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BitLord is one amazing torrent client you might have never heard of before.

It comes in a super tiny setup file and is packed with powerful P2P features. If you want a super simple torrent client that just gets the job done, BitLord should be perfect for you.

In this BitLord review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this amazing torrent client.

As always, I’m going to cover the following:

  • Pros and cons
  • Client size
  • User interface
  • features
  • Compatibility

Let’s begin with the pros and cons

+ Very small setup size
+ super clean interface
+ easily manage bandwidths

BitLord can be protected via a password
+ Supports both magnet and URL links
supports torrent creation

 BitLord setup may ask for multiple changes to the OS during installation

Things I like about BitLord

prosBitLord is one heck of an amazing torrent client. Switching from a more mainstream client like uTorrent didn’t really cause any issues. I basically felt at home with BitLord.

I’ll cover everything I like about BitLord down below.


Super small and resource friendly client

BitLord’s setup file is super small.  Since it comes in a compressed format, the downloadable file size is less than 2 MB.

However, bear in mind the actual application will be a bit greater in size. To be more specific, after installation the application size might be around 40 Megabytes.

This is not bad at all.

Besides having a tiny setup size, BitLord is also very resource friendly. In fact, after opening the control panel on my computer, I noticed that BitLord did not hog too much memory. Even with active torrents downloading in the background, I still had a ton of system memory to play with.

This is one thing you don’t really find in most torrent clients.

Easy to use interface

BitLord has a super clean user interface. There is no clutter and everything is neatly stacked out right where you expect them to be.

Although the interface looks outdated, it does make it painfully easy to get around. In the middle of the interface is where you’ll find your torrents. Progress, size, ETA and a bunch of other information is displayed against each torrent file.

On the left, you have various different folders such as all downloads, downloading and active. Right underneath it, you also get an option to add an RSS feed or create your own playlist.

Right above it is where you’ll find a search bar and an option to use the browser. You’ll also find an option called the “Top list”. This allows you to search for the most popular torrents at

Overall, the interface is an absolute pleasure to use.

The slew of amazing features

Even though the application hardly takes any space on your computer, it is still filled with powerful torrenting features.

Aside from the support for traditional magnet and URL links, BitLord also supports peer exchange or more commonly known as PEX.

BitLord also offers some very nifty features. There is built-in support for RSS feeds and you even get the option for selective bandwidth management. Basically, you can decide how much bandwidth each torrent consumes.

Another thing that I really like about BitLord is the search bar located at the top. This makes it super easy to look for torrent files without even having to leave the torrent client.

BitLord also has impressive support for video files. You can use the BitLord streaming feature to basically play all your media files right from within the client. Since the video player is similar to the VLC player, you shouldn’t have any trouble playing videos.

Best of all:

BitLord can play media torrents without even downloading them. You can even get subtitles for all your favorite movies and TV shows thanks to the API integration of

That’s not all, there are many features that I’ll discuss later on in this blog.

Cool quirks

While I’ve already covered the features part of BitLord, I thought I should cover some of the amazing quirks that this torrent client offers. Although there are many, I’m only going to cover some of the absolute best.

  • BitLord can be programmed to always stay awake. This is a great little quirk that doesn’t let your computer go into sleep mode when you’re downloading torrents.
  • While some free torrent clients actually limit the number of uploads and downloads you can perform. BitLord gives you a free hand. There are no specific limits.
  • BitLord gives an option to specify how many torrents you wish to download and seed simultaneously.
  • The playlist option within the BitLord client lets you play your favorite media files consecutively in an organized manner.
  • With built-in encryption, you can encrypt both your inbound and outbound traffic.
  • The torrent scheduler option lets you configure the time of the day to restrict torrents from downloading.
  • While most torrent clients let you adjust upload and download bandwidths, BitLord does one better. You can basically set the value to zero and the client will not consume any bandwidth. This option is perfect for torrenters who don’t want to seed.

Things I dislike about Deluge

consWhile there was plenty to like about BitLord, there was one thing I didn’t really like about this torrent client. I’ll talk about it in a separate heading below.



Limited devices supported

This is one place BitLord is seriously lacking. Unlike other mainstream torrent clients like BitTorrent and uTorrent. BitLord doesn’t offer applications for both Linux and mobile devices.

Sadly, if you want to use BitLord, you either need to have a Windows or a Mac computer because at the moment these are the only two supported platforms.

BitLord and its competitors

While BitLord is quite capable, it isn’t perfect. For instance, there is no support for other platforms. However, its competitors do. If you’re interested in checking out some other amazing torrent clients, I’ll list some of them below

BitLord review Reddit

While I was really impressed with the performance of BitLord, I took it to Reddit to find out what others thought of this torrent client.

One Redditor only had good things to say about BitLord.


Wrapping up!

All in all, BitLord is a super cool torrent client. While it does have quite a lot in common with other torrent clients, it does certainly offer some unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

Overall, I really like BitLord, however, I do wish they offered support for both Linux and mobile devices.

I hope you found my BitLord review informative. Let me know what you guys think about this torrent client.