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Are you really going to miss the Biggest Fight Ever in UFC History? We’re not going to let you. Dana White recently giving an interview on ESPN said that the fight is closing in on 3 Million PPV. That is how big this fight is. Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway takes on Brian ‘T-City’ Ortega at Scotiabank Arena, Toronto Canada.

There are many ways to watch UFC 231 live on PS4. I will highlight some of these methods and how you can overcome the problem of geo-restrictions. 


How to Watch Holloway vs. Ortega on PS4 with UFC Fight Pass?

UFC Fight Pass is the right way to stream UFC events including UFC 231 Holloway vs Ortega on PS4. However, UFC PPV varies across different countries depending on the interest of people and their spending.

The pay-per-view fight price in the US is double the price of how much you’ll pay in other countries such as Philippine, Singapore, and Indonesia. Follow the steps below if you want to see the fight on PS4:

Step 1: First, subscribe to PureVPN

Step 2: Download and Install its application on PS4

Step 3: Connect to Philippine server

Step 4: Now open the UFC 231 official website page

Step 5: You will see that the PPV price has been reduced to $17 from $34.99

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How to Watch UFC 231 on PS4 for Free?

There is another way to watch the UFC on PS4 and that is absolutely free. You can live stream the fight on which is the Russian channel and geographically restricted to outside Russia. That is where a VPN comes in.

You will not need to subscribe to the service because its free and is available for everyone living in Russia. Now you need a VPN that can bypass Russian websites. Follow the steps as I have highlighted below:

Step 1: Subscribe to PureVPN

Step 2: Download and install the PureVPN application

Step 3: Now connect to a Russian server

Step 4: Open your browser on PS4 > Visit website

Step 5: Start streaming the match!

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Holloway vs Ortega: Who has the best chance?

It’s a tricky question, to be honest. Ortega is one of the best grapplers in the game and Holloway is one of the best strikers of the game. The match could go either way. Holloway has a great record in terms of TKO and can use this to his advantage. However, Ortega is unbeaten in his last 14 matches and has a higher percentage of wins through submissions. 

UFC 231 on PS4 Statistics

Similarly, we’re all speculating that Holloway will have a tough time in the grappling game. To be honest, Holloway has a takedown defense of 47% which is considered exceptional. Stylistically, this is going to be an epic fight where it has gotten too personal for both of these fighters. This fight is so tense I couldn’t make a pick myself.


Other Ways to Stream UFC 231 Fight

I could show you tons of other ways to watch this fight online, but then you need to pick your subscription package and make it worthwhile. Because, some of the streaming services would let you stream 100’s of other channels including UFC 231 main event, while some of the streaming players would show the fight free. Here are the option:


The Wrap Up

This guide, UFC 231 Holloway vs Ortega on PS4 is the way to stream the fight live on Dec 8, 2018. This is your chance to watch the biggest ever fight in UFC history and its all going to unfold this Saturday night. There’s no way you’re going to miss it by any chance.