Kill Ping Review 2017


  • Reduce lag by up to 60%
  • 100+ active servers
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Easy to use interface
  • No-Ads policy
  • Seven days money back guarantee
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Available Only on Windows
  • Supports limited games


Kill Ping is an outcome of continuous hard work and dedication of programmers who are devoted to the gaming community. The sole purpose of Kill Ping is to provide gamers with a lag-free environment in the online gaming world.

We only analyze best VPN services. However, as adherent online gamers, Kill Ping piqued our interest.

Kill Ping’s goal is to help and support gamer-community by killing lag, latency issues, packet loss and other online gaming issues. To deliver the best, Kill Ping offers state of the art infrastructure with a dedicated network consisting of 100+ servers distributed across the globe. These servers are responsible for passing game-data packets through a dedicated route while avoiding any data traffic deadlock or packet loss.


Kill Ping’s Packages and Pricing

Kill Ping currently offers three pricing plans which suits to gamers need. Each plan has been designed to be more economical and suitable for the players of all level. One feature that outshines all is the Kill Ping’s seven days money back guarantee. It provides hands-on experience of the app and assures premium satisfaction before subscribing.


Kill Ping Review


  • One month plan costs $8.99
  • The six months subscription plan costs $4.99 per month and a saving of up to 50%.

The annual package costs $1.66 per month and you get an additional one year free.


Kill Ping offers more than 100+ servers across 30+ locations in the world. In addition to this, a dedicated feature in the app automatically selects the best server for you, depending upon your geo-location and ping times. Not to forget, the auto-server selection feature is offered in all packages with no discrimination. With a broad range of servers in all the main regions of the world, Kill Ping delivers a robust gaming experience to subscribers across the globe.

Kill Ping Review

Supported Games

Kill Ping supports popular online games, mainly focusing on MMO titles. You will be able to enjoy uninterrupted and lag-free gaming experience while playing all the supported titles. In our Kill Ping review, we found the support titles to very limited as mainly PC games are supported. This is one area that the service should look upon improving. Some of the games that Kill Ping support includes:

  • Overwatch
  • Battleborn
  • Doom 4
  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • World of Tanks
  • Blade & Soul
  • World of Warcraft
  • RF Online
  • Tera Online
  • Minecraft

If a gaming title is not included in the supported list then don’t worry, Kill Ping allows you to add a custom game. You can do so by navigating through their Windows client, selecting ‘Add a Custom Game’ option, and filling out the required details about the title.

Customer Support

Elite customer support is the prime priority of Kill Ping. Unlike the majority of providers, Kill Ping offers 24 hours live chat technical assistance. For our Kill Ping review, we tested their customer support by inquiring through the live chat feature. We were pleased to receive a timely response from the technical assistance officer of Kill Ping. After evaluation and individual testing, we would rate Kill Ping Customer Support as top notch.

Key Features of Kill Ping

Kill Ping offers the best solution to all online gamers out there. It ability to reduce ping, eliminate lag and packet loss helps gamers from around the world to enjoy uninterrupted online gameplay. Here are some of the features we reviewed for Kill Ping:

Reduce Lag by up to  60%

Are you bothered with the excess in-game lags? A fantastic advantage offered by the Kill Ping is the ping reduction of up to 60%. Kill Ping allows you to score some ultimate headshots and achieve some best moments from your favorite game.

With impressive offerings, Kill Ping takes the gaming up to the whole next new level with zero latency, lag and ping drops. We put this to the test while reviewing Kill Ping. To find out if the service delivers what it promises, we tried playing Dota 2 on different servers using Kill Ping. The results showed considered drop in ping, no lag or packet loss, and a seamless gaming experience.

Easy-To-Use Clients

Kill Pings keeps the interface plain and straightforward. In addition to this, a beginner can understand and operate the app hassle-free. Similarly, the auto-server connectivity feature automates the complicated process and adds even more to customer satisfaction. It provides quick server connectivity with detailed game connection reports, all in a matter of seconds.

Ad Free Experience

Most of the applications in market track your online activities by showing various ads. This is similar as handing over your data to a stranger. Kill Ping offers no-ads policy, thus allowing you to enjoy universal gaming experience without annoying ads during gameplay. Even more, Kill Ping doesn’t interfere with your non-gaming activities and sends only gaming packets through a dedicated node, like a VPN. Kill Ping is surely the one stop solution for safe, premium and lag-free online gaming at very affordable prices.

99% Server Uptime

Your gaming won’t be interrupted even for a single second, as Kill Ping offers guaranteed 99.99% server uptime. With 100+ servers expanded into major nations across the globe, you get 24/7 uninterrupted online gaming experience. Kill Ping is surely the most suitable and cost-effective solution for Lag-free online gaming.


Payment Methods

There are different mode of payments offered by Kill Ping. It eases the complicated transaction process for users and delivers an elite customer satisfaction. Currently, following payment methods are accepted by Kill Ping:

  • Pay Pal.
  • Credit Card.
  • Payment wall.
  • Ali Pay.
  • Eco Card.
  • Bank Transfer.


Free Trial Version

Kill Ping offers a one-month free trial version on request. The free trial version provides hands-on experience of the app so the users can get familiar with service quality before the subscribing. We recommend users to avail the offer and get every bit out of the app. If the service standard meets up to your expectations, then you may subscribe at any time. Additionally, Kill Ping also offers 7 day money back guarantee to subscribers. Some Free VPN 2017 for streaming safely

Tutorials Provided

To provide every bit of details to a user, Kill Ping offers Frequently Asked Questions section. It covers general questions related to technical issues, availability across various platforms, supported games and how Kill Ping aids into removing lag and latency issues in a game. In addition to this, for your convenience we have created a detailed tutorial for the installation of Kill Ping.

How to Setup Kill Ping Software

Here’s how to setup Kill Ping:

  1. Download Kill Ping from its official site
  2. Start the installation process. Proceed by clicking next.
  3. Click on ‘I accept the agreement’. And hit Next
  4. Select a desired location for installation.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. Choose if you want to create a shortcut. Proceed by clicking Next.
  7. Start the installation process by clicking Install.
  8. Finalize the installation and check mark on Launch Kill Ping and then click Finish.
  9. If you haven’t signup for the service earlier, click on I Don’t Have an Account.
  10. Enter your login ID and password and hit Login.
  11. Wait few moments till the loading completes.
  12. Once the loading is completed, select a game of your choice from the dropdown menu.
  13. Select Launcher and Main Module file. Locate the files and click OK
  14. Select a server of your choice and click next
  15. Wait till the game starts (Stats won’t change unless the game starts)
  16. Enjoy the game!

Note: You can always check that the Kill Ping is working and reducing the lags and ping by pressing ctrl + tab during the game.


Online gaming has become the sole and mainstream entertainment for users across the globe. Each year we witness millions of fans gathering up to watch the global gaming tournaments of Dota 2, League of Legends, Counterstrike and much more. However, ping issues, lag drops, latency spikes, IP leaks, DDoS attacks and packet loss destroy the in-game experience to a notable extent.

Considering the modern gaming issues, Kill Ping is the wallet-friendly solution to deliver an ultimate gaming environment to players with zero lags, packet loss and any other gaming issue. The state of the art app provides easy-to-use operation for even beginners. In addition to this, a  broad range of top-tier servers ensures uninterruptable gameplay experience to users during the peak times.

In our Kill Ping review, we give the an excellent 8.5/10 rating for its top-notch offerings.


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2 Responses to Kill Ping Review 2017

  1. Peng says:

    Used this in Australia – doesn’t provide any benefit. Don’t buy or believe their lies. They won’t give you a refund when you ask for this, even if you provide them with their own software statistics

  2. Andre says:

    KillPing is a good service and will most likely help with your ping if it’s above 100.
    but be aware that once you buy this, they will NOT give you a refund. No matter how hard you try. So before you buy their software make sure that you will not regret it.

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