13 Shortlisted Torrent Sites for 2018 (Rigorously Tested)

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Attention Torrenters!!
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Torrent sites, as we all know are quite illusive in nature. A site that may be working just fine one day, might not work the other day. This is because torrent sites are always on the run, whether it is law enforcement agencies or lawyers backing corporate schmucks, torrents sites have to constantly pack up and change domains from one to the other in hopes to stay alive on the inter webs.

Torrent giants like the, Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrent and Torrent Project are long gone. While some were forced in to closure, others willingly shut down their services to avoid similar fate. That said, there are still plenty of cool working torrent sites that you folks should try.

Now I know finding best torrent sites is not easy. On the contrary, with so many frequent domain changes and complete shutdown of sites you technically need a list that is constantly updated to find out exactly which torrent sites are working

With that said, I have painstakingly tested 50+ torrent sites and compiled a list of some amazing ones by judging them on their:

  • Downloading speeds (on a 30 mega bit connection)
  • Type of contents
  • Torrent file repository
  • Viruses and malwares

Note: Some of the torrent sites discussed below may not work for you depending on your location and regional block, which is why you might want to enable a torrent VPN to unlock the full potential of these sites.

Best Torrent Sites of 2018

Hold up! Before I begin listing torrent sites, you guys should consider which torrent client you want to use for torrenting. After all, your speeds and timely downloading heavily depends upon which torrent client you end up using. If you are confused as to which client to choose, definitely check out my blog on best torrent clients.

Now that you have gotten that out of the way, let’s get started:

1# The Pirate Bay

pirate bay-torrent-site

No list would be complete without mentioning The Pirate Bay. It is one of the oldest and most infamous torrenting site in the business. The site currently hosts hundreds of thousands of torrent files from all sorts of categories be it games, movies, music and others. However, even though you can find all sorts of torrent files, many of them do contains viruses.

Other than that, it is a reliable torrent site capable of offering exceptional downloading speeds thanks to its strong seed peer ratios. With that said, I cannot ignore the fact that Pirate Bay is blocked in multiple regions across the world, which makes it almost impossible to access without a VPN.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Games, movies, music and others3 Million+Files can contain viruses

2# Torrentz2


If the name Torrentz2 sounds familiar, well that is because it is the current successor to the Torrentz site. Ever since the official site got taken down few years back, Torrentz2 has been successfully catering the needs of torrenters. Even though the site does not host any torrent files of its own it still manages to index more than 60 million torrent files from hundreds of different torrent sites.

Speaking of indexing so many torrent files, whether you are in to games, music or movies you can definitely find it on this site. Unlike other sites, Torrentz2 has a pretty clean track record in a sense that most of its indexed files boast good peer ratios and hardly ever contain viruses, which is super impressive to say the least.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Games, movies, music and others60+ millionRarely contain viruses

3# LimeTorrents


Although I said Pirate bay has a huge repository of torrents, nothing truly comes close to LimeTorrents. Even though LimeTorrents is not a tracker site, it hosts roughly around 10 million active torrents, which is by far the largest collection I have ever seen. Besides having a large database of torrents, this site offers great downloading speeds, which make it perfect for downloading music, games, movies, and anything else you might be into.

The only issue I have with this site is that some older torrents do not seem to have good seed peer ratio, which makes downloading them quite frustrating.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Games, movies, music and othersApproximately 10 millionRarely contain viruses

4# RarBG


RarBG is a torrent tracker site, which raise to fame soon after its inception back in 2008. Although nothing fancy in design, it manages to rack in around 300,000 torrenters a day. Although there are various categories on the site, it is mostly popular for high quality music and movies.

Speaking of categories RarBG offers top 10 lists in multiple categories, which is quite useful as it gives you a sense of what is trending on the site. With that said, the site does offer good downloading speeds, however unfortunately RarBG is amongst those sites, which have been blocked by multiple region therefore, the only way of accessing it is through a VPN.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Games, movies, music and othersApproximately 800,000Rarely contain viruses


5# YTS


YTS or YIFY does not need any introduction; after all, it is the largest pirated movie site on the internet. Unlike other best torrent sites, YTS only offers high quality movie torrents and nothing else. Besides offering awesome HD movies, the thing that stands out the most about YTS is its ability to offer torrent files in relatively smaller sizes. Small file size not only downloads files quicker but also consumes less bandwidth.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
MoviesApproximately 7000Rarely contain viruses


6# TorrentDownloads


Although not as popular as some of the other sites, TorrentDownloads definitely earns a spot on my list, thanks to its surprisingly massive torrent database. This site offers more than 16 million torrent files from categories like music, TV shows, movies, games, software, anime and much more. The best part about this site is that it is very low-key which is why it is still accessible in almost every country.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, TV shows, movies, games, software, anime and othersApproximately 16 millionRarely contain viruses


7# Torlock


Torlock is another torrent search engine, which offers more than 4 million torrents from categories like movies, games, movies, TV shows and others. The best part about Torlock is that it pretty much offers legitimate torrent files, which is why the site even claims to pay $1 for every fake or malicious torrent file you help discover.

Although I have not personally seen anyone get payed for discovering such torrents however, nonetheless it is still a great initiative.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, TV shows, movies, games, software, anime and othersMore than 4 millionDoes not contain viruses


 8# Zooqle


Zooqle is a very low-key torrent search engine that offers around 3 million community verified torrents from all sorts of fun categories like movies, music, games and many others. Although rather new to the torrenting world, Zooqle has managed to make a name for itself.

However, even though you might be able to find literally any torrent file you can think of, the fact that it’s downloads are excruciatingly slow is what frustrated me the most.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, movies, games and othersMore than 3 millionRarely contain viruses




Just as the name suggests, EZTV only offers awesome TV shows from around the world. The interface is nothing fancy; in fact, some might consider it even outdated. However, thanks to its awesome inventory of new and old TV shows it is probably everyone’s go to place for timeless classics and trending shows.

Speed wise I was highly satisfied as I got more than adequate downloading speeds. Torrent files were also clean as I downloaded two shows from EZTV and both of them did not contain any viruses, which is always great.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
TV showsMore than 150,000Does not contain viruses


10# 1337x


1337x is probably one of the oldest torrent sites around. However, it only started booming after the untimely demise of Kickass. Just like many other torrent sites in this list, 1337x also offers games, music, movies and others. With that said mostly, people use it for downloading movies.

What’s also cool about this site is, it has a community of dedicated torrent uploaders that consistently add new stuff to the website, which is pretty hard to find in most torrent sites. The downloading speeds were great; however, the first file I downloaded did have malware in it, which is something to be cautious about.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, movies, games and othersMore than 2 millionFiles can contain viruses


11# Torrent9


This is another cool torrent site I bet you never heard of. The site has various categories like movies, shows, games, music, TV software etc. neatly laid out on the home page. With that said, the site is in French, which does makes usability a bit difficult if you are not familiar with the language. The downloading speeds were good. However, if none of the other sites works for you then definitely try Torrent9.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, movies, games and othersApproximately 60360 torrentsRarely contain viruses


12# SeedPeer


SeedPeer is pretty much the cleanest torrent site you will ever come across. The main page has all the categories neatly organized for ease of use. Selecting any torrent file shows you its age, seeder, peers along with health, which makes it quite convenient to decide which torrent file to download.

Besides the clean UI, this site also offers huge repository of torrents and surprisingly quick downloading speeds.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, movies, games and othersNot sureRarely contain viruses




Last but not the least, this list would not be complete without KATCR.CO. Although not the official site, it still manages to offer pretty much the same content as the original site. Speaking of contents, this site offers magnet and download links for movies, software, games, music, etc.

Downloading speeds were also quite consistent; however, the torrent file that I downloaded for testing did contain viruses.

Downloading speeds:



Type on contentsTorrent file repositoryViruses and malwares
Music, movies, games and othersNot sureFiles can contain viruses

Torrent Sites Reddit

As if the above mentioned list of best torrent sites wasn’t enough, I found some more cool torrent sites on Reddit. A thread on Reddit for favorite torrents sites of 2018 had some unique sites that I wish I would have included in my list.

Fav torrent site 2018??? You can Only pick 1 from Piracy

One comment on Reddit suggested a unique site for games that I have to admit I never heard of before but nonetheless was pretty awesome.

Another Redditer suggested an all-rounder alternative for torrentz2, which I have to admit looks exactly the same.

Wrapping up!

With so many regulations changing every day, more and more torrent sites are suffering from the hands of copyright enforcers and government agencies. Torrenting giants are already long gone and the only promising way for torrenting reliably is through whatever torrent site you can get your hands on.

If you genuinely want to download torrents without the fear of getting caught or fined, then definitely invest in a premium VPN service.

With that said, many torrent sites do contain viruses or redirection links to frustrate users, which is why the list above contains all the vital details such as torrent repository, downloading speeds, type of content and even viruses which should help you download torrents a bit more conveniently now.

If you are new to torrents and torrenting terminologies then I highly suggest you check out this torrent guide.

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