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VPNArea Review 2019 with Major Pros and Cons

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  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • KodiKodi
  • NetflixNetflix
  • HuluHulu
  • BBC iPlayerBBC iPlayer


  • Streaming
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Hide IP
$4.92 Per Month

There are countless threats that lurk the internet. Each day, governments are developing new ways of mass surveillance while hackers are finding new methods to steal sensitive data. The internet users are stuck in a nightmarish scenario but fortunately, VPNs provide us a way out.

VPNs promise digital privacy, internet freedom and much more. However, they all differ from one another. Our VPN reviews help you examine the best VPN service.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNVPNArea
Servers2000+ in 140 countriesServers in 65 countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux
JurisdictionHong KongBulgaria
Logging PolicyZero LogIt does not keep connection and usage logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsLive Chat, Email, and Skype
Trustpilot Score9.57.7


We do not leave out any potential solutions to your privacy needs which is why we have written this VPNArea review.


  • Multi-login feature to subscribers
  • Dedicated apps for all major platforms
  • 7 days money back guarantee to new users
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • P2P optimized servers
  • User online function
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No free trial

VPNArea Review – Company Background


According to the Facebook page, VPNArea was founded in early 2011. Switzerland based VPNArea is owned and operated by Offshore Security LTD.

This is not Offshore Security LTD’s first venture into the online security and privacy industry. Offshore Security LTD has been working on online privacy projects in the past.

This includes the Houdini Anonymizer for Socks5 Proxies. Through our VPNArea, you can discover the service salient attributes in detail.

VPNArea Unique Selling Proposition

VPNArea’s unique selling proposition is its Users:Servers ratio. VPNArea’s Users:Servers ratio is extremely appealing and VPNArea is doing a good job of sustaining its Users:Servers ratio by continuously expanding the VPN server network.

I can see that VPNArea is expanding load capacity rapidly. As a frequent VPN reviewer and hard-core online privacy advocate who always welcomes quality VPN service providers to the industry, I wish VPNArea luck in the future.

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VPNArea Dedicated IP Plans Review


VPNArea has a traditional one-package approach. This means you get one package and can subscribe to it for different time lengths. 1, 6 and 12 month subscription plans are currently on offer.

VPNArea offers access to all of its servers and unlimited bandwidth to its users regardless of the pricing plan they purchase. The same holds true for VPNArea’s 7-day money back guarantee and the flexibility to use one VPN connection through up to 6 multiple connections at the same time.

All packages come with the option to purchase a dedicated IP as an add-on. VPNArea is currently offering dedicated IP’s from the US, UK and Netherlands.

Through dedicated IP feature, you can connect to a free VPN server of your choice from anywhere. You can avail the said feature as low as $20/year.

Dedicated IP

VPArea dedicated IP plan is as unique as they come. The service promises a free dedicated IP VPN server for each dedicated IP bought. Customers who subscribe to VPNArea’s dedicated server are further facilitated by adding the server’s IP in the Chameleon software. That way if somebody tries to connect to the dedicated server will get authentication failed message.

Dedicated server IP’s are found at the bottom of the list and are named “ZprivateXX” for easy identification should a user desire to access the IP via Chameleon software. An IPConfig command allows the configuration of specific IPs into the client application.

If you want to buy dedicated VPN, check out our exclusive guide here.

VPNArea Pricing Review


The 1 month plan is available for $9.90, while the 6 month subscription is available for $50 bringing the per month cost down to $8.33. The 12 month package is available for $59, which brings down the per month cost to $4.91.

On the same subject, we particularly liked VPNArea’s simple sign-up process. We have seen countless forms, but VPNArea’s subscription form has to be the most inviting one. It is simple and really user friendly; which is something that we pointed out because we don’t often see it during our VPN service reviews.

VPNArea has a 7 days refund policy that means you can test out their service for a week and get your money back if you are not pleased by the experience.

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Anti-DNS Leak

The Anti-DNS leak is an advanced feature for veteran VPN users. However, the VPNArea Chameleon software has made sure that it is user friendly enough for everybody to use.

Changing your DNS server will allow you to hide your internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. Unless you specify a different DNS server, you are directed to your ISP’s DNS server. Your ISP is thereby able to track which web pages you are visiting. Once you change your DNS servers, your ISP will have no idea what you are doing on the internet.

VPNArea Server List Review


The server list of VPNArea is quite extensive when compared to some other VPN providers. The service is currently providing more than 200 servers in 70 countries. According to our VPNArea review, the service offers a Server Status page on its website! It shows Server IP, location, supported protocols, online users and online status of every single VPNArea server offered.

VPNArea lists its VPN server IP addresses on its Server Status page in the client area. It makes things easy for VPNArea’s service users who want to configure their VPNsVPNArea Software Review.

Windows: The VPNArea software for Windows is called VPNArea Chameleon. The VPNArea Chameleon software for Windows will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. Make sure you have administrator rights to your system though. manually or tweak them from time to time.

VPNArea Software Review

Windows: The VPNArea software for Windows is called VPNArea Chameleon. The VPNArea Chameleon software for Windows will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Make sure you have administrator rights to your system though.


Mac: VPNArea offers its own dedicated app for Mac users. Thus, you can download and install it on your desired Mac devices from anywhere. And in our experience, VPNArea download process is hassle-free.


Android: The VPNArea Android app is user-friendly and easy to operate. In addition, they have recently released a new line of applications which have more added features than the previous versions.

In our VPNArea review, we found these apps to be simple and easy to navigate. This is largely due to their simple layout and intuitive design.

The app has nearly all the features that you will find in the Windows client of VPNArea. Through this app, you can secure your online privacy on your preferred Android devices instantly.


iOS: Much like in the case of Android, VPNArea uses OpenVPN Connect to provide users with VPN services. OpenVPN connect is an extremely user-friendly open source program that allows users to set it up and run it with minimal configuration. There are detailed guides available on the VPNArea website to help iOS users setup their OpenVPN Connect software.


Linux: VPNArea stands out in the crowd because of the hard work that it has put into catering to Linux users’ needs. The VPNArea team has created a cross-platform client software just for Linux users looking for some good quality OpenVPN security.

The cross-platform client software has been designed so that Linux users can use it in both (choose between Terminal and Graphic Gnome Environment) modes. The VPNArea cross-platform client software for Linux is compatible with all Linux distros and can be setup within minutes using the simple setup guide available on the VPNArea website.


Interestingly, VPNArea’s Linux app provides different features like Kill Switch, Anti DNS and others. Moreover, the app does not need admin access to run on the Linux platform.

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Some Notable Features of VPNArea

VPNArea offers many features that are also provided by almost all VPNs in the market. However, the VPN service has added few benefits in their service to have a slight edge over its competitors. These features are:

  • Speed Test and Auto Update
  • User Online function to see which servers have lesser connections
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Custom apps for Windows, iOS, Android and Linux
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

VPNArea Chameleon

As a benchmark of what VPNArea has to offer, I will consider the VPNArea Windows app as an example of VPNArea’s feature set.

The VPNArea Chameleon app is the best thing about VPNArea. The VPNArea Chameleon comes equipped with a variety of controls and features that help users manage and control their VPN connection.


The first thing you will see when you open out the VPNArea Chameleon software is the Home screen. This dashboard will allow you to enter in your login credentials and select a VPNArea server to connect to one of VPNArea’s many servers around the world.

The ‘Home’ window also displays a running log of the VPN connection status.

You can move around the VPNArea Chameleon software by either using the buttons on the left side of the screen, or the buttons along the top of the screen.


Servers & Speed

The Servers & Speed feature allows you to test the speed of all the VPNArea servers. The best part is that this built-in Speed Test tool is very customizable. You can also select specific VPNArea servers and speed-test them. You can select the protocol (choose between TCP and UDP) and you can also change the port if you want to.

The tool also lets you see how many VPN users are connected to a specific server. That way you can identify VPNArea servers with the least user load and connect to it. Very few VPN service providers offer this feature in their software and more should offer it because it lets you connect to the fastest server.


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Kill Switch

The VPNArea Chameleon software allows you to place a VPN safeguard on the programs/software/application that you use to connect to the internet most commonly. For example, if you add Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to browse the internet, you can add both of them to the Kill Switch list.

Adding a program to the Kill Switch list will place a security test on them. If you start the selected programs, the program will not be allowed to connect to the internet if your VPN is not connected.

This way you will never be unprotected when you go online. The ‘Kill Switch’ feature comes in particularly useful when you are browsing the internet and your VPN connection drops for any reason. In such cases, the VPNArea Chameleon software will pause your internet connection for the selected software until you restore your VPN connection. The benefit of this feature is that it keeps you safe from taking any unprotected risks.


VPNArea DNS Protection System

The Anti-DNS leak is an advanced feature for veteran VPN users. However, the VPNArea Chameleon software has made sure that it is user friendly enough for everybody to use.

Changing your DNS server will allow you to hide your internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. Unless you specify a different DNS server, you are directed to your ISP’s DNS server. Your ISP is thereby able to track which web pages you are visiting. Once you change your DNS servers, your ISP will have no idea what you are doing on the internet.


Auto-IP Changer

The VPNArea Chameleon software comes with an Auto-IP Changer. The Auto-IP Changer is one of the best tools that you can find in any VPN software. It is a great way to ensure online security because it keeps changing your IP address after every few minutes. The best part is that if you activate the Auto-IP Changer, you can specify the time duration after which your IP is to be changed.

The advantage of the Auto-IP Changer is that you become untraceable if your IP keeps switching. Nobody on the internet will be able to monitor if you activate the Auto-IP Changer. It is the best part of using a VPN.

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Speed Test

It is my belief that one should never turn to Ookla’s speedtest.net if the VPN client already has a speed test tool. I was particularly looking forward to try out the built-in speed test in particular because of VPNArea’s use of Chameleon’s software.

VPNArea Customer Support Review

Our review discloses that VPNArea offers three customer support options.



VPNArea has three different email ids to help address technical, sales and management related queries separately.

Send your technical related questions to support@vpnarea.com
Send your sales related questions to sales@vpnarea.com
Send your management related questions to manager@vpnarea.com


vpnarea-support is VPNArea’s support’s Skype id. It might take some time but the wait is worth it in the end. Skype based support makes it very convenient to ask questions and receive responses.

Live Chat

LiveChat is available through the VPNArea website but customer support stays more active on Skype; perhaps because of Skype’s awesome mobility features. There were times when noticed that VPNArea’s Skype support was online even when the LiveChat support was inactive.

VPNArea Payment Methods Review

Our VPNArea review highlights that the service offers a comprehensive list of online payment methods to its users. Here is the list of payment options that includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Credit Card

VPNArea Compatibility Review

Our VPNArea review suggests that VPNArea is using Viscosity to power its VPN client for Mac users and using the Chameleon software to power its VPN client for Windows users.

Frequent VPN users will be nodding their heads in approval when we mention Liquid VPN is also a notable user of the Viscosity software; so you can be sure that this is a tried and tested technology you can rely on.

In addition, you can find relevant apps for your devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux too. VPNArea is also one of the best VPN for iPad as well. You can experience benefits of an exclusive Kill Switch feature on the above described apps instantly.


VPNArea Tutorials Review

Our VPNArea review reveals that the service provides complete information about different operating systems in detail. Thus, you can download and install relevant apps on your devices hassle-free.


VPNArea Protocols and Encryption Review

Our VPNArea review discloses that the service supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols. VPNArea offers PPTP protocol without encryption, L2TP with IPSec encryption and OpenVPN with blowfish encryption.

Likewise, the provider has an impressive IKEv2 protocol that allows you to watch your preferred media content at lightning fast speed. Moreover, VPNArea offers 256-bit military grade encryption to its users. This is because OpenVPN provides the above level of encryption by default.

Hence, you can attain both online protection and speed under one roof instantly.

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VPNArea for Torrenting, Streaming and Netflix

Our VPNArea review reveals that the service supports torrenting activities of its users. You can select dedicated servers for torrenting from anywhere stress-free.

The service has dedicated servers that can help you bypass geo-restrictions of numerous streaming services. Through them, you can access:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Prime

We tested out VPNArea Netflix service ourselves and the results were quite impressive. As you may know, Netflix has the most advanced VPN detecting system on the internet but it was unable to detect our VPNArea connection.

There other services also who can get you access to Netflix US and UK and you explore about than a bit further on our best VPN for torrenting.

It so happens that it works perfectly with Kodi streaming player. All the Live TV Shows are accessed with this VPN.

Not only that, I have listed the best VPN for Kodi that can unblock Kodi content. 

VPNArea Logging Policy Review

According to our VPNArea review, the service follows no-logging policy in true letter and spirit. We were impressed to know that the service has clearly mentioned the users’ data collection process on its website.

Moreover, you can change your data anytime from anywhere straightaway. Likewise, the provider has described the method about the usage of its subscriber personal information.

Similarly, you can read our guide on VPN services that do not keep logs.


If you’re not satisfied with its logging policy, check out the giant VPN provider “ExpressVPN” in VPN industry does ExpressVPN keep logs or not?

VPNArea Privacy Policy Review

For this VPNArea review, we looked up the privacy policy of the service.

Everything in the VPNArea privacy policy is pretty standard with the normal request to keep cookies enabled. Also present is the evergreen promise that no activity logs are being maintained besides login time frames, bandwidth usage and similar statistical data that is used for service optimization and maintenance.


VPNArea GDPR Compliance Review

Our VPNArea review unveils that the service has complied with GDPR regulations to another level. Moreover, you can use your right to rectification, right to object and other rights according to your own terms.

Furthermore, you can contact to data protection officer in order to explore more and in-depth information about GDPR requirements. As a result, you can get awareness about your personal data security and procurement in the right direction.


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VPNArea Reddit Review

Our VPNArea review discovered that the service does have an active presence on a famous platform like Reddit. According to the response of one Reddit user, what kind of information does VPNArea record related to online payment methods?

Interestingly, VPNArea reddit account provided its official response on the matter and solved the users’ queries straightaway.

However, some other reviews of VPNArea on reddit suggest that different users still prefer other Reddit VPNs than VPNArea when it comes to securing their online privacy.

VPNArea Free Trial Feature/Money Back Guarantee Review

Our VPNArea review reveals that the service does not offer a free trial to its users. Still, you can always try out VPNArea with complete confidence since you can opt 7-day money back guarantee hassle-free.

Before You Use VPNArea

As our VPNArea Review highlights, this VPN service providers are extremely keen on providing you a secure internet experience. The service is hosted in Switzerland, which does not have any laws related to data retention. VPNArea includes a fantastic mixture of privacy-related features such as a 245 bit encryption, DNS Leak protection and a Kill switch.

Overall, we believe this service has a lot to offer to individuals seeking privacy on the internet.

Alternatives of VPNArea

If you do not want to avail VPNArea for any reason, we have got you covered in this regard too. You can read the following reviews of some VPNArea alternatives to see if anyone fits your requirements.


VPNArea Review – FAQs

VPNArea is a VPN service based in Switzerland. It was founded in 2011 and is operated by Offshore Security LTD. Unlike other VPN services, this provider does not keep a low profile but instead functions as VAT registered company.

When you buy VPNArea, you get an inbuilt speed test, a kill switch and an anti-DNS leak feature. Moreover, this service provides a robust encryption to protect your online presence.

As you may have realized in our VPNArea review, compatibility is not an issue with this service. This is because VPN Area has a Viscosity client for Mac and a Chameleon client for Windows. Furthermore, it has custom apps for both iOS and Android. All of these apps are regularly updated for an optimum level of efficiency.

Through a VPNArea app, you can find a server with less connections. When you connect with this server, you receive blazing fast speed. Other than this, the normal servers of VPNArea only throttle your speed at minimal level. This makes VPNArea one of the fastest VPNs out there.

The short answer is Yes. You can download torrents through P2P optimized servers of VPNArea. In addition, VPNArea does not restricts or limits torrent traffic which gives you maximum freedom to use torrents on the service.

Our VPNArea review discovered that this service uses AES-256 bit encryption and 4096 bits RSA with their IKEv2 and OpenVPN. This maximizes your cyber security to an extent where even the most advanced software fails to trace your identity.

Final Verdict

VPNArea has entered the industry at a time when the demand for VPNs is at its peak. VPN service providers are rallying against the NSA as they defend people from cybercrime.

Netizens are demanding cyber security, online privacy and internet freedom; and they don’t want to accept anything less than complete privacy and freedom. VPNArea is great!

Furthermore, we were delighted to note that the provider has fulfilled all the requirements imposed by GDPR. This is because not many VPN providers have complied with GDPR regulations in true letter and spirit. Still, it is a big achievement from users’ point of view.

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  1. User says:

    A lot of things should be kept in mind when using a VPN service. Well, for simple use site to site access are used where the purpose is simply visiting a website that doesn’t give the permission. For business purposes, remote access is required. Best VPNs are ExpressVPN, Proton VPN, etc.

  2. SirVivianStanshall says:

    I just switched to VPNArea a few days from PureVPN (who’s servers are getting slower by the day) and so far am impressed – the Kill switch *does* work, I have not had a single DNS leak (according to the extended test at DNSLeakTest which I do every single time I connect to any VPN) and I have had a stable and very fast connection (1.8MBps) to the current server I’m on for over 18 hours. I haven’t tested the customer service yet to be fair but haven’t needed to.
    Each to their own I guess but I’ve not had any reason to not like them so far – they leave PureVPN for dead IMHO.

  3. Dimedrol says:

    VPN Area – Poor Client support, “7 Day Money back” is a waste of time. They do not reply to your emails or requests. No option to cancel in members area.
    Now for service: Very poor members area, they use native OpenVPN app for iOS. They do not support socks5 proxy, they do not support Openelec VPN.

  4. Dan Lokemoen says:

    How can you call this a review? You got all of this information from VPNArea’s website without even trying their service. Let me clue you in. P2P is a crapshoot that simply doesn’t work on many servers. Kill Switch doesn’t work, Anti-DNS Leak doesn’t work, and personally I got disconnected about every twenty minutes. Their “24/7” service hasn’t gotten back to my support requests made sixteen hours ago. It took me two hours to decide that VPNArea’s services were essentially worthless to me.

  5. VPNRanks says:

    Thank you for your valuable feedback 🙂

  6. Marcus Chinola says:

    never seen a vpn with so many servers with speed for myself only. reason to go to VPNArea was that my previous big name providers were overselling and speed was a joke. wherever i travel always works and always fast, *THUMBS UP*

    • Danish Pervez says:

      I agree! VPNArea is for internet users looking for a super fast and ultra-secure VPN service.

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