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HideIPVPN Review 2019

In the market owned by VPN giants, HideIPVPN is growing rapidly. HideIPVPN is one of the growing service providers in the VPN industry that has managed to maintain its position in the market with feature-rich package plans and competitive offerings.

HideIPVPN has smartly categorized its packages. HideIPVPN has two categories when it comes to its package plans: SmartDNS and VPN. The core advantage of preferring HideIPVPN is selection of a package plan that you actually need.

HideIPVPN offers you diverse range of package plans that represent not only subscription time but also the purpose of using a VPN.

You will find more about this VPN as I delve deep into this HideIPVPN review.

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My Rating Criteria

I have used these 8 factors to perform HideIPVPN review:


Pricing – How much does HideIP VPN cost?

Strap yourself in as this is the most explicit part of the HideIPVPN review.

There are two categories of package plans offered by HideIPVPN. Therefore, we will discuss each category of package plans separately.

This will facilitate your purchase decision as you will be able to identify the package that best serves your needs.

Premium Smart DNS

HideIPVPN’s SmartDNS is one of the most effective tools to overcome censorship and geo-restrictions. With the passage of time, countries around the globe started to adopt and implement censorship policies and regulations rapidly.

However, censorship concerns are not the only ones we need to worry about. Geo-restrictions are often more crucial than censorship concerns; because, these restrictions confine content’s access to a particular locality.

With HideIPVPN’s SmartDNS package plans, you can easily overcome these issues and concerns. Are you longing to access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, Channel5 and STV Player etc? Say goodbye to all the geo-restrictions with HideIPVPN’s SmartDNS package plans.

Here is the list of supported channels and devices that includes:

  • FOX
  • ABC
  • BBC
  • Spotify
  • NBC
  • NBC Sports
  • CinemaNow
  • TNT Drama
  • Syfy
  • Syfy Now
  • BT Sport and others

You can get HideIPVPN’s Smart DNS by paying $4.95 a year.

Premium VPN

HideIPVPN also offers Premium VPN package plans for users who are concerned about their privacy and security.

It offers 8 Premium VPN package plans. Details about HideIPVPN’s packages and prices are given below:

  • Ninja Power VPN ( US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Lithuania and France VPN servers are included + SmartDNS for US, UK, Canada and Poland channels )(PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and Proxy Supported) +IKEv2 and SoftEther VPN protocols
    • USD $4.08 billed annually
  • US VPN (US VPN servers are included + SmartDNS for US channels only)(PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and Proxy Supported)+ IKEv2 and SoftEther VPN protocols
    • USD $2.23 billed annually
  • UK VPN (UK VPN servers are included + SmartDNS for UK channels only)(PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and Proxy Supported)
    • USD $2.33 billed annually
  • Poland VPN (PL VPN servers are included + SmartDNS for PL channels only)(PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and Proxy Supported) + IKEv2 and SoftEther VPN protocols
    • USD $2.33 billed annually
  • BitTorrent VPN (PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and Proxy Supported) + IKEv2 and SoftEther VPN protocols
    • USD $2.33 billed annually



Payment Methods

Diversity in payment is another important aspect to look for before purchasing a VPN. This feature might not be significant to a few users. However, those who seek convenience will definitely look for their preferred payment mode before carrying out a transaction.


HideIPVPN offers different payment methods to choose from. You can carry out your transaction through PayPal, which is the most preferred transaction platform around the globe. In addition, you can choose other payment methods such as Google Wallet, Bitcoin and PayPro along with all leading Debit/Credit Cards to facilitate transactions as per your convenience.

Money Back Guarantee

Readers of this HideIPVPN review will be glad to learn about its 30 days refund policy. It gives you plenty of time to evaluate and determine its utility.

Free VPN and Smart DNS Trial

HideIPVPN offers 24 hours free trial for the VPN and 7 days free trial for SmartDNS. So, for those who still seek something for free – here you go. Enjoy free VPN from HideIPVPN for a day and SmartDNS for a week.

In addition, HideIPVPN also offers free VPN giveaways through social media. For all those who need a VPN but unfortunately can’t afford one, HideIPVPN free offerings may come in handy. In order to keep yourself updated about this, you need to keep an eye on HideIPVPN’s official blog, Twitter page, Facebook page and Google+ for special announcements.


Security – Encryption & features

In this HideIPVPN, I found that it uses AES-256 bit encryption, the strongest there is.

HideIPVPN, considering the privacy and security needs of its users, supports different protocols and encryption levels: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and SSTP.

What’s more, the OpenVPN protocol of HideIPVPN is in the company of AES-256 bit encryption.


Jurisdiction –Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

HideIPVPN is based in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. It is an Eastern European country but was previously part of a Soviet Union.

It does not fall under 5 eyes, 9 eyes, or 14 eyes country but it does have strict data retention laws. This could be a great threat to your online privacy.

To select a VPN, you need to be vary of its jurisdiction. That’s one of the important part in making a decision when buying a VPN.


HideIPVPN has about 29 servers in 11 countries. The server count is too low so without a doubt a user will have to face speed issues because of too much traffic.

It doesn’t have servers in China, Russia, or in Middle East to say the least. This means, it does not have any obfuscation server.


Speed – How fast is HideIP VPN?

Not to disappoint any gamers or streamers reading this HideIPVPN review, the speed of its server is good but not great.

The low number of servers are always the reason behind slow server speed, but that’s not the case with HideIPVPN.

My internet connection before connecting to its Luxembourg server was 33 Mbps, but after connecting VPN the speed went down to 18 Mbps.

Here is the results.


Unimpressive to say the least.


Streaming –Does it work with Netflix?

HideIPVPN fails to unblock both Netflix UK and USA. This is extremely disappointing.

Let’s see if this VPN is able to change its Netflix service in the future. You can download torrents with HideIPVPN but with only few of its servers.

The VPN lets you download torrenting from 8 different servers. 5 of these servers are in the Netherland while the rest are from the Germany.

Using a VPN with Kodi has many advantages and HideIPVPN let you bypass geo-restricted content while also securing your device from different online threats.


Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

HideIPVPN easily passed all the leak test. I connected to their Luxembourg server when I tested for leaks.

Here is the screenshot of the results:

IP Test:


DNS Test:


WebRTC Test:


Virus Test

I scanned its Windows file for any viruses. It was good to know that I did not find any viruses or Trojan.

Here is the screenshot:



Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support

HideIPVPN does not mince words when it comes to their logging policy. Instead, they state with utmost conviction:


So to make things simple, HideIPVPN does not store your session data. It does not record your activity while you surf the web with the VPN enabled.

Hence, no government agency can ask it to hand out your data.

Customer Support

HideIPVPN offers 24/7/365 live customer and tech support. There are many VPN service providers trading in the industry with server network stronger than HideIPVPN. Some of them don’t provide live customer and tech support whereas others offer it for a limited time.

Customer support is a significant value added feature to look for especially when you are dealing with a sophisticated technology like VPN. Except those who are tech-savvy, there are many users that might needs assistance of a professional from time to time.

As far as I see it, live support is a prerequisite for purchasing a VPN. HideIPVPN provides 24/7 live customer and tech support but when we tried to test it, the support personnel took longer time to respond than expected.

However, HideIPVPN’s customer and tech support has a strong knowledgebase as support person answered every query put in front of him. Hence, it can be said that HideIPVPN’s customer support might not be as prompt as you might expect; but, the support personnel will assist you in any way they can to resolve your concern.


Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

Hide IP VPN is compatible with different devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox360, Roku and AppleTV. Not only this, HideIPVPN supports different routers such as DD-WRT, D-Link and TP-Link.

When it comes to the proxy, you can easily configure HideIPVPN’s proxy on Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari.



For Windows, this VPN has crafted a sleek and intuitive client. Once you complete the HideIPVPN download process, the 58 MB software takes few minutes to install on your device.

It works seamlessly without any frustrating lags.


Smart Location picks the fastest server near you. Meanwhile, you can also manually choose from HideIPVPN’s server list.


In settings, you can customize the VPN to select your preferred tunneling protocol and toggle the DNS leak protection feature.


To sum up, it one of the better Windows VPN clients if have used thus far.


Hide IP VPN lets you connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. To make use of this feature, you can download its android app from Google Play store and connect with the same account.

The app itself is extremely easy to use. It connects with a single tap and does not drain your battery.


If you want to compare Hide IP VPN with 11 best VPN services, make sure you read our detailed guide on best VPN for Android 2019.


The iOS app of HideIPVPN is a twin of its Android client. It is user-friendly and is extremely light-weight. It comes packing with the same trademark HideIPVPN features.



VPN Comparison between HideIP VPN and PureVPN

In the below table, you will find the features and pricing of two VPN services. Have a look at them:

FeaturesPureVPNHideIP VPN
Servers2000+ in 140 CountriesServers in 12 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, MacOS, Linux,
iOS, Android, & Routers
JurisdictionHong KongGibraltar
Logging PolicyZero LogConnection Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportTickets & Email
Trust Pilot Score9.5N/A


Alternatives of HideIP VPN

HideIPVPN is pretty well-stacked with online security features. However, if you are looking for something else, read on these reviews.


Do I Recommend HideIP VPN?

To end this HideIPVPN review, I will say that this VPN is one of the competent service providers in the market. At market competitive price, Hide IP VPN gives access to diverse feature-rich package plans.

HideIPVPN offers easy to use free software and detailed tutorials for manual configuration. In case of any difficulty, HideIPVPN’s 24/7 live customer and tech support will always be there to resolve your concerns.

Breakthrough all the geo-restrictions and cope with the censorship concerns with HideIPVPN’s geographically scattered server network. HideIPVPN offers 24 hours free trial – go give it a shot!

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