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Kill Ping Review 2020

Kill Ping is an outcome of continuous hard work and dedication of programmers who are devoted to the gaming community. The sole purpose of Kill Ping is to provide gamers with a lag-free environment in the online gaming world.

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While the focus of this website remains on the best VPN services. As an adherent online gamer, I could stop myself from conducting this Kill Ping review.

Kill Ping’s goal is to help and support gamer-community by killing lag, latency issues, packet loss and other online gaming issues.

So, does Kill Ping work?

It absolutely does and I will tell you how as you read on.

But before I proceed, here is a quick comparison of Kill Ping with our top recommended VPN that provided great value and a more seamless gaming experience.

FeaturesPureVPNKill Ping
Price $3.33/mo $1.66/mo
Servers6,500+ in 140 Countries100+ Servers in 30+ Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows only
JurisdictionHong Kong (UnSafe)Hong Kong
Logging PolicyZero LogsN/A
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportOnly Ticketing System
Trustpilot Score4.82.6
Visit Website Website

Kill Ping offers a state of the art infrastructure with a dedicated network consisting of 100+ servers distributed across the globe.

These servers are responsible for passing game-data packets through a dedicated route while avoiding any data traffic deadlock or packet loss.

Kill Ping Pro & Cons

  • Reduce Lag by up to 60%
  • 100+ Active Servers
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • No-Ads Policy
  • 14 Days Money back guarantee
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Available Only on Windows
  • Supports Limited Games

Key Features of Kill Ping

Kill Ping offers the best solution to all online gamers out there. It ability to reduce ping, eliminate lag and packet loss helps gamers from around the world to enjoy uninterrupted online gameplay.

Here are some of its important features:

Access to All Servers in a Single Package

No matter which package plan of Kill Ping you purchase, you will get access to all the servers. Considering the vast range of servers of Kill Ping, this isn’t a feature that should go unnoticed. This service gives you plenty of options to choose the best possible server for your gaming experience.

Reduces the Lag by up to 60%

Are you bothered with the excess in-game lags? A fantastic advantage offered by the Kill Ping is the ping reduction of up to 60%. It allows you to score some ultimate headshots and achieve some best moments from your favorite game.

With impressive offerings, Kill Ping takes gaming up to a whole new level with zero latency, lag and ping drops. I put this to the test conducting this Kill Ping review.

To find out if the service delivers what it promises, I tried playing Dota 2 on different servers using Kill Ping. The results showed considered drop-in ping, no lag or packet loss, and a seamless gaming experience.

No Limits on Server Switching

Kill Ping does not put any limits on how many servers you can change in a single session.

It gets better.

With its auto-pick option, the service sorts through its 100 servers spread across 30+ countries and it selects the best possible one.

Evidently, the best servers are found based on ping times and geo-locations.

99% Server Uptime

Your gaming won’t be interrupted even for a single second, as Kill Ping offers guaranteed 99.99% server uptime. With 100+ servers expanded into major nations across the globe, you get 24/7 uninterrupted online gaming experience.

Kill Ping is surely the most suitable and cost-effective solution for Lag-free online gaming.

Easy-To-Use Clients

Kill Ping keeps the interface plain and straightforward. In addition to this, a beginner can understand and operate the app hassle-free. Similarly, the auto-server connectivity feature automates the complicated process and adds even more to customer satisfaction.

It provides quick server connectivity with detailed game connection reports, all in a matter of seconds.

Ad-Free Experience

Most of the applications in the market track your online activities by showing various ads. This is similar as handing over your data to a stranger.

But as Kill Ping offers no-ads policy, thus allowing you to enjoy universal gaming experience without annoying ads during gameplay.

While testing the service for this Kill Ping review, I found this feature to be extremely calming.

Even more, Kill Ping doesn’t interfere with your non-gaming activities and sends only gaming packets through a dedicated node, like a VPN. Kill Ping is surely the one-stop solution for safe, premium and lag-free online gaming at very affordable prices.

Get PureVPN For GamingBest Alternative to Kill Ping

How to Setup Kill Ping Software?

Here’s how to setup Kill Ping:

  1. Click on the Kill Ping download option on the provider’s website.
  2. Start the installation process. Proceed by clicking Next.
  3. Click on ‘I accept the agreement’. And hit Next
  4. Select a desired location for installation.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. Choose if you want to create a shortcut. Proceed by clicking Next.
  7. Start the installation process by clicking Install.
  8. Finalize the installation and check mark on Launch Kill Ping and then click Finish.
  9. If you haven’t signup for the service earlier, click on I Don’t Have an Account.
  10. Enter your login ID and password and hit Login.
  11. Wait few moments till the loading completes.
  12. Once the loading is completed, select a game of your choice from the dropdown menu.
  13. Select Launcher and Main Module file. Locate the files and click OK.
  14. Select a server of your choice and click Next.
  15. Wait till the game starts (Stats won’t change unless the game starts).
  16. Enjoy the game!

Note: You can always check that the Kill Ping is working and reducing the lags and ping by pressing ctrl + tab during the game.

How to Use Kill Ping?

Here are some of the ways in which you can use Kill Ping on these popular online games.

League of Legends


League of Legends, popularly referred to as LoL, is one of the most popular MOBA games on the planet. The game immerses the player with its rich mythology and action-packed battles.

Regardless, sometimes in the heat of the battle, those annoying lags turn out to be your real enemy. The following video tells you how to use Kill Ping with LoL.

Dota 2


While we are on MBOs, how can one ignore Dota 2, the action-packed brilliance by Blizzard? Dota 2 has hordes of fans worldwide. It requires several skills to be mastered, including good reflexes.

Of course, these reflexes are of no use if you are constantly being interrupted by lags. Here is a way you can play Dota 2 completely lag-free.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest installment in the coveted FPS franchise. In this game, timing is everything. One lapse of concentration can lend you on the ground.


Since timing here matters so much, lags could be a matter of virtual life or death. Here, Kill Ping acts as your savior. It gives you the seamless gaming experience you need in CSGO. The following video tells you how to use CSGO with Kill Ping and stop the terrorist from winning.

Get PureVPN For GamingBest Alternative to Kill Ping

Kill Ping Free Trial

You can get a Kill Ping free trial for month upon request. The free trial version provides hands-on experience of the app so the users can get familiar with service quality before the subscribing.

I recommend users to avail the offer and get every bit out of the app. If Kill Ping trial meets up to your expectations, then you may subscribe at any time.

With the Kill Ping free trial, there is also a money-back guarantee on offer.

Kill Ping Servers

As I have explained before in this Kill Ping review, the service offers more than 100+ servers across 30+ locations in the world. In addition to this, a dedicated feature in the app automatically selects the best server for you, depending upon your geo-location and ping times.

Not to forget, the auto-server selection feature is offered in all packages with no discrimination. With a broad range of servers in all the main regions of the world, Kill Ping delivers a robust gaming experience to subscribers across the globe.


Kill Ping also tells you the number of active users and Ping Improvement on each of its servers.

Supported Games

Kill Ping supports popular online games, mainly focusing on MMO titles. You will be able to enjoy uninterrupted and lag-free gaming experience while playing all the supported titles.

Readers of this Kill Ping review will be glad to know that this service supports vast number of games.

Some of the games that Kill Ping support includes:

  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Destiny 2
  • FIFA 2017
  • Doom 4
  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Battlefield
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Minecraft

If a gaming title is not included in the supported list then don’t worry, Kill Ping allows you to add a custom game.

You can do so by navigating through their Windows client, selecting ‘Add a Custom Game’ option, and filling out the required details about the title.

Here’s how you can do that:

Get PureVPN For GamingBest Alternative to Kill Ping

Customer Support

Elite customer support is the prime priority of Kill Ping. Unlike the majority of providers, Kill Ping offers 24 hours live chat technical assistance.

For this Kill Ping review, I tested their customer support by inquiring through the live chat feature.

I was pleased to receive a timely response from the technical assistance officer of Kill Ping. After evaluation and individual testing, I would rate Kill Ping Customer Support as top-notch.

The service also boasts Tier 1 Email support and promises a swift and detailed reply to all queries.

You can send your questions at [email protected].

With this, a ticketing system is also on offer.


Get PureVPN For GamingBest Alternative to Kill Ping

Kill Ping Pricing Plans

Kill Ping currently offers three pricing plans, which suits to gamers need. Each plan caters to gamers with different budget restrictions.


  • One month plan costs $9.99
  • The six months subscription plan costs $5.99 per month and a saving of up to 40%.

The annual package costs $1.66 per month. This means you can experience seamless gaming for a year by basically paying peanuts.

Payment Methods

There are different modes of payments offered by Kill Ping. It eases the complicated transaction process for users and delivers elite customer satisfaction.

Currently, the following payment methods are accepted by Kill Ping:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Paymentwall
  • Bitpay

Refund Policy

One feature that outshines all is the Kill Ping’s 15 days money-back guarantee. It provides hands-on experience of the app and assures premium satisfaction before subscribing.

Get PureVPN For GamingBest Alternative to Kill Ping

Kill Ping Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a site that accumulates honest reviews of different online businesses.

On the website, gamers praise the efficiency of Kill Ping when it comes to killing lags.


Another Kill Ping review shows that its ability to provide smooth online gaming has won it many fans.


Kill Ping Twitter Reviews

Twitter is a premier social media forum. It gives a voice to the masses who have plenty to say about different matters.

On this site, I found a dope Kill Ping review that confirmed that this service is lit.

However, the service did not do the trick for some gamers.

Kill Ping Reddit Reviews

Reddit has dedicated subreddits for gaming. These subreddits are often subject to intense discussing about different online gaming issues.

As latency issue continues to bother the gaming communities, they continue to look for the best possible solution.

When a gamer asked to evaluate Kill Ping vs fast, many recommend the former.

There are many options when it comes to killing lags. Here, a gamer asks if Outfox or Kill Ping is better for Fortnite.

Outfox or Killping ok to use for Fortnite? from FortNiteBR

Check more: Best VPN Service as per Reddit Users

Does it Work on Kodi?

Yes, it does work well with Kodi.

With its 100+ servers, you can unblock geo-restricted Live TV content on Kodi.

There are tons of VPN services that work well with Kodi. But first, you will need to learn how to install VPN on Kodi and then start streaming safely.


I have listed down some of the VPN services that are said to be the best alternatives for Kill Ping:

Final Verdict

Online gaming has become the sole and mainstream entertainment for users across the globe. Each year we witness millions of fans gathering up to watch the global gaming tournaments of Fortnite, PUBG and much more.

However, ping issues, lag drops, latency spikes, IP leaks, DDoS attacks, and packet loss destroy the in-game experience to a notable extent.

Considering the modern gaming issues, Kill Ping is the wallet-friendly solution to deliver an ultimate gaming environment to players with zero lags, packet loss and any other gaming issue.

I would recommend my readers to choose PureVPN over Kill Ping as it offers better security features at an affordable price.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives to Kill Ping, check these gaming VPNs out.

The state of the art app provides easy-to-use operation for even beginners. In addition to this, a broad range of top-tier servers ensures uninterruptible gameplay experience to users during the peak times.

To end this Kill Ping review, I will give this service an excellent 4.4/5.

If you don’t want to use Kill Ping and prefer using other alternatives, you might want to try out Pubg VPN.

Get PureVPN For GamingBest Alternative to Kill Ping

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9 Responses to Kill Ping Review 2020

  1. Brian says:

    This software has a seemingly endless number of complaints regarding its effectiveness to reduce lag, as well as indicating that the refund policy is a scam, you agree with this and yet you still have this absolutely positive review which encourages people to purchase Kill Ping. I don’t know how much you’ve been paid to scam your readers but you should consider taking back your integrity.

    • Shahmeer Baloch says:

      All of these reason combined is the fact that we do not recommend buying Kill Ping. The comparison table above is the reason why I recommend you using PureVPN that is in every way better than Kill Ping.


    This service only reduced my ping by about 10ms and they have ignored all of my requests for a refund. I have yet to receive a single response from them. I’m under the impression that this review was paid for.

  3. Geoffrey Berting says:

    They have poor customer support. They will never respond to your emails. I assume they just care about your money not their customers.

    I have a problem using their application after a day I subscribed to them. They never responded and left me hanging. I just wasted my money for nothing.

  4. Peng says:

    Used this in Australia – doesn’t provide any benefit. Don’t buy or believe their lies. They won’t give you a refund when you ask for this, even if you provide them with their own software statistics

  5. Andre says:

    Kill Ping is a good service and will most likely help with your ping if it’s above 100.

    but be aware that once you buy this, they will NOT give you a refund. No matter how hard you try. So before you buy their software make sure that you will not regret it.

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