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Sometime we just want to watch a good old classical movie. Like the timeless movies of Charlie Chaplin which are really hard to find.  There are many torrent websites available on the internet from where you can download free movies. However, majority of them don’t distribute them legally.

Luckily, there are some movie sites that fall in to the category of public domain torrents. These websites have the proprietor’s permission to host and distribute files.

Downloading torrents from a website that hosts illegally obtained movies could get you into trouble. However, it totally depends on the geographical restrictions in your region. For instance, countries like Mexico, Singapore and India totally overlook the fact that you are downloading torrents. Whereas countries like Germany, Japan and the UK can impose fines if you are caught.

What are Public Domain Torrents?

Public Domain Torrents is one of these websites that have a great selection of classical and B movies from all genres. These movies are totally free to download and share since they are in the public domain.

Downloading movies is also very easy and fast since they are torrent files. These files can be downloaded through any torrent client of your choice. All the movies on their website are supported in different formats like DIVX, AVI and are also playable on older devices like PSP and iPod.

These movies have screen shots attached to it, along with brief descriptions to give you a basic idea about the movie. They also mention the time and date of when the movie is uploaded and its rating so you know if the movies are any good before you watch it.

How is Public Domain Torrents Structured

To be honest, the sites are not pretty and could be easily mistaken as a malicious website. For some reason, they choose blue and red font scheme that is quite disconcerting. But it’s all forgivable since what you want are good old free movies, and that it delivers.

Finding whatever you’re looking is relatively easy. There is a navigation panel to the left of your screen that shows the available movies. All the movies are appropriately titled and has its rating mentioned below it. Along with genres, there are also two nifty little categories.  Top Twenty Seeded and the Newest Twenty Added , so you know what new movies have been uploaded on the site.

Categories of Public Domain Torrent Sites

There are a lot of classical and B movies on Public domain torrent site that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Movies are organized in to various categories depending on their genre. Speaking of genres, you can find comedy, horror, musical, animated, mystery, thriller and many more.

You can explore each category, where you’ll be able to find movie titles and their supported versions, indicating which devices are able to play them. Clicking on any movie link redirects you to a page containing screen shots of the movie.

Besides this, there is a category that has streamable movies so you don’t have to wait for them to download. So no matter what you’re in to, you’ll be able find something that you like.

Reasons to use Public Domain Torrents?

Public domain torrents is a great website that offers huge array of all time classic movies that’ll get you reminiscing about the good old times. All the movies are free to download, therefore, are legal and can be downloaded using any BitTorrent client. Don’t expect any new releases though as you won’t find them here and its best that you look elsewhere.

Movie Formats Supported By Public Domain Torrents


Majority of the movies are encoded in modern file formats like AVI and DIVX and you should be able to watch them on almost any device. Another cool thing is that these movies are supported on older devices like PSP and IPods. Even if you’re not sure, you can always click on any movie and you should be able to see whether your device is supported or not through the handy little icons right beside the movie title.

Picture Quality of Movies on Public Domain Torrents

Unlike other websites, where they specifically mention the quality of the movie like for say DVD, blue ray or cam, Public domain torrent doesn’t mention that. This is probably due to the fact that these movies are fetched from multiple source since it is a torrent file.

This doesn’t mean that the picture quality is going to suck, since we have tested quite a few movies ourselves and found that the quality was actually quite decent and could pass for at least a DVD in our opinion.

Are Public Domain Torrents Movies Copyright Free?

This is a bit of a tricky question since all the movies are in the form of torrents and it’s really impossible to pinpoint the ones that are copyrighted. However, we doubt that there’s any copyrighted content available on their website in the first place.

The website is made up of a strong community of individuals who believe in sharing only legally obtained movies. But if for any reason you stumble upon any copyrighted content, you can also report it to the moderators so they can take actions accordingly.

How good is the collection of movies on Public Domain Torrents?


In our opinion their movie collection is not that awesome as most of the movies are really old. However if you’re a fan of old time classics then you’re in luck as, there are some really old movies listed on their website.

If you want to watch free movies from a more recent era then you might want to check out Popcornflix as they also have classics as well as modern movies with a bit more flare.

Free Downloadable Movies on Public Domain Torrents

Almost all the movies are free to download. As we mentioned earlier, there are different genres available like horror, Drama and comedy, so you’ll always be able to find something you like. We mentioned “Almost all movies are free”, well that’s because there is category called Buy instead of download where you can also buy movies on a physical DVD or 1TB hard drive full of movies.

Advantages of Registering With Public Domain Torrents

Honestly, there are not many apparent benefits of registering with Public Domain Torrents. All you’ll be able to do is rate and leave your own comments regarding movies in general. Which is not a big deal as you can still download and enjoy movies even if you’re not registered.

Where Public Domain Torrents Acquires Its Movies

Public Domain Torrents lists only those movies that are no longer copyrighted, which means either they are not copyrighted in the first place or are so old that their proprietors haven’t updated their policy. There is also a possibility that some movies might have been copyrighted later on. Since all the movies are in the torrent format, it’s hard to individually identify and remove them from the website.

Buying movies from Public Domain Torrents

There is also a category with over 900 movies called Buy instead of download where you can also buy movies. These movies are priced according to their file format. For example, a movie for DVD costs $5.00, DIVX is priced at $1.00, and the psp and iPod ones cost $0.50.

You can also buy a massive 1TB hard drive filled with movies and a free PDTMovieburnerMF DVD burning software for $ 550 with free shipping.

Reddit comments

A lot of people wonder what kind of stuff is available on legal torrent sites. Well, these websites mostly offer music and movies and sometimes even eBooks. You probably won’t be able to find games as they are hard to acquire legally. However, you can easily download open source software.

The Reddit community also had some good suggestions as to what is available on legal torrent sites, which we have posted below.


Like many industries, the movie industry invests a lot of time and money in to creating world-class mater pieces. The Hollywood spends million of dollars in production and marketing alone. Illegally obtaining and pirating movies is a serious concern and a huge blow for the producers.

At one end of the spectrum, we want to discourage such acts, but on the other hand, we too want to enjoy free movies, which is a bit of a cliché. That’s where sites like public domain torrents play such an important role in mitigating this issue.

In a nutshell, Public domain torrents isn’t the only legal torrent site that you have to resort to. There are others just as good website like Bitlove, Jamendo and Etree that also offer full free movies and music. These websites rely on their community of seeders that help reduce their bandwidth costs, which in return helps them in providing you with free torrents.

What are you opinions regarding public domain torrents? We’d love to hear what you think. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.