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After the sudden demise of SceneAccess torrent tracker, future of torrenting does not seem quite promising. However, not all the things are lost. Yes, you have guessed it right. We have got you covered through an exclusive guide on best torrent tracker list.

Thus, you can continue your desired torrenting activities from anywhere. Through our guide, we will let you know how to add trackers in uTorrent and increase uTorrent download speed hassle-free. With that we want you to read our Torrent Guide and always choose from best vpn for torrenting to satisfy torrenting needs.

What are Torrent Trackers?

TorrentTracker works just like a server that communicates between two peers. As a result, torrent users can transfer their files through BitTorrent protocol. When you download a torrent file by any torrent site, it is included in your torrent client software.

In this case, role of torrent client software becomes crucial. It will request the file that has been downloaded on other systems. You may assume these other systems as peers. Hence, you can download a chunk of file from peers hassle-free.

Difference between Public and Private Torrent Trackers

You may call public torrent trackers as open trackers. Therefore, any torrent user can avail these tracker addresses to improve the downloading speed for developing new torrent files. Furthermore, torrents users can select the same tactic to increase the downloading speed for current torrent files.

When you use private trackers, you will need to register yourself before accessing the tracker addresses. In addition, private trackers do not encourage potential users on their sites. Thus, the existing users have to request new users to become their members.

However, both types of torrent trackers differ with each other in terms of speed and security.


Interestingly, public trackers are accessible to every single user. Therefore, users may anticipate slow speed issues while downloading. On the other hand, private trackers are not accessible to every single user.

Thus, you may receive better downloading speeds while using private torrent trackers. Moreover, private trackers have specific seeding rules. You need to follow these seeding rules if you wish to perform downloading through private trackers.


Unfortunately, public trackers do not offer the desired level of anonymity to their users. This is because when you download your preferred files, other users can monitor your downloading activities. Hence, you need to use a VPN service that provides complete anonymity and protection to its subscribers.

Still, you can select private torrent trackers since it allows more security as compared to public torrent trackers.


How to use Torrent Tracker?

When it comes to using torrent tracker hassle-free, you can use it just like best torrent sites. However, you have to follow certain rules if you wish to use a particular torrent tracker. Furthermore, the torrents downloads are not counted in private tracker.

Conversely, the torrent uploads are counted in private torrent tracker. Likewise, you need to know about the concept of soft economy. The concept suggests that both uploads and downloads are calculated. In addition, you can avail bonus points that allow you to improve uploading speed to new heights.

Likewise, you may find out the notion of hard economy. The idea indicates that both uploads and downloads are counted. Unfortunately, you cannot use bonus points in your favor to increase your uploading speed.

A Little About uTorrent Tracker

uTorrent tracker is a kind of server that receives request from uTorrent clients. These requests consider metrics through clients that enable the tracker in recording the overall statistics of torrent. You may consider using uTorrent tracker to enhance the downloading speed of your torrent files.


How do I add Trackers to uTorrent?

The task of adding trackers to uTorrent is simple. Here is the list of steps you can follow to achieve your tracker addition mission:

  • Open torrent along with uTorrent and start the downloading process
  • You can check the speed of your downloading through ‘Under Speed’ tab
  • After right clicking the name of download, choose properties
  • You can paste your desired trackers to add to uTorrent and click OK

This is how you can add trackers for uTorrent to increase download speed to the next level. Furthermore, you can share the files with more peers accordingly.


What is BitTorrent Tracker

A BitTorrent tracker acts just like an uTorrent tracker. It is a web service that takes requests through BitTorrent clients. These requests include metrics from clients that allow the tracker in keeping track of overall statistics of torrent. So if you use Bittorent Client for downloading torrents then be assured to always use a VPN.


Bittorrent Tracker GitHub

GitHub is an interactive platform where millions of developers communicate with each other to build software and review codes too. The forum allows you to explore an updated list of public BitTorrent trackers on regular basis. Moreover, you can find uTorrent peers list from anywhere instantly.


Likewise, you can discover relevant information about BitTorrent tracker software through GitHub straightaway.

Best Torrent Tracker Working List 2019

Torrent tracker aids best torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent to communicate through additional peers and seeds. As a result, you can improve the download speed of your preferred torrent file. Here is the list of best torrent tracker that includes:

S NoBest Torrent Tracker Working List 2019

Torrent Tracker Review Reddit

Reddit is one of those valuable interactive platforms that offer realistic reviews about torrenting related queries. Therefore, you can find various feedback regarding torrent trackers instantly. Here is the response of one Reddit user indicating about the ban of a largest private music torrent tracker.

Similarly, another user suggested that the last year did not go well for the torrent trackers.

Interestingly, another user highlighted that the developers do not create open source code for private tracker community members.

TorrentTracker Review Twitter

Twitter is another informative platform like Reddit that provide solutions to their users straightaway. Here is the comment of Twitter follower that suggests users can correlate torrent tracker notion with block chain.

Wrapping Up

We hope you would like our detailed guide on torrent trackers. You can disclose the major difference between the public and private torrent trackers to another level. Moreover, you can opt best torrenting VPN that allows you to secure your online privacy from anywhere.

By doing so, you can attain different advantages of torrent trackers straightaway.