Colossus Repo and Super Repo Shutdown – Find Covenant in Kodil Repository


SuperRepo Down, Smash Repo Shutdown, Ares Wizard / Ares Repo / Ares Project (Shut Down),  and Colossus Repo Shutdown. Best replacement for these repositories that supports Covenant Kodi Addon are Kodil Repo & (NEW REPO) XvBMC.

Covenant, once a replacement of Exodus add-on has faced a major setback as Colossus Repository bites the dust. Covenant Kodi add-on was originally found under Colossus Repository who got legal threats and was shutdown last night. However, Kodil Repository was just in time to save the day!

The Covenant shutdown news came as a shocker when one of the Colossus Group developers posted on his Twitter account that Colossus is no more.

But there is still a hope in the midst of darkness. Covenant add-on can still survive if other developers in the Kodi world can step forward and take the responsibility. We tried to install Covenant when Colossus Repository died, and rightly so, some of the Covenant movie links were still working.

Best Kodi Repositories That Supports Covenant Kodi Addon After Colossus Repo Shutdown

Covenant Kodi Repository (Working)

Covenant Kodi Repository (Not Working)

In the absence of Colossus Repository and Ares Project, you can view the installation guide for Covenant with Kodil Repository, that still works!

Covenant Kodi Alternatives (Covenant Shutdown)

Covenant Kodi add-on was without a doubt a perfect haven for Movies and TV Shows in HD viewing. However, Kodi always have more to offer with so many Movies and TV Shows add-ons just waiting to entertain Kodi users. These are listed below:

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Attention Kodi Users!!

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The Wrap Up

Colossus Repository has been forced to step down due to legal threats, but it has taken Covenant and Bennu addon with it. Covenant shutdown news has come as a shocker of a news amongst Kodi fans. There is a slight hope of light that Covenant will be taken over by other Kodi add-ons. Meanwhile, we have provided alternatives to Covenant Kodi to enjoy Movies and TV Shows.

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