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MTV, formerly known as Music Television, is an American satellite and cable channel. It was launched in 1981 with a fresh new approach to “on-air music videos” only. Its target audience comprised specifically of young adults when it was launched. Thanks to the revamps, its target audience has also changed to adolescents and teenagers.

MTV started to telecast TV shows and movies when it became widely popular among the masses of America. According to the recent stats, as of August 2013, MTV is viewed by 85.51% of the households.


How To Watch MTV Live Stream outside the US

MTV is exclusively available in the US only. MTV has set restrictions and limitations for users who try to access it from anywhere but US. Users who try to watch MTV online outside the US region will be prompted with the following message after clicking the option to play video.

Watch MTV Live Streaming


Since these restrictions and limitations are hard to bypass through traditional methods, users get bumped off with the image shown above.


How to Watch MTV Online without Restrictions and Limitations?

The good thing is we live in an era where technology is progressing faster than the speed of light. Agitated and frustrated users have come up with various tools to counter the restrictions and limitations. None of them combat the restrictions and limitations better than VPN!

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Those who seek to watch MTV live streaming must install/configure a VPN on their device(s). It is the ultimate answer to all online privacy and internet freedom related problems. A VPN allows you to unblock MTV online by hiding your real IP and replacing it with one of its own.

Since the IP showcases the physical region of the user, cloaking your IP with the IP of an accepted region does the trick. The cherry on top is that this exercise ensures that you are safe and protected against the threats from cybercrime and online surveillance agencies.

Unblock MTV Videos

MTV is one of the oldest America’s on-demand video streaming service. It has enormous collection of blockbuster hit TV Seasons, Music, News and much more to offer. With a VPN you will be able to unblock MTV videos outside US from anywhere. You may watch Teen mom 2, Teen wolf, True Life, Braless, Catfish: The TV Show, Are you the one, Girl code and even more. Below are some best of the time TV shows to watch on MTV.


The Shannara Chronicles

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.  Starring Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton and Ivana Baquero, The Shannara Chronicles depict the story of four lands and its protectors. Where a tree is responsible to hold demons in leaves. When the tree begins to die, the leaves start to shed releasing the evils one by one. Watch the series of adventures, mishaps, fight for lands against evils throughout the history of four lands.

The Awkward

The Awkward is a story of a beautiful teen student. Starring Ashley Rickards, Beau Mirchoff and Jillian Rose Reed the show is created by Lauren Iungerich. Watch the series of incidents in high school that have changed the life of the teen girl forever.

Faking It

Created by Carter Covington, Dana Goodman and Julia Lea Wolov, Starring Rita Volk, Katie Stevens and Gregg Sulkin, Faking It  is a story of two adorable female friends. In the pursuit of fame they ended up to portray themselves as lesbians. This lead to immense popularity with a series of incidents which will burst out you laughter. Watch the exciting latest-trailer of Faking it below.


What does MTV offer to you?

Watching MTV live stream is a treat for users. Once you unblock it, you can access the huge library of content available on its servers. You even have the option to search and download music themes and songs from MTV websites.

The users can watch full episodes of their favorite TV shows and watch their favorite music videos while watching MTV online. The Artists’ names are listed and almost all of their latest songs are available to listen for free on MTV’s website.


MTV App for Android

If you haven’t installed MTV App for Android as of yet, you are missing out on everybody’s favorite source of on-the-go entertainment. With access to literally thousands of free music videos and TV shows, the MTV Android app is worth keeping in all your mobile devices (smartphones and tabs).

MTV App for Android

The app is available for free download and provides instant access to TV shows, music videos and latest news about the entertainment industry. In case you are not in US, equip your device with a VPN to enjoy the same benefits as the users in US do.


MTV App for iPhone

The MTV App for iPhone is easily available on iTunes App store. The users can download it for free to get access to the vast library of music videos and TV shows of MTV. If you are planning to watch MTV online to stream your favorite TV shows and music videos, you should get hold of this app.

MTV App for iPhone

Oh and do not forget to equip your device with a VPN if you plan to access it outside the US region. A VPN will give you the ultimate experience of online streaming and downloading your favorite content as per your needs.


Public Opinion of MTV on Social Media

MTV targets the younger segment of the audience and has very proactive social media teams on Twitter and Facebook. The teams engage their audiences in healthy discussions and update their audience with news regarding the entertainment industry.

With 50M likes on Facebook and 11.4M followers on Twitter, it surely tells a lot about the popularity of MTV among different segments of audiences.


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MTV has been entertaining the masses for a long time now. It has earned huge fan following all over the world. It started with a vision to only broadcast music videos, but now boasts incredible TV shows, documentaries and movies in its broadcast as well.

The sad bit is that even though it is so popular among the people of different countries, MTV still has restrictions and limitations on its online streaming. Users outside the US region are not able to access it until they circumvent geo-restrictions.

Use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and limitations set on MTV to get secure access to TV shows and music videos.