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A VPN is the most effective way to bypass torrent blocking across the world. A VPN encrypts your online traffic, allowing you to bypass torrent blocks by your ISP. With an encrypted tunnel created by a VPN, you are completely safe to bypass all torrent blocks easily.

In this guide, we will let you know how to bypass torrent block issues from any place or location.

The task of downloading torrent files is one of the most interesting activities of torrent users throughout the world. There are hurdles like ISPs, copyright holders, governments, and surveillance agencies that have spoiled the fun of the users in terms of browsing, surfing, and downloading the internet.

In fact, ISPs use various methods for torrent blocking. These include using URL blocking or DNS filtering for making torrent sites inaccessible. For analyzing your torrent traffic and dropping connections, they use DPI. Other than that, throttling your connection speeds and restricting BitTorrent ports from usage are also common ways used by ISPs to block torrenting.

Torrenting is a mainstream medium for file-sharing across the globe. Having billions of users, torrenting is unfortunately banned in various countries (USA, UK, China, France, Germany) due to strict copyright laws.

Users face restrictions when they try to download torrents in schools, universities, and public networks. But don’t worry, we have unveiled the 9 best ways to evade restrictions & download torrents anonymously from anywhere in the world and use them for your favorite content.

The Best Ways To Bypass Torrent Blocking in 2022

After conducting in-depth analysis and individual testing, we have come up with the following best ways to bypass the torrent blocks.

Using these hacks, you will be able to evade the restrictions safely and bypass torrent blocks without getting caught:

1. Use a VPN to Bypass Torrent Blocking

A VPN allows you to unblock torrent websites and mask your torrent downloading activities through an alternate IP address, making you anonymous and secure over the web.

VPN for Overcoming Torrent blocking

Likewise, you can secure yourself from getting DMCA and copyright notices from copyright holders since your activities will be anonymous to authorities. This way, you cannot be blocked by your ISP while downloading torrents.

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Encrypt Your Network Traffic & Bypass Torrent Blocker

Generally, ISPs monitor and track users’ online activities by filtering the network traffic while copyright sharks look for users’ IP addresses to trace their original location. To get rid of network filtering practices and evade the eyes of copyright holders, users can choose the best torrent VPN to encrypt their entire network traffic. Because of P2P servers and fast speed VPN like Surfshark is good for torrenting.

A VPN will not only keep you safe, but it will make you anonymous on the internet and protect against copyright trolls, ISP monitoring, torrent blocker, hackers, intruders, identity thieves, spy agencies, and various cyber goons.

While using a premium VPN is always recommended for downloading torrents, they can be quite costly sometimes. There are quite a few free VPNs that can offer you the same level of anonymity and security while costing you nothing. If you are interested in knowing more about them, don’t forget to check out the free VPNs for torrenting.

2. Use Magnet Links

Luckily, torrent users may opt for magnet links to download torrent files after bypassing P2P blocking. These links provide information that allows you to download your preferred torrents straightaway. Furthermore, the links describe the legitimacy of the torrent files. Thus, users can save their precious time.

3. Use HTTP Proxy

HTTP proxy for bypassing Torrent restrictions

Yes, you read it correctly. The users can opt for different proxy websites to overcome the issue of torrent blocking. You can use a website or or go for TXTor.

By doing so, you can change your downloaded torrent file in *.txt* extension with the help of the TxTor browser.

4. Switch to Port 80

The torrent users should switch to port 80 in order to negotiate the hassle of torrent blocking. You can manually set up your port to “80” or “8080”. Still, you will have to deactivate UPnP and Nat PMP port mapping.

Hence, you can use these ports to accomplish your torrent downloading mission. However, you will have to bear the slow downloading speed of torrents.

5. Seedbox

Seedbox is another way of downloading torrents anonymously. A Seedbox works just like zbigz plays the role of an intermediary. A Seedbox allows you to download torrents at a fast pace by bypassing P2P blocked imposed by your ISPs.

Thus, you can download your torrent file to Seedbox then you can transfer the torrent file to your system.

6. Use the TOR Network

Luckily, torrent fans can opt for the TOR network tactic to overcome P2P blocking hassle-free. Yours ISPs just block the websites that contain the .torrent files. The torrent websites that do not host the content still host the .torrent files.

TOR Network for Bypassing Torrent Restrictions

You just have to bypass the torrent site blocking to obtain your objective. The TOR network works as an intermediary that fetches the .torrent files and delivers the files to the users anonymously.

7. How to unblock uTorrent from Wi-Fi

Fortunately, the users can follow simple steps to unblock uTorrent from Wi-Fi. Here is how you can do to achieve your unblocking uTorrent mission.

  • Download the required torrent file from torrent sites and after downloading, double click the file
  • Select the location where you want to save the file
  • In case, if your download and upload rates do not change then it means you cannot perform the P2P file
  • You will have to convert the torrent download to the usual HTTP download
  • You should upload the torrent file on a website that allows you to download torrents directly through your browser
  • After providing credentials, you should click on the “Upload” icon, select the torrent file and click “Open”
  • After completing the downloading process, you should click on the download button against the file and select the destination to save the file

This is how you can unblock uTorrent from Wi-Fi hassle-free. Likewise, you can bypass the uTorrent block through Wi-Fi accordingly.

8. Torrent Relay

Torrent relay rests among the top methods to bypass torrent blockers from anywhere. The service is simple and easy to use. A user needs to share a torrent link on Torrent Relay, which is then stored on their server. Afterward, an ‘https’ link is shared with the user, allowing him to download a specific torrent file from Torrent Relay’s server.

The only downside of using Torrent Relay is network congestion, due to a large number of requests. Moreover, the download option often becomes available to premium users only.

9. ImageShack

Being widely known as an Image hosting site, ImageShack stands as one of the best ways to bypass torrent blockers and download torrents instantly.

ImgaeShack for Bypassing Torrent Blocking

An impressive aspect of ImageShack includes the free package. A subscriber can upload, store and share torrent files on ImageShack, which will then be shared with all other ImageShack users. With decent storage space and bandwidth usage, ImageShack is an ideal and free solution to bypass torrent blockers.

10. txtor

txtor is among the simplest tools to evade torrent blockers from anywhere in the world. However, being simplest of all, txtor comes with some limitations.

If your network administrator has just used a torrent filter to stop you from torrenting, then txtor is a suitable method to handle the situation. A user simply needs to enter the link of “.torrent” file on txtor, and it will download the file, change its extension from “.torrent” to “.txt”, and send a download link to the user.

However, txtor won’t be able to help if the network administrator has blocked torrent traffic. In case txtor doesn’t work for you, then choose one of the other methods to successfully bypass torrent blocker.

11. Thunder

Thunder is a free-to-use torrent download manager like utorrent and BitTorrent. Also known as “Xunlei”, Thunder is a Chinese-based download manager and gets you a file from the internet at blazing fast speed.

On top, Thunder aids in bypassing torrent blockers by disguising a file as a regular ‘http’ download. This makes a torrent file undetectable to ISP by faking its headers. Moreover, an unbeatable benefit of using Thunder includes its ability for bypassing port blocking by administrators.

If you want one-click access to safe and anonymous torrenting, then Thunder is an upright solution to instantly download torrents of software, movies, games, shows, and much more.

Note: By default “Thunder” comes in Chinese language. To translate Thunder in English, download English translation file from here and extract it in the “en_us/ThunderLanguages” folder.

12. BitLet

BitLet stands among most popular torrent clients. Having a sleek interface, BitLet allows users to enter a link of a torrent and download it immediately.

After clicking the download button, BitLet will ask a location to store torrent file. When destination is selected, BitLet will start downloading the torrent. In addition to this, BitLet is preferred for users who want to access torrent in schools, universities and work places. It is even available as Google Chrome browser extension (under the name BitLet for Google Chrome™), allowing users to manage torrent files on their browser.

13. ZbigZ

ZbigZ is another popular site for hosting BitTorrent files. By using ZbigZ, a user can download a torrent that is stored on BitTorrent network.

ZBIGZ - How to bypass torrent block

An amazing benefit of using ZbigZ is that it works as a proxy to generate download links of a particular torrent, without requiring any additional torrent client. To begin using ZbigZ, a user is required to sign up for a free account, share a torrent file  or paste a magnet link.

This will begin catching the particular torrent file, which a user can download by hitting download button. Currently, ZbigZ free account offers file storing for up to seven days with data limit of 8GB only.


FurK-Net for Torrent Bypassing is a well-acclaimed personal storage service, which fetches media and allows users to stream it. Happily, offers torrenting services through its specific servers. But doesn’t offer a free service at this moment, thus it is preferred for those who wish to spend a few bucks for reliable service.

15. Torrent2exe is one of the fan’s favorite torrent downloading services. A subscriber just needs to enter a specific torrent address, torrent2exe will provide a .exe file that will allow a user to download and seed torrent.

However, users often face issues while downloading .exe files which are caused by either an anti-virus software or the network administrator may have blocked .exe downloads.

Final Words

For all the torrent lovers, we have unearthed the simplest and most straightforward methods to bypass torrent blockers. Although, there’re more ways available out there, but the specified methods offer trouble-free downloading and sharing of torrents on the internet.

If you have a torrent blocked by ISP, then you can use one of the specified ways to bypass internet security and restrictions hassle-free.

For all the torrent lovers, we have unearthed the simplest and most straightforward methods to bypass torrent blockers. Although, there’re more ways available out there, the specified methods offer trouble-free downloading and sharing of torrents on the internet.

If you have a torrent blocked by ISP, then you can use one of the specified ways to bypass internet security and restrictions hassle-free. By doing so, you can bypass torrent blocking issues from anywhere instantly.

We expect you would appreciate our guide on different ways to bypass uTorrent or P2P block.

Furthermore, you should know how to unblock uTorrent from Wi-Fi to continue your torrent downloading activities.

If you find issues while using the above-described approaches, you can share your feedback in the comments section below.