How to Watch 2018 Football World Cup on Apple TV

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We’re only a few days away from the start of 2018 Football world Cup, happening in Russia on 14th June, 2018. The World Cup storm has kept everyone at the edge of their seats, adrenaline is pumping downright, and all wanting to lift the cup at once.

To bend with the Football fever, we have provided a guide on how to watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV. You can watch Football on your Apple TV device with some apps that are listed below. However, these app are geo-restricted. Meaning, you can access them outside UK with the help of a Russian VPN or an Apple TV VPN.

Also, if you’re present in any part of the world, having any platform or device, you can watch Football World Cup Live online from anywhere.


How to Watch FIFIA World Cup on Apple TV

Apple TV is an Apple Box or a digital media player that when connected to HDTV with the help of an HDMI cable, can stream tons of apps and channels. Apple TV can stream content with apps that are available on iTunes store. We have listed Apple TV apps that feature live Football World Cup on Apple TV:

  • BBC iPlayer (Free Method)
  • ESPN
  • SBS
  • iTV
  • beIN Sports
  • Sling World Sports

Streaming content from these websites require you to have a VPN. Since these apps are geo-restricted, only a VPN can unblock content and allow you to watch Football World Cup Apple TV from anywhere. Hence so, we have listed some of the VPNs that helps you unblock Football content on these apps:

  1. PureVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. Private VPN
  5. Ivacy VPN


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with BBC (Free Method)


BBC iPlayer is a streaming service introduced by BBC that covers many BBC channels including its Live News, BBC Sports, and others. BBC iPlayer is a free app that is easily installed on Apple TV because it is available on iTunes. You can also watch Football World Cup live on Kodi BBC iPlayer as well. However, streaming content ion this app if you’re located outside UK, requires a VPN. The steps are highlighted below:

Step 1: If you happen to have an Apple ID other than that of UK, then log out of your current Apple account

Step 2: Change your region to UK

Step 3: You need to create a UK iTunes Apple ID

Step 4: Select Free Apps option on your Apple TV > Click Get

Step 5: Enter a random UK address > Do not select any card

Step 6: Now Log In with your new UK iTunes account

Step 7: Now you will be able to select BBiPlayer app

To stream 2018 Football world Cup with BBC iPlayer, you need to have a VPN that could unblock geo-restrictions. Select a BBC iPlayer VPN provider from the table listed above, and subscribe to it. Once you have subscribed, download its VPN app and enter Username and Password. Connect to a UK server and stream Football on Apple TV.

Unblock BBC iPlayer with VPN


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with ESPN


ESPN is a free app for Apple TV where you can watch all kinds of sports including 2018 Football world Cup event. It is a US-based global sports television channel with Walt Disney having 80% of the share.

Step 1: Open Apple TV Home screen

Step 2: Install ESPN app on iTunes

Step 3: Open the app and start streaming

Step 4: Before you do, get a VPN from abovementioned VPN table to unblock geo-restricted streaming.

Unblock ESPN with VPN


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with SBS


SBS is an Australian streaming service having 6,000 hours of programs and 900 Movies. It caters to an average audience of 13.1 million people on monthly basis on Television, while 7 million people online.

Step 1: Open your Apple TV Home

Step 2: Now select Apple TV Browser

Step 3: Visit SBS website > Sign Up to the service

Step 4: Get a VPN from the VPN table listed above

Step 5: Unblock geo-restriction with a VPN and stream 2018 Football world Cup on SBS

Unblock SBS with VPN


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with MatchTV


Match TV is purely a Russian sports channel that was created by the orders of the Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President. It first began broadcasting Live Sports in 2015, and currently offers almost every sport from around the world. This app is geo-restricted, and therefore you would require a VPN to unblock Football World Cup app.

Step 1: Sign up to a VPN mentioned in the table

Step 2: Connect to a Russian IP/Server

Step 3: Open Match TV website on Apple TV browser

Step 4: Subscribe to the service and start watching 2018 Football World Cup on Apple TV

Unblock Match TV with VPN


Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with iTV


ITV is a British TV Network that will air exclusive coverage of Football World Cup. Other than sports, it has every variety of providing family entertainment with Cartoons, TV Shows, and Movies along the way. It is a perfect viewing option for watching Football World Cup on Apple TV. Since this app is geo-restricted, hence you can get PureVPN on Apple TV or another VPN provider to bypass restriction.

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN from the table provided above

Step 2: Connect to a UK VPN

Step 3: Go to iTunes store and search for ITV > Press Install

Step 4: Now enjoy watching World Cup on Apple TV.

Unblock iTV with VPN

Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with beIN Sports


BeIN Sports is another iOS app found in the iTunes Store that is an official broadcaster of Football Apple TV. It will stream Football live on many regions including Middle East countries, France, Monaco, Morocco, Tunisia, and others. It is actually a spinoff of Al Jazeera Media Network. If you’re located outside the countries mentioned, then you’re ought to follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open Apple TV Home Screen

Step 2: Install beIN Sports app on iTunes

Step 3: Connect to any of the VPN provider mentioned in this guide

Step 4: Start watching Football on Apple TV

Unblock Bein Sports with VPN

Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV with Sling World Sports


World Sports is a Sling TV package where you can watch exclusive coverage of 2018 Football World Cup on Apple TV. You get to see live coverage for 2 months at $20 with 10 sports channels. However, the annual package costs at $80 for 10 channels. It is currently the cheapest mode of watching World Cup on Apple TV. However, Sling TV is strictly geo-restricted, so you would need a VPN as mentioned above in the guide to unblock restrictions.

Step 1: Launch Apple TV Home

Step 2: Install Sling TV from App Store

Step 3: Connect to a VPN provider as mentioned above in the guide

Step 4: Connect to US server

Step 5: Subscribe to Sling TV World Sports Package and start watching Football World Cup Apple TV.

Unblock Sling World Sports with VPN

How to Watch Football on FireStick

Amazon FireStick is a small yet a cheaper device where you can watch Football 2018. FireStick device supports Android platform, thus it can help you install all Android apps and apks that streams Football World Cup. View our guide on how to watch 2018 Football world Cup on FireStick and stream live matches.


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup without Cable

Currently, there is a trend to watch Movies, TV Series, Live Sports, and Live IPTV channels online i.e. without cable. Channels that were providing services on cable are now offering an online version that can be downloaded via apps. Get to know all about how to watch 2018 Football world Cup without cable, and cut your streaming cost to a minimum.


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup on Kodi

Kodi is a free software that can be downloaded onto any platform either iOS or Mac OS. It needs to install Kodi add-ons to be able to stream content i.e. Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, or Live Sports. If there is any content you want to view it for free, it can be available for free with third-party Kodi add-ons. Learn more about how you can watch 2018 Football world Cup on Kodi. However, whenever viewing content on Kodi for free, it is important that you use the best VPN for Kodi to keep your identity hidden.


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup Live Online

The mega event is available for streaming live online from anywhere with the help of a VPN. Football manages to put the show beyond expectations and thereby, it is hard to miss such an event. We have provided a guide on watch football World Cup live online.


How to Watch 2018 Football world Cup Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony is an extravagant event that will be airing a day before the 2018 Football World Cup event. Many stars will be performing with great songs, and not to forget the participation and viewing of billions of people around the world. We provided a guide on how to watch 2018 Football world Cup opening ceremony.


2018 Football world Cup Apple TV Streaming Alternatives

Below you will find the streaming alternatives for Apple TV 2018 Football World Cup:


The Wrap Up

Football mega-event is approaching faster than you think! But have you got yourself equipped with the latest methods on how to watch 2018 Football world Cup on Apple TV? If not, then this guide will help you achieve this goal. Also, a number of other methods are also listed in the guide that will help you stream Football 2018 on other platform and devices. So, happy streaming!

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