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This article provides solution for VPN Error 868 for the users of Windows 8 only.

What is VPN Error 868?

For Windows 8 users, the VPN error 868 is a very common thing to experience. The VPN Connection Error 868 indicates that your VPN is not set up properly and cannot be connected with the VPN server. The error may arise due to various features, since we are looking to resolve the issue in Windows 8, we are going to provide an easy and quick fix for our Windows 8 users.

How to Fix the VPN Connection Error 868?

Since the issue is very common in Windows 8, it does not need technical expertise to be resolved. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge can find a way around fixing the Error 868.

1) Open up the start tab. Type Run in the search bar. Write “NETSH INT IP RESET” in the command box in Admin mode.

2) If the above step doesn’t work, try connecting your VPN by entering the IP address instead of entering the hostname.

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We have always said that you should also make sure to disconnect all the proxies, anti-virus and firewall temporarily because they might be one of the reasons of the errors. Following the above steps should ensure a smooth VPN connection, however, if the error keeps occurring, please refer to our VPN reviews 2020 guide.