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A&E is an American cable and satellite TV channel. When the channel started its transmission, it focused on biographies, documentaries and drama series especially about crimes and mysteries. However, A&E has recently expanded its scope of programs to include reality shows to attract a younger audience.

Recent stats suggest that A&E TV is viewed in 86.08% of houses in US. A&E TV online streaming is also one of the options that are available to the masses that have the same TV providers as listed in A&E’s TV providers list. However, viewership of A&E TV is limited to US only. This means if you are located outside US, you will miss hit TV Seasons, Documentaries, Reality Shows and videos on A&E TV. But this guide will tell you How To Unblock and Watch A&E TV Live Outside US.


Unblock A&E TV

If you are willing to access the contents of A&E TV despite the restrictions, you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and limitations set on A&E TV.

You will need to equip your device with a VPN that will allow you to stream full contents of A&E TV online. This way you will not only be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows but you will be doing that while remaining anonymous and hidden online.

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During our research on several VPNs, we found the aforementioned worked best to provide you with the access to blocked content while protecting you from the potential threats of cybercrimes and online surveillance agencies.

In other words, when you are connecting through a VPN, it will make sure to cover up your original IP address with one of the IP addresses that are available on its server.


Is A&E TV’s Online Streaming Available outside the US?

We hate to break it to you, but if you are travelling or living outside the US you will not have the luxury of watching A&E TV. In fact, you will not even be eligible for A&E TV online streaming. Due to several issues, the content of A&E TV is geo-restricted and limitations are set on it to avoid its transmission outside the United States.

If you are trying to unblock a&e tv contents from a non-American IP address, you will not be allowed to view the content that is exclusively available for the US viewers. This might frustrate you but you can avoid it if you try to access A&E TV through a VPN.


Accessing the Premium Content on A&E TV’s Online Streaming

Guess what is the first thing that comes to the general users’ mind upon hearing the word “premium”? How much would it cost? But quite surprising, you do not have to pay anything to access the premium content on A&E TV’s online streaming. You only need to provide your TV service provider’s username and password to access full episodes of your favorite TV shows in HD.

However, those users who do not have their TV service providers’ names listed, can access a good amount of videos by accessing the premium content which is available to the users who have TV subscriptions.

Do not forget to check out the TV service providers. Here is a screenshot to make it more convenient for you.



Downloading A&E TV iPhone App 

Fans can access A&E TV even if they are moving. A&E TV provides enough margin of mobility to users so that they can access a near-unlimited variety of their favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere from their iOS device. To cater the needs of masses, A&E TV has designed A&E TV iPhone App. However, the app requires the user to be located in US. Yet, A VPN will enable you to shift your IP address to US server. In this way you enjoy unlimited on-demand entertainment on A&E TV via iOS device outside US.

watch a&e

Downloading A&E TV Android App

A&E TV Android App is free and cost nothing to users. You can use it anywhere within the United States to access full contents. However, People who want to access A&E TV outside the United States on their Android device will need to equip their device with a VPN, to enjoy TV shows like Wahl burgers, Duck Dynasty and Longmire. The A&E TV online streaming works seamless on Android, Windows,  Firefox and Google Chrome and it needs Flash 10.2+ or higher to run the videos. Its available on Google Playstore.

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Stay Updated with the Latest TV Shows on A&E TV

If you think you have had enough entertainment for the day, then rethink. Because A&E TV provides some of the best TV shows and documentaries that America has ever seen!

We are going to recommend some of our favorite TV shows that currently run on A&E TV. You can access these shows outside the US with the help of a VPN.

  • WAHLBURGERS, a reality TV series, is a top notch and highly recommended!
  • DUCK DYNASTY, yet another reality TV series that has taken the audiences by storm and has made a case for itself.
  • LONGMIRE, a drama series based on mystery novels by the best-selling author Craig Johnson.
  • STORAGE WARS, another reality TV series that has been on air since 2010 and has a huge fan following.

Wahl burgers

Starring Paul Wahl berg, Alma McPeck and Donnie Wahl berg, Wahl burgers show the personal and professional life of Paul Wahlberg and his partners. He is putting all the efforts to expand his restaurant business that specializes in hamburgers.

Bates Motel

Starring Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore and Max Thieriot, the show is created by Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin and Anthony Cipriano. Bates Motel depicts the story of Norman Bates. Watch his how his relationship lead to remarkable incidents, which shaped Norman’s life forever.


Intervention is reality TV show created  by Sam Mettler and Rob Sharenow. The show puts light upon different types of addictions including Cocaine, Heroine, Alcohol, Eating Disorders and Drugs. Each show includes one or more addiction cases. The aim of the show is to create awareness about how disastrous is your addiction to your family including your children.


The A&E TV has a lot to offer to its audiences (that vary from teenagers to adults). It has successfully hooked its audiences by offering different set of programs that cater their needs. From drama series to reality TV series, A&E promises almost everything to offer to their users.

Much to the non-American users’ dismay, the A&E TV’s online streaming is geo-restricted and cannot be accessed outside the US. However, a VPN can help the users (like you and me) to not only access the blocked content on A&E TV but it will also allow you to do so while protecting your online identity from the likes of cybercrimes and online surveillance agencies.