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Most Xfinity routers have a default IP address of But, if you have changed your default IP address, you will need to find it in order to access the router’s web interface. By accessing the web interface of your Xfinity router, you can change and configure settings according to your needs.

In this guide, we will show you how you can find your router gateway IP address, and log in to your router panel online to change settings.

How to find out your Xfinity router gateway IP

Most Xfinity routers use the same default gateway IP address, username, and password. In case you have changed your default Xfinity router’s IP address and forgot, you can easily find it by following the simple steps as explained below.

Find Xfinity router IP on Windows

  • Press Win + r
  • It will open the run prompt.
  • Type cmd and press Enter.
  • In the command prompt, type the following command:
ipconfig | findstr "Default Gateway" 
  • Click Enter. It will show your default gateway IP address.


Find Xfinity router IP on Linux

  • Open Terminal window and type the following command:
ip route | grep default
  • Press Enter, and you will see your Xfinity Router’s default IP address.

Find Xfinity router IP on OSX

  • Open your OSX Terminal.
  • Type the following command:
netstat -nr | grep default 
  • Press Enter, and you will get your default Xfinity router’s IP address. It will be something like

How to login to your Xfinity router

Here’s how you can log in to your Xfinity router:

  1. Open your browser and type your default gateway IP address that you got from the steps mentioned above.
  2. Enter your default username and password.
  3. That’s it, you can now access your Xfinity router’s settings.

How to Reset my Comcast Xfinity Router?

To reset your Comcast Xfinity router, follow these steps:

  1. Press the recessed reset button on the bottom of your router and hold it for 30-40 seconds.
  2. Wait for the light to turn off and then turn it back in. Your router will have been reset now.


Most Xfinity routers have default login details like ‘admin’ as username and ‘password’ as password. Other possible login combinations are ‘root’ and ‘root’, or cusadmin’ and ‘highspeed’. If these don’t work, you can check the back of your router and user manual.

The default IP address of Xfinity routers is usually “”, “”, or “”. If these don’t work, you can check your IP address by following the steps mentioned above, or you can check your router box and user manual. Most routers have the IP address with username and password printed on a sticker on the device.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to find out the IP address of your Xfinity router and how to login to the web interface to change its settings. If any of the steps don’t work, or you cannot log in to the web interface, you can connect with customer service for assistance. You can also share suggestions in the comments below.