NSA Hacked by Shadow Brokers; Snowden’s Take on The Issue

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World’s largest intelligence organization NSA (National Security Agency) faces it’s worst nightmare as it has been hacked. The hackers call themselves “Shadow Brokers” and have demanded $568 Million in Bitcoin to auction the best cyber weapons and breached data.

The Shadow Brokers have claimed to hacked into “Equation Group”, which is a Cyberattack group sponsored by NSA. The hackers have also dumped a range of hacking tools, malware, private exploits owned by the Equation Group.

Moreover, the hackers have claimed that if the auction raises 1,000,000 bitcoins, then a large amount of breached information will be exploited publically. But the auction winner will still get exclusive files.

Nsa Hacked- what snowden say about it

Edward Snowden’s Note About the NSA Hack

Considering the hacking attack on NSA, famous digital privacy activist Edward Snowden has revealed surprising elements behind the hack. Moreover, the hack itself is not as surprising as how the hackers revealed about conducting it.



Note: To get more tweets by Edward Snowden about the NSA hack, click on the above tweets.

What Has Been Breached So Far?

The prime target of the hack was the Equation Group which had been active in hacking for more than two decades, as reported by Kaspersky in 2015. The organization has been alleged to involve in Regin and Stuxnet attacks. Shadow Brokers have already revealed some of the breached files on Tumblr.

Beyond The American & Chinese Firewalls

Surprisingly, the leaked files contain sensitive information such as installation scripts and server configuration files which were created to breach the US manufactured routers and firewalls. The list of US manufacturer includes Cisco, Juniper and Fortinet.

In addition to this, the hack also reveals information, showing that famous Chinese organization “Topsec” was among the targets of the Equation Group.

Is the Hack a Hoax?

Till now it has not been confirmed that the breached documents are genuine  or just a hoax. However, several security researchers including “Matt Suiche” founder of UAE based cyber-security firm “Comae Technologies” have claimed that the breached files are legitimate.

On another hand, various privacy activists consider the NSA hack to be a hoax and bitcoin auction as a distraction to seek public attention.

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