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Torrent websites have always come under fire from copyright holders and Internet Service Providers. They are blocked either at ISP level or entirely nationwide. Torlock faces similar issues in different parts of the world. The renowned torrent-indexing website is inaccessible in UK, Portugal, and few other countries.

The main reason for putting such blockades is to stop copyright infringements and spreading of piracy. Different governments, along with filmmaking and music industry, put restrictions on usersfrom accessing Torlock. However, you can unblock Torlock using the methods illustrated in this guide.

So, let’s get right to it!

How to Unblock Torlock

There are two ways to unblock Torlock. The first method is by using a proxy service and the second method is by using a VPN.

Torlock Unblock Using Proxy

Proxy services are useful in accessing websites that are blocked due to geo-restrictions or internet censorship. You can use free or premium proxy services to unblock Torlock from anywhere. A proxy service works by routing your request for a website or any information on the internet through its own proxy server located in a specific location.

Therefore, when you access Torlock using a proxy, your request goes to a proxy server. The server then fetches the website and allows you to unblock Torlock. A proxy is like an intermediary between you and Torlock website, directing your communication with the website through its own server.Here are some proxy services you can use:

Access Torlock with a VPN Service

The other method for unblocking Torlock is by using a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN offers different servers spread around the world and when you connect to anyone, it changes your virtual location. For instance, if you are located in the UK and want to access Torlock, you can unblock the website by connecting to a VPN server located in a region where the website is reachable.

A VPN offers another benefit in addition to bypassing restrictions. It helps to secure your online privacy and protect against data theft. This is advantageous when you are downloading torrents. Since it changes your virtual location, a VPN makes you anonymous by hiding your IP address.

Similarly, it encrypts your data and tunnels it through secure protocols. This way copyright sharks and ISPs can’t identify your true location or monitor your internet activities, keeping you safe while using torrents. Here are VPN services that offer numerous servers, military grade encryption, and support the use P2P file sharing.

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How Do I Download a Movie from Torlock

The process of download a movie from Torlock is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • If you are using a proxy, select the region and enter the URL of Torlock
  • The proxy should fetch the website for you
  • If you are using a VPN, select a service from the above mentioned table
  • Download the software or app on your chosen device
  • Connect to a server where Torlock is accessible
  • A VPN should unblock the website
  • Search for the movie you want to watch& enjoy unrestricted entertainment

Bypass Restrictions & Unblock Torlock in UK

In United Kingdom, copyright holders are in full swing to block different torrent website, including Torlock. They have been at it since 2013 and blocked numerous torrent sites and streaming services. The intense pressure from Hollywood and popular record labels have brought about these blockades. Therefore, various ISPs, including BT and Sky have blocked Torlock for UK Netizens.

However, you can easily access Torlock in UK using a VPN or a proxy. A proxy will unblock Torlock, but a VPN will secure your privacy while using torrents as well.

Unblock Torlock in Portugal

Likewise, Torlock is amongst many other torrent websites blocked in Portugal. These blocks are again in-placed due to continuous pressure from copyright holders.

This led to a voluntary agreement between the ISPs, General Inspection of Cultural Activities, copyright holders, representatives from advertising agencies, and body that administers the ‘.PT domain’ in November 2015 to block dozens of websites.

However, if you are a torrent enthusiast located in Portugal, then be sure to use a proxy or a Portugal VPN to unblock Torlock.


Torlock is a popular torrent website that commands more than one million users from around the world.Sadly, Torlock is not accessible in various countries, as we explained earlier. But, you can use a VPN service or a proxy to unblock Torlock from anywhere in the world and enjoy countless torrents.

Both these tools help you in unblocking any website that is censored by your ISP. VPN changes your IP address while a proxy works as an intermediary between you and Torlock, enabling you to unblock the website.