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SuperRepo Working while Colossus, Smash & Ares Wizard are down.

Ares Wizard Repository Alternatives

Ares Wizard Repository contains many popular Kodi add-ons that will be no longer be available to Kodi users. However, you can always find new repositories that takes over old ones. Here is a list of the best Kodi repositories that still lingers on:

Ares Wizard Repository developer ‘Tekto’ has Called it Quits after anti-piracy coalition Alliance and MPA knocked on its door. Ares Wizard Project was the leading repository for third-party Kodi add-ons and Builds for Kodi. With Ares Project gone, a massive gap is created in the Kodi world.

Just hours after Colossus Repo and Smash Repo shutdown, Ares Wizard has soon followed their footsteps. In a recent interview with TorrentFreak, Ares Wizard Repository owner confirmed that he took the decision after a cease-and-desist notice was hand-delivered to him.

Tekto further elaborated that they never crossed legality boundaries since their repository never hosted any third-party add-ons, but only provided the links. Ares Wizard started its journey in Oct 2015, but soon came to an end in 2017 just after its second birthday.

Ares Repo Shut Down: Source TorrentFreak

Soon enough when the news about Colossus and Smash Repo broke out, Ares Project Twitter Account was deleted. The news soon exploded the internet when people tried to relate the two events together.


After a few minutes, it spread the internet that its Facebook Page is also deleted.


But the news didn’t came as a shocker because there was an update posted on the Ares Project website that it was going through maintenance and backups, and will be back soon.


However, the news came out as a shocker when Tekto confirmed that Ares Project is closing down.

Best Kodi Repositories That Supports Covenant Kodi Addon after Ares Wizard ShutDown

Covenant Kodi is one of the best Kodi Add-on, but the bad news is only 2 out of 6 Repo’s support Covenant, Rest has been Gone.

Covenant Kodi Repository (Working)

Covenant Kodi Repository (Not Working)

  • Super Repo Repository
  • Ares Wizard / Ares Project / Ares Repository
  • Colossus Repository
  • Smash Repository

In the absence of Ares Project / Ares Wizard & Colossus Repository, you can view the installation guide for Covenant with Kodil Repository, that still works!

How it All Unfolded?

There is nothing like an abrupt closure of Ares Wizard Project Repository, but a series of events that triggered its closure. Let’s check out a brief timeline of how the drama unfolded:

  • A campaign started against Fully-Loaded Kodi boxes in UK
  • TV Fusion Repository Shut Down
  • European Court of Justice ruled Fully-Loaded Kodi boxes as illegal
  • The new ‘Digital Economy Act’ introduced
  • Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) formed (Members Netflix, HBO, Fox etc)
  • Colossus Shut down, Smash Repo Shut down
  • Ares Wizard Repo Shut down

What Next?………

The Wrap Up

After Colossus Repo bites the dust, Ares Wizard Repository has followed it without delay. Ares Wizard contains tons of popular Kodi add-ons which will no longer be available in Ares Wizard Repo, but available in different repositories listed above. But before installing these add-ons, make sure you have Kodi VPN that gives you online anonymity and surpasses geographical restricted Kodi content.

However, there is still some hope left for Kodi users as they could still have Ares Wizard alternatives that could save the day.