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CTV Canada (more commonly known as CTV) is a Canadian broadcast television network that was launched on October 01, 1961. It is owned by the famous Bell Media group and (is) inarguably the top ranked TV channel in Canada in terms of viewers. Bell Media owns-and-operates other CTV entities as well that include the 24-hour national CTV News Canada.

Famous for its programming, CTV Canada has been on the top spot since 2002. It offers American as well as local Canadian made TV shows, movies, sports programs and news to its viewers. The channel’s roots in the media industry date back to almost 6 decades, making it one of the longest-running channels in the history of Canada.


Bypass the Geo-restrictions to watch CTV Canada Live Stream

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Restrictions and Limitations on CTV Canada Live Stream

Let’s talk about the sad part now. The truth is that if you are not a Canadian resident or are not a Canadian IP user, you will not be eligible for CTV live streaming outside Canada. Your efforts to watch CTV Canada live stream will go in vain unless you are either streaming it from within the premises of Canada or with a Canadian IP.

There are certain restrictions and limitations that are imposed on CTV Canada. Due to these restrictions in place, many foreign viewers are left out from accessing the programs of CTV Canada. As soon as they click on Watch Live, their IP addresses are filtered out and they are denied access.

This is how your screen will look like when you attempt to access CTV Canada with a non-Canadian IP.

Geo-restrictions to watch CTV Canada

What does CTV Canada offer to its Viewers?

When it comes to entertaining viewers with its transmission, there is no other channel that does it better than CTV Canada. From popular American TV shows to original Canadian TV shows, it offers all sorts of programming to its viewers including (but not limited to) dramas, reality TV shows, sitcoms, thrillers, movies, sports and news.

Millions of viewers either watch it live on their TVs or live stream CTV Canada on their mobile phones and other devices. If you are interested in CTV Canada live streaming, you better make sure you do not miss out on the following TV shows.


(1) The Amazing Race Canada

This reality game show is based on the American TV series The Amazing Race. The show comprises of at least nine teams of two individuals, who are somehow related to each other. The race is divided into several legs and the winner takes the grand prize of two Chevrolets, $250,000 and unlimited air travel sponsored by Air Canada.

The show is popular among viewers and has 38.1 K followers on Twitter! You can get all the updates of the show by following them on Twitter.

The Amazing Race Canada

(2) Motive

CTV Canada on-aired this police procedural drama TV series on Feb 03, 2013. It was declared the number one Canadian season premiere of 2012-13 with 1.23 million viewers. The story revolves around a single mother, Detective Angie, who works on several cases investigating different murder cases. It has two seasons till date.

Checkout what Kristin Lehman aka Angie has tweeted to her followers!


(3) MasterChef Canada

And guess what? The mystery box challenge has arrived in Canada! Yes, we are talking about the MasterChef Canada! The first season premiered on Jan 20, 2014 on CTV and followed the same suit as other MasterChef chains. The judges of MasterChef Canada are Claudio Aprile, Alvin Leung and Michael Bonacini.

Don’t forget to follow this show on Twitter to get the latest updates from on & off the sets of MasterChef Canada!

MasterChef Canada

CTV Canada News

If you are looking to get daily updates from around the globe, make sure you are tuned into CTV News Canada. With many bureaus across the world, CTV Canada News makes sure viewers do not miss out on a single headline!

The channel’s national programs include (but are not limited to) CTV National News, Canada AM, W5 and Question Period. You can also watch CTV Canada News live stream to make sure you follow all the aforementioned programs even if you are not at home.



Author’s Recommendation

I recommend my readers to opt for a service that suits them the most. If you are looking for something that gives nothing more than giving you access to CTV Canada, a proxy server will do the bare minimum job for you. But if you are looking for a faster and ads-free (yet secure) streaming process, then you should consider using a VPN.

Another amazing platform for streaming is hulu, known specially for the comedies sitcoms on Hulu stand parallel to none.