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This goes out to all the people who have just learned about the wonder of IP switching, and to those who have been using IP address changing websites for a long time now. Here are a few reasons why IP changers seem like good options to unblock websites, and why you should never use them.


Change your IP Address & Access Unblocked Websites

Looking to change your IP address? I’m figuring you just had a run in with some Geo-IP restrictions. Geo-IP restrictions are the Mondays of the internet. I call them Mondays because nobody loves them, and its ok to hate them. Every website has different Geo-IP restrictions.

A Geo-IP restriction works by sniffing your IP address for the country code. Yes your (and every) IP address has a country code. Your country code is based on your physical location. If the country you’re sitting in right now is not ‘clear’, you get locked out with a notification telling you that the website is not available in your country.

An IP changer allows you to access these blocked websites.


Advantages of Changing your IP Address

Switching to a US IP address will let you access US based websites that are blocked to non-US internet users. Similarly, switching to a UK IP address will let you access UK based websites that are blocked to non-UK internet users.

If you have never changed your IP before, then get ready for a world of unlimited possibilities. There are countless IP changing services out there, because there are countless blocked websites out there.

Most IP changers are free, but you might have to juggle through a few IP changing services to find one that works fast enough for you.


Why Changing Your IP Address is Bad

Switching your IP address won’t actually change your public IP address, it will just place a third-party between you and the server of your desired website. Let’s call this third-party server ‘Sam’.

Now you’re on vacation, and you want to access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora or some other website. You’re sitting in your hotel room in Europe and the website you want to access is based in the US. So you ask Sam to jump in the middle and access the website for you.

Sam accesses the website for you, and plays FedEx for all the data coming and going between you and your website’s server. The question is, can you trust Sam? Will Sam take responsibility for your data security?


It Gives a Third Party Access to your Data

Sam provides a cheap service, but not a safe service. IP changers like ‘Sam’ are the reason behind the rising rate of cybercrime. Data going through IP changers is unsecured and unencrypted. It is in the air for anybody to grab with the right software. In addition, it also gives IP changers access to your system, making you vulnerable to malware and virus.


You Pay with Data instead of Cash

Did I mention that there are countless IP changing services out there? That is because everybody wants to get a chance to get hold of your data. They are free because they manage to make profits by selling and exploiting your data. They don’t need to charge you a few dollars when they can get their hands on your credit card and bank account credentials instead.


An Alternative to IP Changers

There is no alternative to IP changers.

If you want to unblock a website, you will have to cloak your IP address. Bringing a third party into the equation is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a safer way to do it.

You can change your IP address and stay safe at the same time by using a Virtual Private Tunnel, created over your very own Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will get the job done by cloaking your IP address behind the IP address of another system located in the preferred country.

However, using a VPN secures your data because unlike traditional free IP changers, your IP is being cloaked by a server that is equipped with state-of-the-art software and military grade encryption. That way not even your Internet Service Provider will know what you are doing when you go online.

Data encryption means that your data will be coded through a method that will make it incomprehensible for anybody who intercepts it on the way. This is a much safer option compared to the countless free IP changers because they don’t do anything to protect your data or your identity.

The more sensitive your online activity, the higher your encryption should be, but the lower your speed will be. So you can use low or moderate encryption when watching movies, and high encryption when making bookings or buying/selling online.


REMEMBER: There is no Such Thing as a Free IP Changer

Google ‘How to change my IP address’ and you will be bombarded with websites that will promise to change your IP address for you, for free. They promise complete online independence and accessibility in exchange for nothing.

But what they don’t tell you is that they are stealing your data. Your data is your identity. It is everything about you, including your address, bank details, credit card numbers, email accounts, bank accounts, PIN codes, access codes, music libraries, bookmarks, favorite restaurants, etc.

Not a lot of people know this, but data is stolen silently and sold in the deepest corners of the internet – every day.



Online identities are collected, sold and then exploited; and in most cases people don’t even known it has happened until it is already too late. Victims don’t know that their identities have been stolen until somebody takes out a massive loan against them, or until somebody implicates them in a robbery. That is when you pay for having used free IP changers.

VPN services are designed to ensure online freedom and to secure your internet security. Most modern VPN services provide unlimited speed and a variety of encryption protocols (types of encryption methods) to suit your needs.

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