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The world of torrents received a massive jolt back in 2017 when ExtraTorrent abruptly discontinued their service without any explanation.

However, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the cause of the untimely closure. Copyright trolls and regulatory authorities are constantly pressuring torrent sites, so it does make sense why ExtraTorrent pulled the plug on their service.

In the case of torrents sites, many of them do make a comeback in some shape or form, however, ExtraTorrent is still down and it’s highly unlikely that we will ever see ExtraTorrent working again however you can still use extratorrent proxy sites.

With so some many torrent sites, being taken down we might as well dig a ditch to get rid of all the mess.

Naturally, people are not going to stop torrenting any time soon, therefore Instead of waiting for ExtraTorrent to resurrect, I have come up with my own list of great ExtraTorrent alternatives which are totally working in 2019 and should help you quench your thirst for torrents.

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ExtraTorrent Alternatives

After surveying over various torrent forums and communities, we have gathered the top torrent sites that offer reliable torrents. These alternatives for ExtraTorrent will provide you with one-touch access to popular movies, games, software, shows, TV series, music, and more media.

Here are the best ExtraTorrent alternatives:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. isoHunt
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. RARBG
  5. Popcorn Time
  6. Worldwide Torrents
  7. Torrent downloads
  9.  Seedpeer
  10. 1337x
  11. TorLock
  12. Zooqle
  13. Toorgle

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay stands as the leading torrent indexer. With a massive torrent library, well-organized search engine, and elegantly designed homepage, Pirate Bay wins the heart of torrenters worldwide. After, ExtraTorrent, the Pirate Bay is the largest working torrent hub netizens can find on internet. Not to forget, copyright sharks hunted down the Pirate Bay back in 2014, but the site managed to come alive soon. On top, Pirate Bay is free from explicit ads that are common to see on other popular torrent sites.

piratebay the first extratorrent alternative


isoHunt requires no formal introduction. The torrent indexer holds an honor of surviving plenty of DMCA blocks in past. While site had managed to protect the servers, it successfully secured torrenters’ identity and privacy.  Not to mention, isoHunt is one of the most visited torrent sites and maintains millions of active users. In addition, isoHunt offers a huge community with countless forum discussions, where users can seek immediate help regarding torrent queries.

isoHunt the nd extratorrent alternative


LimeTorrents is another hit torrent site that lies among top ExtraTorrent alternatives. With an extensive range of movies, games, TV soaps, apps, books, music and more media, LimeTorrents doesn’t compromise a bit when it comes to media offerings. Not to forget, also faced blockades in past, but somehow it managed to bounce back again. Remarkably, offers a dedicated torrent news section that keeps you updated about ongoing in world of P2P and torrenting.

There are few countries where its still blocked but you can unblock limetorrents or can use limetorrents proxy by reading our guide.

limetorrent another extratorrent alternative


The Bulgarian torrent tracker Rarbg stands as one of the working torrent site around. Rarbg was launched in 2008 and since then it has gained a reputable stance among the eyes piracy-gurus. The site gives a first impression of a healthy torrent tracking hub that offers more than 700,000 indexed torrents. But, massive popularity of Rarbg, twitched it down in several nations counting the UK, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Portugal and more nations. However, torrenters in specified regions can use VPN to access Rarbg safely.


rarbg an alternative of extratorrent

Popcorn Time

PopCorn Time is a fans-favorite on-demand entertainment app. The beauty of service lies on fact that it uses BitTorrent client for ensuring free streaming. In addition, PopCorn Time offers download feature that provides superior entertainment experience to torrenters around the world. Over and above, PopCorn Time comes with a Netflix like interface, and that’s one possible reason for its demise in 2014. However, after facing several blockades, PopCorn time is fully alive at the moment.

PopCorn Time is the best alternative of extratorrent

Worldwide Torrents


Worldwide Torrents is an awesome torrent site and a worthy ExtraTorrent alternative. Just like the name suggests you can find all sorts of global content on this site, be it games, movies, TV shows from every genre and origin.

Worldwide Torrents also boasts a good community of torrenters so you should be able to find latest and good quality torrents. However, the site does suffer from occasional downtimes, which could be a turn off for some users.

Torrent Downloads


Torrent Downloads is a cool alternative for ExtraTorrent in a sense that it shows a health indicator against all the torrents on the site. This indicator helps users easily distinguish good torrents from the bad ones, saving ton of time. There are all sorts of torrents on the site be it games, movies, music and everything you can imagine.



When it comes to serious torrents, Seedpeer does not mess around. Anyone who has downloaded torrents from this site knows exactly what this site is capable of. Seedpeer is a legit source to download all sorts of verified torrent files. Seedpeer has various different categories like movies, games, apps, music, books and few others so you can literally find any torrent imaginable.



1337X is no rookie in the torrenting scene, the site has been around for a considerable amount of time and has been growing its collection ever since. The site has a cool design, which makes it simple to browse around. Besides the overall appearance, you can find torrent files from many different categories such as Anime, documentaries, movies, games and much more.

There is even a category for trending torrent files. Despite being such an awesome torrent site, search engines in some regions might not show this site in its search results.


EZTV is a rather funky looking torrenting site, which throws a very retro 90’s vibe. Unlike other ExtraTorrent alternatives, this site focuses only on TV shows. Another thing that I found a bit strange about is that torrent files do not tend to stay published on the site for long.

This is probably done to keep the site safe from DMCA notices since these file are obviously copyrighted. There is even a forum, which makes it super convenient to stay updated with the site. Somehow this site may be inaccessible in your region where you can use eztv proxy as an alternative.



Although initially not a popular site, Zooqle has now become everyone’s go to torrent indexing site. The site requires registration, which is convenient since it, discourages fake or malicious torrents. Zooqle has a very simple grid layout with everything neatly organized on the home page. There are also various other categories listed at of the top of the page so searching for torrents is very convenient.



Toorgle is simply awesome and it seems like it has been around forever now. This site does not host torrents but rather redirects using various search results from over 400 different torrent sites. Another reason why Zooqle is so popular is that it indexes around 55 million torrents, which is astronomical to say the least. One thing is for sure, no matter how weird or funky your search might be this site will surely find it for you.



TorLock does not need any introduction; it is one of the most popular torrent-indexing site in the torrenting world. The site’s interface is not very flashy and does not contain annoying advertisements, which makes it very pleasant to use. TorLock contains tons of content and all of it is updated on a regular basis.

Besides the awesome content, TorLock also show exactly when a torrent file is added, its health and other information right on the home page.

Is ExtraTorrent Back?

After became unavailable thanks to the massive pressure from the authorities, the site did make a comeback in to the torrenting scene, but this time with slightly different domain name. Although the site’s name might have changed, it still offers the same magnet and torrent links to all our favorite torrents.

An email sent to TechWorm, confirms the fact that the is back and it also sheds light on the individuals behind the operation.

Turns out the people who brought back ExtraTorrent, were also responsible for resurrecting both Kickass torrents and the Pirate bay when they went down. Rest assured the entire site’s content has been completely restored meaning you should not have any issues accessing them.

However, considering the turn of events that surrounded ExtraTorrent, it is quite possible that the site will not be available in the future.

Final Words

Out of all curiosity, torrenters around the world are left with a question that when their favorite torrent site will return? To provide a clear-cut response, we underwent through in-depth research and survey of torrent communities, and discovered that there is no sign for possible return of ExtraTorrent. That being said, the official operator at ExtraTorrent has confirmed on TorrentFreak that “It’s time we say goodbye forever”, providing no further details.

For now, the above-mentioned ExtraTorrent alternatives are still up and operational but we don’t know for how long. Governments have been cracking down Torrent sites for quite some time now. We strictly advise that you use the best VPN for torrenting to keep yourself hidden from the prying eyes of the government.