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Net neutrality does not exist anymore in the US; yes, you have read it right. Sadly, we were hoping against hope but it was not the case. The FCC has taken stern initiative through 3-2 voting against net neutrality that suggests ISPs have more power than the users. They can act as gatekeepers over internet connections.

Therefore, the notion “net neutrality gaming” is no longer a viable option for online gamers. This is because online gamer’s may need to pay to enjoy gaming accordingly. In this guide, we will let you know how net neutrality affects online gamer’s.


What does the Revocation of Net Neutrality Rules Imply?

The online gamers could face the repercussions of net neutrality revocation to another level. The gamers will not be able to stream their favorite online games because of internet speed throttling. Moreover, there are chances that they could compromise on their online privacy. Here is the list of other impacts online gamers may encounter that includes:

  • ISPs may charge extra payment from gaming fanatics to access their preferred online games
  • ISPs could block the online activities of gaming lovers for any reason
  • The online gamers may have to pay certain fee to access gaming services on monthly basis
  • The gaming industry may not be able to develop more games for the gamers
  • The gaming developers may lose their jobs due to net neutrality repeal


Consequences of FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal on Online Gaming

The concept of free online gaming through net neutrality has been vanished. It means the gamers may anticipate slowdowns in online gaming for MMOs and competitive shooters. You can consider the competitive shooters in the form of Destiny or Call of Duty.


Those gaming fans who have subscribed to online gaming streaming services like PS will have to bear extra cost. However, there may be other impacts that you can contemplate and these are:

  • Free Data Plans for Gamers
  • Fast Internet Lanes for Gaming Enthusiasts

Free Data Plans for Gamers

Luckily, the online gamers may assume the other side of the story. The broadband services could offer free data plans for online gamers. Therefore, those games followers who are not interested to bear additional cost for gaming, they can ponder about the plan.

Fast Internet Lanes for Gaming Enthusiasts

Likewise, the gaming fans can avail the fast internet lanes packages offered by broadband companies. However, it depends solely on the mindsets of internet providers. Furthermore, the organizations may charge additional cost for better online gaming streaming.

How A VPN Allows the Online Gamers to Sustain their Online Privacy

A VPN for gaming enables the users to tackle the issue of ISPs scrutiny by the help of alternate IP addresses. Moreover, they can protect their online identity from the eyes of broadband services straightaway. Similarly, they can overcome bypass ISP throttling issue through using a VPN.

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Online Gamers should not opt a US Based VPN

Surprisingly, the online gamers should not use the VPN services that operate from the US. This is because the VPN providers those have headquarters based at the US have to follow data retention laws. Thus, you will be compromising on your online secrecy and this is not the safe bet at all.

The VPN providers need to keep the record of online gamers in the US. However, you do not need to worry since you have other options available at your disposal. Yes, you may select VPN services those operate from online gaming friendly countries.

The online gamers can select any VPN service of their choice that caters their gaming demands appropriately. From the above list, they can consider VPN services that provide extra mileage in terms of gaming. This is how they can continue playing their favorite games at their own terms.

Approaches Online Gamers can select to Tackle FCC Net Neutrality Revocation

Fortunately, the gaming lovers can still protect their online identities from their ISPs despite FCC’s successful voting against net neutrality. With the help of the approaches mentioned below, the gamers may overcome issues like slow internet speeds, limited access, online restrictions and so on. These approaches are:


A Proxy enables the online gamers to access their desired gaming websites through alternate IP addresses. Thus, the users can surf the web by virtue of online anonymity. Moreover, the online gamers should encrypted proxies to secure their internet traffic. There are proxies that do not encrypt the internet traffic of online gaming fans.



Domain Name System (DNS) helps the online gamers to explore their desired sites for gaming like metacritic straightaway. You can write your preferred websites names by using domain names along with IP addresses. Moreover, it uses authoritative name servers of each name to assign the domain names to the internet resources.


DNS for Online Gamers


TOR bounces the internet traffic of online gamers through the help of different nodes. Hence, the gamers are able to attain the desired extent of online freedom. By doing so, the users can deceive and prevent their ISPs from recording the online activities of their users.

If you want to avoid ISP throttling issues, read our exclusive bandwidth control guide.


Net Neutrality Gaming Reddit

Interestingly, you can find the huge fan following of online games on a popular interactive platform like Reddit. The Reddit users are opting the platform to raise their voices against the FCC’s voting against net neutrality. Here is the response of one Reddit user suggesting the difference between internet with net neutrality and internet without net neutrality.

Likewise, there is another response of a Reddit user asking about net neutrality fight in USA and Canada. Here is the response online gamers may contemplate:

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Net Neutrality Pros for Gamers

It would not be wrong to say that the concept of net neutrality for gamers is blessing in disguise. You can consider various you may avail being a gaming fan from net neutrality. These advantages are:

  • The online gamers may enjoy streaming of various online games instantly
  • The gaming maniacs can opt online gaming without any subscription
  • The online gamers can take help from net neutrality to overcome ISP surveillance problems

Net Neutrality Cons for Gamers

Surprisingly, there are some disadvantages related to the notion of net neutrality gaming. Here is the list of advantages of net neutrality gaming that consists of:

  • The online gamers may not receive the ideal bandwidth speed because of low broadband infrastructure development
  • The online gaming fans have to subsidize the power users by availing low bandwidth

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, the concept of free internet for everyone has taken its last breath. Moreover, the future of free online gaming looks pessimistic since gamers could have to pay to play their favorite games. However, the gaming maniacs do not need to lose all their hopes.

Yes, you read it correctly because you can opt a VPN to continue playing your desired games hassle-free. A VPN for gaming will allow the fans to secure their online identity from their ISPs instantly. Furthermore, the online gamers may spoof their online locations through alternate IP addresses.

This way, you can play your preferred online games from anywhere. Nevertheless, if net neutrality is not restored, the gaming industry will have to suffer a lot. In addition, the ISPs can block popular online games like Counter-Strike and others.

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