RA4W VPN Review 2019: Is It Worth Your Money?

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$1.33 Per Month

RA4W VPN is a US based VPN service that offers limited number of server locations worldwide. Although it does not possess some features offered by the best VPN services, there is plenty to like about this VPN.

For instance, it has a strict zero logs policy and foolproof encryption for maximum online protection.

RA4W VPN also offers cheap prices. In fact, it is one of the most inexpensive VPNs in the market.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNRA4W VPN
Servers2000+ in 140 countries30+ servers in 20 countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
JurisdictionHong KongUS
Logging PolicyZero LogDoes not log users’ information
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsContact Us, Facebook Page, FAQs
Trustpilot Score8.2


As you read on this RA4W VPN review, you will learn about its strengths and also the areas in which the VPN lags behind other services which we have covered in our VPN reviews 2019 page.

Let’s jump into it.


  • Inexpensive Pricing Plans
  • User-friendly Client
  • OpenVPN with AES 256-bit
  • Does not provide Free Trial feature
  • The service has limited number of Servers
  • Does not provide Live Chat feature
  • Slow Speed

Protocols and Encryption: OpenVPN and 256-bit

Readers of this RA4W VPN review will be glad to discover that this VPN offers OpenVPN protocol.

As the industry standard protocol, OpenVPN has so far proven to be the best online security mechanism.

Coupled with OpenVPN is a 256-bit military grade encryption. This encryption level has not been breached as of yet.

The said encryption uses SHA1 authentication and 2048-bit RSA key. RA4W also boasts Blowfish 128 CBC cipher encryption.

I did not find much information about the other protocols on the official website.

Although it would be nice to have other options, I won’t complain too much.

Regardless, there are some fastest VPN services, which provide different kinds of protocols. The list of tunneling protocols includes PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2.

Privacy Policy: Zero Logging

RA4W has a crystal clear privacy policy. The providers make it evident that they do not keep user logs.

Here is the information they keep:


So, in short, they only keep your email address and do not retain any of your personal information.

Without a doubt, the privacy policy is one of the greatest facets of RA4W VPN.

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Torrenting is Permissible

Another interesting discovery of this RA4W VPN review is the provider’s support for P2P functions.

The VPN places absolutely no restrictions on torrenting activities. Torrenting works on every server and with no restrictions.

This means no DMCA notice or bandwidth limit gets in the way of your way while torrenting with RA4W.

Downloading and Installing RA4W

Setting up this VPN does not take much time. In fact, the entire procedure is seamless.

Once you click the RA4W download button, the process begins straightaway.

The software will be in the form of zipped file. Hence, you will need to extract it to install.

RA4W’s client has a sort of a retro green design. It connects without any delays and is extremely user-friendly.


Just keep in mind that the RA4W login information differs from the one you got the time of signing up with the service.

Nevertheless, using this client does not require much effort. And that’s always a good thing.

Free Trial

As of now, RA4W offers no free trial to the subscribers. Hopefully, the provider will include this option in the future.

Speed Test

Speed can be a make or break factor for a VPN. Slow VPNs hardly have any appeal these days, especially with the rising trend of online streaming.

That’s why, I decided to this VPN for a spin in this RA4W VPN review.

Here’s was my speed before connecting with the VPN:


After I connected with RA4W, It decreased to the following.


As you see, the download was cut by more than a half and upload speed took a hit too. Meanwhile, the ping shot up by four times.

Disappointing results.

VPN Servers Library: Limited but Diverse

The service is currently offering 33 servers in 20+ countries of the world. Evidently, the numbers here are on the lower side.

Considering that many VPN are touching the 1000 mark with their server list, RA4W seems to be little behind in the race.


The servers on offer are noticeably diverse. You even get one from China when you sign up with the VPN.

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Customer Support

Customer of RA4W is extremely well organized. Although there is no 24/7 Live Chat feature, there are plenty of other ways to contact the support.

Users can contact the customer support team through an email address contact@ra4wvpn.com. You can also find the service on Facebook by visiting its Facebook page.

The dedicated FAQs page for the users that looks more appropriate as compared to the other features of customer support.  You can also create a ticket in order to obtain the answer of your questions.

I emailed the provider and received a reply within hardly an hour. Color me impressed!

RA4W has one of the fastest response time among all the VPNs that I have reviewed.

Does not Unblock Netflix

Nowhere does this VPN claims to unblock Netflix. So, I did not have my hopes up whilst testing it on the streaming site.


The results were as expected. Netflix detected the VPN and blocked me almost instantly.


I guess anyone who wants to enjoy unrestricted streaming will have to get a Netflix VPN that does a better job.

Other Streaming Services

Similarly, you can anticipate issues while accessing geo-restricted streaming services like Hulu and BBC iPlayer. Furthermore, you will have to use a top rated VPN for Kodi to unblock geo-limited content on Kodi securely.

Jurisdiction: United States of America

America is the land of the free and home of the brave. It is also the home of NSA, one of the top cyber surveillance agencies in the world.

Hence, a VPN based in this country is never completely safe.

To make matters worse, USA is also a coveted member of the five eyes alliance. This alliance creeps in its own citizens and then shares their data among one another.

Even with a strong privacy policy, RA4W’s jurisdiction is a bit problematic.

RA4W VPN Pricing & Plans

RA4W offers 4 simple pricing plans.


These pricing plans include Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Lifetime. You can avail the monthly plan by paying $3.49 each month. Likewise, you will have to pay $7.99 if you want to experience the performance of quarterly package.

Similarly, the yearly package offers an impressive pricing package to the subscribers. You just have to pay $15.99 for once on yearly basis. Furthermore, if you do not want to incur monthly, quarterly and yearly expenses, you should try the lifetime plan.

The lifetime plan provides 500-month access feature and above all, you need to pay just $29.99 for once.

All these prices are staggeringly low. Especially if you for the lifetime package, you are getting decades of online privacy for peanuts.

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Payment Methods

The provider offers three main payment methods. Most significantly, it lets you pay anonymously via a bitcoin.

Other two options I discovered in this RA4W VPN review disclosed were PayPal and Credit card (Stripe).

Suffice to say, this VPN has all things covered when comes to payment methods.

Refund Policy

Bear with me as RA4W has one of the most confusing refund polices ever.

They give you a refund but…

You have to identify a major glitch or non-delivery of service. Furthermore, you need to have a clear evidence of this, which should be provided within seven days.

There will be no refund if the VPN does not live up to your expectations.

It gets worse.

You will not get any refund if you have paid with a Bitcoin.

Compatibility Review

RA4W only has a dedicated app for Windows that I have discussed previously in this review.

Unfortunately, users of iOS, Android and Mac are not this lucky. They need to set up this VPN through manual configuration.

Ideally, the service should have offered apps for these platforms but sadly, this is not the case.

RA4W VPN Twitter Review

As the ace social media forum, twitter attracts people of different backgrounds and schools of thoughts.

Hence, it is the place where you will find honest reviews regarding RA4W VPN.

A quick scroll on the website shows that people are Ra4W VPN lifetime subscription.

Amazingly, Ra4W itself is extremely active on the Twitterverse, sharing memes of different kinds.

RA4W VPN Reddit Review

Reddit is a haven for online privacy seekers. It has various cyber security sub-reddits, where users VPNs are often the subject of discussion.

On this site, you will get various perspective on different VPN provider. This short RA4W reddit review praises the service’s customer service while expressing some concern regarding the logging policy. (Note that I found no evidence of RA4W logging user information)


Furthermore, it seems that the Redditors have taken a special liking to this VPN’s customer service.



To read reviews about other VPNs if you don’t want to use RA4W, check out these reviews:

Final Verdict

The affordability feature of the service was one of the highlights of this RA4W VPN review. However, this is not enough if you want to compete with other VPN services in the industry. Therefore, the service has to offer something extraordinary to attract larger customer base in near future.

Moreover, the website does not offer relevant information about setup guides and other tutorials. The lack of dedicated apps for platforms like Mac, Android and iOS is an issue for the users.

The small library of servers and their speed is also a bit disappointing.

However, the staunch no logs policy and user-friendly Windows make this service somewhat tempting.

If you have any issue regarding the service, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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