BolehVPN Review 2019: A Mysterious VPN But Is It Worth It?

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BolehVPN was a developed by a Malaysian developer, yet it claims to be based in the Seychelles.


This makes up for an interesting situation that we will discuss later in details.

Anyways, Boleh VPN offers modern-day privacy features, full-featured in-house clients available across various platforms and P2P supported encryption protocols for censorship evasion and absolute online protection.

In this BolehVPN review, I will scrutinize their service claims, privacy policy, plans, encryption tunneling protocols, servers infrastructure and level of security offered by Boleh VPN.

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Let’s just jump into it.


  • Offers 35+ Servers in 12 Countries
  • Anonymous Payments Supported (Bitcoin, Monero, Zcoin)
  • Transparent No-activity Logging
  • Offers Dedicated IP Address
  • Strong Encryption Protocols (OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec)
  • xCloak Obfuscation Technology
  • Supports up to 2 Multi-logins
  • Allows P2P and Torrent Downloads
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Limited Server Spread
  • Lacks Live Chat Support offered
  • No Apps for Android and iOS

Protocols & Encryption: Privacy vs. Speed!

A broad range of encryption tunneling protocols is a hallmark of top-tier VPN service. However, while analyzing the service in this BolehVPN review, I discovered that Boleh VPN only offers OpenVPN with 1024-Bit RSA certificate and L2TP/IPSec protocol with AES 256-Bit encryption algorithm.

I consider it a positive aspect of BolehVPN, as PPTP protocol is not supported by the provider. PPTP has become obsolete and not many devices support the protocol. This is precisely for its weak security measures and the protocol being compromised in the past. But, Boleh VPN has an edge over many providers with an exclusive support for torrents and P2P file sharing through L2TP/IPSec protocol.

If firm privacy and robust data protection are that you’re looking for, then Boleh VPN is a suitable solution. However, for a blazing fast on-demand streaming experience, OpenVPN protocol best suited as it delivers quick performance with strong security.

Privacy Policy: Do they Keep Logs?

When it comes to subscribers’ privacy and confidentiality, BolehVPN doesn’t leave a space.

BolehVPN clearly states, “no logs will be ever kept”, but illicit and illegal usage may lead to account termination.

Now you might be asking yourself, if Boleh is truly a no logs VPN, how can they determine if someone is abusing their service?

Hence, their logging policy of this VPN is a bit murky.

Jurisdiction: Malaysia or Seychelles

At the start of this BolehVPN review, I discussed how the person behind this VPN resides in Malaysia. Yet, the VPN claims to be running from the country of Seychelles.

Confused? I don’t blame you.

On BolehVPN’s website, the service claims to have an offshore jurisdiction. And that there are under the privacy laws of Seychelles.

It could be that BolehVPN has some operations in Seychelles, while the company is actually in Malaysia. But we don’t actually know the truth.

The real jurisdiction of this VPN remains a mystery.

Free Trial

BolehVPN provides a one-day free trial, so netizens can have a test-drive of the VPN service prior to final subscription. With free trial version, users have a chance to evaluate speed, performance and service claims of BolehVPN.

To get BolehVPN free trial, you need to contact BolehVPN’s sales team and specify your purpose of using VPN. At the moment, BolehVPN offers absolutely free of cost trial version for one day and a 7-day no obligation paid trial version.

xCloak Feature

The xCloak Obfuscation Technology is an exclusive offering of BolehVPN that allows users to circumvent most aggressive VPN detection mechanism in countries like China, Iran, and UAE.

With that said, netizens can freely bypass the Deep Packet Inspection mechanism in countries where VPN is banned.

Basically, it is an obfuscation technology that makes your VPN traffic look like normal internet traffic. This blinds cyber surveillance agencies from tracking your web activities.

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BolehVPN Performance & Server Speed Test

A blazing fast streaming experience with top-tier online protection is what netizens look for. Interestingly, Boleh VPN doesn’t cope up with competitors when it comes to high-speed streaming, due to lack of PPTP protocol.

But, I decided to conduct speed tests of service to present users with an unbiased BolehVPN review.

Ookla Speed Test Before Connecting to BolehVPN:

Speed-Test-without BolehVPN-Connected

Ookla Speed Test After Connecting to BolehVPN:


After concluding BolehVPN performance evaluation, we can say that service performs well under suitable conditions. During our testing, we experience a slight raise in ping speed with a sudden drop in download speed, but no IPv6 or DNS leaks were incurred.

Thus, in this BolehVPN review, I suggest BolehVPN as a preferred VPN service for tech folks who are looking for safe browsing and anonymous torrenting.

BolehVPN Netflix

Netflix has been coming hard on VPN service. It has decided to go to war against any provider that dares challenges its geographical limitations.

So, dozens of VPN services have become the victim of Netflix war against IP masking tools.

BolehVPN is not one of these services. It has launched a special USA server to unlock the treasures of Netflix US.

That’s why, one can only commend BolehVPN for taking part in the crusade against geo-restrictions.

Torrenting is Allowed

When you download a torrent, you expose your IP address to variety of ‘peers’. Among these peers are individuals that have malicious intentions.

They aim to rob you of your personal information while you wait for that new Marvel movie to download.

This is why you should pray whilst downloading torrents. Pray that no bad guy gets a hold of your IP location and tries to hijack your location.

Or you could simply just employ a VPN.

VPNs mask your IP address, making your P2P activities anonymous.

BolehVPN has no issues with torrenting. In fact, it is has dedicated servers for this purpose.

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Compatible with TOR

TOR gets a bad rep.

It is considered as the go-to tool for perverts who are looking for child pornography on the dark web. Of course, this may be true for some (many) cases.

But one cannot ignore the utility of TOR for Netizens in countries where online freedom is an unknown concept.

TOR when combined with a VPN does a world of good for your online privacy. It helps you hide your actual IP even from the VPN provider.


BolehVPN supports TOR and recommends that users apply it with a VPN for foolproof security on the web.

Easy to Use Apps

BolehVPN download hardly takes few minutes.

Their client works without any noticeable issues. In fact, it is user-friendly and intuitive to the core.

Another thing to like about the client is its customization ability. It empowers users to toggle with different options including proxy settings among other things.


There were little lags here and there but the overall my experience with the VPN client was amazing.

BolehVPN Server Locations in Prime Regions of the World

Server locations are handy when it’s about unblocking geo-restricted sites and services. Unlike many providers in the market, BolehVPN doesn’t offer servers in a variety of destinations. Currently, Boleh VPN only offers 35+ servers in over 12 countries.

I consider the lack of servers in this BolehVPN review. As a higher number of servers locations helps to overcome censorship and geo-restrictions on different sites and services.

In addition, more servers ensure less chances of server congestions and traffic load on an individual network. However, Boleh VPN outshines its shortcoming by offering servers in following prime regions of the world.

BolehVPN has a server status page that lets you the bandwidth status of different servers. This is page helps you detect the fastest server possible.


Customer Support System

The first look at Boleh VPN site represents a sleek interface, simplified for users. While detailed information is organized in plain and basic form, subscribers can find necessary information in no time. However, the only drawback that puts off netizens is an absence of live chat support system.

Additionally, the ticketing system is not available until you make an account on BolehVPN site. BolehVPN can improve customer experience by adding live chat option and an open ticketing system for subscribers’ ease.

Currently, the only way to contact BolehVPN without subscription is through an official email address

Apart from ticketing system, BolehVPN offers a detailed and informative support section. A subscriber can get insights about Boleh VPN service features and seek assistance through installation guides and manuals.

In addition, Boleh VPN’s forum section includes FAQ area that offer rich information regarding product enquiries, installation support, general discussion and recommended free software.

BolehVPN also sends quick responses on Facebook and Twitter.

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BolehVPN Pricing & Plans

BolehVPN offers simplified plans with no discrimination among service features, tunneling protocols and number of servers. Also, no bandwidth and data limitations exist among all plans of Boleh VPN.

In addition, torrent and P2P is supported, allowing netizens to access favorite media on the internet while travelling or using service at home. The package plans of Boleh VPN are organized as following:

  • Weekly Package costs $3.70
  • Monthly Package costs $9.99
  • Bi-Monthly Package costs $16.99
  • Semi-Annual Package costs $44.99
  • Yearly Package costs $79.99

Note: All prices are listed in USD and are subject to change as per provider’s tariff.

Payment Methods: Keep Your Identity Safe

Payment methods play a vital role while subscribing to a VPN service. A credit card transaction can reveal sensitive information, such as name and address of a user. But, anonymous payment doesn’t tie your online activities with your identity. A provider will only identify you as a subscriber with anonymous details.

BolehVPN keeps subscribers’ privacy at paramount importance. I examined payment modes of service in BolehVPN review, and discovered that it accepts anonymous payments from Bitcoin, PayPal, Monero, Zcoin and Zcash In addition, Malaysians can make payment through bank-in (online and ATM deposits).

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

While researching the VPN for this BolehVPN review, I discovered that provider offers a generous fourteen-day money back guarantee for full-fledged VPN accounts and two-day money back guarantee for trial subscriptions.

However, there is no refund for services paid with anonymous methods such as BitCoin, Dash or DarkCoin. But, if a refund for cryptocurrency payment is made, it will include a deduction of 2% administration charge. Also, all refunds are processed within 7 days of a request.

Anyone who uses the service for criminal activity will not receive a refund.

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Boleh VPN Compatibility Review

With internet devices becoming more diverse by the day, VPN providers need to offer their service on multiple devices.

Hence, in this part of the BolehVPN review, I will discuss its cross-platform compatibility.

BolehVPN for Windows

The desktop client of Boleh VPN for Windows features a plain and sleek interface with five tabs i.e. Dashboard, Log, Settings, Proxy Configuration, and Status.

Subscribers can check their connection status, download and upload speed along with an option to share stats. In addition, users can open tickets and check the status of previous tickets by clicking on an extra shield icon with a question mark on it.


Boleh VPN for Mac

BolehVPN offers a dedicated VPN client for Mac OS X users. With a simple interface, BolehVPN Mac client retrieves configuration files by its own, creating ease for Mac users.

Currently, Boleh VPN is available for Mac OS X Leopard (10.6.0) and above. If you’re using Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.0) or previous versions, then you need to manually add configuration files and use Tunnelblick for creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and Boleh VPN servers.

BolehVPN- for-Mac

BolehVPN for Android

BolehVPN has a custom version of Android app. Users need a little technical know-how to set up the app on their Android phones.

But once you are the done with process.

BolehVPN android app protects your device to keep you secure from malwares on public Wifis. It thwarts away the online predators.


BolehVPN for iOS

iPhones are used by millions around the world. Despite being an innovative technology, it remains vulnerable to myriads of online threats.

Hence, VPNs for iPhone are a necessity especially on Public Wifis.

BolehVPN does not have a dedicated app for iOS. But it supports iOS via OpenVPN Connect, a third party app.

To set up the VPN on your device, you need to download and transfer the configuration files of BolehVPN.


BolehVPN for Router

Netizens who wish to secure their households with BolehVPN also have choice of configuring it on DD-WRT routers.

A simple guide on the provider’s website helps you perform this function without any difficulties.

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BolehVPN Alternatives

The lack of iOS app may turn away some potential subscribers from this VPN. These individuals can evaluate the following VPNs and see if they are good enough.

BolehVPN Twitter Review

As the favorite social media platform of millions, twitter is a great place to evaluate BolehVPN’s public perception.

On the site, many users recommend the VPN.

Meanwhile, the provider itself is extremely active on site, which is always a good thing.

Boleh VPN Reddit Review

Redditors are often blunt, politically incorrect and brutally honest. Of course, VPNs reviewers like me wouldn’t have it any other way.

In any case, I was able to find some positive Boleh VPN review on the forum.

However, some redditors have doubts regarding the no logs policy of BolehVPN.

Final Verdict

BolehVPN is a reasonable VPN service with various privacy benefits and some drawbacks. The provider solely believes in absolute online freedom and netizens’ anonymity, thus supports P2P and torrenting along with a transparent zero-activity log policy.

However, I wasn’t able to find any Boleh VPN app on either Play Store or App Store in this BolehVPN review. Thus, I consider it a huge loophole for a VPN service, not to offer smartphones apps.

But, economical plans, servers in prime locations, and exclusive support for torrenting make Boleh VPN a suitable pick for those who want strong online protection, with a little compromise on on-demand entertainment streaming.

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    Registered for a trial and fits my needs. Support was helpful to set it up on my computer. There was no DNS or IP leak. I am a satisfied customer

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      Dear James,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      We are glad that you found the BolehVPN free trial feature above to your expectations. You were able to solve your queries through customer support swiftly.

      Keep using BolehVPN and enjoy online anonymity to new heights.


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    Been using BolehVPN for 1 year, thanks to the customer service for helping me on my 1st time subscription with BolehVPN.
    I feel more secure after using BolehVpn, it’s also at an affordable price!

    • Usman Hayat says:

      Dear BolehVPN The Best VPN,

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      We are happy for you that you have been using the service for more than a year.

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