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Windows XP was declared obsolete in 2014. The operating system we millennials all grew up with no longer receives official updates, leaving it much more vulnerable to the exploits of cybercriminals and hackers. Therefore, if you’re still using the XP version, it is strongly advised that you keep your system protected with updated malware software as well as VPN tools.

Unfortunately, most VPNs out there no longer support Win XP, and some of those that do require you manually set up the VPN on your ancient Windows XP machine.

In this article, I’ll explain how you can use one of the most powerful VPNs out there, ExpressVPN, with Windows (XP version).

What is the Best VPN for Windows XP?

Editor’s Recommendation: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers the best compatibility for Windows XP systems using the OpenVPN configuration. The VPN delivers fast speeds and uses AES-256 encryption to ensure maximum security of private information on your PC. As one of its most powerful features, there are 3,000+ streaming-optimized servers located in 94 countries in ExpressVPN’s network.

ExpressVPN - The Best VPN for Windows XP


Here are some key features of ExpressVPN:


There are 3 different subscription plans from the provider:


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a country that has no ties with any spying agencies or the frightening Five Eyes. Moreover, the laws within the country respect individual privacy – something that is perfectly reflected in the logging policy of ExpressVPN. The provider keeps no logs of personally identifiable information of their users, guaranteeing user privacy. Windows XP users that are looking for better privacy can rely on this VPN to keep their information safe from any malicious third-parties.


VPN protocols you get with ExpressVPN include PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN.


American Netflix has the largest library of TV shows and movies out of all other regions where Netflix is available. ExpressVPN is among the rare breed of VPNs that still allow users to access different regions of Netflix without any errors. Windows XP users that don’t want to miss their favorite content can trust ExpressVPN to watch all available shows and movies from anywhere in the world. Here is a guide about using ExpressVPN with Netflix.


All ExpressVPN servers support torrenting. If you’re located in a country with strong anti-piracy laws and where torrent websites are blocked, ExpressVPN enables you to not only unblock these torrenting websites but also improves your security. As such, you can torrent safely with the knowledge that your identity is kept safe and protected by ExpressVPN.


ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for Windows XP users because of its all-around efficiency and superior functionality. It takes care of your privacy while also ensuring unrestricted access to the web. Considering that Windows XP lacks official support from Microsoft, it would actually be foolhardy to continue using the operating system without the protective shield of ExpressVPN.

To read about ExpressVPN in detail, check out our all-inclusive ExpressVPN review.

If you are a modern Windows user, you’re probably looking for a Windows 10 VPN provider. Don’t forget to check these out.

Setup Instructions

As I mentioned, many VPN providers have retracted dedicated app support for Windows XP. This means that you will have to manually set up a VPN on your PC.

Instructions for PPTP and L2TP VPN Setup

To install a VPN of your choice on Windows XP, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. I will first show you the steps for PPTP. For L2TP, you only need to modify a few settings, but it mostly involves the same steps as PPTP.

  1. Open Start Menu > Settings > Network Connections
  2. Click “Create a new connection”
  3. Press “Next”
  4. In the new screen that opens, check “Connect to the network at my workplace”
  5. Now choose “Virtual Private Network connection”
  6. Pick a name for your VPN connection and click “Next”
  7. Click “Finish” when the VPN is done setting up
  8. In the next screen, enter your VPN username and password (these are the login details with which you have subscribed to a VPN service. If you’re setting up a private VPN, contact your network admin for details)
  9. Press “Connect”

This will set up PPTP VPN on your system

  1. For L2TP, you need to click “Properties” when the step 8 screen appears and then open the Networking tab
  2. Select “L2TP IPSec VPN” from the Type of VPN menu.
  3. Then on the Security tab, click IPSec Settings. Contact your VPN provider for help in this setting
  4. Press ok, and then connect to the VPN by entering your username and password

This will complete your L2TP VPN setup.

OpenVPN Setup

OpenVPN manual setup is pretty straightforward. I would recommend this VPN protocol over PPTP and L2TP because of its superior performance and encryption standards.

To start:

  1. Download OpenGUI for free on your system and start the installer
  2. Click Next

OpenVPN step 1


  1. Press I Agree

OPenVPN step 2


  1. Leave all boxes checked as they are by default and click Next

OpenVPN step 3


  1. Select a destination for installation and press Install

OpenVPN step 4


  1. You might get the following message for Tap-Win32 Adapter installation. Click Install

OpenVPN step 5


  1. Click on Next

step 6


  1. Click Finish to successfully end the installation process

step 7


  1. Visit the official page of your VPN provider and download .ovpn config files. You need these to configure OpenGUI to run the specific VPN you want
  2. Once downloaded, extract the config files to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.
  3. Now start OpenVPN GUI. It will appear in the bottom right on your taskbar once started
  4. Right-click on the icon in the taskbar, and choose a server location you want to connect to
  5. Enter your login credentials and you’re good to go
  6. When you want to disconnect, right-click on the server you are connected to and click disconnect


The Need for a Windows XP VPN

Modern operating systems such as Windows 10, macOS, and Ubuntu are not capable of keeping you safe from stalkers and data-harvesting agencies online.

Here’s a question for you: if these OSs can’t help, how much worse would a 20-year-old OS be?

I suppose that’s not a question that needs answering, because the fact of the matter is, online privacy issues are always present and you need to rely on more than just your OS to keep yourself protected online.

Apart from the privacy boost that a VPN gives you, there’s also the benefit of attaining true online freedom and overcoming any restrictions on websites that might impede your access.

These are important benefits that a VPN instantly provides as soon as you connect to one.

What are the best free VPN for Windows XP?

Here are some of the best free VPN services for Windows XP that you can use today:

  1. Windscribe – Free on data, and secure too
  2. Proton VPN Free – The best free VPN we’ve tested to date
  3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN – Decent free VPN with generous data allowances
  4. TunnelBear Free VPN – Comprehensive identity protection for free

Finishing Up

In spite of the fact that Windows XP has run past its expiry date, it still continues to be in use around the world. Nonetheless, without official support and discontinued security updates, it is extremely dangerous to use this OS without a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best VPN you can use for any Windows and specifically XP because the provider still officially supports it through OpenVPN. In addition, the security and unblocking features of ExpressVPN are unmatched in the VPN industry and it’s fortunate that Windows XP users can still get at a taste of that.