Obama Calls Former NSA CEO To Upgrade Cyber security

Obama Calls Former NSA CEO To Upgrade Cyber security

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The President of United States has finally ordered to upgrade the government’s digital infrastructure. After the attack on Department of Homeland Security Database necessary measures were required. When a hacker entered and exploited sensitive data on twitter, which including names, numbers, address of Secret Agents, Officers and Government Officials.  With respect to present situation, White house is looking forward to shore up the nation’s cyber infrastructure.

In a recent Statement President Obama has stated:

“more and more of our lives are being downloaded, being stored, and as a consequence are a lot more vulnerable.”

Stating clearly the malicious threats to data privacy of US citizens, President Obama has mentioned the modern digital age as a double edged sword. While users get unbeatable job and earning opportunities on internet, Disastrous hacking attempts are being conducted on government’ databases. There is a need to take serious steps against the rising challenges.

Participation of Public-Private Sector

President Obama has called for the formation of bipartisan commission, A framework will be created that will focus on how federal agencies should improve their security systems. The frame work will also develop a cooperative relationship between business community, state and local governments. This will aid in establishing a better system to fight rising cyber threats. In a statement President Obama has said:

So with a chairman who understands government and national security issues, a vice-chairman from the private sector who understands the intimacies of computing, of the digital world, the economic aspects of this, I think we’ve got two of the best possible people to chair this, to head up this effort


To create an effective system and maintain a public-private cooperation, former NSA Security Advisor “Tom Donilon” has been assigned to chair the commission. Former IBM CEO “Sam Palmisano” will be serving as Vice Chair Person  for the commission.

In early days of Obama administration, Threats to Cyber security along with various IT issues were ranked on top priority. However, President Obama has stated the development as “enormous progress” in which certain systems are upgraded while different vulnerabilities are emitted.


White House’s Response

White House has stated in its recent speech and remarks:

even as we set up frameworks for cooperation with the private sector where there are particular vulnerabilities, this is going to be a big agenda, a long-term agenda that is extremely complicated, extremely technical, and is going to require us to overhaul a bunch of legacy systems that are already in place”.

The commission will be compromising of Donilon, Palmisano, Jeh Johnson and Penny Pritzker. Other staff and administration members will include members of the private sector and academia.


The Budget & Reporting

The assigned budget for the Cyber Security is $90 billion. Out of which $19 billion would be spend on different IT programs including the expenses to modernize the legacy systems and old practices of data maintenance. This will also include the training and development of employees. More data experts will be hired for the program.

The new commission  has to present the report by December 1st, it will include the details of cyber challenges. Even more the commission will be focusing upon strategies to safe guard the massive databases of government. These databases consist of sensitive and confidential data. In addition to this, public awareness will be the prime focus of commission. Various strategies will be made to educate citizens about the protection of their personal data.


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