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VPNArea Review 2020

VPNArea is a Bulgarian online privacy service that offers 200 servers in 65 countries that support both Netflix and torrenting. The service has received 3.4 stars rating overall.

Based inBulgaria [SAFE]
Servers200 (65 Countries)
LogsNo Logs
Multi Login6 Devices
Refund30 Days

VPNArea is a Bulgaria based VPN service established in 2012 under the ownership of OffShore Security EOOD.

As per their official site, they deliver 200 real servers in 65 countries worldwide. It looks like a legit VPN service because its LinkedIn page suggests they have a workforce of around 50 people.

During this VPNArea review, I found various benefits quite handy and equal to the task. They support torrenting and Netflix that help you accomplish your streaming needs.

They have a server spread like Surfshark that allows you to secure your privacy hassle-free. However, they don’t have a huge server network like PureVPN that I expect will increase in the near future.

Therefore, I recommend VPNArea because it follows a no-logging policy and delivers affordable pricing plans to its users.

You can subscribe to any plan of your choice from monthly ($9.90), yearly ($4.92/mo), and 3 years ($2.99/mo) too.

VPNs promise digital privacy, internet freedom and much more. However, they all differ from one another. Our VPN reviews help you examine the best VPN service.

My Rating Criteria

  1. Pricing – What is the cost of VPNArea?
  2. Security – Protocols, Encryption & Features
  3. Jurisdiction – Where is VPNArea located?
  4. Speed – Not on the Higher Side
  5. Streaming – Does it Support Netflix & Torrenting
  6. Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests
  7. Trustworthiness – Logging Policy, DMCA Policy & Customer Support
  8. Compatibility – Supports Different Platforms & Devices


Pricing – What is the cost of VPNArea?

VPNArea follows an affordable pricing strategy in general. At present, they offer three different types of pricing plans that include:

All these plans include 6 devices simultaneous connection feature. However, you can avail 14 days money-back guarantee by subscribing to its monthly package.

The other two packages have 30 days refund policy that enable you to experience the performance of the service on your diverse devices straightaway.


VPNArea Dedicated IP Package

To my surprise, they also provide a dedicated IP package that allows you to select personal IPs and servers from 9 countries. You can avail a permanent IP address after paying a mere $20/year price.

Moreover, the service offers a comprehensive list of online payment methods to its users. Here is the list of payment options that include:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Credit Card

Also, if you’re interested, check out our awesome deals on VPN to get amazing discounts!

Security – Protocols, Encryption & Features

In terms of security, VPNArea is safe to use. This is because the service has OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols. The Bulgarian based VPN uses 256-bit military-grade encryption by default.

In simple words, you can assume the said level of encryption as brute-force proof.

Other Features

As I already mentioned, VPNArea has a dedicated IP feature in its armory. They also possess another security benefit by the name of Anti-DNS Leak.

The Anti-DNS leak is an advanced feature for veteran VPN users. However, the VPNArea Chameleon software has made sure that it is user-friendly enough for everybody to use.

Changing your DNS server will allow you to hide your internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. Unless you specify a different DNS server, you are directed to your ISP’s DNS server.

Your ISP is thereby able to track which web pages you are visiting. Once you change your DNS servers, your ISP will have no idea what you are doing on the internet.

Similarly, it offers a ‘Kill Switch’ feature that comes in handy when you are browsing the internet and your VPN connection drops for any reason.

In such cases, the VPNArea Chameleon software will pause your internet connection for the selected software until you restore your VPN connection. The benefit of this feature is that it keeps you safe from taking any unprotected risks.

Jurisdiction – Where is VPNArea located?

The service is registered in Bulgaria according to its official site. On the other hand, the whole system is physically present in Switzerland.

It means their day to day operations are headquartered in Switzerland. Both these countries protect users’ online rights in an appropriate way.

Server Network

The server list of VPNArea is extensive when compared to some other VPN providers.

The service is currently providing more than 200 servers in 65 countries. The service offers a Server Status page on its website! It shows Server IP, location, supported protocols, online users and online status of every single VPNArea server offered.

VPNArea lists its VPN server IP addresses on its Server Status page in the client area. It makes things easy for VPNArea’s service users who want to configure their VPNs Software.

Speed – Not on the Higher Side

I used 25 Mbps internet connection before performing the speed test. When I connected to its Denmark server, I received 12.76 Mbps connection speed.

It means there was a 50% decline in speed when connected to VPNArea server.


Streaming – Does it Support Netflix & Torrenting?

The service has dedicated servers that can help you bypass geo-restrictions of numerous streaming services. Through them, you can access:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Prime

I tested out VPNArea Netflix service myself and the results were quite impressive while I was conducting VPNArea review 2020. As you know, Netflix has the most advanced VPN detecting system on the internet but it was unable to detect our VPNArea connection.

If you’re looking to unblock Amazon Prime, check out these VPNs for Amazon Prime.

The service also supports torrenting activities of its users. You can select dedicated servers for torrenting from anywhere stress-free.

Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests

VPNArea does not leak your IP, DNS, and WebRTC data online. Here are the screenshots:

IP Leak Test:

VPNArea IP Leak Test

DNS Leak Test:

VPNArea DNS Leak Test

WebRTC Leak Test:


Virus Test:

I ran its windows setup file through Virustotal.com and did not find any virus at all.


Trustworthiness – Logging Policy, DMCA Policy & Customer Support

The service follows a no-logging policy in true letter and spirit. I was impressed to know that the service has clearly mentioned the users’ data collection process on its website.

On top of the cherry, it also abides by GDPR guidelines in the right direction. Moreover, you can change your data anytime from anywhere straightaway. Likewise, the provider has described the method about the usage of its subscriber’s personal information.

Similarly, you can read our guide on VPN services that do not keep logs.

Furthermore, VPNArea offers three customer support options that consist of Email, Skype  Live Chat, and Tutorials.

Compatibility – Supports Different Platforms & Devices

VPNArea is compatible with all the leading platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS.

The VPNArea software for Windows is called VPNArea Chameleon. The VPNArea Chameleon software for Windows is suitable for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

On the other hand, VPNArea offers its own dedicated app for Mac users. Thus, you can download and install it on your desired Mac devices from anywhere.

Likewise, the VPNArea Android app is user-friendly and easy to operate. In addition, they have recently released a new line of applications that have more added features than the previous versions.

I found these apps to be simple and easy to navigate. This is largely due to their simple layout and intuitive design.

The app has nearly all the features that you will find in the Windows client of VPNArea. Through this app, you can secure your online privacy on your preferred Android devices instantly.

The iOS users can opt OpenVPN Connect to install the service on their iOS devices.

OpenVPN Connect is an extremely user-friendly open-source program that allows users to set it up and run it with minimal configuration.

There are detailed guides available on the VPNArea website to help iOS users setup their OpenVPN Connect software.

Comparison between PureVPN and VPNArea

If you want to know the major differences between these two VPNs, have a look at this table:

Price $2.91/mo $2.99/mo
Servers2000+ in 140 Countries200 in 65 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, macOS, Linux, Android,
JurisdictionHong KongBulgaria
Logging PolicyZero LogsNo Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportFAQs & Email
Trustpilot Score4.82.8

Alternatives of VPNArea

If you do not want to avail VPNArea for any reason, we have got you covered in this regard too. You can read the following reviews of some VPNArea alternatives to see if anyone fits your requirements.

Do I Recommend VPNArea?

Yes, I do recommend VPNArea to my privacy-conscious users. It delivers 200+ servers, keeps no-logs, supports Netflix and torrenting as well.

The service follows GDPR that improves its reputation a great deal. Furthermore, it also offers numerous privacy benefits that secure your numerous devices with a single click.

Above all, their pricing is customer-centric and their user-friendly apps are quite tempting too.

Based on the above VPNArea review, I have no hesitation in giving them 3.4/5.0 stars rating overall.

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7 Responses to VPNArea Review 2020

  1. User says:

    A lot of things should be kept in mind when using a VPN service. Well, for simple use site to site access are used where the purpose is simply visiting a website that doesn’t give the permission. For business purposes, remote access is required. Best VPNs are ExpressVPN, Proton VPN, etc.

  2. SirVivianStanshall says:

    I just switched to VPNArea a few days from PureVPN (who’s servers are getting slower by the day) and so far am impressed – the Kill switch *does* work, I have not had a single DNS leak (according to the extended test at DNSLeakTest which I do every single time I connect to any VPN) and I have had a stable and very fast connection (1.8MBps) to the current server I’m on for over 18 hours. I haven’t tested the customer service yet to be fair but haven’t needed to.
    Each to their own I guess but I’ve not had any reason to not like them so far – they leave PureVPN for dead IMHO.

  3. Dimedrol says:

    VPN Area – Poor Client support, “7 Day Money back” is a waste of time. They do not reply to your emails or requests. No option to cancel in members area.
    Now for service: Very poor members area, they use native OpenVPN app for iOS. They do not support socks5 proxy, they do not support Openelec VPN.

  4. Dan Lokemoen says:

    How can you call this a review? You got all of this information from VPNArea’s website without even trying their service. Let me clue you in. P2P is a crapshoot that simply doesn’t work on many servers. Kill Switch doesn’t work, Anti-DNS Leak doesn’t work, and personally I got disconnected about every twenty minutes. Their “24/7” service hasn’t gotten back to my support requests made sixteen hours ago. It took me two hours to decide that VPNArea’s services were essentially worthless to me.

  5. VPNRanks says:

    Thank you for your valuable feedback 🙂

  6. Marcus Chinola says:

    never seen a vpn with so many servers with speed for myself only. reason to go to VPNArea was that my previous big name providers were overselling and speed was a joke. wherever i travel always works and always fast, *THUMBS UP*

    • Danish Pervez says:

      I agree! VPNArea is for internet users looking for a super fast and ultra-secure VPN service.

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