How to Watch UFC 198 Live Online at Cheap Prices

Published 2016-05-11 By: Muhammad Ammar Naeem

Gear up for some exhilarating mix-martial arts action as UFC 198 is set to take place on May 14th 2016 at the Arena de Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil. The current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Fabrício Werdum will defend his title against Stipe Miocic. Both the fighters have different styles of fighting and it will be an interesting showdown between the two.

You can watch UFC 198 online using different methods. One of the methods is to purchase the UFC pay-per-view (PPV) and watch the fight live online. However, the prices of PPV change from region to region. This means that the PPV will be expensive in certain countries but more affordable in other locations. So how do you watch UFC 198 online at cheap prices?
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Get PPV at Cheap Price to Watch UFC 198 Online

Currently, the cheapest price of UFC PPV is available in Malaysia and Philippines. To avail the pay-per-view at the cheapest rate and watch UFC 198 live online, you need a tool that allows you to change your virtual location. A VPN is the tool best for achieving this through its global server spread. Below listed VPN services that have servers located all around the world and will enable you to watch UFC 198 live.

Once you have selected a VPN from the above mentioned table, you now purchase UFC PPV at affordable prices. All you have to do is connect to a server located in Malaysia or Philippines. Upon connecting, your original IP address gets masked and you adopt the IP address of the VPN server which allows you to purchase the PPV at affordable prices.

Price Variation of PPV in Various Regions

To find the cheapest price for UFC pay-per-view, we conducted a small research and changed our virtual location to different regions using a VPN. Here are the results from our tests:

United States

When we were connected to a VPN server based in USA, the price of UFC 198 pay-per-view was $54.99.

How to Watch UFC 198 Live Online at Cheap Prices

Malaysia & Philippines

Then we changed our location to Malaysia and Philippines using a VPN and found that the prices of PPV dropped to USD $19.99. These two regions were the cheapest locations from where you can get the PPV and watch UFC 198 online.

How to Watch UFC 198 Live Online at Cheap Prices

Hong Kong & Singapore

Lastly, we connect to servers based in Hong Kong and Singapore, and found that the prices of UFC 198 pay-per-view were USD $24.99.

How to Watch UFC 198 Live Online at Cheap Prices

Beware of UFC Blackouts on PPV

The UFC pay-per-view might available at cheap rates across various locations but it is not available everywhere around the world. During our testing, we came across various regions where the prices of UFC PPV dropped considerably but the event was blacked out. So if you are about to purchase the PPV and see the following message then that means the event is not available in your region:

How to Watch UFC 198 Live Online at Cheap Prices

So how do you overcome the problem of blackouts? In short, use a VPN service. Just connect to any other region where the UFC PPV is available (preferably Malaysia or Philippines) using a VPN and watch UFC 198 live online from anywhere.

Final Verdict

On paper, Werdum and Miocic have the same height (76 inches) but their record shows that both have a different style of fighting. The Brazilian Champion, Fabricio Werdum has a record of 20-5-1 and has a 50 percent submission rate. On the other hand, Stipe Miocic has a 14-2-0 record but most of his victories have been through KO/TKO (71 percent).

It will be very interesting to see how the fight between the two pans out and who comes out on top.    The UFC 198 fight card will also hold other MMA fighters competing at the Arena de Baixada. You can watch UFC 198 online by purchasing the PPV at cheap prices using a VPN. Like we mentioned earlier, in Malaysia and Philippines, you can avail the cheapest price for UFC PPV.

For now we leave you with the latest promo for UFC 198. So who’s your money on? Let us know in the comments below.

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