Corporate consumers get access PPTP, L2TP IPSEC, and SSL/SSTP protocols as well as the convenience of having a READY-TO-USE infrastructure setup for them. And that is beside the fact that corporate consumers are welcome to dedicated servers and a bandwidth of 10000 GB per month.

In addition, PureVPN also invites corporate customers to contact the company for custom packages designed to cater to specific needs. In fact, there is even a separate FAQ section for corporate users.


Speed Tests of PureVPN

To gauge the performance of  VPN provider in our PureVPN review, speed tests were conducted for PureVPN’s US and UK servers.

US Server Without PureVPN

For a server located in the United States, SpeetTest.Net reported the following Ping, Download speed and Upload speed for my internet connection when used without a PureVPN connection.

Speed Test of US Server without PureVPN

With PureVPN

Once I had connected PureVPN, SpeedTest.Net reported the following Ping, Download speed and Upload speed for my encrypted and tunneled internet connection.

Speed Test of US Server with PureVPN

The Ping came down considerably which is a definite improvement and the upload speed remained consistent which is also quite encouraging. However, note that PureVPN’s accessibility and anonymity seem to be coming at the cost of download speed.

UK Server Without PureVPN

For a server located in the United Kingdom, SpeetTest.Net reported the following Ping, Download speed and Upload speed for my internet connection when used without a PureVPN connection.

Speed Test of UK Server without PureVPN

With PureVPN

Once I had connected PureVPN, SpeedTest.Net reported the following Ping, Download speed and Upload speed for my encrypted and tunneled internet connection.

Speed Test of UK Server with PureVPN

I love the Ping I got from the PureVPN server but the download speed seems to have suffered once more while the upload speed hardly experienced any significant change.


PureVPN seems to be holding stable in upload speeds and that is good since VPN encryption relies heavily on data upload speed. The download speeds are moderate but I figure a bit of tweaking with the software and a little bit of nagging with the tech support should bring about an improvement.


Customer Support

PureVPN has a four-pillared customer support infrastructure. This constitutes support tickets, FAQs, forum and Live Chat support.

Support tickets

PureVPN offers support tickets that can be opened for tech support, billing issues and abuse complaints. In addition, the support tickets can also be used to request assistance for corporate plans and reseller support. I tested the responsiveness and effectiveness of PureVPN’s Support Ticket system – and I was very happy with the results.

My Question: How can I use PureVPN on a router if I do not have a DD-WRT flashed router? How can I turn it into a DD-WRT flashed router?
PureVPN’s Response: Thanks for contacting us. Please share with us a screen shot of your router’s WAN Settings page and the make and model of your router and we will let you know if you can configure VPN on your router or not.

The FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs provide detailed information on general queries related to payment, tech queries, router-based VPN connections and software queries.

The Forums

PureVPN forum section seems to be pretty active and PureVPN support representatives frequently jump in to help concerned customers.

The 24/7 Live Chat

The 24/7/365 live tech chat support is the crowning glory of PureVPN’s customer support. It is online 24 hours a day without fail and there are no bots involved. Customer support provides immediate assistance to queries and concerns. Smaller and mid-sized problems are almost always solved within moments. Problems relating to troubleshooting and setup assistance are resolved the fastest while user-account related problems tend to take longer.


PureVPN scores full marks in providing customers the comfort of knowing that there is always somebody (and by somebody I mean a real individual) present on the other side to help with service issues. The support team can probably be a little better but it beats some of the other VPN services out there that expect users to find respite in the limited customer support options of dropping trouble tickets and emails.

Tutorials Provided for Instant Assistance

Setup instructions are available for operating systems that are not catered to with custom software. These include Linux, HP WebOS (Only for WebOS Version 3.0.2 and above), OpenVPN (for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7), Blackberry, DD-WRT flashed routers and Boxee Box.

The setup instructions are great and explained in detail with screen-shots available for most tutorials. I would like to see a VPN service that has apps, clients, and software running for every operating system out there.

Payment Methods

The PureVPN review showed that it accepts over 50 payment methods. These include Paypal, credit cards, Alertpay, Bank Transfer, Paymentwall, and Bitcoin. PureVPN also takes Bitcoin as an accepted payment method. In my experience, this indicates a strong desire that the company harbors to remain on top of developing e-commerce trends.

PureVPN has partnered with Paymentwall to cater to customers wishing to pay with other e-payment methods such as AliPay, Webmoney, Yandex, PaySafeCard, Ukash, CashU, Giropay, Necard, Mercado Pago, MyCard Wallet, Qiwi, iDeal, Todito Cash, Mol Points, NeoSurf, Dotpay, and others.

You can choose your desired payment method in step 3 of the check-out process. Your choice will influence the next stage of the process.


Compatibility of PureVPN for different Platforms

PureVPN offers tutorials to set up the VPN service on Windows, Mac, Linux, HP Web OS, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Routers and Boxee Box. However, custom PureVPN apps are only available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

While screenshots of PureVPN Windows app can be seen above, details on the functions and features of Mac app can be found in this detailed PureVPN Review.

PureVPN’s compatibility is gold! The service is compatible with almost every device and platform under the sun. In addition, PureVPN also works great for secondary devices such as gaming consoles and the rest.

An interesting episode I had with the PureVPN Live Chat support is worth mentioning here. I went through the full website and saw no content for using PureVPN on an XBox 360, so I decided to see if I finally had any dirt that I could use to mess with Live Chat support. Within 60 seconds of having initiated the conversation, I had been presented with a URL for a PDF document constituting a detailed setup guide for setting up PureVPN on XBox 360 – with and without router support. Kudos to PureVPN!

Setup PureVPN for Router & Use VPN on Multiple Devices

One of the positives about PureVPN is it’s all-round compatibility on different devices, including routers. By using PureVPN for routers, you are effectively securing all your devices that use Wi-Fi through that router. This way you don’t have to configure the VPN service individually on each of your devices.

Similarly, there are devices such as gaming consoles and set-top-boxes, on which you cannot configure a VPN directly. One of the ways to use a VPN on such devices is through a router. Therefore, PureVPN for router allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN not matter which device you use.

Currently, PureVPN supports following routers:

For our PureVPN review, we inquired if it is possible to use the VPN service if we don’t have a flash router or the ones specified above. Their customer support was very responsive and helpful as they provided us with a guide, enabling us to configure PureVPN on our router.

Use PureVPN on Mac & Evade Cyber Threats and Geo-Restrictions

Having over 60 million users worldwide, Mac OS X stands as the second largest operating system after Windows. Interestingly, popularity behind Mac OS X lies on its robust security infrastructure. However, the 2015 Mac exploit proved that Apple’s built-in security infrastructure doesn’t provide reliable protection against modern cyber threats such as ransomware, hackers, identity thieves, data snoopers, phishers, and state surveillance.

To get around with the risks, PureVPN offers a broad range of strong encryption tunneling protocols, ensuring a military-grade protection against the odds of the cyber world.

In addition to this, 790+ servers in more than 140 countries allow users to unblock thousands of geo-blocked sites on Mac with just a single click. Moreover, an exclusive 24/7/365 live customer support provides timely assistance at times of query.

A Crash Course in Using Split Tunneling

In our PureVPN review, we will show you how to utilize the Split Tunneling feature. Split Tunneling only works if you have administrator rights to your system. A ‘guest’ using your system will not be able to use it. Once you enter the Split-Tunneling tab, you will first need to ‘Enable’ split tunneling. The Enable/Disable button is designed to identify the current split tunneling status. PureVPN also allows you to apply Split Tunneling permanently by checking the ‘Make Permanent’ check-box.

Once you have enabled Split Tunneling, there are two ways you can use it. The first is to allow the client to detect applications running on your system that can be subjected to PureVPN tunneling. Doing so will allow the PureVPN client to auto-detect and generate a list of applications.

Remember, the client software’s detection and a listing of applications do not mean that these applications are now under PureVPN’s coverage. To run any of applications with PureVPN coverage, click ‘Launch’ for that application and it will be launched under PureVPN coverage.

In case the PureVPN client fails to detect an application, you can manually add it to the list by using the ‘Add an Application’ feature on the lower right corner of the client interface.

Make sure you ‘Enable’ Split Tunneling before you hit ‘Connect’. This way the PureVPN will know that it is not supposed to tunnel the entire data traffic stream and will only begin tunneling an application once you launch the desired application.

PureVPN’s Optional Add-ons

PureVPN offers following optional add-ons and features to ensure maximum privacy, accessibility and online protection at all times.

1) NAT Firewall (for $2.99 per month)

The Network Address Translation Firewall (NAT Firewall) is PureVPN’s answer to users worried about end-to-end security – particularly at the VPN server end. The NAT Firewall is present at the server end and compensates for the hopeless firewall that is built into your Windows and easily penetrable.

A VPN is the ultimate online security solution, but it comes with the catch that your NAT Firewall becomes somewhat redundant, and you lose the protection that NAT Firewall provides.

Activating the PureVPN NAT Firewall will allow you to protect the IP address assigned to you by PureVPN’s server. Failing to use the NAT Firewall makes VPN users at risk from sophisticated hackers who exploit data packets to gain entry into the internet users’ system.

The image below shows how you can activate the NAT Firewall Add-on during check-out from the PureVPN website. The Add-on costs a meager $2.99 per month to secure your data stream from the VPN server end, thus ensuring safety that nobody’s granddaddy can get through (pun intended)!

2) Dedicated IP (for $1.99 per month)

This AddOn provides PureVPN users a fixed IP. This feature is usually used by specialized VPN users and heavy duty internet users. It is ideal for people who want to set up any form of the server for others users since it will give users access to the same fixed IP every time they log in.

The Dedicated IP AddOn works in addition to the standard dynamic IP plan, which means that you will have the standard dynamic IP service at your disposal, and can activate your fixed IP whenever you want.

3) Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection (for $2.99 per month)

With DDoS Protection IP provided by PureVPN, make sure to protect your devices against all sorts of DDoS attacks. You can get PureVPN’s Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection for additional $5.99/month.


Discontinued PureVPN Add-ons

Unfortunately, there are various PureVPN add-ons that are now discontinued. These include SmartDNS, dedicated streaming, and stealth browser add-ons. You can read on to find out the details about these discontinued addons.

1) SmartDNS

SmartDNS addon is no longer available for new users. However, if you are an existing PureVPN subscriber and signed up for their SmartDNS feature before its discontinuation, then PureVPN still offers support for such users.

With PureVPN’s SmartDNS, you can go past the geo-restrictions to access your favorite movies and TV channels. The VPNs are not generally directly supported on the SmartTVs and you have to manually configure them before you use them. SmartDNS is available on all the PureVPN packages and you do not have to pay a single penny to access it.

2) Dedicated Streaming

The Dedicated Streaming AddOn works by providing PureVPN users a special browser designed just for streaming purposes. Streaming anything in that browser will give you a 20Mbps speed boost. This speed boost is ideal for internet users who have slow internet connections and therefore fail to enjoy quality movie streaming because of buffering and lag.

3) StealthVPN Browser

The StealthVPN Browser is a VPN browser that is fully device/OS compatible and is the perfect tool for people who want a one-shot gun-shot solution to unblock websites without any extra hassle. The ultra-light super-accessible browser ensures a zero-logging experience for all your sensitive internet use.


PureVPN Internet Kill Switch

The PureVPN Internet Kill Switch has been designed to ensure uncompromising security.
The PureVPN Internet Kill Switch pauses all your internet traffic if your connection to the PureVPN server ever goes down unexpectedly.

This means that data will not leave your system unless it has been routed through PureVPN’s encrypted tunnel; because PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch will stand guard. The Internet Kill Switch has been designed for online security lovers who are unwilling to compromise on their data security.

Once the Internet Kill Switch identifies that you have reconnected to the PureVPN server, it unpauses your internet data traffic. You can also manually deactivate PureVPN’s Kill Switch from the PureVPN if you wish to continue using the internet without VPN coverage.

According to the PureVPN FAQ on the Internet Kill Switch, the feature is accessible from PureVPN’s client software. It can be activated/deactivated by checking the feature titled “Activate Internet Kill Switch when VPN disconnects“.


Tutorials Provided

Setup instructions are available for operating systems that are not catered to with custom software. These include Linux, HP WebOS (Only for WebOS Version 3.0.2 and above), OpenVPN (for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7), Blackberry, DD-WRT flashed routers and Boxee Box.

The setup instructions are great and explained in detail with screen-shots available for most tutorials. I would like to see a VPN service that has apps, clients, and software running for every operating system out there.


PureVPN offers users access to five protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. However, our user-experience turned out to be a little different. The protocol drop-down menu in the PureVPN client was limited to PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP.

In addition, StealthVPN protocol is among latest offerings of PureVPN, which supports an AES-256 bit of encryption. This protocol is currently available in the UK and is more secure than other protocols.

How to choose Protocols on PureVPN Dialer

You have to talk to the customer support about the remaining protocols and they told me that an individual looking to use Open VPN will have to connect VPN through alteration in internal configuration files while IKEv2 has to be connected manually. Clearly, PureVPN chose to exaggerate the VPN connection possibilities a little.


The PureVPN website states that all three pricing packages come with up to 256-bit encryption. It is comforting to know that PureVPN has a consumer-friendly feature set accompanying the pricing plans. You get at least 256-bit encryption no matter which pricing plan you choose to subscribe to. On the other hand, I find it slightly worrying that PureVPN uses the term “up to” in identifying protocol encryption levels.

What the website won’t tell you is that the PureVPN client offers four categorical encryption settings to choose from. Once you install the free PureVPN client, go to the ‘Settings’ tab for general system settings and look for ‘Security’.

PureVPN - Secure Virtual Private Network Connection
The drop-down menu for security will provide you the following four encryption options:


It is clear that PureVPN does not want you to acquire a quantification of encryption levels at any point. However, if you use your VPN without encryption, it fails the purpose behind the entire exercise of using a VPN. I would personally choose either option 3 or option 4 – anything else would be a compromise on value for money. I suggest you follow the same approach for the sake of your own safety.

Log And Privacy Policy

The PureVPN website explicitly states that it does not share, sell or rent user information. The PureVPN website uses browser cookies (which is acceptable and in line with industry standards). Data storage and protection policies state that consumer information is not shared with any third party unless and until the consumer specifically provides permission to do so at the point of information submission. Even then, the collected information is accessible to PureVPN’s technical and maintenance staff responsible for keeping the service running and roaring.

In few paragraphs on the PureVPN privacy policy page caught my attention and actually angered me a little. According to the ‘VPN Service Data Routing’ clause, PureVPN compensates for servers experiencing downtime by routing connection requests coming to the said server towards either an alternative server in the same country or a different country altogether if deemed appropriate by the service administrators.


I do not like the sound of that and I suggest you make life miserable for the Live Chat tech support if you ever feel that you are being routed to a second server at any time during your PureVPN session.

Get PureVPN Free Trial Offer & Experience Unbeatable Features

PureVPN does not offer a free trial – For users still unsure of PureVPN’s service, there is a 7-day money back guarantee. Needless to point out, 7 days is a little too short a margin considering how there are other VPN service providers out there who provide money back guarantees for as much as 30 days.

Conclusion is drawn from Review of PureVPN

PureVPN is a VPN for the middle-class netizen. If you don’t have enough money in your bank account to worry about losing a few hundred dollars every month, then PureVPN is the VPN for you. The server spread is beyond good and the customer support is exceptional. The client software is extremely user-friendly and the compatibility is almost pioneering. PureVPN gets my vote!

When I visited the website for this review and went to the pricing plan page, PureVPN had yet another discount campaign running and was giving 10% off on all plans. PureVPN is a big one for discounts offers. A trip through PureVPN review made it clear that PureVPN manages to come up with a new discount offer for just about every single holiday on the calendar – making PureVPN extremely affordable for people who are into smart buying.

In light of the cost-effectiveness, the moderately good service quality seems quite justified and all of it comes together to form a complete package that makes for a good return on investment.

Check out the list of best Reddit VPN as per Redditors choice, You can also participate in it.


VPN Unlimited Review 2017

Comparison: PureVPN vs VPN Unlimited

VPN Providerspurevpn_comparisoncyberghost
Servers500 Servers in 140 Countries300Servers in 50 Countries
Multi Login55
Money Back Guarantee7-Days7-Days
Encryption Level256 bit128 bit
Get this Offer »Visit »

VPN Unlimited review (also known as KeepSolid VPN Unlimited review, Unlimited VPN review, and review VPN Unlimited) unveiled interesting facts about the VPN service. It boasts attractive features and benefits, offering servers in over 70 different countries. With VPN Unlimited, you get high compatibility, leading edge protocols and military grade encryption, all wrapped up in economical pricing plans.

Pros of VPN Unlimited

Cons of VPN Unlimited

What is VPN Unlimited?

VPN Unlimited is a VPN provider owned by KeepSolid Inc. and offers online security and anonymity. It keeps your confidential data safe from hackers, spammers, phishes, malware, and various other cyber criminals. In addition, our VPN Unlimited review showed that the service is excellent for accessing websites and streaming services that are geo-blocked or censored.

Although we could not find the exact launch date of VPN Unlimited, the service is relatively new. It offers servers in popular regions and is currently working on resolving various bugs based on user feedback.

How does VPN Unlimited Work?

In order to gauge how does VPN Unlimited works, we put the provider to the test. When you connect to a server provided by VPN Unlimited, it creates encrypted tunnels between your device and the internet. What this does is that it secures your internet traffic and prevents it from hackers and others alike.

Likewise, VPN Unlimited makes you anonymous over the web by hiding your IP address. It has the ability to mask your original IP address and replace it with the IP of its own server.  Therefore, if you are located in Sweden and connect to a VPN server located in the UK, you will adopt the IP address of the UK based VPN server. Hence, no one can track your true destination. Here is a video illustrating how VPN Unlimited works:

Pricing Plans of VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is an affordable VPN service that offers great features bundled up in unimaginable prices. We have tested many services, but our VPN Unlimited review proves that it really is a reasonable VPN provider. VPN Unlimited offers three different pricing plans to choose from. However, one of the striking differences among the pricing plan is the ‘Infinity’ lifetime offer.

vpn unlimited review


You can also select a monthly plan or a yearly plan. Another benefit offered by VPN Unlimited is that it offers a 7-day money back guarantee period. During this timeframe, you can test the service, use various features, and evaluate if the VPN is suitable for you or not.


VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription Review

Our review of VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription plan shows that this is an ingenious pricing plan and highly attractive for many VPN users. You can pay one time and have a VPN Unlimited subscription until infinity.

However, it does beg the question, if another firm acquires the company, will your subscription still hold? In many cases, lifetime subscription usually accounts for a 5-year plan. Will VPN Unlimited’s lifetime subscription expire after five years? These are some of the technicalities we weren’t so sure about in our VPN Unlimited review.

Free VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited offers a 7-day free trial for all new users. This is was a fantastic feature we observed in VPN Unlimited review. You can use the service and all its features on different devices for seven days. We reckon this is sufficient time to test the VPN service and find out its pros and cons. Therefore, free VPN Unlimited is a refreshing option in the VPN industry, as not many providers such a feature.

Server Spread

The VPN provider is exceptional at providing servers in major location all around the world. At the time of writing this VPN Unlimited review, the VPN service offers over 1000 servers spread across more than 70 different countries. A majority of the servers are located in the United States, followed by Canada and United Kingdom.

The server shows that the service has grown over the years and added more locations to its list. When compared to other services, the server list is on par with established VPN providers. However, considering the VPN provider is relatively new, we were impressed with the attitude of VPN Unlimited towards offering new servers. If anyone cannot find a server in their region, they can share their location with VPN Unlimited.

major Server location of VPN unlimited


Protocols & Encryption

As we discussed earlier, a VPN works by using protocols and encryption to protect your data. However, these protocols and encryptions vary in terms of strength. We inquired VPN Unlimited while reviewing the service about which protocols they offer.

Fortunately, VPN Unlimited offers OpenVPN protocol for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux devices. This is a positive aspect about the provider, as OpenVPN is the strongest protocol currently available. Its open-source nature and compatibility with different encryption algorithms makes it a powerful defense against various threats.

OpenVPN protocol supports Blowfish 128-bit encryption and AES-128 and 256-bit encryption. In addition, VPN Unlimited also offers IPsec IKEv1 protocol, which is compatible on Mac and iOS. However, IPsec protocol only supports AES 128 encryption.

KeepSolid Wise

VPN Unlimited offers KeepSolid Wise technology that offers an additional boost to your privacy and security. KeepSolid Wise utilizes TCP 443 port and OpenVPN protocol to make your data traffic undetectable. Your VPN traffic is transformed into a normal internet traffic, making it difficult for anyone to identify that it is routed through a VPN.

Compatibility of VPN Unlimited with Different Platforms

One the pros that we identified in our VPN Unlimited review was its overall compatibility. The provider can be used on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Linux. In addition, VPN Unlimited also offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

 Platform Competibility of VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited For PC

VPN Unlimited offers a sleek and easy to use software for Windows PC. We were pleased with the layout, design, and navigation of VPN Unlimited app for PC. All the actions were one click away. Right from the onset, you can enter your account details, select the server you want to use, and have encrypted VPN connection.

The Windows client also lets you sign up from the app itself. Alternatively, you can also signup using a Google account or Facebook account. Similarly, you can also check the server load before connecting to a server. This is a neat feature available on VPN Unlimited for PC.

VPN Unlimited For Mac

Just the like the VPN client for Windows, the software of VPN Unlimited for Mac is also very well built and has all the features. It is neatly designed and allows any user to quickly come to grips with a VPN software. In addition, you can access different options and the app comes with built-in DNS leak protection. This way your IP address is not leaked to outsiders and your privacy is preserved at all times.

VPN Unlimited For Android

The Android app of VPN Unlimited is free to download from Google Play Store. The app is lightweight and has an admirable design. We have not come across many VPN services that provide beautiful apps with appropriate font size and background color. However, the annoying part of the app were the frequent popup marketing messages, promoting VPN Unlimited’s other features.

VPN Unlimited for iPhone

The VPN Unlimited for iPhone app follows similar aesthetics as the Android app. The built quality of the app is top notch and offers unprecedented features. As we mentioned earlier, the VPN Unlimited apps are very stylish and easy to use. The app for iPhone is one of the best VPN apps you can use today.

VPN Unlimited for Chrome

In the wide list of apps offered by VPN Unlimited, there are browser extensions as well. For our review, we tested VPN Unlimited for Chrome. The browser extension offers numerous servers and will help you secure your browser’s privacy. The extension doesn’t bombard your browser with unnecessary advertisements and popups, which was a pleasing sight to see. However, we did encounter some issues of IP leakage on the Chrome browser extension. This is something VPN Unlimited show look into.


VPN Unlimited addon for Chrome


VPN Unlimited Compared to Other VPN Providers

This is the section of VPN Unlimited review where we put the provider side by side with other VPN services to see how it performs on different attributes.

VPN Unlimited vs. PIA

When we put VPN Unlimited against PIA (Private Internet Access), there are stark differences between the two providers. PIA is an established brand in the industry and commands commendable user base. PIA offers more number of servers than VPN Unlimited; however, the latter is available in more regions.

VPN Unlimited takes the lead in terms of software and app design quality. Both the VPN services are compatible on different devices, but PIA’s VPN clients are nowhere as good as VPN Unlimited. That said, PIA takes user privacy seriously and is quick to resolve any privacy related concern. It has cemented a reputation as being the most secure VPN services currently in use; something VPN Unlimited lacks at this stage.

VPN Unlimited vs. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a freeware VPN service and has grown exceptionally over the years. However, being a free software, it has its drawbacks. For instance, the amount of ads are infuriating and will constantly plague your screen. On the other hand, VPN Unlimited has a pleasant user experience. Therefore, in VPN Unlimited vs. Hotspot Shield, VPN Unlimited takes the lead as it offers more servers, features, and better online security than Hotspot Shield.

VPN Unlimited vs. ExpressVPN

When we compared VPN Unlimited to ExpressVPN, the comparison showed contrasting differences between the two providers. For starters, the price different between the two is colossal. ExpressVPN charges significantly higher premium prices compared to VPN Unlimited. The number of servers and protocol options are more in ExpressVPN to VPN Unlimited.

However, in VPN Unlimited vs. ExpressVPN, we preferred the apps offered by VPN Unlimited. Likewise, VPN Unlimited offers interesting additional benefits, such as a dedicated IP option. Therefore, if we were to choose one of the providers, we would suggest ExpressVPN over VPN Unlimited. This is because of the overall performance and security measures offered by ExpressVPN.

NordVPN vs. VPN unlimited

NordVPN is a premier VPN service that is in the industry for quite a while. It offers nifty features and great performance on select servers. When put head to head, NordVPN vs. VPN Unlimited, NordVPN comes up trumps on many factors. It has more servers in numerous regions, the apps are well made and easy to use, and there are attractive add-ons as well. However, VPN Unlimited prices are reasonable as compared to NordVPN.

VPN Unlimited for Torrenting

Sadly, VPN Unlimited does not allow the use of torrenting. Under its FAQ section, the provider clearly states that it had to throttle certain user’s speeds who were using the service for torrenting. Therefore, you should not use VPN Unlimited for torrenting and look for other providers that support file sharing.

Customer Support

VPN Unlimited offers customer support through email ticketing system, FAQ section, and knowledge base section. Sadly, we didn’t find a live chat feature in our VPN Unlimited review. This feature would have been highly beneficial for new users.

However, their email ticketing system is highly responsive. We inquired on two different occasions and got a prompt response within few minutes on our email. This is a sign of a premium VPN provider. In addition, the knowledge base it quite dense and there numerous articles and guides on different topics.

Similarly, VPN Unlimited offers manuals for configuring the service on different operating systems. It also contains systematic guides for different devices, such as routers and streaming devices (Roku and Apple TV).

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of VPN Unlimited has nothing obscure about it. However, the privacy policy mentioned unstructured, so you will have to read through the entire content to find what information is collected and how is it used.

VPN Unlimited clearly states that it doesn’t record any internet activities of its users and has no logging policy. This is a good sign, as your privacy is secure at all times. VPN Unlimited does record the total amount of web traffic for each session.

Additional Features

In addition to basic VPN service, VPN Unlimited offers some attractive add-ons.  These include:


To wrap up our VPN Unlimited review, we would recommend the VPN service to all user. It is neat little VPN service that offers tons of features at unimaginable low prices. When compared to its competitors, VPN Unlimited matches the best services from the industry.

One of the best aspects of VPN Unlimited was the quality of its software and apps. They were top-notch and shadowed established VPN providers. From simple navigation to how they are designed, VPN Unlimited apps were a remarkable sight. And, to top things of, the overall performance is impressive as well.

Best Kodi VPN *September 2017* – Setup VPN on Kodi in 3 Simple Steps

Award winning on-demand entertainment service KODI or, formerly known as XMBC, is an open source entertainment service to stream live TV, movies, music, pictures and even games. The Kodi platform doesn’t offer pre-stored content and requires the user to add streaming channels on the desktop & mobile apps from local storage or from the internet. In this guide, you can follow the step by step instruction on How to Add Channels on Kodi.

However, there is a geo-restriction and internet censorship barrier that user’s face upon accessing various channels on the platform. To instantly bypass the restrictions and watch unlimited blocked content on Best Kodi addons, you can use the leading edge KODI VPN services specified in this guide. With a range of top-tier servers located in major parts of the world, the Kodi VPNs for September 2017. provide blazing fast streaming, uninterrupted connection and unmatched entertainment experience.

Kodi VPN Setup using VPN Manager for OpenVPN

If you are looking to setup a VPN directly on Kodi through an addon, then check out VPN Manager for OpenVPN. The add-on supports various VPN providers and you can use the service from within Kodi. However, there are some pre-requisites for using this method. You will have to download and install the OpenVPN GUI software. Then download the executable OpenVPN files from your VPN provider. Once you are through these processes, just follow these steps:

  1. Download Zomboided Repository from GitHub onto your system
  2. Launch Kodi
  3. Go to Add-ons
  4. Now click on the ‘Add-on browser’ icon (the package box icon) location at the top left corner
  5. Select Install from zip file
  6. Navigate to the location where you downloaded Zomboided Repository zip files
  7. You will see a notification in the top right corner once the add-on is added
  8. Now click on Install from repository
  9. Go to Zomboided Add-on Repository > Services > VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  10. Install the add-on and wait for Add-on enabled notification
  11. Now open the add-on (for first-time users, click on OK when a popup appears to configure a VPN)
  12. Go to Add-on Settings
  13. Under the VPN Configuration, select the VPN Provider you want to setup
  14. Enter the username and password
  15. Now go to VPN Connection tab and select First VPN connection (optionally used to auto connect during boot)
  16. Choose the server you want to connect
  17. You can add more VPN connections by entering the servers (maximum 10 default servers are allowed)
  18. Click OK and enjoy VPN connection

Kodi VPN

In order to watch popular broadcasting channels using Kodi including iTV, BBC, Fox, Channel 7, 4oD, HBO, ESPN, and hundreds of other international channels, (usually geo-restricted) you will need a Kodi VPN.

What is Kodi VPN?

XBMC VPN is an encryption tool that safeguards your privacy and identity. It is by far the safest option to bypass geo-restriction barriers from streaming Kodi channels and secure your privacy from copyright trolls. Although you might be able to access many of the TV channels for free, all US and most UK-based streaming channels (especially live TV) like ESPN and BBC Sport will be blocked, displaying the following message:

So, just how do you get rid of these geo-restrictions?

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

A Kodi VPN will enable you to evade all geo-restrictions and enjoy unlimited geo-restricted services on Kodi. It will mask your IP address with a foreign IP of your choice (USA, UK, Canada etc.), where the particular channel is available.

You will be able to enjoy restriction-free access to your favorite channels from anywhere in the world. User reviews and Kodi fans suggest deploying the best VPN services for Kodi due to their streaming optimized and P2P supported servers, for high-speed video & music streaming.

PureVPN for Kodi

There are many VPN providers for Kodi, but not many can beat PureVPN in terms of its server spread. You can access any Kodi add-on using one of the servers offered by PureVPN. An added advantage of using this VPN is that it is available on VPN Manager for OpenVPN add-on. Therefore, you can setup PureVPN directly onto Kodi and enjoy streaming any content.

However, when we tested PureVPN, we ran the software in the background on our desktop and then launched Kodi. The overall experience was good as there were no buffering delays, IP leakages, and we accessed blocked add-ons in an instant.

How to Install PureVPN with Web Viewer (Method-1)

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons placed on the side-bar > On the same bar scroll down and click on Download

Step 2: On the right side, you will see various options so click on Program Add-ons > Now find Web Viewer on the list and click on it > Install the add-on > Now wait for it until it installs

Step 3: An icon will appear on top-right corner that says installation is complete. Once completed, go back to Kodi Main Menu > Then click on Add-ons tab > Program Add-ons > Web Viewer (on the right side)

Step 4: A screen will appear similar to a web browser where you need to insert the link as a web address on the top bar and hit Enter > Click Yes when it asks for your permission to download the Zip File

Step 5: A box will appear in front of your screen asking where you need to save the Zip File. Click on Home Folder > New Folder (present on the right side) > Type the Repository Name i.e. Kodi Repo > Click on Kodi Repo Folder you just created and click OK to save the Zip File in this folder.

Step 6: Go to Kodi Main menu again and click on Add-ons > Select a box icon also known as Package Installer icon > Click on Install from Zip File >Select Home Folder from the list > Click on Kodi Repo > and click > Wait until the zip file is installed

Step 7: Go back again to Kodi Main Menu >Add-ons > Program add-ons tab > Now click on PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN add-on

Step 8: To setup PureVPN connection, click on Add-ons setting > Add username and address.

Step 9: To change your IP address, select various country servers > Click OK > Now your PureVPN is up and running.

How to Setup PureVPN Kodi Addon (Method-2)

PureVPN offers its exclusive add-on for Kodi. Just follow these steps to setup the VPN on Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager
  2. Now double click Add Source
  3. When a box appears, click on None > enter the URL: > click Done > Give a name to the addon (for instance Kodi-repo) > Click Done > Click Ok
  4. Go back to Kodi home screen
  5. Click on Add-ons > then Add-on Browser (the package box icon located at the top left corner) > Install from zip file > Kodi-repo >
  6. Wait for the repository to install
  7. Now go to Install from repository > Kodi-repo > Program add-ons > PureVPN Monitor Open VPN
  8. Once the add-on is installed, go to Program Add-ons > PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN > Add-on Settings
  9. A box will appear, enter your PureVPN credentials (username and password)
  10. To change the server location, click on Display VPN status and select the server location of your choice and it will connect automatically
  11. Congratulations, you are not ready to use PureVPN Kodi add-on


Second on our list for VPN on Kodi is NordVPN. The provider also offers wide server range for you to unblock various add-ons on Kodi. We tested NordVPN while running Kodi and were pleased with its performance. Not only did the VPN provider unblocked streaming add-ons, but it also secured our identity.

One of the prevailing issues with Kodi is getting into trouble with copyright trolls. Since a majority of the streams fetched by Kodi work on BitTorrent protocol, you could get face DMCA notices, fines, or something even worse. This is where NordVPN’s Double VPN feature and P2P support comes into play.


A relatively new VPN provider in the industry, PrivateVPN offers attractive features. One of the standout points about PrivateVPN is its user-friendly apps and software. You can download the service on Windows, iOS, Android or Mac, and enjoy unlimited entertainment on Kodi.

Secondly, PrivateVPN also has a price advantage over other VPN providers. Being the cheapest Kodi VPN out there, you can gain instant access while preserving your privacy online. Therefore, if you are looking for an economical VPN for Kodi, give PrivateVPN a try.


ExpressVPN is one of leading VPN services in the industry. It boasts loads of features that will help you secure your privacy and security on any device. When you pair ExpressVPN with Kodi, the results are not short of outstanding. However, we did experience variability in server locations in the UK.

In addition, ExpressVPN offers native software and applications for all devices and is compatible on routers as well. That said, the steep pricing plans are the only kicker in this deal. ExpressVPN is amongst the most expensively priced VPN providers currently in the industry. Therefore, if prices are not a big deal, try ExpressVPN for unlocking content on Kodi.

Ivacy VPN

Lastly, we have Ivacy VPN service for Kodi. The provider offers detailed guides and tutorials for Kodi in its knowledge base. Subscribers can follow the steps to configure the service through its native software, OpenELEC, or via other means. Our analysis puts Ivacy at fifth position for best Kodi VPNs. This is precisely because of its high prices. However, it is one of the few VPN services that offer compatibility on Kodi and is worth a try.

Is Kodi Legal?

Many Kodi users have been asking this question and the simple answer is yes, Kodi is legal. That said, its not as straightforward as you might think. The problem lies in how Kodi brings you content for streaming and its open-source nature.

You are able to stream content on Kodi through numerous add-ons. However, not all add-ons are official. If you stick to the official Kodi add-ons, then there is no issue of legality. On the other hand, third party add-ons offer free content from various sources, which are illegal in many countries. These include streams working on BitTorrent protocol and unsolicited websites.

Since Kodi is an open source software – which means you can customize the software by accessing its program codes – it is near to impossible for Kodi to shut down these third party add-ons.

And, whenever Kodi shuts down a repository or an add-on, a new alternative or mirror rises up. Therefore, Kodi itself is completely legal, but the way third party add-ons offer content for streaming raises a lot of questions about its legality.

Android Boxes Supported by Kodi VPN

Android boxes, also known as Kodi boxes, are excellent for watching content on your television screen. They turn your normal LED TV into a smart TV, having the same functionalities as an Android based smart phone. The best thing about Android boxes is that Kodi is readily available on almost all versions. You can either find Kodi through Google play store or download the APK file for the software.


As far as Kodi VPN supported Android boxes go, any VPN provider that offers an app for Android is compatible with an Android box. The most simple and quick way of setting up a Kodi VPN on Android box is by looking up the provider on Google Play Store and installing the app. On the contrary, you can also setup a VPN manually or through ES Explorer.

Why Do I Need VPN for Kodi?

To get the most out of Kodi and enjoy limitless streaming you will require a Kodi VPN add-on. It will provide every bit of entertainment that lacks in Kodi. Following are the key benefits of using Kodi VPN:

How to Add Channels on Kodi

Like various open source projects, Kodi doesn’t come with a pre-stored channel library. This means that subscribers need to install your Best addons on Kodi by their own. It’s a pretty simple procedure and we have listed it step by step for our dear readers, so they can freely add channels on latest version of Kodi:


The add-on will be downloaded and you will be able to see "Enabled" next to the channel

Click on the channel and activate it

procede to desired programe in the selected channel

Apart from 1Channel, you can watch countless channels on Kodi by installing thousands of add-ons of including ESPN3, Fox News, ET Canada, BBC iPlayer WWW,, on demand, NFL Game Pass, Disney channel and much more. A VPN for KODI will let you circumvent any geo-restrictions instantly and allow you to watch your favorite channels hassle free.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Firestick /Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV users can enjoy unlimited geo-restricted content on Kodi using a Kodi VPN compatible with Amazon Fire TV. You can follow our very easy guide to setup Kodi on Fire TV / Firestick . Once you have setup Kodi on Firestick / TV, its time to remove the restriction and access unlimited action, adventure, Live TV, documentaries and sports channels on Kodi.

To setup a Kodi VPN on Firestick, you need to follow the below outlined steps:

Kodi VPN Setup on Windows

The simplest way to bypass geo-restrictions and securing your privacy while using Kodi is by setting up a VPN directly on the streaming device. Completing a Kodi VPN setup on Windows is a simple 3-steps process. Start Kodi VPN setup by downloading a VPN on your system.

Once downloaded, install it and upon successful installation, activate the VPN app. Just follow these simple steps (we will be using PureVPN for our demonstration, but you can use any VPN provider):

  1. Launch the Pure VPN app. Click on the settings icon, Go to “Basic” tab and enter your login details including username and password as shown below:


  1. Go to the Dashboard listed on the left hand menu. Click on Select Location, you will be able to select server of your choice from the dropdown list.


  1. Choose your relevant server from the server drop down list. Select the US server and click connect.


When you’re successfully connected to a best Kodi VPN server, it’s time to enjoy unlimited entertainment previously geo-restricted. Go to the Kodi console, install your favorite channel add-ons and keep streaming. You will be able to access all channel restriction free with premium HD Quality for selected channels and Super-fast speed.

How to Setup Kodi VPN through Routers

Setting up a VPN on routers provides a great advantage than configuring the service individually on each device. By doing so, your entire internet traffic goes through a secure VPN tunnel, helping you conceal your identity and bypass all forms of restrictions when using Kodi. In the below demonstration, we will be showing you how to setup Kodi VPN on Tomato routers using PPTP protocol.

  1. Launch Tomato router control panel and log in
  2. Navigate to Basic > then Network from the left-panel
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the Connection Type
  4. Now enter the login credentials of your VPN service
  5. Do ensure that Use DCHP and Use Default Gateway on Remote Network are checked
  6. Enter the server address you want to connect to PPTP Gateway
  7. Select Keep Alive for the Connection Mode from the dropdown menu
  8. Now check if the MTU is set to default and your LAN or Wireless Settings are also set to default
  9. In addition, don’t change Subnet Mask or Options field
  10. Scroll down to the page and hit Save
  11. Your VPN connection should now be up and running

How to Setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and more iOS Devices

Apple iPhone and iPad are hallmarks of superior features, elegant design, top-grade security and over-the-top looks. But, when it comes to Kodi on iPhone and iPad, one can’t simply access leading channels and streaming services on these devices due to geo-restrictions. Thus, we have listed a simple setup process below that will guide you to install best Kodi VPN on iPhone and iPad.Setup-Kodi-VPN-on-iPhone

After KodiVPN installation on an iOS device, you will achieve one-touch access to world of restriction-free on-demand entertainment from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices:

  1. On your iPhone, Go to App Store
  2. Next, search for VPN Provider
  3. Download and install VPN on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device
  4. Upon successful installation, launch VPN, go to servers’ list and connect to US server
  5. Finally, launch Kodi on iPhone and enjoy streaming unlimited channels and add-ons that were previously unavailable to you

VPN for Kodi Android

Best Kodi VPN Android offers premium online protection as you bypass restrictions and stream video on Kodi from android devices. While, ISPs are actively monitoring user browsing activities, Kodi VPN makes you anonymous & highly secure over the internet using cutting edge tunneling & encryption.

A wide range of servers add even more versatility to your Kodi VPN service. It allows users to unblock geo-restricted on-demand entertainment services, internet radio, secures online banking and encrypts chats & emails plus includes numerous other advantages. We recommend looking into PureVPN and Total VPN to our readers, rating the former for its server network and the later for its turbo speed streaming servers.



OpenELEC is a fork of the original streaming service Kodi. It boasts addons through which you can setup a VPN directly onto Kodi. However, this option has lost its charm as only one VPN service is supported by OpenELEC. With the exception of Private Internet Access (PIA), it once used to support a variety of VPN providers such as PureVPN, IPVanish, and VyprVPN. Therefore, if you are going to use OpenELEC on Kodi, make sure you an active account for PIA.

OpenELEC Errors on Kodi

As of late, OpenELEC has started to display various errors to Kodi users. Here are some OpenELEC errors and their fixes:

  1. Check the Log for More Information: currently, only PIA VPN is compatible with OpenELEC, but this error appears when you try to setup PIA. To fix this problem, we would recommend that you follow the steps for VPN Manager for OpenVPN and use the desired VPN through this add-on.
  2. Size Check Failed Error: this issue is present in Jarvis v16 version of Kodi and occurs when you try to update the ION system. One way overcoming this issue is by resizing the partitions through Tuxboot, as it will lay out the new partitions as SDA1 and SDA2.
  3. Error Script Failed VPN for OpenELEC: if you are using a Raspberry Pi 2, you will encounter this issue frequently. The problem lies with the small CPU or limited processing power of Pi2. One way of resolving this issue is by updating OpenELEC version and use a Micro SD card for additional storage. If that doesn’t help, then we would recommend upgrading to Pi 3.

Top 3 Best Free VPN for Kodi

If we talk about the free VPN services for Kodi, then there’re some providers who offer decent speed and a range of servers. However, there’re some considerations while choosing a free VPN for Kodi that includes tunneling protocols, number of servers, customer support channels and logging policy. With that said, subscribers should remember that free VPN services under any condition shouldn’t be compared with a full-featured VPN, in terms of speed, stability, reliability & trust worthiness.

We suggest users try the free trial version of above specified best Kodi VPN for a top-notch streaming experience and robust privacy protection. But in case you want an entirely free VPN service, then here’re the top 3 best free VPN for Kodi:

Datho VPN Kodi Add-on

Datho VPN offers a dedicated add-on for Kodi. It unblocks a vast selection of top-quality legal content on Kodi apps. Various popular add-ons are geo-restricted in a majority of regions including BBC, iPlayer, iTV, AMC, A&E, ESPN, and many other US broadcasting channels.  Moreover, Datho VPN on Kodi gives you access to the exclusive library of streaming services like Netflix US library, HULU, FOX, ESPN and many others in your region.

Datho VPN on Kodi also provides restriction-free access to live events including NFL Game Pass, MLB.TV, NBA International League Pass and NHLGamecenter from geo-restricted regions. You can enjoy unlimited action from the playoffs, season fixtures and live and on-demand games that were previously unavailable for you.


Kodi is the one-stop entertainment solution for unlimited on-demand streaming. The user-friendly interface adds, even more, appeal to it. However, due to certain geo-restrictions placed on various streaming channels, users are unable to watch their favorite video & music with Kodi. Kodi VPN providers offer premium online privacy & data security to users by evading geo-restrictions instantly.

5 Best Popcorn time VPN for 2017

Popcorn Time VPN is the most secure way to watch your favorite content. It provides you with complete privacy and freedom so that you are not left alone and enjoy streaming to its fullest. With Popcorn Time VPN, you can take a deep breath and relax since its security protocols and data encryption features have your back.

Why Popcorn Time?

PT is a streaming service that has a bizarre resemblance with the world’s most popular online streaming service, Netflix. But contrary to Netflix, Popcorn Time provides its streaming services for free using BitTorrent protocol.

From the latest movies to some of the biggest TV shows in the history of Television, you can watch all the episodes on Popcorn Time VPN in HD by simply downloading and running the streaming service. It downloads the file through BitTorrent in the background and provides you with real-time streaming.

Is it Safe to Use Popcorn Time?

Here comes the tricky part! While the stream lovers would go ahead and still stream the content directly, to those who think their online security is at risk, we must warn you, it really is at stake.

PT clearly warns the users on its website about their own risk because the service might be considered as illegal in their respective countries.

Since it works on BitTorrent protocol, copyright holders deem the service illegal in various regions. Australia, UK, Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Europe have already ordered ISPs to block the streaming service.

Popcorn Time Unblocked

So how can Popcorn Time be unblocked? You access the service safely and anonymously through two methods:

  1. Use a Popcorn time VPN
  2. Use a Proxy service

Secure your content with Popcorn Time VPN

A Popcorn Time VPN will protect your online identity by masking your IP address. Thus, you can enjoy any TV show or movie of your choice anonymously. PT uses torrents to broadcast video content. Hence, the other users those who share the same file will see an IP address provided by your VPN service.

By connecting to a VPN server, you can protect all your online activities. As a result, your ISP will not be able to trace your online activities. Since a VPN encrypts the connection between the VPN server and user’s device.  Hence, you obtain complete online freedom.

NAT Firewalls

There are VPN services in which NAT Firewalls feature comes in built-in form. If you want to use torrents to watch movies and other video content, you must disable the feature. Otherwise, you will not be able to stream content from torrents.

The NAT Firewalls blocks connection from peers on P2P network. Hence, torrents are unable to stream the required content for the users. You should make sure to disconnect the feature as soon as you avail any VPN service by changing the settings.

Sometimes, you are unable to disable the feature therefore; you should use port forwarding method. This manual approach allows the VPN service to dedicate a specific port that supports P2P traffic.

Why using proxy for popcorn time is not secure?

When you connect to a proxy service, your IP address is masked during the process. Therefore, no one can identify your identity in the torrent swarms.

However, unlike a VPN, a proxy does not encrypt or tunnels your data traffic. This is a shortcoming of Popcorn Time proxy services.

If your ISP or the government decides to inspect your internet data packets, they can identify that you’ve been using the streaming service. Due to this issue, a VPN is more secure than a proxy service.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time

We would save you the time and energy and will recommend you to use Best Popcorn Time VPN, especially if you are located in a region where the government has a strong hold on your cyber activities.

Any Popcorn Time VPN that you choose assigns you a new IP address, giving you a whole new look in the virtual world to keep you hidden from being tracked.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

PureVPN – Users First Choice for Popcorn Time VPN


PureVPN has become Popcorn Time users’ first choice in no time. The provider specifically provides a list of features like ‘Internet Kill Switch’ and dedicated servers for torrenting or P2P activity.  Through 750+ servers in 141 countries worldwide, you can enjoy Popcorn Time streaming from anywhere in the world.


NordVPN – Crosses Geographical Restrictions


NordVPN is another VPN making waves in the VPN industry for quite some time now. The provider offers a network of 1118 servers in 60+ countries globally. The service supports P2P activity hence you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows on Popcorn Time.



PrivateVPN – Provides online security


PrivateVPN is a good choice for those users who want online security that suits their pockets. However, the provider does not support P2P activity on its network. Hence, Popcorn Time users should select another VPN service to watch their favorite video content.



ExpressVPN – Expensive supporting P2P activity


ExpressVPN is an expensive VPN that supports P2P activity. Thus, you are able to use Popcorn Time to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle. The provider offers ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature that allows you to remain safe when VPN suddenly stops working. Through 145+ server locations in 94 countries worldwide, you can stream the video content on Popcorn Time from anywhere.


Ivacy – Providing safety for low budget users


Ivacy is a great option for those users who want to use the services of Popcorn Time app under their budget. The service has 200+ servers in 50 countries of the world. Moreover, the provider supports the P2P activity of the users from all over the world. Likewise, Ivacy VPN also provides P2P optimized servers in different countries.


Compatibility of Popcorn time on cross platforms

Since the creators of PT are a bunch of youngsters, their enthusiasm is visible in the device compatibility. Making sure that nobody gets to miss the fun of unlimited streaming and downloading, they have made it compatible with some of the major operating software and devices such as:

Setup of popcorn time on different platforms:

How to Improve the Streaming Experience with Popcorn Time VPN

The streaming speed is heavily dependent upon your original internet speed so when you connect to a VPN, you allow the VPN service to connect you to a different server located in another region. This in return, heavily affects your streaming speed, depending upon the server load.

It is recommended by even the best of VPN providers to connect to a server that is closest to your original geographical location to get better speeds.

Which Popcorn Time is safe?

There is a confusion as which popcorn time is safe? Searches will show you different versions. Since the platform itself is an open source, the developer behind popcorn time had to abandon the Project.

There are now two versions of popcorn time that we suggest with complete confidence as they are both 100% free and safe. We highly recommend you to download popcorn time from these websites only:

Popcorn time vpn free any good?

When you start to look for a VPN, you will come across various free VPN services as well. So are these free providers worth using? If you are concerned about your privacy, then using a Popcorn time VPN free matters a lot. A free VPN provider cannot offer the same benefits and features as a premium VPN service.

Here are some drawbacks of using Popcorn Time VPN free:

Therefore, considering the security vulnerabilities of Popcorn Time VPN free services, it is better to choose a reliable and renowned VPN service.  A premium provider would offer strong protocols and encryption ciphers, around the clock customer support, multiple server options, and won’t keep activity logs.


How to use Popcorn Time without VPN?

You can simply use PT by downloading the app on your preferred devices. You just need to go to the official website of Popcorn Time to complete the download process.

However, the official website clearly indicates that Popcorn Time stream movies and TV shows from torrents. According to its website, downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your country. Hence, you should use the services at your own risk.

Therefore, you must use a VPN in order to remain safe from the vicious jaws of legal trouble.

Is Popcorn Time VPN necessary?

Yes, A Popcorn Time VPN is a must for streaming. Since, PT uses the notion of BitTorrent P2P (peer-to-peer) technology. Hence, you are able to watch your favorite video content on your desktop or mobile device. Furthermore, you can also distribute the files with the others by using a BitTorrent concept.

It becomes quite easy to recognize the IP addresses of all those users who share the same file. Likewise, the copyright holders can also trace all those file sharers who use their content illegally.  At this moment, the role of VPN services becomes visible and extremely crucial.

Not All Popcorn Time VPN support Streaming

It is a cruel fact that not all Popcorn Time VPN support streaming. It means these VPN services do not encourage any BitTorrent or P2P activity of the users. Therefore, it is better for you not to select the services of those VPN providers who strictly follow DCMA act.

Popcorn Time VPN in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden

If you wish to watch Popcorn Time in a secure manner, you must select a Popcorn Time VPN service. The PT users specifically in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden may face legal action from copyright holders. Viewing copyrighted material in these countries is illegal. Hence, you should stream Popcorn Time at your own risk.

If I have Popcorn Time, do I need Netflix?

This question comes in the minds of PT fans. However, the sleek and stylish user interface of the app encourages the viewers to prefer PT over Netflix. Moreover, the app shows the video content from the torrents website. Hence, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies much sooner on Popcorn Time than on the other services like Netflix.

Is it necessary to pay for Popcorn Time VPN?

Yes, it is necessary for you to pay for Popcorn Time VPN if you want to stream. There are free VPN services those do not support torrents or P2P activity on their networks. Countries like US, UK, and China do not encourage the users to watch video content through Popcorn Time.

Hence, you may face legal actions if you stream copyrighted material on PT illegally. In order to secure yourself from any legal trouble you must use a paid version of VPN providers. Thus, you will have to spend some money from your pocket but you are saving yourself from a big hassle.

Here is the list of benefits, a premium Popcorn Time VPN offer services to its users:

  1. Well explained privacy policy
  2. Choice of multiple connections through a single subscription
  3. Robust online security and highest level of data protection
  4. Specific torrents and P2P servers for high speed downloading

Is It Safe to use Popcorn Time VPN?

Definitely, using Popcorn Time VPN is always a safe option for the users. A Popcorn Time VPN not only allows you to watch your movies and TV shows instantly. Furthermore, you are able to protect your online identity from the eyes of copyright holders.

By using Popcorn Time VPN, you obtain a secure IP address. Through a secure IP address, you can access blocked and geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

Is popcorn time legal or not?

Popcorn Time VPN Reviews on Reddit

PT is a famous streaming service that has huge following of users on Reddit. Those Reddit users who select Popcorn Time VPN to watch video content, they do not use a Reddit VPN. Similarly, there are users those who like to use Reddit VPN anyway.

Here is the response of one Reddit user, who did not use Popcorn Time VPN and paid the price.


Comment from discussion Popcorn time VPN.

There is a response of Redditor asking about the activation of Popcorn Time VPN.

really dumb question. how do I activate my popcorn time VPN? from PopCornTime

The user received various responses from other Redditors.

In the end, he finally succeeded to get the right answer from another Redditor.

Bottom Line

PT even after the discontinuation of the original version, remains users’ favorite free streaming service. All the movies and TV shows can be streamed without you needing to go through the troubles of finding and downloading original malware-free torrents.

It does, however, put you in grave danger if you are located in a region where using P2P services are banned by law. Since it adds so much value to the entertainment industry, we recommend all our readers and users to connect Popcorn Time VPN to hide themselves behind one of the protocols and servers provided by it.

How to Setup iPhone X VPN in 8 Simple Steps

It’s that time of the year when Apple fanatics queue up at Apple stores to get their hands on the new iPhone X (aka iPhone 8). On Apple’s tenth anniversary, the new iPhone is coming out with fresh looks and latest operating system, iOS 11. iPhone X will hit US stores on September 12, 2017.

iPhone X VPN

The long rumored phone is finally going go head-to-head Samsung S8 and S8+. The removal of top and bottom bezels gives the new iPhone more screen size. And, the improvements and additions made to the new iOS makes the upcoming iPhone are worthwhile product.

While the rumors surrounding its launch have made head waves around the world, there is no denying that a VPN will be imperative on the new iPhone. That is due to the increased amount of cyber threats circulating in the online world these days. Therefore, to circumvent any privacy or security threats, here a simple guide on how to setup iPhone X VPN.

8 Simple Steps to Setup VPN on iPhone X

  1. Go to Settings from home screen
  2. Tab on General
  3. Now go to VPN
  4. Next, tab on Add VPN Configuration
  5. At the top section, select the protocol of your choice
  6. Now you will have to enter the details about your VPN provider
  7. Tab on VPN to connect
  8. Upon successful connection, enjoy total anonymity and privacy on your iPhone X

37 Best Kodi Addons *September 2017* Working List for Krypton

Plex Announces its New Free Kodi Add-on

The two most dominating video streaming giants are brought together with Plex announcing its new free Kodi add-on. These two worlds ‘Plex and Kodi’ can be available on your device at the same time, and it carries no cost.

This collaboration could possibly resolve the debate for best Kodi add-on and best Plex channel. Anyone wanting the Plex Kodi add-on on their Kodi device, can download it from Here. Follow the same installation procedure as any other Kodi add-on.

Unleash Hours of Non-Stop Fun With Top Addons For Kodi

Kodi lovers get prepared! Fans can now say farewell to 2015’s outdated and obsolete addons, and equip themselves with the best Kodi addons of 2017. These addons will help you cut the cord and ensure top-notch entertainment experience with live streaming, online gaming, sports broadcasting and much more. However, geo-restrictions and copyright infringement can be very pesky and create hurdles while streaming. Find out why Kodi VPN is necessary for addons?

For users’ ease, we have conducted in-depth research & evaluation to come up with following best Kodi addons of September 2017. These best live TV addons for Kodi will deliver a full dose of entertainment with tons of movies, TV shows, live TV broadcasts, sports and much more.

Covenant Add-ons (Exodus Replacement)  Still the Most Popular Kodi Add-on for September 2017

The word has come out and Covenant has made the top of the list as the most popular Kodi add-on in the last month and still remains on top of the list for September 2017. The most prominent reason being as the perfect replacement for Exodus as Covenant add-on has been formed by the same team of developers that introduced Exodus.

To find out which is the best Kodi add-on for September, we collected trends and data from many different websites including Google Trends, Kodi communities, Facebook groups, and some other communities. The results were extraordinary and at the same time most captivating. Covenant add-on came out on top.




Why is Covenant the most popular Kodi addon?

For the past couple of months since Covenant was introduced, this add-on has been beating all other addons by a country mile and reigning our charts for the best Kodi addon. Even the demise of its Fusion Repository, Covenant has stepped up to the occasion. So why is it the best add-on for this month?

Perhaps the answer lies in its extensive content library. With popular TV shows and movies to choose from, Covenant offers a wide variety of media to stream online. You watch movies such as Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Okja, and John Wick 2 on Covenant. Similarly, it also hosts latest TV shows such as American Gods, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards.

If that’s not all, you can also find popular anime, documentaries, animated series, and much more on Covenant. Also, it makes it easier for users to navigate through the large volume of content. On a side note, if you want to install Covenant on Kodi, use the following guide: Install Covenant on Kodi. If geo-restrictions and copyright infringement start posing a problem, consider using a VPN service.

Top Kodi Addons List

*We tested all the Kodi addons mentioned below and are working perfectly as of September, 2017.
To give you a quick overview of the best Kodi addons, here are our top 11 addons that will offer unlimited content for streaming:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Salts
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Gurzil
  6. Poseidon
  7. Flixanity
  8. Elysium
  9. Bob Unleashed
  10. Genesis Reborn
  11. Deliverance
  12. Rising Tides
  13. Quantum

Important Note: Some of these add-ons may not be officially supported by Kodi. You can try out alternate add-ons or check the complete list of supported add-ons on Kodi’s official website. Some of these addons might also be Geo-Restricted, which means they may not work in some regions. You will need a VPN before installing these add-ons. We have picked out the best in the industry which support Kodi.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

New Kodi Add-ons

New Kodi add-ons are less-likely to get noticed by the law enforcement agencies and therefore survive for a longer period of time. As a result, latest Kodi add-ons are more powerful than its predecessor add-ons in maintaining their activity. Check out our latest Kodi add-ons.

Plex Kodi Add-on

Plex has recently announced it new Kodi add-on that will be available for Kodi users. Plex, an ultimate video streaming experience will bring a fitting collaboration with its long-time competitor Kodi. After downloading the zip file, connect to the Plex Server and start streaming movies and TV shows.





When Exodus developers bid farewell to their add-on, many Exodus forks came into existence, where Gurzil is one of them. Gurzil is not just any other Exodus fork, but it also function the same as Exodus. It has all the latest links and sources available for streaming video content.




Quantum add-on has recently been launched since the disappearance of the popular Sanctuary add-on. Sanctuary has ruled the Kodi world for many years by offering movies and TV shows on-demand. Currently, Quantum add-on is trying to meet the same expectation that was created by its predecessor. It is the new add-on which you ought to try this weekend.

Genesis Reborn


As Genesis was shut down by law enforcement agencies, most of the viewers are unaware about the fact that Genesis was reborn by the name of Genesis Reborn. It has the same team of developers who were working to make Genesis add-on a success. This new add-on has all those features that Genesis originally had. The add-on can be installed from here.


Geo-Restricted Add-ons

Any add-ons that are geo-restricted most likely requires a Kodi VPN to air channels across different countries. It protects your privacy and also your internet activity. Here is our list of best geo-restricted add-ons:

Maverick TV

Maverick TV- kodi addon

Maverick TV may not be considered as a new add-on but it has currently shown a resounding increase in its popularity. It shows World IPTV channels, live sports, movies, and documentaries, and so much others but with a use of a Kodi VPN. Maverick TV has its own repository from where you can download.




Stream Hub Kodi Addon

StreamHub is the replacement of the famous Live Hub Kodi add-on that was found in the StreamHub repository. However, its replacement add-on has done a decent job in maintaining a good viewer traffic. Since it also possesses a famous built-in add-on ‘Mobdro’ that offers live TV channels from around the world, therefore it requires a Kodi VPN to stream any channel that is present outside your country.



Best Kodi Video Add-ons

If you want watch videos online, then Kodi provides the perfect solution. Using the best Kodi video addons, you can stream unlimited amount of videos.



Flixanity is the new face in the Kodi world for video add-ons category. It offers its viewers with a pleasant experience of streaming new movies and TV shows with an extremely easy-to-use interface. It sure is one of the best Kodi add-on to watch videos competing with Covenant.

Reddit addon for kodiReddit is a massive community where people from all over the world can interact. It contains multiple subreddits (or categories) of different topics. Using addon, you can stream any video from Reddit on Kodi. This is one of the best Kodi video add-ons because Reddit hosts millions of videos each day. Hardcore followers can search, play, add or remove video directly on Kodi.


Best TV Addons for Kodi

If you enjoy binge-watching popular television series such as DareDevil, The Flash, Arrow, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, or any other show, then these Kodi addons are for you. Here’s the list of the best TV addons for Kodi 2017, make sure to get them all:



Streaming All The Sources (SALTS) is back after previously been shut down due to the disappearance of Fusion Repository. The team of developers has updated this add-on with new links and sources, and is now good to go for showing TV shows alongside movies to its viewers. Install SALTS from this tutorial.




Youtube Kodi Addon Youtube: Having over a billion of subscribers (almost one-third of overall world’s population), YouTube needs no introduction. Happily, Kodi fans can watch hours of favorite TV shows, movies and more media on Kodi with YouTube addon. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day




MetaliQ - Best TV Addons for Kodi MetalliQ is a preferred Kodi addon for movie enthusiasts and binge watchers. The popularity of MetalliQ lies on an impressive media library that features latest, popular, classical, most watched and best of the time movies. Also, MetalliQ offers various block buster hit TV shows and music streaming, thus offering a one-stop solution for premium entertainment.



BOB - Best TV Addons for Kodi  BOB is the new-age Kodi addon. After the departure of Phoenix, Blue and Valhalla, BOB has arrived with an amazing media library. Subscribers can find HD movies, huge music library and live TV bundled together in one Kodi addon. In addition, users can stream top-of-the-line TV shows and enjoy watching hours of top-rated IMDB movies on BOB. You can download BOB from its official repo here.


Best Kodi Addons For Movies

One of the most intriguing things about Kodi is that you can watch movies from multiple genres. From action movies to thriller, you name it. These Kodi addons offer latest movies along with popular classics. Make sure to grab all of the Kodi addons for movies:



Covenant, the most popular Kodi add-on is the official replacement for Exodus. This add-on is much more stable than Exodus or any other movie add-ons and that is the reason why it has been ranked as most popular in the Kodi world.




Exodus-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Movies-1Exodus is a next generation Kodi addon, developed by Lambda. The addon has a sleek, simple and straightforward interface which resembles Netflix. Also, Exodus allows users to search media with an actor or actress name. With a lot to offer, Exodus enhances user streaming experience by supporting Real-Debrid, All-Debrid and IMDB.



SafeHouse Movie


SafeHouse Movies add-on may not have a huge popularity such as Exodus or Covenant, but it is sure worth it. Its media library is filled with old and new movies and are updated constantly so that no bad links are found by viewers




Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

When it comes to watching live television, Kodi has got you covered. There are different addons that you can use to stream live TV on Kodi, do check them all out:

Halow Live TV


Halow Live TV is great add-on for sporting streams and live TV, but it has a much bigger media library than you imagine. It also has a movies, TV shows and Kids section which is also popular amongst Kodi viewers. Further, it also features radio programs but you require a Kodi VPN.



TuneIn Radio

Tuneln-Radio-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Live-TVTuneIn Radio serves music lovers who prefer live radio broadcast instead of on-demand music. Once installed on Kodi, the TuneIn Radio addon allows listeners to access numerous radio stations and podcasts with just a single click. Moreover,  listeners get an option to listen news broadcasts, debates, sports, and news with TuneIn Radio.



Best Kodi Addons For Live Sports

There are numerous sports events taking place as we speak. However, it’s not possible to watch these event live. But, if you have these addons for Live Sports, you can enjoy your favorite sporting events on Kodi in an instant:

Stream engine


Stream Engine also known as “Way to non-stop entertainment” is one of its kind. With well organized categories for sports, TV shows, hit movies, Stream Engine provides superior entertainment experience to users. In addition to this, viewers get an option to stream various channels including Discovery, ESPN, Sky Sports, NBA TV and more.





Deliverance is a new Kodi add-on that has gained popularity in the midst of all the chaos when SportsDevil and Castaway Sports add-on went down. Deliverance was introduced at the right time and has gained a good lead in the sports add-on category. It has a massive library for highlight of previous matches, but it is famous for its live sports.



Rising Tides


Rising Tides is another product of a genius where you can find so many sports channels which allows you to watch live PPV events. This is an add-on which is not known by many Kodi users, but since the downfall of big sports add-on, it has accelerated to the top.



Best Kodi Addons For Firestick

Amazon Firestick offers illustrious content for entertainment. And, if you add Kodi to Firestick, your entertainment experience reaches a new level. With these Kodi addons for Firestick, you can use the service at its full potential:



Poseidon can be counted as the best movie and TV add-on for Firestick users when they are using Kodi. It has a similar interface as Exodus or Covenant so it is simple to use. Another factor that makes this add-on great is its update media library.



HEVC Video Club


HEVC Video Club has been around for many years and is renowned for its movies and TV sections. It is without a doubt a best Kodi add-on for Firestick users because of its various features offered and a massive media library.




FTV - Best Kodi Addons For Firestick

FTV also known as FilmOnTV is a UK based alternative to USTVNow. The addon holds a massive on-demand entertainment library, offering sports, horror, comedy and much more. The FTV addon however requires a FilmOn account for using the recording feature.


Best Kodi Addons for PPV

Kodi allows you to enjoy various pay-per-views (PPV) live online. The below listed addons are the best when it comes to streaming PPV from anywhere:

Planet MMA


Planet MMA, previously UFC Finest is the place where you could view UFC pay-per-view fights, highlights, old matches, player face-off and so much more. This add-on was recently been closed for a while, but is now back again, and definitely worth your while.





VidTime is relatively a fresher among the list of Kodi sports & PPV addons. Being a fans favorite addon, VidTime offers live sports and events coverage. That said, VidTime provides exclusive coverage of NHL hockey, MLB basketball and UFC events to viewers. Moreover, VidTime provides USTV Right Now section, giving users an option to watch favorite gaming events in full 720p HD quality.


Kodi Addons Android

With Kodi installed on your Android device, you can enjoy unlimited online entertainment. These best Kodi addons for Android will allow you to enjoy live sports, popular movies, TV shows, and much more on the go:


iStream - Kodi Addons Android

Among top Kodi addons for live streaming is the iStream Kodi addon. With a wide range of offerings, iStream offers best of the time movies belonging to various genres,  box office hit films, highly rated movies, IMDB Top 250 titles and most voted films. Also, subscribers can watch all time favorite TV shows and latest TV series through TV shows and iWatch on iStream addon.


NAN Tutorials

NAN Tutorials - Kodi Addons AndroidNAN or Noobs and Nerds Tutorials is a brilliant Kodi addon for users of all levels. The addon aims to provide complete assistance and information about basics, FAQs, technical issues and installation across different platforms. In addition, users can find detailed information on about how to use Kodi on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Xbox and more platforms.


Football Repeat

Football Repeat - Kodi Addons Android  Football Repeat is one of the leading-edge Kodi addons that offers one-touch access to thousands of football matches. Football fans can find highlights and latest matches from Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Series A & Ligue 1 and many more. That said, Football Repeat is the preferred Kodi sports addon for football lovers around the world.



Best Kodi Add-ons for Kids

What could be the most fun time spent by your kids other than cartoons, movies, and TV shows that are targeted towards kids? Third-party add-ons for kids has all the latest and old cartoons including the list of informational movies to improve children’s rational reasoning.


CartoonsOn-addon for kodi

CartoonsOn add-on is a perfect blend for children and adults as it has old and new cartoons added in its media library. Further, it also contains movies on its database where it features animated movies for kids. Anyone who has kids must get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.



Cartoons Clown


Regardless of the name, Cartoons Clown is the best Kodi add-on for kids because this add-on is not restricted to cartoons or any animated stuff, but it also have movies and TV shows that attracts young crowd. Kids love this add-on due to its massive library and variety of content. It can be found in Super Repo and Kodil repository.



Best Kodi Add-ons for Fitness

Fitness is the key to success and that statement holds true on every occasion. Kodi fitness add-ons provides instruction details on health, exercises, diet tips, and so much more. All fitness addicts out there must look out for these add-ons.

Ares Fitness


Ares Fitness add-on can be found under the popular Ares Project repository that has everything a fitness addict desire. This is probably the best Kodi add-on that consists of exercise workout videos, motivational videos, and a free lesson videos from the famous Billy Blanks and Jillian Michaels.





BAMF TV is more than just a fitness add-on, but it offers a wide section of sports videos as well. In the fitness section, it contains tons of videos where fitness experts instruct viewers on how to perform exercises in a correct manner. These instructors also provide tips on the diet plans. So this is a perfect fitness add-on for beginners.


Best Kodi Add-ons for Music

A good music is a source of relaxation for mind and body. It releases the body from stress, and yet where can you find all the good music in one place? We listed some of the music add-ons that is worth your while.


Beatz addon for kodi

BeatZ is a massive music add-on with its extremely large music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The good thing about this add-on is its limited dependency on YouTube. It collects data from various different websites while it updates the add-on accordingly.



>MP3 Streams


MP3 Streams has been around in Kodi world for a while and hasn’t done a bad job since. You can listen to specific music that you like if you have an experience with selective music genres. For example, it has sub-categories in metal, rap, hip hop songs, that further divides into many categories and thus bringing you the specific song that you desire.



Best Anime Addon on Kodi

With movies and TV shows, you can also enjoy countless anime series on Kodi as well. To help you pick the best Kodi addon for anime, here are some addon you should try out:


KissAnime-Popular Kodi Addon for Anime

When it comes to finding a Kodi addon for anime, nothing beats KissAnime. It contains over 6,000 anime shows and movies, giving you ample content to stream on Kodi. You can choose from old anime shows to the latest series currently on air. KissAnime is well organized, as you can select your favorite anime based on popularity, release date, genre, or just browse through the list alphabetically. It also shows dubbed anime and is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming Japanese animation.



AnimeGo-Top Kodi Addon for Anime

AnimeGo solely offers Anime shows and films, as the name suggests. Fans can find a full-fledge range of media along with a brilliantly designed layout. There are over 500 different anime series and movies available on AnimeGo. Therefore, with fast streaming speeds and various video quality to choose from, AnimeGo will curb all your cravings for some manga action. Best Anime Addon on Kodi 2017

Another popular Kodi addon to watch anime is If hosts over 700 different anime titles and offers fast playback in HD quality. You can use the addon to stream your favorite anime series, such as Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Naruto, Digimon, and others alike. We would highly recommend, as there are not many top Kodi addons for anime.


Kodi Addons That Don’t Work Anymore

Now that you know about the latest and leading-edge Kodi addons, there’re few obsolete addons that don’t work anymore. Thus, we have created a list of addons that were highly praised and popular in past, but unfortunately you can’t stream any media on them today. Below is a list of addons that are unavailable or doesn’t work on Kodi:



HD BOX is relatively a new addon for Kodi. As the name states, HD Box serves movie lovers who crave for superior playback format. Fans can watch popular, recent and most viewed movies in finest playback quality with HD BOX Kodi addon installed on Kodi.



UKTV Again


UKTV Again is a worth trying Kodi or XBMC addon for android. With offering top quality media, UKTV Again is a new edition of UKTV NOW. After installing UKTV Again on Kodi, subscribers can enjoy watching tons of traditional channels including abc, aMC, Animal Planet, Bravo, CBS, CNN, CW and Discovery Channel.  In addition to this, UKTV Again is far better than many XMBC addons in terms of speed and quality of media.



cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a cloud-based Kodi addon which offers channels from community streams around the globe. But due to nature of addon, channels are provided from different regions in different languages. Subscribers can watch sports, news and documentaries using cCloudTV live TV addon for Kodi.



Best-Kodi-Addons-for-PPV-CastawayThe all new Castaway addon for Kodi is a suitable option to stream live sports and UFC  PPV events from your device on Kodi. Offering a range of media, Castaway provides streaming links from various sites including castalba, atdhenet, rojadirecta, zunox and much more. Subscribers get an option to watch numerous sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling and much more. Castaway is often considered as an alternative to SportsDevil.



Phoenix-Kodi-Addons-For-TV-ShowsPhoenix is ranked among the top addons for Kodi 2017 and offers an extensive range of media. The addon has many users worldwide and is constantly expanding media library. The reason behind massive popularity lies on Phoenix’s brilliantly designed media library, which offers thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news and much more



Navi X


Navi-X prides itself on being a classy sports addon. Once installed, the addon gives access to various live sports streaming channels. Moreover, the addon features a catalog with most viewed programs in past 24 hours, which offers an elite entertainment experience to viewers.




TwitchTV- Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

Twitch TV is another well-acclaimed Kodi addon for gamers to stream live gaming matches from around the globe. With Twitch TV addon, subscribers get an option to watch best matches through featured stream option. Moreover, users get an option to follow after synching the addon with their Twitch account.




Vdubt25 is comparatively a fresher among the rest of Kodi addons. The addon allows viewers to watch live streams of popular TV shows. Also, users can watch documentaries and news from UK Live TV, USA Live TV and more channels with Vdubt25





Evolve stands as a modern Kodi / XMBC addon with a diverse range of offerings. The addon, when installed on Kodi, allows viewers to watch TV shows, music videos, workouts and much more. Evolve is widely known as an “all in one” addon for XMBC, due to nature of media it offers. Evolve is the most suitable pick for users who wish to watch media with broad spectrum.


CNET Podcasts

If you are into latest tech gadgets, want to know about upcoming trends, or need help in resolving certain issues, CNET Podcast is the best Kodi video add-on to get. It also contains videos on how to improve and enhance your life with technology.

 iPlayer WWW


iPlayer WWW is a TV addon for Kodi that allows you to stream shows from BBC iPlayer. You can also use the addon to play live or catch up TV. Do note that the addon is not an affiliate of BBC iPlayer but it you use it to stream TV shows such as Sherlock, Top Gear, Doctor Who, and much more.


When it comes to watching movies and TV shows, Zen is amongst the best addons to use. It offers latest shows, movies, cartoons, and much more to stream online on Kodi. Zen can easily go head to head with Exodus in terms of content library. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy unlimited entertainment, then Zen is a must have Kodi addon.


Veetle is a one-click solution to watch a diverse range of media on Kodi TV. Being one of the best Kodi addons, Veetle offers Marvel movies, Star Wars, episodes from Star Trek and much more. The addon stands as a top choice to kill time and stream latest movies and shows


Xmovies8 stands as a fans favorite addon for Kodi. It brings best of the time media directly from official website of Xmovies. The add-on has recently gone through some aesthetic changes and minor fixes to deliver the finest playback quality and delight to viewers. XMovies8 addon is a worth trying and offers all time hit moviesin HD quality.


USTVNow is a widely adapted Kodi addon and requires a subscription from USTVNow official website. The addon offers relatively fewer channels at the moment (CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News), but it is ranked at top in the best Kodi addons for live TV due to its popularity in the United States

Note: USTVNow requires account registration for Kodi streaming. You may sign up for a free account at the time of accessing USTVNow on Kodi. Also, USTVNow only accepts email address for signup, thus no social media registration is supported.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra offers live sports, replays and highlights from best-of-the-time sports events. Not to forget, some of the sports events require NBC cable subscription. After installing NBC Sports Live Extra, users can watch favorite matches in HD playback quality through best Kodi addon.

UK Turk’s Playlist

  UK Turk is a leading-edge Kodi addon that offers a diverse range of media. At the moment, viewers can watch live streams of sports, EPL, comedy, documentaries, cartoons, movies and much more. In addition, being a true sports addon, UK Turk offers sports belonging to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more regions. That said, Kodi users can stream NFL matches in 720p quality.



SportsDevil is among one of the best Kodi addons for firestick. The addon however doesn’t compete with NBC Sports Live Extra, but still takes users’ streaming experience to next level with “free of cost” streaming. Moreover, SportsDevil doesn’t come as an official addon, thus requires Addon Installer to get installed.



Zem is a hit addon developed by Shanis. The addon aims to offer every bit live entertainment to viewers. Users can watch live sports though popular sports channel on Kodi including BT Sports, BeIN, TSN, Sky, Showtime and ESPN. Also, the addon is loved by sports enthusiast as it offers PPV events as well. In addition, Zem takes online entertainment to next level by offering leading dramas, movies and TV soaps of Pakistani and India.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best live TV addons for Kodi 2017, you’re all set to witness hours of non-stop entertainment and action. However, there are more popular addons for Kodi out there, but this guide aims to cover the best Kodi addons for 2017. If you want to know about how to add channels on Kodi and stream geo-restricted channels then refer to our simple step-by-step guide of Kodi VPN

Best Dedicated IP VPN Providers – Update August 2017

Over the years, VPN users have been raging war amongst themselves, questioning which is better: dedicated IP or shared IP. Each provides unique benefits and can be used in for various purposes. To settle the dispute, we will compare pros & cons of both types of IP’s and guide you about how to buy a dedicated IP VPN in 10 simple steps.

Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

To identify the difference between a shared IP and dedicated IP address, consider the example of a subway vs. a car. A shared IP is like a subway train, full of passengers that caters all of them at the same time. On another hand, a dedicated IP address is like your personal car, which is being driven and used solely by you.

Dedicated and Shared IP addresses have unique advantages and drawbacks. However, dedicated IP takes an edge over shared IP in terms of accessibility and performance. So the primary difference between the two is that a shared IP address is shared with thousands of users, while a dedicated or static IP is assigned to a unique subscriber.

Here is a quick look at static IP vs. shared IP:

Dedicated IP“Unique & Powerful”Shared IP“Distributed & Anonymous”
DDOS ProtectionCost-effective
Netflix SupportedSupports Server Switching
High-Speed Connection

Best Dedicated IP VPN Service Providers 2017

Now that you know the difference between dedicated and shared IP, there’re only few VPN providers out there who offer dedicated IP service. This feature is usually offered as an add-on and comes with an additional cost as requires more resources.

Happily, following VPN providers cater the demands of growing subscribers and offer the feature of static IP. They have state-of-the-art features, teir-1 network infrastructure, unmatched privacy tools and are exceptional dedicated IP VPN service **August 2017** available at very affordable rates.


PureVPN stands as most economical and top-tier privacy solution for netizens who want static IP at an affordable cost. PureVPN takes netizen’s data privacy to whole next level with a broad range of strong encryption tunneling protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP & OpenVPN). At the moment, PureVPN offers dedicated IP at an additional cost. Also, you can choose an IP from the following regions: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

In addition to this, Wallet-friendly plans, zero-activity logging policy, and outstanding features offer cutting-edge online experience to users, where they can freely unblock popular sites & on-demand entertainment services from anywhere.  With that said, limitless offerings are just a click away with PureVPN.

PureVPN Dedicated IP


With having a wide range of servers located across different countries, Astrill prides itself on being an optimal solution for one-click data privacy. Moreover, the static IP feature of AstrillVPN allows netizens to explore the internet like never before.

Subscribers can get AstrillVPN’s dedicated IP at an added cost, that is slightly expensive than other providers. However, high-speed connection, SSL 256-bit data encryption, reliable service, and easy-to-use clients available for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS & Android) make AstrillVPN an excellent choice for those who don’t want to compromise on their data privacy.

astrill Dedicated IP VPN


NordVPN is a well-known privacy protection solution that offers reliable online security with handy benefits. With having countless servers spread across prime regions of the world, NordVPN offers instant access to thousands of blocked websites and services. That said, Nord delivers unmatched data protection to users through cutting-edge tunneling protocols (SSL, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec).

On top of all, dedicated IP is an exceptional service offered by NordVPN. With this feature, subscribers can freely access Netflix without facing any restrictions. Moreover, top-notch protection against DDOS attacks is a valuable advantage of using a unique IP. At this moment, NordVPN offers dedicated or static IP at an extra cost, that is economical than traditional providers in the market.

Nordvpn Dedicated IP

How to Buy Dedicated IP VPN in 10 Simple Steps

Here’s how to buy a dedicated IP VPN:

VPN With Dedicated IP Address

The dedicated IP address, if assigned to you, can’t be altered or utilized by any other person on earth. It remains constant every time you log on to the internet.

On another hand, the dynamic IP address keeps on changing every time you log in as it is being shared by multiple users at given instance. However, both IP addresses have their own perks and limitations.

Providing a unique IP to workers is commonly used in businesses, offices, banking, and areas where a user needs more authenticity to perform specific online activities. The providers specified above are the best static IP VPN services which will allow you to get instantly secured, authenticated and protected.

Dedicated IP VPN UK

You may find many VPN provider that would connect you to a US server, but there are only few that offers dedicated IP addresses. Some of the best VPN providers offering dedicated IP address are listed below:

  1. PureVPN
  2. AstrillVPN
  3. HMA VPN

PureVPN, a Hong Kong based VPN provider can offer you with dedicated IP addresses in 8 different cities of US. This includes New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, San Diego, Dallas, and San Francisco. You can get PureVPN dedicated IP address for just $1.99/month.

Dedicated IP VPN US

For United Kingdom subscribers, they can get a dedicated IP address with VPN providers such as PureVPN, Astrill VPN, and Hide My Ass. However, we recommend our readers to go for PureVPN dedicated IP address. The reason being its offering of servers IP from cities such as Manchester, London, Maidenhead, Leicester, and Gosport,

Comment 1: I’ve been looking for a way to get Netflix in Singapore because that is where I live. I want to know if dedicated vpn will help get me through their security check?

Answer 1: Hello, VPN service provider hands out the same IP address to its many users. This isn’t something dangerous, but when it comes to Netflix it can be a little tricky. If Netflix somehow bans an IP address similar to yours, technically it will also prevent your entrance to the Netflix website. How do you overcome this problem? You can overcome by getting a dedicated IP address which will only be handed out to you. This way, you can freely use Netflix.

Cheap Dedicated IP VPN

A dedicated IP address without any doubt is a hotshot that offers an instant access to thousands of on-demand entertainment sites. In addition, various mailing services including Gmail and Yahoo restrict your access when you access them with a shared IP address. To bypass the restrictions, a dedicated IP VPN serves as the safest and unrivaled solution. But, affordability plus reliability plays a major role while choosing a Cheap VPN service.

We have thus presented below the cheapest dedicated IP VPN services that offer cutting-edge privacy features and top-of-the-line service to users. Not to mention, these services don’t compromise a bit when it comes to online security and data privacy. Over and above, ultra economic plans and superior offerings make these services stand out among rest:

Dedicated IP VPN for Netflix

The largest American on-demand entertainment service Netflix prides itself on having more than 75 million active subscribers worldwide. With an extensive collection of media, Netflix offers streaming of some of the best movies, TV shows, documentaries, popular videos, music videos and more media. However, Netflix started to block VPN users earlier this year, when majority of users were found using VPN for accessing media libraries of other regions.

Dedicated IP VPN Netflix

Now, if this is the case for you and you’re seeing above message as an error, then unfortunately Netflix has identified you through its VPN detection mechanism. But happily, you can still access the foreign media libraries of Netflix via dedicated IP VPN.

Generally, VPN providers offer shared IP address that is used by many users at the same time. When Netflix detects a certain IP address, it flags it and adds it to its blacklist. A dedicated IP address on another hand is unique and is assigned to a specific user only. Since this unique IP is under your control, there are very low chances that Netflix will flag the IP. In this way, it aids you into accessing foreign media libraries without any restrictions.

4 Perks of Using a Dedicated IP VPN

Despite being an additional feature, a dedicated IP address offers a list full of advantages which subscribers can enjoy. Here’re some its key benefits:

Bypass VPN Blocking of Netflix & Other On-demand Entertainment Services

For years, VPN has been serving Netflix fans by changing their geo-location and providing them access to exclusive TV series and shows available on US library. However, Netflix’s new compliance law has banned thousands of users using a VPN services and restricted them from accessing foreign media libraries.

The streaming site identifies your VPN connection by detecting your dynamic IP address, which might be associated with another Netflix account in the past or might have been used by another user using the same VPN connection.

To get around with the restrictions, a dedicated or static IP VPN comes into play. With a static IP, Netflix thinks that you’re originally located in the US and does not suspect that you are accessing the service using a VPN as the IP address has only been used by you previously. Easy
  isn’t it?

Enjoy High-Speed Streaming

To achieve great streaming speeds, a static IP should be used as it is never shared among other users. On the other hand, a shared IP address offered by a VPN is shared among multiple subscribers simultaneously, thus impacting your connection and streaming speed. We suggest streaming lovers to choose one of the specified static IP VPN services mentioned above and experience the blazing fast streaming speed.

Robust Protection Against DDoS & Reduced Lag in Online Gaming

If you’re an online gameholic, then you may have encountered a DDoS attack in your life. The Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack is a nightmare for any gamer. It is acclaimed for plaguing e-sports and online gaming battles for a long time and has been increasing ever since. To get the best out from online gaming, a dedicated IP VPN offers 100% protection against DDoS attacks.

In addition to this, it also helps to reduce lag and latency that might disrupt your online gaming. When you are connected to a normal internet connection, you gaming data packets have to travel through congested pathways, creating lag and delay during the process. But with a static IP, all you data is routed through clear and uncongested pathways. As a result, gamers enjoy fast, lag-free and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Secure Your Online Transactions

An unbeatable advantage of using dedicated IP VPN includes top-notch protection of your financial transactions. It allows you to perform credit card transactions with only particular static IP assigned to you.

So, next time no hacker, identity thieve or any other cyber goon can make fraudulent transactions using your credit card credentials. On the contrary, the dynamic IP VPN doesn’t offer adequate protection during e-transactions, as it is being shared with various users.

Advantages of Using a Shared IP VPN

Here are some benefits offered by a shared IP VPN:


Since non-static IP is being shared with hundreds of users, it is still widely utilized around the world. The reason lies behind its wallet-friendly cost. Dedicated IP requires certain additional resources; that’s why you will see it as an add-on, costing you an additional price.

Easy Server Switching

With a static IP VPN, switching a server is a tough row to hoe. For instance, if you want to change your location from France to Germany while using a dedicated IP address of France, then you will have to acquire a new static IP address.

On the other hand, a shared IP VPN can switch a user’s location in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it allows you to unblock geo-restricted streaming services instantly from anywhere.

Greater Anonymity

Among numerous benefits offered by static IP, anonymity is one area that the add-on lacks behind. While using dynamic IP, you achieve greater anonymity as multiple users share the same address. Since this is not possible in dedicated IP, your anonymity isn’t as secure as under shared IP.

The Wrap Up

Shared IP VPN have tremendous advantages including cost-effectiveness, availability across the globe and much more, but a dedicated IP VPN has its own bonuses, offering benefits that cannot be achieved through dynamic IP.

With a static IP VPN, a user can access financial information, confidential data, and unblock unlimited geo-blocked streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer) securely and safely. It is a one-stop solution for movie lovers, privacy enthusiasts, business persons & gameholics.

The VPN services specified above offer dedicated IP add-on, 24/7/365 customer support, top-notch encryption protocols, cutting-edge network infrastructure, and more features to cater the needs of netizens around the world.

BBC iPlayer VPN – One-touch Access to iPlayer from Outside UK

There are numerous places to watch best shows from UK, but nothing beats BBC iPlayer. Its illustrious content library stems deep into popular TV shows, movies, cartoons, sports, and much more. It delivers all round media entertainment, allowing you to streams shows such as Sherlock and Top Gear straight onto your device.

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is not your run of the mill media streaming service – it has a fine print. Due to copyright agreements, content on BBC iPlayer is only accessible from the UK. Unless you use a BBC iPlayer VPN, you will see the following error message when you try to access the service outside UK:



In addition, BBC recently changed its TV licensing policy. This requires UK viewers to pay £145.50 licensing fee for watching content on BBC iPlayer, whether it is live, catch up or on demand.

However, tests show that more than 60 million people continue to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK with the top BBC iPlayer VPN services (such as those short-listed below) and are easily able to negate TV licensing issue.

Top VPN to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

To watch BBC iPlayer online, you need to juggle your IP address– something a VPN does by nature. Now, when it comes to selecting a VPN for BBC iPlayer, make sure that it offers servers in the UK. Here are some of the best VPN for BBC iPlayer that you can use from anywhere:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

PureVPN – Fastest BBC iPlayer VPN

PureVPN outshines a large number of VPN providers available in the market. With a wide range of servers spread across the UK, PureVPN is a recommended solution for accessing BBC iPlayer from anywhere. At the moment, PureVPN offers servers in the Manchester, Leicester, Maidenhead and Gosport. Subscribers can freely connect to one of these locations and stream iPlayer on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows devices.

Also, PureVPN servers support PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP protocols, ensuring elite streaming experience to on-demand entertainment enthusiasts. Following are the main advantages of using PureVPN as BBC iPlayer VPN:


NordVPN – Instant Unblocker for BBC iPlayer

NordVPN is a suitable iPlayer unblocker. With an extensive range of features, Nord VPN iPlayer keeps users’ identity secure while offering one-touch access to BBC iPlayer from abroad. NordVPN offers forty-nine standard VPN servers, one dedicated IP server and two double VPN servers in different regions of the UK. Also, a three-day trial offered by Nord allows subscribers to take a test drive service before final subscription.

That said, NordVPN BBC iPlayer is a suitable pick for those who need economical plans, with a bit compromise on speed. Here are the key features of NordVPN which make it a suitable VPN for iPlayer:


Ivacy – Reliable Performance with Good Speeds

Ivacy is a leading VPN provider with amazing unblocking features. Ivacy maintains its position as one of the best VPN by offering optimized streaming servers in Maidenhead, UK. In addition, Ivacy supports a variety of secure encryption protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN. Interestingly, provider keeps on pushing regular updates to ensure optimum speed and censorship evasion on various sites.

Ivacy is a VPN worth trying as it has an excellent fit between price and privacy features. Here’re some of the impressive features that make Ivacy the best VPN for BBC iPlayer:


ExpressVPN – Multiple Servers in the UK to Access BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN is a pioneer in VPN industry. Although Express doesn’t offer dedicated IP address, it provides an instant access BBC iPlayer to streaming fans around the world. But, at the beginning of 2016, various users faced errors of Express VPN BBC iPlayer not working. However, the issue was soon fixed by ExpressVPN and subscribers can now freely access BBC iPlayer without any restrictions.

Following are the advantages you should consider before choosing Express as a VPN for BBC iPlayer.


IPVanish – Quick, Easy to Use & Economical

IPVanish stands as a preferred unblocking solution for BBC iPlayer fans. IPVanish offers high-speed streaming servers in 46+ locations in the UK including Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester and many more. With handy features and one-click unblocking ability, IPVanish takes the edge over other providers and is claimed to be the best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

However, the only drawback of IPVanish is that it is headquartered in the US, and is subjected to mandatory data retention laws. But, a transparent zero activity logging policy overcomes the downside. Following are the impressive features offered by IPVanish:

Can You Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad?

Like Netflix and other popular on-demand entertainment services, BBC iPlayer is region-restricted. That said, streaming of BBC iPlayer is exclusive to the UK only.  It puts overseas fans into mere frustrations when they face above geo-restriction error when they watch BBC iPlayer abroad. To bypass geo-restrictions on coverage of BBC iPlayer abroad, fans find VPN as the most effective, safe and economical solution.

Besides, the BBC iPlayer VPN services in the table above offer hundreds of servers spread across various regions of the world. They deliver high-speed streaming of BBC iPlayer abroad, along with 24/7 live tech support and zero activity logging policy.

A VPN unblocks the streaming service by changing your virtual location (IP address). Your IP address is as unique, personalized and traceable as your telephone number when you are on the internet. Servers that interact with your computer over the web identify you and your location by your geo-traceable IP address.

The IP address plays the role of your pass-key and grants you access to content based on your geographical location – a VPN for BBC iPlayer will give you the IP from the location you need to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

How to Access BBC iPlayer From Abroad

Once you have selected a VPN for BBC iPlayer, you are all set to watch your favorite BBC shows on iPlayer. Here is a step by step guide to help you out.

*NOTE: We used PureVPN as a BBC iPlayer VPN for our demonstration as it offers multiple servers in the UK.








VPNs and BBC iPlayer: an Ongoing Battle

BBC iPlayer is following the footsteps of other popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and has tried blocking VPN users. A VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access content from any region you want. However, BBC doesn’t want anyone outside the UK to access its content available on iPlayer.

That said, their attempts to block VPN users has not been successful so far. All the VPN providers we have mentioned in this post are working perfectly in unblocking BBC iPlayer. We tested each provider, and its UK servers have positively responded in accessing the streaming service.

Can You Listen To Radio 4 Abroad?

BBC iPlayer Radio or Radio 4 serves as a mainstream app that transforms access to BBC Radio offerings globally. Initially launched across the UK in 2012, BBC iPlayer Radio serves subscribers with a diverse range of media including sports, news, culture, weather, travel and much more.

However, like other BBC services, iPlayer Radio app was exclusive to the UK only until 2016. Today BBC iPlayer is available around every country of the world.

You can freely download the BBC iPlayer Radio app on your iOS & Android devices through App Store and Playstore. Also, desktop users can listen to live stream of BBC iPlayer Radio 4 abroad through the official site of BBC iPlayer Radio.

Can you get BBC iPlayer in Ireland?

Being located just a few miles away from British mainland, the Irish people cannot access BBC iPlayer from within Ireland. With that said, various fans from Dublin have inquired on the internet about a suitable solution to stream BBC iPlayer abroad.

Considering the imposed geo-restrictions on iPlayer, a VPN for BBC iPlayer is the perfect solution to achieve one-click access to BBC iPlayer abroad and stream exclusive shows, movies and great media from within Ireland and other countries

Defeats BBC iPlayer New Rules with a BBC iPlayer VPN

On 1st September 2016, BBC changed the rule for iPlayer. According to the new rule, users have to pay ÂŁ145.50 licensing fee. This fee applies to all the content you download or stream on BBC iPlayer, even if you are watching on-demand or catch up shows.


However, you can easily defeat these restrictions using the best VPN for BBC iPlayer. As a BBC iPlayer VPN hides your true location and changes your virtual location, BBC won’t be able to trace your whereabouts and enforce the new rule. When you are shown the prompt about TV license, just click ‘I have a TV license.’

BBC iPlayer Top 3 Latest Shows


If you are still wondering what to watch on BBC iPlayer, we offer you the solution of your problem. Here is the list of top three famous shows you can watch on your favorite online streaming service.


III Behaviour

The story of three-part comedy drama revolves around three friends Joel (Chris Geere), Charlie (Tom Riley) and Tess (Jessica Regan). Joel is a homeless, jobless and above all a divorced person meets Nadia during an online dating. The drama talks about ethical dilemmas in a sensitive manner. If you prefer to watch shows based on social issues, III Behaviour is well worth your time.

You can watch the drama all this month on your favorite streaming service BBC iPlayer.





Poldark is in its third season tells the story of Ross and Elizabeth as both continue to love each other. Despite the fact that Elizabeth is married to George Warleggan, the series discusses the relationship between a married woman and her lover.  If you love to watch romantic drama, you should not miss out Poldark. You can catchup all the episodes of the series on BBC iPlayer this month.



Pick of the Week: Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckoo’s Calling has a huge potential to become the next great detective drama. The story is based on the crime fiction novel written by J.K. Rowling known for her epic creation “Harry Potter”. If you prefer to watch stories revolved around criminal investigation, The Cuckoo’s Calling is a must watch drama for you. You can catch up the streaming on BBC iPlayer all this month.



How a BBC iPlayer VPN Helps to Enjoy BBC iPlayer After Unblocking

If you don’t have the steam, it will not let you stream! That is the way the BBC iPlayer train rolls. I’ve reviewed a number of streaming websites, and the BBC iPlayer is one of the best streaming services there is. However, you will need a good bandwidth to stream content on BBC iPlayer.

The website is bandwidth intensive and chooses to take the high road by refusing to stream for you if you are not equipped with the bandwidth to adequately stream and enjoy the content.

There are two ways to go about if you fear running into this notification:

Option A – Ask your Internet Service Provider to upgrade your package

The old-school technique is to upgrade to a heavier and more expensive subscription. Clarify to your Internet Service Provider that the reason behind your shift in a plan is to stream frequently. Your internet service provider may have some tips to help you boost internet speed without experiencing heavy additional costs.

Option B – Choose a BBC iPlayer VPN service that facilitates streaming fanatics

VPN service providers know that subjecting data traffic to the whole encrypt-tunnel-decrypt process can have a bit of a drag on speed/bandwidth. That is why most VPN for BBC iPlayer choose to go the extra mile for streaming fanatics by providing add-ons – some for free, and others at low cost. Likewise, the best VPN for BBC iPlayer can also get rid of any bandwidth throttling conducted by your ISP.

Boosting Stream Quality for BBC iPlayer

You can use various add-ons offered by a VPN to enhance your streaming experience. Below listed additional features will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK without compromising streaming quality.


A feature rapidly gaining popularity amongst the streaming-addicted VPN community is split-tunneling. Split-tunneling lets you tunnel data sending/receiving from specific applications instead of making all your data traffic run through your VPN.

Using split-tunneling on your internet browser will only tunnel the data that is being transmitted to-and-from your browser while you stream content from BBC iPlayer in your browser. All other traffic transmitting to-and-from your system will not be tunneled by your VPN.

Speed Boost

Some VPN service providers offer low-cost high-impact speed boosts. These speed boosts will pump up your speed significantly and allow you to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK without ever experiencing the discomfort of buffering lag.

These add-ons are rarely marketed on the home page and if you find a VPN service provider you like, but can’t find any details on additional speed boosts, don’t hesitate to ask customer support.

Contrary to popular belief, VPNs are not expensive. And, if you are a smart shopper, then you will make sure you save when you spend. You can save by making sure you buy the subscription package with the least monthly cost.

And, if you are a true shopaholic, then I suggest you wait for a little until VPN service providers announce discount campaigns. Discount campaigns come out every summer, winter, boxing day, new year and, Christmas; so buying a 3, 4 or 6 month subscription should never be a problem.



Why the World Loves BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a treasure trove of entertainment. BBC iPlayer has a constantly updating media library and streams like the wind. If you think all of this sounds too good to be true without a catch; you are not mistaken my fellow Netizen.

BBC iPlayer has not beaten other streaming websites like YouTube in terms of popularity for two reasons:

You get three options when you stream with BBC iPlayer

You won’t get any of this on YouTube, Daily Motion, or any other online streaming website

BBC iPlayer Not Working Issue. Fixed!

After the release of BBC iPlayer’s streaming policy, many users have started facing problems while using BBC VPN for accessing iPlayer from abroad. In addition, users have inquired on different forums about  BBC iPlayer VPN block, is BBC blocking VPN and why is BBC iPlayer not working with VPN? to end the frustration, we hereby confirm that BBC iPlayer blocked servers of PIA VPN, resulting in blockage to BBC iPlayer. However, if you face similar error message then choose one of the VPN BBC iPlayer mentioned earlier in the table.

All the specified BBC iPlayer VPN workaround without any hassles in every country of the world. You can use one of the mentioned VPN iPlayer and enjoy seamless media streaming instantly.

Change DNS Settings & Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

Changing DNS settings is one way to access BBC iPlayer abroad from different regions. But, this method isn’t preferred by security researchers and tech-geeks, as it doesn’t offer strong digital protection and encryption protocols. You can easily find a list of DNS servers on the internet, but many of them may be targeted by hackers.

Considering the threat to viewers’ data privacy, we suggest users choose from one of the recommended VPN services and stream BBC iPlayer abroad safely with robust data protection.

Like BBC iPlayer? Hurry!

So, interested in any of the programs currently available on BBC iPlayer? If you are nodding your head right now, then you need to hurry because programs are normally only available on the website for a maximum of seven days, if not less.

There is a download feature in case you are short on time but that is also clocked. Once you download a file, you have a total of 30 days to play it; and once you play it, you have a total of 7 days to complete watching it.


This strategy might sound a little annoying, but it is perhaps the only way to fight redundancy (one of the internet’s never-ending plagues) and ensure that there is always fresh content available for your viewing pleasure.

Thankfully a VPN subscription and setup takes no more than a few minutes. Subscription plans offered by leading VPN service providers are two-stepped, support a wide variety of payment methods and come with a money back guarantee you can count on. In addition, VPN service providers also offer free VPN software so that you have a dashboard to manage your VPN connection at all times. So, you can enjoy BBC iPlayer outside UK without any hurdles.

You are always using two IP addresses.

External (Public) IP address:

Go to and type in ‘what is my IP’. On hitting enter, you will be presented with a list of search results headed by a line stating your public IP address.

This is the IP address that the internet sees you are under. If you are sitting in a school, office or any setting in which multiple computers are connected to the internet through the same Internet Service Provider, then you are probably sharing this IP address with the rest of the people on your local network.

This is the IP address that BBC iPlayer will detect. If your IP address does not belong to the UK, you won’t be able to stream content from the website. But, when you connect to a UK based VPN server, BBC iPlayer will detect your IP address to be that of UK and will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere.

Internal IP Address:

Your internal IP address is used to enable communication between your computer and other computers on your local network. Every system has a unique internal IP address. To check your internal IP address, open command prompt, type in ‘ipconfig’ and hit ‘Enter.’

You will be presented with a brief listing of your current internal IP configuration. Your internal IP address is irrelevant to unblock BBC iPlayer, and therefore VPNs will not tamper with it.


It is important to note that BBC iPlayer’s TV service is subjected to rigorous region-based restrictions. If you plan on using BBC iPlayer’s Radio service, you will be pleased to know that most of the content offered by the Radio service is not region restricted.

However, if you fancy using BBC iPlayer TV service, then make sure to strap on a VPN service provider to your internet session before you go out streaming. This way you will be able to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK and enjoy endless content from anywhere.

Best Canada VPN September 2017 to Surf the Internet with Full Freedom

Canadian Parliament Passes ‘C-51’ Anti-Terror Bill

The Canadian parliament has come up with a controversial bill that is seriously going to harm the online privacy of Canadian users. The bill states that the government will be able to monitor each and every activity of yours to make sure you are not involved in any “terrorist” activity.
Yup the bill, if becomes a law, will seriously dent the growth prospects of the startup companies and businesses in Canada. The government will hold the power to cancel your banking transactions anytime, and it does not stop here. They will be able to rip apart your plans of vacations and business trips as well.

You can cut down the threats of government looking into your online activities by using a Best Canada VPN September 2017. Tested on the Canadian servers, You can use these VPN services for securing your online privacy to access popular streaming services such Netflix and Hulu Plus in Canada.

List of 5 Best VPNs for Canada

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

Most VPN service providers in the industry will offer you at least one Canadian VPN server on average. And even though the geo-restrictions on websites in Canada haven’t peaked up as yet, the VPNs for Canada actually help the users combatting against the cybercriminals and malwares. Therefore, almost every other VPN provider makes sure they have a server in Canada as well.

Keep your eye on the prize and be as shrewd as you can be when looking at Canadian VPN service providers.

I judged and compared pricing plans, servers, customer support, payment methods, compatibility, tutorials, protocols and encryption, privacy policies, free trial availability and additional services before coming up with this list of the best Canada VPN providers in the industry today.

Most VPN service providers choose to focus their server expansion efforts on the US, followed closely by either the UK or Canada. This means that you can expect to find a substantial number of Canada VPN servers in most cases.

Why Canada Needs VPNs

If you are an internet user looking for a Canada IP and want to access North American websites/servers, then there is a little bit of background information that you should have.Why need best Canada VPN

More than 60% of smartphone users in Canada are not aware of the ways in which they can protect themselves online. They are not aware of the threats they are surrounded with. No wonder why 220,000 Canadians and US residents lose their jobs yearly due to the increasing cyber-crimes.

According to a latest report by McAfee, the losses of $400 billion are reported annually due to the cybercrimes all over the world, of which the losses of $3 billion is solely reported by Canada. The figures show that Canada isn’t safe from the clutches of cyber-criminals.

The fact of the matter is that you just don’t know if you should be afraid of the good guys or the bad guys anymore. At one end, Snowden exposed the NSA for the global spying psycho that it is; while at the other end, cyber-criminals continue to get bolder with every cyber heist. I think it is safe to say that ordinary internet users without a Canada VPN often find themselves between a rock and a hard place!

Nothing Guarantees Accessibility like a Canadian VPN

The Canadian government is very lenient when it comes to internet accessibility. As long as it isn’t child pornography, every website in the world is accessible to individuals with a Canadian IP.

Canada is a highly digitally-accessible country with almost no geo-restrictions in place. Using a Canada VPN, there is virtually no part of the internet that you cannot travel to.

Just about every website accessible to US-based internet users is accessible to Canadian internet users – which means that if your objective behind acquiring a Canadian IP was fully Canadian, then you also get access to US internet content as a bonus!

Best Canada VPN Helps You Escape Five Eyes

Canada may not be as cruel with its censorship policies as China, but it poses a serious threat to your online security. Since it is a part of Five Eyes – an intelligence alliance which comprises of United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, the online privacy of a user is torn to pieces by the Canadian and other member authorities.

According to the signed treaty, the member countries are bound by the agreement to share the recorded data with each other. Canada was hit with a controversy back in 2013 when a judge, Richard Mosley ordered the CSIS (Canada’s own version of NSA) to stop sending the recorded data to other member countries.

The best Canada VPN can help you protect against the unwanted snooping and surveillance by the Five Eyes and other online spy agencies. The Canada VPN is considered as an epitome for online protection since the protocols are hard to break by and the encryption is impossible to decode. The best VPN for Canada also provides you with good grounds of hiding behind a pseudo server and ensures that you remain untraceable and safe.

Best Canada VPN services are hard to find and to help you with the painful process of finding them; we have already recommended you some of the top services that are going to help you with keeping your data to yourself only. In addition, these best Canada VPN services will ensure cutting-edge streaming experience to subscribers around the world.

Canadian VPNs Experience Low Traffic

In the world of VPNs, Canadian VPNs are the untapped resource. That is because VPN users are usually quick to pick VPN servers located either in the US or in the UK.

This approach tends to keep Canadian VPN servers free of user traffic and guarantees high quality VPN services for the few who log on to Canadian VPN servers.

Essentially, Canada is like Switzerland when it comes to the internet. The law and order situation is eerily stable. But when it comes to best Canada VPN, the above mentioned services offer hundreds of servers across prime regions of the world. Also, these Canada VPN services offer congestion-free servers and high-speed network connection at all times.

Canadian VPN Guarantees Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is on the rise, as is the cost of cyber-crime. The internet was supposed to be the perfect virtual world but it has evolved into a parallel universe in which there is very little that you can rely on.

After a tough day at work, nothing relaxes me like switching on my laptop at home with a steaming cup of herbal tea by my side. Then I surf the internet aimlessly, with my Canada VPN switched on and the comfort that comes from the knowledge of being completely secure, unblock-able and untraceable!

I feel a shiver run down my spine every time I come across a webpage requiring me to enter any sort of personal information. I review VPN technology, its influences and its influencers for a living. Part of my job is to keep a close eye on cyber-crime trends – and they haven’t been looking too good lately.

Safety Precautions

The cyber world may appear as peaceful for now, but it is in a continuous struggle against the evils of cyber-criminals. It is never too late to secure your online identity with the following practices.

Now we know that we can use the first two recommendations for good use, but there is no way we can possibly exercise the third recommendation for long. Asking for reasons? Well, the latest stats suggest that 86.8% of the Canadian population use the internet on their smartphones and laptops for various purposes.

Surf and Stream the Internet with Freedom

With rapidly developing technology and increasing dependency on internet-enabled mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and slates, you can’t expect Canada’s internet using community to resist the temptation of free Wi-Fi. And they don’t have to! Here are my three tips to improve security on your mobile device WITHOUT compromising on accessibility:

How to Protect Personal Data While Accessing Wi-Fi Hotspots Related Article

Free Canada VPN

A free VPN may be useful for online users when they try to reach a website that cannot be unlocked due to geo-restrictions. When there is no such thing as free VPN then it is highly likely that these VPN providers might be compromising your policy. We have listed 3 free Canada VPN that you ought to know about:


ZenMate offers both free and paid VPN service packages to its users. ZenMate’s free VPN works as a browser extension in Google Chrome or any other browser, but only allows its users to choose from its 5 servers.


TunnelBear wants simple privacy for everyone. Although this is a free VPN but it only offers 500 MB of free data every month. It entices free users to go for a paid VPN with its monthly subscription starting from $4.99 per month.


Hola offers more than a VPN service to its users as it further offer services such as Hola ad blocker, Hola accelerator, and change in GPS location. It is a browser extension where it gives you freedom to browse the internet and to stream videos faster.

How to Watch NFL Online in Canada with VPN

If you want to catch all the action of NFL in Canada, you can try out a Canadian VPN. The NFL is widely popular in the USA and other countries of the world. Unfortunately, you will have to face the issue of geo-restriction if you try to watch NFL outside the USA. However, you should not worry at all because you can still enjoy watching NFL broadcasts on your screen through a VPN.

By using a VPN, you can connect to the US server that allows you to change your IP address to US. Thus, you can easily access to the live streaming of your favorite sport in Canada. For improved streaming experience, you should use a Canada VPN since it provides dedicated servers for streaming purpose.


How to Watch WWE Network in Canada with VPN

If you are a big fan of WrestleMania but unable to watch the live streaming in Canada, here is the solution. You just need to use a Canada VPN to bypass all the geo-restrictions and enjoy streaming of your favorite sport in Canada. Here is how you can watch WWE Network in Canada.

After connecting successfully, you can watch your WWE Network broadcast instantly.

How to Unblock Spotify in Canada

The leading US music streaming service Spotify can now be accessed from within Canada. With a diverse range of music offerings, Spotify caters the need of music lovers belonging to all ages. The on-demand music streaming app is available for smartphones and can be downloaded from iTunes and Playstore respectively.

But sadly, like all popular on-demand streaming services, geo-restrictions apply on the streaming of Spotify outside the US. Only users who have subscribed Spotify from US can access it from outside of US. With the imposed geo-restrictions, Canadians require a US IP address to subscribe to Spotify from within Canada. The best way to unblock Spotify in Canada is to use a VPN. A Canada VPN will instantly allow the Canadians to spoof their location to US and access Spotify in their region. We suggest users option for a Canada VPN that offers a wide range of streaming optimized servers for a cutting-edge on-demand entertainment experience.

The best way to unblock Spotify in Canada is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will instantly allow Canadian users to spoof their location to US and access Spotify in their region. We suggest users option for a VPN with streaming optimized servers for an interruption free music streaming experience.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada?

BBC iPlayer stands among leading on-demand entertainment services in the United Kingdom. Having about millions of subscribers, BBC iPlayer offers extensive media library. Fans can enjoy streaming tons of favorite TV shows and videos including arts, comedy, documentaries, dramas, entertainment, music and much more. However, BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted outside of the UK, meaning that Canadians can’t access it from their region and see following error message upon accessing BBC iPlayer.

Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

But fortunately, now you access BBC iPlayer in Canada freely by using a Canadian VPN. We have listed step-by-step assistance below that will help you to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada:

Upon successful connection, open your internet browser, go to BBC iPlayer and enjoy streaming thousands of hit videos instantly

How to Watch Hulu Plus in Canada

If you are on the lookout for great online streaming service, then Hulu should be on your list. It offers numerous TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more to stream online on any device of your choice. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in United States and if you try to access the service from Canada, you will be presented with the following error message:

Watch Hulu Plus in Canada

But, if you have VPN by your side, you can watch Hulu Plus in Canada with ease. Here’s how you can unblock Hulu from anywhere in the world:

  1. Select a VPN service from the table mentioned above
  2. Sign-up for the service
  3. Download the VPN client or app on your chosen device
  4. Now connect to a VPN server located in United States
  5. Once you have successfully connected, access Hulu Plus
  6. Sign up for a new account or use your existing Hulu account
  7. Enjoy unlimited content on Hulu Plus

How to Unblock Rarbg in Canada

The Bulgarian torrent tracker site Rarbg has thrived millions of media pirates around the world. The popular torrent site first started working in 2008 and has now manifested its position among top P2P sites. In addition, it isn’t uncommon to see popular shows and movies with Rarbg tag in top torrent indexers today. However, many Canadians have reported to face a blockage on Rarbg when they try to access the torrent site from different Canadian regions.

To unblock Rarbg, netizens find Canadian VPN as the safest and fastest solution. A Canadian VPN spoofs your location with a country where Rarbg is legal, and thus you achieve one-touch access to torrents of thousands of shows, movies, documentaries, music, games and much more from any location in Canada.

How to Access Canadian Netflix?

Netflix is perhaps the greatest and most popular streaming service that you can currently use. With its expansion into 190 new regions and a barrage of original content, no other streaming service can match Netflix at the moment. That said, Canadian Netflix users are deprived of numerous TV shows and movies that are only available in US Netflix.

To put things into perspective, US Netflix offers you 1,157 TV series to watch while Canadian Netflix has a mere 623 TV shows to watch. However, accessing US Netflix has been made easy with a Canada VPN for viewers who want to expand their entertainment library. By connecting to a US server offered by the VPN, you can access US Netflix library and enjoy movies and shows of your choice.

Best Movies on Canadian Netflix

If you are a movie biff, we have some great news for you. Canada Netflix provides you the access to some of the legendary Hollywood flicks! Once you have signed up for Canadian Netflix, you get access to all the top notch movies.

127 hours, 12 MonkeKys, 500 Days of summer, Abraham Lincoln, American Psycho, Fargo and Finding Neverland are too few to name. The movies are easily available for streaming and you can get access to much more by simply signing up with a Canadian VPN to watch Canadian Netflix.

Best Shows on Canadian Netflix

If you are using Canadian Netflix, it is safe to assume that you binge-watch the TV shows. Don’t you? Not only the TV shows are awesome, but the amount of shows you are presented with is also incredible.

Netflix Canada has recently announced to add Friends, The Walking Dead and Marco Polo to its library. In addition to the aforementioned TV shows, you can also watch Dexter – one of the all times best TV shows, The Killing, Downtown Abbey and Homeland etc. with a VPN for Canada.

Netflix Canada v/s Netflix US

Believe me, there is a huge gulf between Netflix Canada and Netflix US. The Netflix US beats Netflix Canada hands down when it comes to the quality, quantity and the prices. The stats further suggest the domination of Netflix US over Netflix Canada.

The library of Netflix US comprises of more than 10,000 TV shows and movies while Netflix Canada has only 4,000 TV shows and movies. That does not only make one question the quantity of TV shows and movies he gets, but it also makes him question the prices he pays for the services.

However, as it has always been the case, the numbers do look tempting but they do not provide enough evidence to suggest that Netflix Canada is anything less than Netflix US. Yes, the viewers may miss out on a couple of TV shows and movies in Canada, but what they get in return is also hardly available on Netflix US.


Most Virtual Private Network users looking for Canada IP and want to access North American internet are those who are sports enthusiasts. No matter what international event comes up, Canada’s free-for-all cyber space makes it an ideal gateway to stream international media transmissions.

You can always use a VPN for Canada to stream the NHL even from the remotest of the regions. Remember, the Canadian VPNs provide you access to all the geo-restricted websites and make you eligible to surf and stream whatever you like on the internet.

They also provide you ultimate protection and security against the cybercriminals and also make sure your devices and online identities remain intact. With a Canadian VPN, you can always get access to all the popular streaming services including Netflix Canada etc.

How to install popcorn time iOS without jailbreak

Popcorn time is to stream your favorite media content without any subscription. Hence it is mostly regarded as “Netflix for Pirates.”

Popcorn Time is a BitTorrent client that streams pirated content on your PC and mobile devices. With Popcorn Time, it has become easier for iOS users to watch and download movies and TV shows on their device.

Apple takes security measures for its different platforms with utmost importance, but there is always a possibility. In this guide we will discuss how to install popcorn time on iOS devices without jail breaking!

Install Popcorn Time iOS on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak


Install Popcorn time IPA on iOS 10 and above without jailbreaking your device. iPhone and iPad provides you with a user-friendly display that gives a best user experience. Here are the steps to install Popcorn Time IPA on iOS and above without jailbreaking:


Install Popcorn time IPA on iOS 10 and above without jailbreaking

Step 1: Download Popcorn time IPA File from Here and save the file on your system

Step 2: Extract the file

Step 3: Now you need to Connect your iOS device to your system via USB cable

Step 4: Download the free Cydia Impactor tool from Here onto your system i.e. Mac OSX, Windows, Linux


Step 5: Now Launch Cydia Impactor executable file and select your connected device



Step 6: Drag and drop the iOS IPA extracted file which you had downloaded in Step 2

Step 7: It will then ask for an Apple ID for an Apple Developer account (free or paid, both will work) to sign the app with for side loading on the device > After inserting the Apple ID click OK.

popcorntime ios setup

Step 8: Entering a free Apple Developer account ID will make the certificate lapse in seven days, after which you should repeat this procedure. A full Apple Developer ID signs with certificates that stay legitimate for a year.



Step 9: You will receive a Dialogue Warning but click OK.



Step 10: It will digitally sign the IPA to validate it which will take few seconds.

Step 11: After following the above steps accurately, you will see Popcorn time app icon on your Home Screen but Wait, it will NOT launch if you click on it.



Step 12: To resolve this issue, go to Settings > Navigate to General > Then Profiles & Device Management. On some iOS versions, this option might be available at General > Profile(s) & Device Management or General > Device Management. Locate the profile assigned to the Popcorn Time app, Tap on it > Select Trust > Then click on Trust again.



Step 13: You are done! Now that your profile is trusted you can straight away load Popcorn Time from iPhone or iPad and enjoy all your favorite content!



Video Tutorial: How to Install Popcorn Time for iOS Without Jailbreak

Below is the video tutorial for installing Popcorn Time on iOS without jailbreak. So follow these steps and watch movies and TV shows on-demand.

Should You Rely on Popcorn Time iOS?

From the guidelines above, it was evident that Apple’s strict App store guidelines will not allow Popcorn Time to install in iOS. Instead the developers at Popcorn Time have made a workaround strategy to install its app on non-jailbroken devices.

The risk will always stand. It is highly likely that anonymous developers might get hold off your data. But again, there is always another way around which will definitely work for you.

Popcorn Time iOS using VPN

We suggest that you use a VPN which will protect your system or device from cyber-attacks, hackers, and ISPs. A VPN will make your IP address hidden, thus making you invincible.

Any VPN for popcorn time iOS you might choose assigns you a new IP address, giving you a whole new look in the virtual world to keep you safe from being tracked. Here are some of the best VPN service providers that we recommend:


RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer


Bottom Line

Popcorn Time is still a recommended software to watch and download your favorite content simultaneously. With Popcorn Time you get all the video content in a user-friendly interface, just like Netflix. That is why it is called ‘Netflix for Pirates’.

However, Popcorn Time does exposes your system to unwanted attention, for which we recommend you use a VPN provider. It hides your IP address and makes it invisible to others. So, you better hurry and install Popcorn Time on iOS without jailbreak.