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7Plus is a free video on demand and catch-up streaming service available in Australia. Though free, it only works for viewers accessing the platform from Australia. Access from all other regions is geo-restricted and you will get an error message like this if you try to watch 7Plus overseas:

Channel 7 streaming error

However, there is a very easy way to unblock 7Plus from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is use a VPN service with servers in Australia as described below.

How to Access 7 Plus Overseas with a VPN

Step 1: Download and install a VPN that unlocks 7 Plus like ExpressVPN.


Step 2: Launch the VPN service and connect to Australia server.

Step 3: Visit 7Plus and start streaming your favorite programs for free!

how to watch 7plus

VPNs that Effectively Unblock 7plus (Channel 7) outside Australia

Since 7Plus is restricted outside Australia, you’re going to need a Top VPN service that has strong unblocking capability and servers based in Australia. In addition, the VPN should be fast enough so you can stream shows and other content without buffering interruptions.

The following are some of the best VPNs that worked efficiently when tested with 7Plus:

1. ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo)

ExpressVPN works flawlessly with Channel 7 Australia from abroad, offering fast speeds with strong unblocking strength. It offers servers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and other locations of Australia.

To access shows like Home and Away on Channel 7 with ExpressVPN, simply connect to an Australian server location offering the speed (you can use the built-in speed test function to determine the best choice).

While the ExpressVPN core VPN app is built for getting access to streaming services like Channel 7 on desktops and phones regardless of geo-restrictions, you can enjoy the same accessibility on other devices too with ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature. The Media streamer works with devices like gaming and streaming consoles that may not support VPN apps directly.

Thus, with support for 5 simultaneous connections, you can easily deploy ExpressVPN across multiple devices to enjoy 7 plus content anywhere in the world.

2. Surfshark ($2.49/mo)

Surfshark is another efficient unblocker of 7Plus outside Australia. It offers servers in 5 different Australian cities: Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. I was able to access 7Plus content with each and every one of these Surfshark servers.

Here’s a gif of me accessing a 7Plus show with Surfshark’s Peth server:

Surfshark unblocking 7plus

Other than the strong unblocking ability of Surfshark, it also allows unlimited simultaneous connections. This means that you can setup Surfshark on devices like Fire stick, Roku, and platforms such as Kodi while also enjoying it on your desktop and mobile phones.

However, it is not as fast a PureVPN so I did experience longer buffering times with Surfshark. Nonetheless, it offers excellent value for money for fans of 7Plus that are living away from Australia.

3. PureVPN ($3.33/mo)

PureVPN provides 70+ servers in all the major cities of Australia. With PureVPN, users can easily unblock 7Plus after connecting to a an Australian server.

PureVPN unblocking 7plus

The provider offers speeds that are fast enough to support high quality streaming with minimal buffering. It was able to instantly start streaming an episode from the show In Absentia after connecting to the PureVPN Australia server.

In fact, PureVPN works exceedingly well not just for 7Plus, but also for other Australian channels. For instance, you can watch Stan outside Australia while connected to PureVPN just as easily as shown here. It’s also a great choice to watch Optus Sports outside Australia.

Watch Channel 7 Australia in UK

To stream Channel 7 from UK, you will need to follow the steps mentioned above i.e. using a VPN to gain access and bypass geo-restrictions. Since Channel 7 is blocked in the UK, you will need a VPN with a proven history of working in Britain for unblocking streaming services like 7 plus.

ExpressVPN is the recommended choice for Channel 7 fans in UK. This is because ExpressVPN has more than 70 Australian servers optimized for accessing streaming services like Channel 7 in the UK, while also having almost 170 UK-based servers.

The latter will come in handy if you’re located in UK if you want to connect to the nearest servers for best speeds while maintaining your privacy, while the former servers are primed for days when you want to catch up on shows and programs you might have missed on Channel 7.

Thus, ExpressVPN offers the best of both worlds at a highly reasonable price. While ExpressVPN is also a great choice for fans that want to watch Channel 7 Australia in UK, it is considerably more expensive than ExpressVPN.

Watch Australian Shows in the UK and abroad:

Other Australian Channels You Can Unblock With a VPN

If you’re a fan of Australian content but are living abroad, then you’re probably interested in finding access to more than just Channel 7. The great thing is that once you get used to VPNs, you can follow the same procedure as here to unblock other streaming channels as well.

For instance, if you’re a sports fan, you can access Kayo sports outside Australia with a suitable VPN. One of the most highly-demanded Australian streaming services is Foxtel Go.

Even though this particular service uses extremely strong VPN-blocking technology, some VPNs like ExpressVPN generally work well to unblock Foxtel Go overseas.

If it’s Channel 9 that you’re after and has gotten bored of Channel 7, then VPNs can still help you watch Channel 7 live stream internationally.


What is Channel 7?

 Channel 7 or commonly known as the Seven Network is a free Australian commercial channel that was launched on 04th November 1956. The channel is owned by Seven West Media Limited and has its headquarters in Pyrmont, New South Wales. Channel 7 Australia has been rebranded quite a few times in the past.

What is 7 plus?

7 plus, a brainchild of Seven Network, is a video on demand and catch up TV service that also offers live streaming of Channel 7, 7 food network, and other channels online.

How to watch 7 plus in the US?

You can watch 7 Plus by connecting an Australian server of your VPN service.

Does Channel 7 offer a live stream?

Yes, Channel 7 does indeed offer a live stream that you can access on the 7 plus website.

Can I watch Channel 7 on Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch Channel 7 on Apple TV since its catch up service is available on iOS devices that can be played on your Apple TV. Similarly, you can download 7 plus app from the App Store on numerous devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV as well.

Wrapping Up

Unblocking Channel 7 is a relatively easy matter. Simply connect your VPN to a server from Australia and you will be able to watch 7 Plus live stream, access catch-up TV, or watch shows on demand.

Whatever your needs, Channel 7 offers enough variety to keep you entertained with top-quality Australian content. So, if you’re a fan living abroad, get yourself a VPN (such as those in the list above) and get instant access to 7 Plus anywhere in the world.