9 Torrent Sites for Mac in 2018 to Accomplish your Streaming Desires

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Attention Torrenters!!
Using torrents without a VPN is like shooting yourself in the leg! Whether it is for downloading movies, music, comics, or TV shows, copyright trolls and ISPs are in hot pursuit of torrent users. With the best VPN for torrenting, your identity remains hidden and no one can read the contents of your internet traffic through encryption.


Unfortunately, Singaporean ISPs have started taking stern actions against various torrent sites following orders from Singapore High Court. As a result, you may anticipate issues while downloading your preferred media content in Singapore.

However, not all the things are lost. Yes, you have read it correctly. Through our guide on torrent sites for Mac, you can accomplish your media-streaming objective trouble-free. Still, you should not undervalue the role of a VPN when it comes to securing your online privacy.

This way, you can negotiate various issues like DMCA notices and copyright trolls in the right direction. If you want to keep your online privacy protected all the times, explore our Mac VPN list.

9 Torrent Sites for Mac in 2018

Luckily, scope of torrenting is increasing at a rapid pace day by day. As a result, you will find mac torrenting sites users in huge numbers. Interestingly, you can explore various Mac torrenting sites that allow you to watch your favorite media content hassle-free. Secondly these sites may be region blocked and you might need a proxy or a VPN to access it, use either a paid vpn or free vpn for torrenting.

Here is the list of torrent sites for Mac that consists of:

  1. Piratebay2
  2. Pirateiro
  3. Apple Torrent
  4. Katcr
  5. Rutracker
  6. Mac Torrents
  7. 7Tor
  8. ArenaBG
  9. Torrent 4 All

1. Piratebay2

Piratebay2 is another torrenting site you can use on your Mac devices from anywhere. The site allows you to explore your desired torrent files based on different categories. These categories are audio, video, applications, games and others.

If you want to watch your favorite TV shows on your Mac devices, you should try out Piratebay2. Furthermore, you can find out your preferred torrents according to your own demands.


2. Pirateiro

When it comes to finding your desired torrents for your Mac operating systems, nothing beats the importance of Pirateiro. Through its extensive media library feature, you can explore torrents file on various niches. These niches are movies, TV shows, music, games and others.


3. Apple Torrent

Apple Torrent is striving hard to become one of the best torrent sites for Mac. Through this amazing torrenting site, you can download all the latest apps and games under one roof stress-free. Likewise, you can assume Apple Torrent as free Mac App store.


4. Katcr

Katcr is another torrent site for Mac that allows you to watch your preferred torrents without any hassle. As a result, you can watch your desired movies, TV shows, music videos and much more instantly. In addition, you can explore torrents files of your favorite games accordingly.


5. Rutracker

Rutracker is another mac site for torrenting that helps you in exploring your desired torrent files straightaway. By doing so, you can watch your required TV shows, movies, and other media stuff from anywhere.


6. Mac Torrents

Mac Torrents is included in the list of mac torrenting sites since it offers a dedicated section of gaming torrents to its users. If you want to play your favorite online games on Mac devices, Mac Torrents is an indispensable choice.

Once you have created your account on the website, you can go through its FAQ section in detail. By doing so, you can improve your awareness regarding torrenting and BitTorrent clients straightaway.


7. 7Tor

7Tor is one of those mac torrenting sites that help you to accomplish your media streaming cravings. What makes this torrent site for Mac different from other sites is its extensive category feature. You can find torrents on various categories like TV shows, movies, documentaries, theatre, domestic cinema, foreign cinema and so on.


8. ArenaBG

ArenaBG is another mac torrenting site that focuses on the needs of non-English users. If you are a non-English user then ArenaBG is right choice for you. Hence, you can use any torrent file of your choice to watch your preferred media content hassle-free.


9. Torrent 4 All

Torrent users may consider opting Torrent 4 All to download their favorite movies torrents from anywhere. Interestingly, you can find out torrent files based on actors’ category that allow you to discover movies of famous actors.


Torrent Sites for Mac Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms you can opt to explore solutions about torrent related queries. Fortunately, you can find responses about torrent sites that you can use on your Mac devices straightaway.

Here is the comment of one Reddit user indicating about Mac torrenting download site.

Likewise, you can find torrent sites that allow you to play your favorite online games on your Mac devices trouble-free.

Another Reddit user is asking about the credibility of Mac torrent download site.

Torrent Sites for Mac Twitter

Twitter is another platform like Reddit that allows you to solve your Mac torrenting sites related issues instantly. Here is the response of one Twitter follower asking about torrent sites for Mac to crack Photoshop CS6.

Moreover, different Twitter users want to know about torrenting on their latest mac devices.

Wrapping Up

We expect you would appreciate our guide on torrent sites for Mac in 2018. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite media stuff on your Mac devices hassle-free. However, you need to safeguard your online locations from ISPs and other data surveillance agencies. Therefore, you need to rely on a VPN quite heavily.

By doing so, you can bypass legal hassles like copyright infringement notices to another level.

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