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A public IP address is one that is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and solely belongs to your network. To change your public IP address, you can use any of the steps mentioned in our blog.

Public IP addresses are of two types; dynamic and static. ISPs are usually keen on assigning users a dynamic IP address as it is often refreshed. This means that your IP address changes to a different one after some time. However, a static IP remains the same until your device is decommissioned.

wondering how can I change my public IP address. If you want to change your public IP address for any reason, you can use a top VPN service for this. A VPN will let you connect to any country’s server and allow you to enjoy an encrypted connection while being secure easily.

How to change your public IP address [Quick Guide]

Here’s how to change your public IP address on Windows 10 or any device using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN by visiting its website (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the app and sign in.
  4. Select a server you want (Within the country or outside if you want to access a geo-restricted service).
  5. Once connected, you’ll have a different public IP address.

Note: You can confirm your connection to a new IP address by visiting our IP Address Checker Tool

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Reasons to change your Public IP address

Changing your IP address can provide you with a degree of protection against hackers and government censorship and surveillance. By concealing your identity and actual location in the online digital sphere, you gain numerous advantages in terms of privacy and security. Here are the reasons why you should consider changing your IP address:

  1. Safeguard your online privacy: Modifying your IP address will effectively conceal your actual location, providing a protective shield against hackers, your internet service provider (ISP), and websites engaged in web tracking. Your IP address can be exploited to spy on you and your personal activity on the internet, making it crucial to change it to mislead or block these unwanted parties.
  2. Evade website bans: Many governments can use your IP address to restrict access to specific websites. Changing your IP address can help you evade government censorship, unblock restricted websites, and access the internet unrestricted.
  3. Access regional content: Geo-blocking often affects those who wish to watch their favorite program or sports content from a specific area through geo-restrictions and blackouts, which work by identifying the user’s IP address and using it to allow or deny access.  By altering your IP address to look like it’s from an allowed location, you can bypass these content blocks by tricking the servers into allowing you access.
  4. Troubleshoot internet issues: New routers may occasionally assign incorrect IP addresses to devices, leading to connectivity problems. By changing your IP address through a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can resolve this problem.
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Different ways to change your Public IP address

Here are some ways you can change your public IP address:

1. Use a VPN to change your public IP address

A VPN is one effective method to switch to a different public IP. It encrypts your internet connection and alters your actual IP address to a VPN server of your choice. This encrypted VPN connection lets you access websites, streaming services, and others using the IP you choose.

But you should always opt for a reliable VPN for this. Many VPNs are unable to protect and conceal your IPv6 address. Therefore, a secure VPN would keep your IPv6 address hidden or prevent it from leaking. The same goes for IPv4. While many VPNs tend to hide IPv4 easily, some might leak it.

VPNs allow you to access multiple geo-restricted sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, using a different public IP and bypass multiple geo-restrictions. For example, you can get a Chile IP address to unblock Canal 13 Moreover, you can also get a Brazil IP address, and enjoy your favorite Brazilian shows.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to change your public IP address. This VPN offers 3000+ servers globally, and you can connect to any one of them to alter your IP and bypass multiple geo-restrictions. Furthermore, it costs just $6.67/mo (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan).

2. Unplug your modem to change your public IP

If you’re looking to change your public IP address without contacting your ISP, you might get assigned a new IP address if you unplug your modem. You can do this by:

  1. Unplugging your modem.
  2. Waiting for 15-20 mins.
  3. Plugging in your modem again.

When you unplug your modem, your existing public IP address gets released, and when you connect back, there is a high chance that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns a different IP address to you.

However, this method would work best if you leave your modem unplugged for longer; otherwise, your ISP might assign you the same IP again. If that’s the case, then leave your modem unplugged for an entire day before plugging it back in.

3. Get a proxy to alter your public IP address

Proxies have a similar purpose and function as VPNs but tend to offer less security. When you access a website, the traffic leaves your device and reaches the website through a middle-man server. This middle-man server displays the IP address of a proxy server to the website instead of a user’s actual one.

Some proxy servers to change your IP address are:

  • SSH proxy: In this proxy server, your online traffic is forwarded from your web browser to an SSH connection and then to a server, so your IP address is altered. While this is an encrypted option, it’s not too fast, and some apps might be unable to function with this proxy.
  • HTTP/S proxy: This proxy works as a browser within a browser and only changes the IP address of the data flowing to and from your browser. One good thing about this proxy is that it does not affect the DNS traffic or any browser apps.
  • SOCKS proxy: These are available proxy servers created specifically for various apps, including web browsers. Its latest version, SOCKS5, includes encryption and support.

But let’s not forget that proxies do not offer similar encryption as a VPN and can leak your IP address.

4. Get your ISP to change your IP address

You can try asking your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to assign you a different IP address, but it’s not guaranteed that your ISP would actually do that for you or not. This is because every ISP has a different policy and way of handling such user requests.

If your ISP assigns dynamic IP addresses, then you need to know that your IP might change from time to time, as dynamic IPs do not stay the same forever. These IP addresses are recycled when you disconnect your device from the internet or unplug your modem.

If you want another IP address and want it to stay the same forever, then you can ask for a static IP address from your ISP. While your ISP might charge you for this, you will receive a new IP that you can insert into your device’s network settings.

Remember that requests like these might require your current IP address and account information.

5. Using a Tor browser for a new IP

This anonymous network is one of the easiest ways to keep your data encrypted. All you need to do is install this encrypted browser on your device. Tor or The Onion Router encrypts all your data by passing it through multiple nodes. With every node adding up a layer of encryption to the traffic and the nodes changing every time you access another website, it’s impossible to trace Tor traffic and the actual IP of the user.

However, the Tor browser has its drawbacks. While being slightly slow, it also draws the ISPs or government’s attention as it’s mainly used to access the dark web or any illegal sites.

6. Switch to a different network to get a new IP address

One last effective option to change your public IP is by switching to a different Public IP address. For example, if you use a Wi-Fi network, you can disconnect from that network and connect to a new one. You can also switch to mobile data from Wi-Fi for this.

When connecting to public Wi-Fi, remember to connect to one that requires a password to sign in or has WPA2 enabled.

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How to change your Public IP address automatically

If you do not want to go through the hassle of changing your public IP address manually, here are some ways to change it automatically:

  • Switch networks: The easiest way to switch your public IP address is to switch to another network. For instance, if you’re currently streaming online via your home Wi-Fi, you can effortlessly alter your IP address by switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data on your phone. This seamless switch triggers an automatic change in your public IP address as each new device connecting to a network is assigned a distinct IP by that network.
  • Reset your modem/router. Resetting your modem/router is another effective way of changing your public IP address. Unplug the modem/router for at least 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Afterward, proceed to connect as you usually would, and your IP address will be reset in the process.
  • Connect via Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using a VPN effectively changes your public IP address and keeps your real IP address confidential. It also makes the website or service you’re connecting to think you’re accessing it from a different location. This process occurs through an encrypted tunnel, ensuring that even your internet service provider (ISP) cannot observe your online activities. It is essential to choose a reputable VPN with high-quality services, like ExpressVPN, for this purpose, as many VPNs cannot effectively hide or change your IP address.
  • Use a proxy server: Another way to change your public IP address manually is to alter the proxy settings in your web browser by configuring them to adjust the IP automatically. The Web Proxy (HTTP) setting is suitable for general web browsing, but you may require more specific settings based on your specific requirements.
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How to change your Public IP address manually

Here are some easy ways to change your public IP address manually on different devices:

1. Windows 10

Here is how to change your public IP address on Windows 10:

  1. Please ensure that you are logged in as an administrator.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. Proceed to open the Control Panel.
  4. Select the Network connection option.
  5. Scroll down until you locate the IP settings, and click Edit to change them.
  6. Choose the Manual option.
  7. Input your desired IP address into the designated field.

2. Mac

Here is how to change your public IP address on Mac:

  1. Go to the System Preferences section.
  2. Click on the Network connection option.
  3. Click on the Configuration for IPv4.
  4. Choose the Manual setting.
  5. Enter your desired IP address into the designated field.

3. iOS

Here is how to change your public IP address on your iPhone:

  1. Access the Settings menu.
  2. Choose the Wi-Fi option.
  3. Select the desired network.
  4. Navigate to the IPv4 address settings.
  5. Click on the configuration for IP.
  6. Enter your new IP address into the designated field.

4. Android

Here is how to change your public IP address on Android:

  1. Locate the Settings menu.
  2. Select “Connections” and then choose “Wi-Fi.”
  3. Find the network you are currently connected to and click on the settings gear icon next to it.
  4. Select “IP settings.”
  5. Choose the “Static” option.
  6. Enter the new IP address in the provided box.
  7. Click on “Save” to save your changes.

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Benefits of changing your Public IP address

There are many benefits of changing your public IP address to another one. These include:

  • Security: Changing your IP address protects your online privacy, and safeguards you from many types of threats, hackers, and intrusions. By hiding your actual physical location, it becomes harder for hackers, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and activity-tracking websites to track your online activities.
  • Troubleshooting: Another great advantage of changing your IP address is the ability to troubleshoot internet connectivity issues. New routers sometimes assign the wrong IP addresses to network devices, causing connectivity issues. You can resolve these issues by manually changing your IP address and establishing a stable and reliable connection.
  • Accessing local content from abroad: By changing your IP address, you can bypass content restrictions and access regional content that might otherwise be unavailable. Whether you want to stream games from your favorite sports team while traveling abroad or watch shows that are only accessible in certain countries, changing your IP address allows you access to the desired content.

FAQs – Public IP Address

If you own a dynamic public IP address, then it’s likely to change periodically. Public IP addresses change when you disconnect from the router and reconnect again, unplug your modem, or switch to another network operator. Often, your ISP might update your IP addresses, too, for any reason.

You need to change your public IP from dynamic to static for this. A static IP address is a type of public IP that does not change at any cost until you change your network.

No, it is not illegal to change your IP address. People change their IPs for several purposes like protecting their online activities, testing their websites, or facing a cyberattack. They usually do this by using a VPN or a proxy.

Yes, you can change your public IP address quite easily and independently or through the use of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. Many internet users opt to switch their IP addresses for various reasons. Some common reasons include concerns about online safety, testing websites or applications, or protecting their privacy. It is important to note that obtaining a new IP address is not illegal.

Yes, you can change your public IP address to a specific one. While the exact method varies depending on your device, the general process of changing your public IP to a specific IP address is generally like this:

  1. Go to your main Settings menu.
  2. Go to Network connection, internet, or Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Click on IP settings or IPV4 settings.
  4. Choose Manual or Static IP.
  5. Enter your specific IP address in the designated area.
  6. Save your settings.

You can use the following ways to hide your public IP address without VPN:

  • Utilize a proxy server to conceal your IP address.
  • Employ Tor for free to effectively hide your IP address.
  • Establish a connection with a different network to alter your IP address.
  • Request your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to change your IP address.
  • Disconnect your modem to change your IP address.
  • Use a NAT Firewall to shield your private IP address.

You can manually set your public IP address through the following steps:

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select Network & Internet.
  3. Locate your local area connection and click on Properties.
  4. In the IP assignment section, click on Edit.
  5. Choose the Manual option.
  6. Turn on IPv4, and input the desired IP address.
  7. Finally, click on Save to apply the changes.

Yes, your ISP can change your public IP address. ISPs use a process called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to assign IP addresses to homes or businesses. Depending on the configuration, your ISP can assign either a static IP address (which remains the same) or a dynamic IP address (which can change over time).


This ends our guide on how to change your public IP address. While all the methods above are super-effective, the best one amongst them remains the usage of a VPN. As recommended above, ExpressVPN is a top choice when it comes to switching to another IP. This VPN offers 3000 servers in 105 countries for users to enjoy the fast-paced, safe, and secure online activity.